Holland Park Overview

Holland Park is the largest park in London and an excellent place for sports including netball, cricket, golf, football, and tennis. People regularly visit the park for health walks. A beautiful garden, popularly known as the Kyoto Garden, was donated to celebrate the long friendship between Great Britain and Japan. This garden has a peaceful atmosphere with a bridge, stone lanterns, red Japanese maple trees, and a lovely pond full of koi carp. Various other beautiful gardens with mesmerizing flowerbeds and waterfalls make this park calm and peaceful.

London has a number of tourist attractions, and Holland Park is on top of that list. A major landmark in Central London, Holland Park is made up of a street park and a public park surrounded by tree-lined streets and Victorian-style town houses.

This beautifully maintained garden has a number of shops, luxury spas, hotels & restaurants, and several embassies in the vicinity, and is very close to the popular Design Museum. Explore the rich history of Holland Park, dating back to the 19th century, as part of our curated Europe tour package.

Holland Park later became the preferred place to stay for artists and art collectors, including Frederic Leighton and Val Prinsep due to its proximity with the Royal Academy of Arts. Now it is a property of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Today, tourists and locals visit Holland Park to admire the natural beauty of the well-maintained park, and get a taste of history in the ruins of the Holland House.

The opera performed every summer at Holland Park is a must-visit. Performed in the backdrop of the Holland House, all performances are produced by the Opera Holland Park company. The park also has a number of other attractions like an orangery, a giant chess set, a cricket pitch, tennis courts, two Japanese gardens, and a children’s playground with squirrels and peacocks.


• The park was severely destroyed during the World War II, now the fragmentary ruins serve as a backdrop for the Holland Park London theatre.
• The ecology center runs the educational workshop and events for schools and includes activities at the wildlife club.
• During summers, the Opera at the park offers entertaining performances. All the events are staged under a temporary canopy, so unpredictable weather is not an issue here.
• House of Edina Monsoon, the main character of the famous television program ‘Absolutely Fabulous’, is located in Holland Park.
• After having your fill with nature’s treasure, you can stroll around Holland Park to look around the popular shopping centres, including Shepherd’s Bush, Westbourne Grove, Portobello, Notting Hill, and Kensington High Street.
• If you want to grab a refreshing drink, there are multiple restaurants near holland park. The restaurants here are famous for serving delicious food, and from the rooftop sitting arrangement, visitors can enjoy the mesmerizing view of the park.

How To Reach

Holland Park is a popular destination for tourists and locals, and can be easily reached from London city centre by bus, tube or on foot.

1.By Bus: This is the cheapest mode of transport between London city centre and Holland Park. Take Route No. 94 from St, James’ Charles II Street and get off at Holland Park stop.

2. By Tube: The tube trains of London connect the entire city and make it the most convenient mode of transport. Take the Northern Line from Charing Cross Station to Tottenham Court Road Station. At Tottenham Court Road Station switch over to the Central Line and take a train to Holland Park Station. If you don’t want to get into the hassle of changing trains, you can simply walk to the Tottenham Court Road Station (10 minutes) and take a direct train to Holland Park on the Central Line.

3.By Cab: This may be a little expensive compared to the bus or train. However, this is the fastest way to reach your destination. Hire a cab and get to Holland Park in less than 10 minutes.

4.By Walk: If you don’t mind walking long distances, and want to enjoy the sights and sounds of London, then this is the best way to reach Holland Park. It will take you anywhere between 45-60 minutes to reach Holland Park, but it will also give you the opportunity to explore the shops and restaurants on the way.

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Other Essential Information

1. Spring is the best time to visit Holland Park. Specially May, when the cherry trees are in full bloom.

2. Walking is the best way of exploring Holland Park and the surrounding areas.

3. Holland Park has some of the most expensive houses around. It is not uncommon to spot a celebrity.

4. If attending an opera performance, wait after the show is over. Performers often step out to meet fans.

5. Follow all the park rules - walk on designated paths, don’t pluck flowers, don’t climb fences or trees.

6. If visiting for a picnic, make sure to clean up after yourself.

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Point of Interest for Holland Park
The Orangery Holland Park

The Orangery Holland Park

The Orangery at Holland Park is a charming event venue blessed with beautiful scenery. The Orangery exudes elegance and class with elegant decors and various chandeliers. You can get it for rent for private functions. Visitors can also take a walk near the orangery’s fragrant rose garden.

Fukushima Garden

Fukushima Garden

Fukushima Garden in Holland Park is next to the Kyoto Garden. Japan gifted this small scenic space to Britain for their support after the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster in 2011. The garden has beautiful walking paths and a small waterfall with various Japanese elements. You can also see a few peacocks roaming around the garden.

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  Statue of Lord Holland

Statue of Lord Holland

This statue humors Henry Richard Vassall-Fox, the 3rd Baron Holland. The Statue of Lord Holland is located in the middle of a small pond and reflects Lord Holland dressed in a suit like a 19th-century gentleman and seated on a throne like chair.

Sibirica Fountain

Sibirica Fountain

The Sibirica fountain is another unique feature at the Holland Park. It is located in the Iris Garden. The middle section of the fountain rises and pours water into the four pots that send it splashing out. It has a unique design that attracts visitors.

Dutch Garden

Dutch Garden

The Holland Park London contains a series of well-manicured flower beds. When they bloom in the summers, they are really attractive and eye-catching. You can sit in the peaceful environment of the Dutch garden and enjoy an excellent reading time in the green meadow.

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Holland Park FAQs

Is Holland Park free?

Yes, Holland Park is free. But entry to the opera performances requires tickets. Check their website for price and booking details.

Is Holland Park a royal park?

No, Holland Park is not a royal park. It used to be a part of the private grounds of the Holland House. But now it is property of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

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Is Holland Park London safe?

Yes, Holland Park London is safe. As it is in a high-society residential area, police security is high.

What is there to do in Holland Park?

You can visit the Kyoto and Fukushima Gardens, enjoy an opera performance or have a picnic in the Holland Park. You can also go to other popular locations like the Design Museum, the Kensington Gardens, and the Natural History Museum.

What should I wear to Holland Park Opera?

There is no formal dress code to attend the Holland Park Opera. The performances are conducted in an informal and welcoming set-up. But the temperature can drop in the night. It is advisable to carry a warm jacket or shawl.

Why is Holland Park called Holland Park?

Holland Park is called so because it was the private grounds of the owners of the Holland House, Lord Kensington, the 1st Earl of Holland. Later generations sold the surrounding area for residential development, but the name stayed.

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