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Varanasi Tour Packages

Varanasi is considered to be the "Spiritual Capital of India" that offers a plethora of Varanasi tour packages. It is a city in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh that has a history dating back to the 11th century B.C. The city pulls Hindu pilgrims from across the globe to bathe in the Ganges River’s sacred waters where they perform funeral rites. Prominently known as Banaras or Kashi, this holy city of Varanasi is situated on the banks of river Ganga and is considered to be the most sacred city in India due to its location, history and the numerous temples in it. The city is surrounded by winding streets and possess some 2,000 temples, including Kashi Vishwanath, the “Golden Temple,” that is dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva. The city of temples or Banaras is said to be discovered by Lord Shiva, thus this town has an immense historical and religious importance. This city has a pilgrimage importance and also known as a place where people spend their last days of life and dies in this sacred place to attain salvation. Varanasi is one of the oldest persistently inhabited places in the world and is the oldest in India too.


Apart from these, the city is charming with a lot of tourist attractions and sightseeing places. The narrow streets, lanes filled with temples, wonderful food outlets, numerous people flocking here and there - Varanasi is truly called the "Galiyon ka sheher", which means "the city of lanes, "the city of temples", and the "the religious capital of India". The Ganga Ghats (riverfront) is mostly admired as a pilgrimage spot of Varanasi and others spots like - temples, Jyotirlings, yoga centers, centers of music and learning, Sarnath known for Buddhists pilgrimage places, oldest Indian universities and much more lure the tourists to stay here for a while and get indulged in the sanity of this beautiful city. They make Varanasi tour packages come out lively and intriguing to the core.

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    New Delhi
    d10 Days n9 Nights

    About the Activity: The ‘Golden Triangle’ tour is an unmatched tour which unfolds the richness of India and its glorious golden past. Originating from Delhi, this 9 nights/ 10 days tour covers Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, Orchha, Khajuraho and Varanasi, offering the visitors a chance to animate the remembrance and colorfulness of the Mughal and Rajput era.  Once this tour starts, visitors will find themselves amazed with the fascinating art and sculptures in Khajuraho, beauty of the holy Ganges in Varanasi and a lot more.  Addition to the fun, adventure, and thrill this package boasts of its unique way to make the tourists familiar with the local life and its culture.This tour includes breakfast. Accommodation and transportation differs based on the package selected :Standard package includes an AC Toyota Etios transport from arrival till departure and a stay in 3-star hotels in each city with breakfast.Luxury package includes an AC Innova transport from arrival till departure and a stay in 4 to 5-star hotels in each city with breakfast.

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  • d6 Days n5 Nights

    About the Activity:A multi city tour covering the favourite pilgrim centres of India, Khajuraho and Varanasi is here to make your next vacation more spiritual and taking you back to the undying history of Indian temples and culture related to them.This is a six day tour that lets you visit some of the historically important locations like Orchha, Khajuraho, Varanasi, Sarnath etc showing the different aspects of history in the form of incomparable architectural sights.The trip offers you a splendid chance to have a good time on the mighty River Ganges, to witness the pride and glory resting on Kashi Viswanath Temple and the Buddhist centre at Sarnath.The package includes food, accommodation in hotels and all the transportation during the whole trip.

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    d1 Day

    Step into the charming lands of Varanasi early in the morning, explore its opulent and pious beauty. With this 12 hours guided journey of this ancient city, take boat rides, walking tours across the northern part of Varanasi and explore its grandeur. Starting at around 6:00am from the Assi Ghat, take a boat ride into the holy Ganges. Witness the city getting soaked with the brimming morning rays, devotees starting their day with morning prayers and be a part of the devotion. After around 2 hours of boating, a walking tour takes you to some of the enchanting corners of the city. Walk down the narrow yet lively lanes of the northern part of the Varanasi, visit the Golden Temple and Monkey Temple, explore the region’s life and culture, cremation grounds and the different ghats. With your every steps across this city, get acquainted with its sacredness, history and mythological linkages. With the advent of the evening, when the entire city gets into the spirit of the Ganga Aarti, another boat ride will take you into the Ganges. Witness this auspicious event that fills the ambience with its vibes and sacredness! With the completion of the Ganga Aarti; at around 6:00pm, this ever tour comes to an end. If in case, you do not want to undertake the walking tour and yearn to visit Sarnath, you have to arrange for the transportations. However, on prior notice or information, it can be arranged at an additional cost. Duration: Around 12 hours

