Al Ain Tourism, UAE: Places, Best Time & Travel Guides 2023
Al Ain is known as the largest garden city of the Emirates, a place where people can enjoy their leisure time surrounded by lush green streets. This inland oasis city is known as the birthplace of the Founding Father, Sheikh Zayed, which makes it one of the most cultural and significant cities of UAE. Apart from being a cultural city, where customs and traditions are followed religiously by everyone, the place is popularly known as the largest inland oasis of UAE. Filled with swirling Date Palm forests, and sizzling natural hot springs, the city provides exotic scenery and calm vibes all over the place.

One can witness this gorgeous beauty up from one of the highest peaks of UAE, known as Jebel Hafeet, or get entertained by feeding the incredibly humble Giraffes at Al Ain Zoo. One can also discover the historical places in Dubai and can get the vast overview of history of Dubai by exploring the oldest museum of the UAE. After exploring the above attractions, hop on to one of the best cycling experiences there in Emirates, where a decent path is fully surrounded by the windy and lush green Palm trees, only at Al Ain Oasis. Later you can enjoy a refreshing day as you jump onto the adventurous water sports including, kayaking, surfing, white water rafting, etc.

With it’s high vegetation, the city is famous for its humid summers and dry and comfortable winters. The summers are comparatively longer than the winters, hence making October- April as one of the best times for tourists to visit.
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People Also Ask About Al Ain

  1. Which are the best places to visit in Al Ain City?

    1. Al-Jahili Fort: Constructed back in 1891, the Al-Jahili Fort is one of the prime heritage buildings in the UAE. This stunning fort was constructed with the aim to safeguard the city and its precious palm plantations. Set amidst lush well-manicured gardens, the fort offers a spectacular sight to behold.

    Having once served as the abode of the special force formed for protecting the mountain passes and promoting inter tribal peace, the Al-Jahili Fort is now renovated to house a museum that exhibits the works of Sir Wilfred Thesiger, a British adventurer.

    Location: Sultan Bin Zayed Al Awwal St? Al Mutawaa? Al Ain - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
    Timings: Saturday to Thursday - 10 AM to 6 PM, Friday - 2 PM to 6 PM

    2. Al Ain OasisSprawled across a vast area of a whopping 3000 acres, Al Ain Oasis is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a 4000-year-old history. Al Ain Oasis offers visitors an insight of the oasis ecosystem and its significance in the prosperity of the UAE.

    With a myriad of date palms blocking the noise of the city and offering shade, Al Ain Oasis is a paradise of serenity and tranquility. While you are here, stroll through the breathtaking farms and explore more than a hundred varieties of exotic flora. 

    Location: Central District, Near to Al Ain Palace Museum - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
    Timings: 9 AM to 5 PM

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    3. Al Rumailah Fort: Constructed back in the 19th century, Al Rumailah Fort is a magnificent old Islamic fortress. Declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site back in 2011, this fort was built with the aim to protect the Al Rumailah settlement.

    The fort features a majestic rectangular tower, which is encircled by a strong, 9-sided defensive wall. The fort has been restored in recent times and makes for the perfect epitome of ancient Islamic and arab architecture.

    Location: Mohammed Bin Khalifa Street, Al Masoudi - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

    4. Jebel Hafeet Beehive Tombs: Lying at the base of the gigantic Jebel Hafeet Mountain are over 500 age-old tombs, which are known collectively as the Jebel Hafit Tombs. Dating back to over 5,000 years, these intriguing structures mark the commencement of the Bronze Age in the UAE.

    The Jebel Hafit Tombs are basically single-chamber tombs that are built using untreated, roughly cut, local stones. Visitors can take a guided hike of this area to explore the stunning Jebel Hafeet Beehive Tombs.

    Location: Jebel Hafeet - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

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    5. Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre: Sheltered on the premises of the Al Ain Zoo, the Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre (SZDLC) is an educational building with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum certification.

    An excellent place to learn about the natural environment of the UAE, this learning centre features 5 interactive galleries - the Sheikh Zayed Tribute Hall, Abu Dhabi's Living World, Looking to the Future, Abu Dhabi's Desert Over Time, and People of the Desert. As you take a tour of the SZDLC, you can see specimen collections, sculptures, graphics, and AV exhibits that will tell you about the past, present, and future of the UAE.

    Location: Al Ain Zoo, Nahyan The First Street - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
    Timings: 9 AM to 5.30 PM

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    6. Hili Archaeological Park: Dating back to the 3rd millennium BC, the Hili Archaeological Park happens to be the biggest Bronze Age site of the UAE. The park is home to the remains of a Bronze Age settlement that dates back to the period between 2,500 to 2,000 BC.

