Agam Kuan Overview

Agam Kuan is an archeological well which is  situated in Patna that dates back to the time of Emperor Ashoka. The well, just like other wells, is circular in shape and is lined with bricks on the upper 13 metres and has wooden rings in the rest part. It is believed that this temple had secret chambers.

This chamber was used by Ashoka as torture chambers before worshiping Buddhism. Also, people believe a fire would burn throughout the day inside the well and that criminals or prisoners of war would be thrown into the well as a punishment. This place has an interesting history and you should really visit it if you want to know more about it.

Historical Facts:
- Agam Kuan was built by Ashoka and is also known as Laurence Waddell.
- The place is believed to be the “Hell Chamber” of Ashoka where he used to torture his prisoners. The place was named as a “Fiery well” or  “hell on earth” in Ashoka’s Edict no. VII.
-These facts are also mentioned by chinese travelers of 5th and 7th AD in their manuscripts.

-The Agam Kuan is 105 ft deep and is circular in shape with a diameter of 15 ft.
-The upper half of this place is brick-encased and the lower half is secured by the wooden rings.
-The place has eight arched windows.

Ranipur, Near Gulzarbagh Railway Station, Patna.

Best time to visit:
October to March

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