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    h4 Hours

    Varanasi is a city of unique faiths and beliefs, fascinating rituals and customs. Once you step into this holy land, its authenticity and uniqueness is sure to amaze you . Within every step of this 4 hours Unique Varanasi tour, be sure to discover and witness some of the exciting facts that cannot be found anywhere else in the world! Assembling at the ‘Assi Ghat’ by 6am in the morning, head towards the indigenous ‘Akhadas’ that are the traditional practising ground of the ‘pehelwans’ (local name for wrestlers). Witness them getting indulged into their unique art and culture in the wee hours of the morning. Post this, visit a local shop, where one can always find a bull blending in with the shoppers. Considered as the chariot of Lord Shiva, bulls play an important role in the Hindu mythology. If till now, you have been thinking doctors are only meant to treat their patients in clinics, a visit to one of the unique roadside clinics in Varanasi will sure hold you back with wonderment! Following this, witness how technology and spirituality meets and greet each other while visiting ‘Facebook Baba’. Unique and different from the rest of the babas, Facebook Baba spends most of his time in interacting and chatting with devotees around the world. Post these, make it to the Kashi Labh Mukti Bhawan where thousands of people move every year in hopes of breathing their last in Varanasi. Hereafter, a brief tour to the Sant Ravidas temple give you insight of how saint Ravidas raised his voice against untouchability based on the caste of people. Finally, with a visit to the Aghor Ashram, where you learn about the ‘Aghor’ philosophy of life, this unique tour will come to an end.  

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    h5 Hours

    Varanasi, the land of ‘Lord Shiva’ is known for many reasons. Be it the cultural richness, the timeless history, the religious lineages or the devotion around its every corner, this city always offer a serene experience to the visitors. This 5 hours tour to Mehdiganj, one of the quaint villages of Varanai takes you deep into tranquillity and offers you an insight of how history and humanity has walked down throughout ages and centuries. Upon your arrival at ‘Assi Ghat’, the meeting point in Mehdiganj, assemble with the other group members and prepare yourself for an intriguing journey! Considered ideal to start at 6am during the summers and by 2pm during the winters, this rustic tour gradually heads towards the lively settlement. Walk through the balmy lanes of Mehdiganj, witness how life has restored all the vibrancies of nature, discover the stunning beauty of Mother Earth and delve deep into the life of the villagers. Visit the handlooms within the village and witness how the local craftsman incite life into their handloom products. Within your walk through the village, know more about the world famous ‘Banarasi Sarees’ and also observe how the simple reels of thread changes their existence and shapes up into these sarees! Towards the end, visit the local farms, schools and also interact with the villagers. You can also visit one of the NGOs that has been continuously putting in their efforts to save and protect the village from the adversities caused by the Coca-Cola plant. Spend time in the lap of the pristine nature, bag up some of the most delightful memories of your life and by the end of the tour, depart the village with a splendid experience.  

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    d12 Days n11 Nights

    11N/12D: Delhi - Nagpur - Pench - Kanha - Bandhavgarh - Khajuraho - Varanasi – Delhi What will you see:  India Gate, Qutub Minar, Iskon Temple, Akshardham Temple, Jama Masjid, Red Fort, Sarnath Deer Park, Khajuraho, Bandhavgarh National Park, Kanha National Park What will you do: Sightseeing of Delhi, Jeep Safari Experience This all-encompassing tour starts from the Heritage capital of India, New Delhi. When here, you can visit some of the ancient and historic monuments around Old Delhi and New Delhi. Whether paying tribute to the Indian soldiers who sacrificed their lives for India’s independence or shopping across the narrow yet bustling lanes of Chandni Chowk, there is a lot to engage in at this absorbing place. Within this package, you will get to visit some of the popular National Parks in India and explore their vast range of wildlife. Tigers, Leopards and other wildlife are the major attractions of the tour. Moving onto Khajuraho, the city that has been called as older than history by historians and several other dignitaries, the visitors can walk and unravel the city and finally head towards one of the holiest cities in India, Varanasi.  

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What You Should Know More About Tours in Varanasi

  • Which are the best pilgrimage sites in Varanasi?

    Varanasi is a holy town situated on the west bank of the River Ganga and dubbed as the City of Lights or Kashi. It is also known as the land of land of Shiva with eminent historic importance and mysteries concealed deep within. With the ancient history and a spiritual legacy dating back to more than 3000 years, Varanasi has a lot to offer in terms of pilgrimage sites and temples. Due to this reason, Varanasi has always stayed an important pilgrimage centre in India and for the travellers coming from all parts of the world. Varanasi is India's authentic city that reflects the real charm of India's religious side. Let's have a look at a few gracious pilgrimage sites in Varanasi:

    • New Vishwanath Temple
    • Kathwala Temple
    • Kashi Vishwanath/Golden Temple
    • Tulsi Manas Temple
    • Monkey Temple
    • Bharat Mata Temple
    • Alamgir Mosque
    • Dasaswamedh Ghat
    • Assi Ghat
    • St. Mary's Church

  • What are the top attractions on a sightseeing tour in Varanasi?

