Chhoti Dargah Overview

Lying 30 kilometers away from the Patna city center, the three-storey Chhoti Dargah is the tomb of the renowned Muslim saint Makhdum Shah Daulat, who was buried here back in 1616. This architecturally stunning mausoleum was constructed in 1619 by Ibrahim Khan. 

The top of the dargah has a huge dome, whose ceiling features many carved texts taken from the Islamic sacred book of the Quran. There is also a huge tank, in front of the Chhoti Dargah. At present, there are many cloth-covered tombs near the dargah.

Historical Facts: 
-The place has been said to be a regional center of learning where the sanskrit grammarian panini was studied
-The Dargah was built by Ibrahim Khan in 1619 this is the place where the Muslim saint Makhdum Shah was buried in 1616.
-The Dargah was also known as Maner Sharif.

-This one is a 3 storied mausoleum building with a large tank in its front
-The inside of the walls are dotted with intricate designs and the ceiling has passages inscribe from Quran

 Chhoti Dargah Maner Sharif, Makhdoom Shah Daulat, Maner, Bihar

Best time to visit:
Throughout the year

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