    You can also see the remnants of the monuments from the Umm Al Nar period. Another important attraction of the Hili Archaeological Park is the Hili Grand Tomb, which is adorned beautifully with carved figurines of humans and animals.

    Location: Al Hili - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
    Timings: Saturday to Thursday - 4 PM to 11 PM, Friday - 1 PM to 11 PM

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    7. Al Ain Palace Museum: Established back in 1937, the magnificent Al Ain Palace Museum once served as the residence of Late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the founder of the Emirates. The museum presents the daily life routine followed by Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

    The palace is made of mud bricks, by leveraging environment-friendly construction techniques. Flaunting the impressive Bedouin style architectural design, the Al Ain Palace Museum features narrow hallways and rooms adorned with traditional majlis.

    Location: Al Ain St - Central District - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
    Timings: Saturday to Thursday - 10 AM to 6 PM, Friday - 2 PM to 6 PM, Closed on Monday

    8. Qasr Al Muwaiji: Dating back to the early 20th century, the charming mud-brick fort of Qasr Al Muwaiji happens to be the birthplace of Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the present ruler of Abu Dhabi.

    Declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2012, this fort offers visitors an insight of the life of the former and present rulers of Abu Dhabi. Qasr Al Muwaiji hosts a number of events and workshops for visitors to learn about the history of UAE.

    Location: Khalifa Bin Zayed St - Al Muwaij'i - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
    Timings: Saturday to Thursday - 9 AM to 4 PM, Friday - 2 PM to 4.30 PM, Closed on Mondays

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    9. Bait Mohammed bin Khalifa: Nestled within the Cultural Sites of Al Ain, Bait Mohammed bin Khalifa happens to be a heritage building that serves as a community centre for visitors as well as local residents.

    Constructed back in 1958, the building also features a permanent exhibition, which celebrates the architectural and social past of the UAE. Bait Mohammed bin Khalifa is also home to an arts education centre. There is also a bakery and a cafe for the visitors to enjoy quick refreshments.

    Location: 6PCW+5X - Al Mu'tarid - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
    Timings: Saturday to Thursday - 10 AM to 8 PM, Friday - 2 PM to 10 PM
    10. Jebel Hafeet Desert Park: Jebel Hafeet is perched on the foothills of the tallest peak of Abu Dhabi, Jebel Hafit mountain and sprawled across a stretch of 9 kilometers, Jebel Hafeet Desert Park is a lush, beautiful family park. Set overlooking the Oman border, the park can be accessed by a scenic zigzag desert road.

    The breathtaking Jebel Hafeet Desert Park is packed with a picturesque man-made stream, a free bbq area, an ancient mosque, and a beautiful hot spring. Often visited by adventure junkies, the park offers excellent hiking, biking, night camping, and camel riding opportunities.

    Location: Jebel Hafeet - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
    Timings: 8 AM to 6 PM

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    11. Camel Market:
     The Camel Market is the place where one can see buyers haggling for poultry and camels and daily life progressing in the city. This bustling market also organizes mock camel races that attract a number of local and foreign spectators.

    This market will offer you the chance to witness hundreds of camels, sheep, and goats and experience Emirati livestock trading.

    Location: Cattle Market, Zayed Bin Sultan Road, Al Ain - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
    Timings: 6 AM to 7 AM

    12. Hili Fun City: 
    Lying in the Garden City of Al Ain, Hili Fun City happens to be the first ever themed amusement park established in the Gulf region. Packed with thrilling rides and a myriad of attractions, this park is popular among both kids and adults.

    Established back in 1985 and inaugurated by Sheikh Tahnoon bin Muhammad Al Nahyan, the Hili Fun City is home to over 30 fun attractions. It also shelters a large ice rink, where you can enjoy skating and ice hockey.

    Location: Ardh Al Jaw St., Near Hili Wedding Hall - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
    Timings: Monday to Saturday - 4 PM to 10 PM, Closed on Sunday

    13. Mubazzarah Park: 
    Nestled in the arms of the Al Ain Oasis, the breathtaking Green Mubazzarah Park is the perfect destination to spend an evening, soaking in the breathtaking sunset. Filled with lush green grasses and flanked by palm trees, this park makes for an ideal camping destination.

    You can spend a day out at Green Mubazzarah Park, swimming in the serene pools, enjoying a BBQ picnic, and taking a refreshing dip in the hot water springs.

