Abbey Road Overview

Abbey Road became a significant monument when one of the most famous rock bands, ‘The Beatles, ’ shot their album’s artwork there. Now people from all across the world come here to take pictures imitating the artwork where the band did its album.

Just ahead of the crossing, there are famous Abbey Road studios where the band recorded most of its music from 1962 to 1970.

The band also named its last album the ‘Abbey Roads.’ Because of this, the EMI studio also changed its name to Abbey Road studio, which is now the landmark for producing music by many legendary artists like Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, Pink Floyd, and so on.

Abbey Road is a famous road in London which is renowned majorly for the presence of Abbey Road Studios. The road begins from the Kilburn and ends at the junction between Garden Road and Grove End Road. Originally, Abbey Road was nothing more than a thoroughfare used by the locals to reach Lord’s Cricket Ground. Check out Europe packages for the best deals and experiences!

Abbey Road’s main attraction is its crossing called Abbey Road Crossing. This is the exact place where the first album of the Beatles got its front cover image. You can click as many pictures here as you want to revive the memories of the renowned rock band of the past century. Just at the end of the Abbey Road Crossing, you have Abbey Road Studios, which was labeled to be a creative den for the Beatles.

A significant fraction of their recordings between 1962 to 1970 were carried out here. Built next to it is a shop where you can purchase some souvenirs related to the Beatles and other famous musicians that contributed widely to expanding the legacy of this legendary Abbey Road Studio.


• Grab the opportunity to visit undoubtedly the famous crossing with the artwork involving the renowned band ‘The Beatles.’
• Witness the work of the eminent band and see how their work changed the name of the EMI studios to Abbey Road studios.
• Don’t forget to buy souvenirs from Abbey shops and look at stuff related to many other musicians.
• Take ample pictures at the busy road crossing which is a tourist attraction, but don’t take too long as drivers will be waiting for you to complete so that they can move their vehicles.

How To Reach

You have two different options to make your way to the Abbey Road

1. By Tube: St. John’s Wood Station is the nearest tube station to Abbey Road. Once you get down at the tube station, cross the main road and start walking for the next 5 minutes in the direction of Grove End Road. Shortly, you will find a road which will lead you in the direction of the Abbey Road junction.

2. By Bus: Else, you can always prefer a bus ride to take you to Abbey Road. There’s a bus station named the same as St. John Wood Bus Station. Once you get down, cross the main road and walk for the next 5 minutes to reach the Grove End Road. Close to it, you will find a road that directly leads you to the Abbey Road Junction.

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Best Time To Visit

You should visit Abbey Road London in the morning as the crowd is significantly less. The road will be full of fans, tourists, and daily vehicles in the afternoon. So, if you want to take beautiful pictures, visit the road in the morning; else your moment will be photobombed by an unknown vehicle.

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Other Essential Information

History of Abbey Road

The historical setting of Abbey Road is quite impressive. It was somewhere in the year 1869 that The Beatles recorded their first album here near the Abbey Road Studios. There is a well-known spot on Abbey Road called the ‘Abbey Road Pedestrian Crossing.’ This Abbey Road Pedestrian Crossing rose to fame when it was initially featured on the album cover of The Beatles.

Later, it was rumoured that the ‘Abbey Road Pedestrian Crossing’ was no longer seen at the same place. The rumour claiming its sudden absence was perpetuated after a statement was released by the Westminster Council. According to their statement, the ‘Abbey Road Pedestrian Crossing’ was relocated to several meters. This was done to facilitate the requirements of the traffic management scheme.

This whole scenario was narrated by an employee working at the Abbey Road Studios. However, it was later publicized by the old residents living in and around Abbey Road to stop the unnecessary crowding by the strollers from capturing pictures there.

Although the statement released by the Westminster Council was later found to be false, there was no action taken by the said council to retract their statement. Today, the Abbey Road crossing is categorized under Grade 2. Grade 2 categorical representations are treasured under English Heritage.

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Tip before visiting Abbey Road

Here are few tips for planning a visit to the Abbey Road of London – 

1. If you are planning a visit to Abbey Road, try to plan your visit in the mornings. This time of day is less crowded both with people and vehicles.

2. While clicking pictures on this famous road, make sure that you do not get photobombed with a trespassing truck or get harshly scolded by its driver.

3. There are live webcams connections available to monitor the security of pedestrians walking through Abbey Road. So, if you want to get noticed by your family members, do not forget to inform them before reaching here.

4. Once you get through the entire length of the St. John’s Wood Station, you have a beautiful coffee shop in the end called the Beatles Coffee Shop. You can take a relaxing break from your long hours of Abbey Road journey and sip in a cup of hot brewing coffee here. Besides, if you’ve got a craze for Beatles merchandise, they are readily available here for your purchase.

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Point of Interest for Abbey Road
Beatles Coffee Shop And Other Cafes And Restaurants

Beatles Coffee Shop And Other Cafes And Restaurants

At the end of St. John’s wood station, there is a famous Beatles Coffee shop that welcomes you into the world of Beatles. Besides buying the merchandise of the Beatles, you can also take some break from the long travels with an iced coffee and relax. The place is created in such a way that you will feel like it’s a real Beetle's world. Other than the Beatles coffee shop, there are other famous restaurants like Morso Abbey road, L’Aventure, Almas Restaurant, Kotta Sushi, and Abbey’s café

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Abbey Road Crossing

Abbey Road Crossing

Walk the crossing where the famous band once shot their album cover and near Abbey Road London, there is a live webcam where families and friends can see you crossing the road (if you let them know beforehand). They need to go to the official website of the Abbey and from there your family can see you crossing the road live.

Beatles Band Merchandise Shopping

Beatles Band Merchandise Shopping

 You can buy the Beatles band momentum from almost every shop located near the studio. As there are various options, you can just walk though all and can buy the one which suits you.

Lord’s Cricket Ground

Lord’s Cricket Ground

Apart from exploring the studio, shops, and cafes, you can also check out Lord’s cricket ground. Before Abbey Road became associated with the Beatles, people went to Abbey road to get to the Lord’s cricket ground, which is definitely worth visiting. 

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Tourism Board Alliances

Abbey Road FAQs

Where is Abbey Road crossing?

Abbey Road Crossing, also known as the Beatles Crosswalk, is located in the north of London and within the close proximity of St. John’s Wood.

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Where is the Beatles Abbey Road in London?

Beatles Abbey Road is located at 3 Abbey Rd, St John's Wood, London NW8 9AY, United Kingdom.

Can you take pictures on Abbey Road?

Yes, you are allowed to take pictures on Abbey Road. However, make sure that you do not stumble with the moving vehicles there as the road is still in use for transportation purposes.

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Why is Abbey Road so famous?

Abbey Road is famous due to the presence of Abbey Road Studios, which is the oldest recording studio known to be built with a purpose. To describe it in the best possible way, Abbey Roads is actually a creative head office of the Beatles. It was somewhere later in the 1950s that the studio became a popular spot for recording British rock and roll music.

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