    This holy city has been a symbol of spiritualism, mysticism and philosophy for thousands of years and has been associated with great saints and personalities like Mahavira, Kabir, Gautama Buddha, Ramanuja, Tulsi Das, Shankaracharaya, and Patanjali. Additionally, this city has its own religious importance for Hindus and is famous for temples and Jyotirlingas. There are close to 2000 temples here that make Varanasi the spiritual capital of India. Apart from this Varanasi lies on the banks of the mighty river Ganga, and is synonymous to Ghats. Thus, Ghats in Varanasi is quite a popular destination and a famous tourist spot. Let's look at few great attractions on a sightseeing tour in Varanasi.

    • Bharat Kala Bhavan
    • Kashi Vishwanath Temple
    • Assi Ghat
    • Ramnagar Fort
    • Dashashwaamedh Ghat
    • Banaras Hindu University
    • Tulsi Manas temple
    • Sarnath
    • Jantar Mantar
    • Archaeological Museum

  • When is the best time to witness the Ganga Aarti in Varanasi?

    Take a journey to the holy city of Varanasi, which every tourist guide-book has written about. The articles, blogs and any other form of publishing have written about Varanasi (nationally or internationally). But what is that one thing common in these mentions about the city - it is the Aarti at the Ghats. The Ganga Aarti at the Dashashwamedh Ghat and at others Ghats is "THE thing to do in the city". Usually, the Aarti is executed by the Priests in the evening at the Ghats with the lit lamps all over. If you are lucky to be in Varanasi during Dussehra, then there is a line of Durga idols waiting to be immersed in the Ganga.


    Usually, at 7.00 pm, an announcement is made about the Ganga Aarti and urge people to participate in this sacred ritual. The best time to visit and witness is between November and March, avoid a bit of rain and very hot summers. Just after the monsoons (mid-June to Sept), the Ganga rises high up the ghats, thus be watchful. During these, you can witness the charisma of Ganga Aarti. The Aarti goes on for 45 minutes to 1 hour, it is performed by 7 priests that represent 7 days of the week, under the 9 umbrellas representing 9 planets.

  • Which are the best boat rides in Varanasi?

    It is one of the oldest cities in India that beholds a liberating, exhausting, and uninhibited experience. With its amazing attractions and local spots it also has Ghats that offer an opportunity to take a boat ride tour. Adjoining the Ghats are the mystic temples and many other historical places. The Ghats are known for colossal spots and charismatic aarti. Not only Indians even the foreigners love to visit Varanasi and take a boat ride. Different tours that you can take are:

    • Private tours
    • Personalised boat tours
    • A full-day boat ride tour
    • Fully narrated tour

  • Which are the best places for meditation in Varanasi?

    Meditation heals and puts you close to your soul. You feel that you are just thankful for the divine and leave everything on time. Meditation is a powerful tool and has a capacity to heal your mind and body. As Varanasi is known as the Spiritual capital, it has a lot of spots and centres that offer yoga and meditation courses and learning. Few are mentioned below:

    • Satyalesary Cosmic Energy Center
    • Manikarnika Ghat
    • Tulsi Manas Mandir
    • Bharat Mata Mandir
    • Dhamma Cakka
    • Osho Meditation & Yoga Center
    • Dhamma Cakka
    • The Art Of Living Centre
    • BanarasYoga - Darklotus
    • Prajapita Brahmakumari Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya

  • Which are the best cultural and thematic tours in Varanasi?

    As per the Hindu mythology, Varanasi liberates soul and awakens the path of liberty. With this charm and magnificence, you will get close to the thematic and cultural side of the city. Take a tour and get close and personal with this sacredness...

    • Full-Day Varanasi Tour with Sunrise Ganges Cruise and Classical Dance Show
    • 3-Hour Varanasi Evening Aarti Tour
    • Morning Heritage Walk of Varanasi with Manikarnika Ghat
    • Varanasi Evening Walk Tour with Ganga Aarti
    • 3-Day Varanasi Exclusive Tour
    • Insight Varanasi Day Tour

  • Where can I get a wildlife experience in Varanasi?

    Globetrotters travel all over the world and look for places where they would find the real wildlife in its best native form. If you are in Varanasi, looking for the wildest, and the most untouched form of wildlife then you may find few great spots. Take a wildlife tour and experience the vivid variety of flora and fauna and the rich biodiversity of Varanasi. Also, spend some time in the company of few rare animals and plants as well. Many tour operators offer you customized wildlife vacation. Varanasi has two Wildlife Sanctuaries that are the house for many species of birds & animals. (Chandra Prabha Wildlife Sanctuary & Kaimoor Wildlife Sanctuary).

  • Which are the different tours to explore the city of Varanasi?

    Varanasi has a lot to offer to its tourists in terms of heritage sites, temples, wildlife adventure and much more. Take a look at few different types of tours that will help you to explore the city to its fullest:

    • Varanasi Behind - Holy City Tours
    • Sightseeing places in and around Varanasi
    • Ramnagar Fort & Museum Tour
    • Sarnath Tour package
    • The Varanasi heritage tour
    • Temples visit tour
    • Evening stroll to the Ghats

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