    Location: Below Jebel Hafeet Mountain, Al Ain, United Arab Emirates
    Timings: Monday to Wednesday - 10 AM to 8.30 PM, Thursday to Saturday - 10 AM to 9.30 PM

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  2. What are the best things to do in Al Ain City?

    1. Witness Sunset at Jebel HafeetDrive up the second highest mountain peak in the UAE, Jebel Hafeet and soak in the spectacular panoramic views of the sunset. You can drive up the craggy contours of the mountain, following a meandering road, which offers abundant scenic viewpoints all the way up.

    You can halt at a number of vantage points and capture excellent landscape photos before reaching the summit. Once you reach the summit, you can also bask in the enthralling views of the whole region.

    Jebel Hafeet, Abu Dhabi, UAE

    2. Shopping at Al Qattara old souk: 
    If you are a shopaholic, do not give a second thought before heading to Souq Al Qattara, a UNESCO world heritage site. Take a tour of this traditional Arab bazaar and shop your heart out for unique handicrafts, traditional clothing, camping tools, and utensils.

    You can also sample authentic Arabic delicacies, honey, and coffee. You can also spend time watching the highly skilled dancers performing the traditional Liwa and Harbiya dances. You can even try your hands at calligraphy, paper quilling, jewelry making, punch craft, and painting.

    Hamooda Bin Ali St, Al Qattara, Al Ain - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
    Timings: 6 PM to 11 PM

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    3. Book a Safari at Al Ain Zoo
    Take a thrilling wildlife safari in the gigantic 400 hectares Al Ain Zoo and get a chance to spot over 130 different species of animals. Try your luck at spotting Bengal tiger, African lion, leopards, Arabian antelopes, Lechwes, Gazelles, Nile crocodile, panther, and saltwater crocodile.

    You can also see a number of indegenous trees and flowering plants on your safari. You can also halt at the cafeteria inside the zoo and enjoy some quick refreshments.

    Location: Nahyan The First St - Sahib Al Ashkhar - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
    Timings: 2 PM to 8 PM

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    4. Rafting at Wadi Adventure Park: 
    If you want to enjoy water sports in Al Ain, head to the famous Wadi Adventure Park. If you are a beginner, you can learn the techniques of rafting from well-trained and experienced instructors. Seasoned rafters can take a full-day rafting pass and go on their own. The park also offers several other adventures that will make your day here worthwhile.

    Mbazzarah Al Khadra - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
    Timings: Saturday to Wednesday - 10 AM to 7 PM, Thursday - 10 AM to 6 PM, Friday - 10 AM to 10 PM

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    5. Taste local Delicacies: 
    A tour to Al Ain is never confined to just monuments, museums, and parks. Food is said to be a significant part of the tradition and culture of the city and you are recommended to take a food tour to sample the local cuisine.

    You can enjoy your food journey in Al Ain city, sampling delicious local delicacies including lumpiang gulay, tosilog, tekat deyay Emirati, and beryani samak. Travelers and foodies are also known to enjoy the flavourful Arabic desserts and the iconic American bagels. Finally, you can end your food tour with the traditional Arabic coffee, Gahwa.

    6. Enjoy a Falconry show: 
    Nicknamed as the Bedouin’s ‘eye in the sky’, the Falcon is known for its unmatched hunting skills, excellent sight, impeccable speed, and trustworthy companionship. The iconic falconry show has gained much popularity across the globe.

    Falconry is basically a hunting skill and in this show, you can witness the smart techniques that are used for training the falcons to hunt. You can also see umpteen varieties of fascinating local falcon species. At the end of the segment, you will see the hunting show Telwah, which showcases the way the falcon is trained for hunting its prey.

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    7. Take a Camel Ride: 
    Taking a camel riding tour will not only let you explore the Arabian desert in a unique way, but will also offer you the chance to experience the calmness and grace of the gait of a camel.

    A camel riding tour will also let you learn about the varieties of local camel species and observe camel milking. If you are taking a camel riding tour in the evening, you can also experience the breathtaking desert sunset from the back of the ‘ship of the desert’.

    8. Desert Safari: 
    It will be a sin to visit the city of Al Ain and not enjoy the iconic desert safari. You can experience a thrilling off-road tour in a standard 4x4 in the Al Khatim desert that is sprawled between Al Ain and Abu Dhabi.

    Taking a desert safari will let you enjoy dune bashing and experience the traditional Bedouin culture. You can soak in the mesmerizing setting desert sun, savour an authentic Arabian platter, watch cultural performances, and also enjoy night camping under the starry desert sky.

    Location: Al Khatim desert, Al Ain, UAE

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    9. Visit Al Ain National Museum: 
    Pay a visit to the oldest museum of the UAE, Al Ain National Museum, which once served as the residence of Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan. On your tour through the museum, you can witness a number of weaponry and artefacts that date back to the sixth millennium BCE. You can see Bedouin jewelry, musical instruments, golden swords, a golden palm tree, and silver daggers.

    Location: Central District - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
    Timings: Saturday to Thursday - 8.30 AM to 7.30 PM, Friday - 3.30 PM to 7.30 PM, Closed on Monday

    10. Marvel at Public Gardens: 
    Since Al Ain is famous for its lush gardens and parks, it is customary to hop across the public gardens of the city on your tour to the place. You can enjoy visiting the popular and renowned gardens of the city including the Central Public Garden, Green Mubazzarah Park, Al Jahili Public Park, and Basra Park.

    You can spend time taking a leisurely stroll, go picnicking on the lush expanses, or just laze around in these picturesque gardens and parks in the Al Ain city.

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  3. What is Al Ain City famous for?

    The city of Al Ain is known famously for its ever-charming green spaces and wonderful parks. The beautiful city is also popular for its intriguing ancient heritage sites and museums.

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  4. What is the best time to visit Al Ain?

    The most ideal time for visiting Al Ain is during the winter season, between the months of October and April. During this time of the year, the city experiences cool weather, which is suitable for enjoying outdoor activities and sightseeing.

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  5. How can I get to Al Ain from Dubai?

    By Bus: You can take a bus from Global Village 1 and reach Al Ghubaiba Bus Station 47 in 2 hours. You can then take another bus to arrive at Al Madina Petrol Station 1 in 3 hours.
    By Taxi: You can take a local taxi from Dubai and reach Al Ain in 2 hours.
    By Car: You can also choose to rent a car and drive to Al Ain from Dubai.

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  6. How far is Al Ain to Abu Dhabi?

    The city of Al Ain is located at an approximate distance of around 176 kilometers from Abu Dhabi. In general, it takes around 2 hours to reach the city via road.

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  7. Why is Al Ain called the Garden City?

    Al Ain is nicknamed as the Green City, owing to its vast expanses of lush green spaces. This beautiful city is packed with a huge number of breathtaking parks, charming tree-lined avenues, and pristine oasis.

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  8. What souvenirs we can buy from Al Ain?

    -Arabic Perfumes
    -Sougha Art
    -Dallah (Arabic Coffee Pots)
    -Traditional Clothing
    -Branded Clothing
    -Gold Jewelry

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  9. How is nightlife in Al Ain?

    Packed with excellent lounges and nightclubs, Al Ain city boasts an amazing nightlife. Some of the best nightclubs to go and enjoy partying in Al Ain include Moodz, Paco’s, Horse & Jockey Pub, Trader Vic’s, Lawrence’s Bar, McGettigan’s Bar, Luce Italian Restaurant and Club, and Golf Club In Al Ain.

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  10. Which are the best parks to visit in Al Ain?

    1. Basra Park: Basra Park is a charming ladies park, which was established to let local women go jogging and practice morning and evening walks. There is a food truck in the park, serving tasteful snacks and beverages. The park also has some fun rides for young children.

    2. Central Public Garden: The breathtaking Central Public Garden has two Guinness World Records in its name for housing the world’s largest exhibit of hanging flower baskets. This flower park is also home to a picturesque natural water stream and a 12 meters tall miniature Eiffel tower.

    3. Al-Ain Wildlife Park: The Al-Ain Wildlife Park houses umpteen varieties of amazing birds and animals, including African Giraffes and white lions. The park also offers fun-filled toy train rides to visitors. The green expanses of the park are ideal for enjoying a picnic lunch.

    4. Al Jahili Public Park: The well-maintained Al Jahili Public Park flaunts scenic lush expanses and paved pathways. This park is home to a beautiful mosque and the majestic Al Jahili Fort. Visitors can indulge in bird watching in the park, spotting doves and the Indian Roller.

    5. Wadi Adventure Park: A paradise for adventure junkies, Wadi Adventure Park offers visitors a chance to indulge in a number of adrenaline-pumping activities including ziplining, wall climbing, and water rafting. The park is also equipped with an open beach, a swimming pool, and upmarket restaurants.

    6. Hili Fun City: The recreation park of Hili Fun City offers a number of attractions including Swan rides, Carousel, and Car bumps. It also has an ice rink and offers excellent ice skating opportunities. There are also many food outlets here, serving delicious snacks and beverages.

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Al Ain Top Attractions

Places To Visit In Al Ain

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