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  • The beautiful state of Sikkim is bordered by Nepal, Bhutan and China and is regarded as the Himalayan Shangri Las. Sikkim is celebrated as one of the lavishly kept secrets in the range of Himalayas and trekking in Sikkim can fill one’s heart with endless joy and freshness.

    The freshness in breeze and silence in wilderness which the trekker experiences while trekking in Sikkim is worth cherishing. Sikkim is spread in an area of nearly 7096 sq. km and has a huge biodiversity to its credit. The trails of the various treks in Sikkim run amidst the rich flavour of biodiversity and the splendid culture.

    There are numerous blossoming 
    trekking routes through Sikkim, which runs on a continuum from Easy trek, Moderate trek to Difficult trek. Thrillophilia has the right set of tools as well as experts who can organise an enriching Sikkim trekking tours for avid trekkers.

    Here are some of the best treks in Sikkim:

  • 01Winter Treks | Himalayas | Nov-Feb

  • Best Treks in Sikkim

  • 02Goecha La Trek

    Image Credit : juicyrai - Flickr

    The Goecha La trek starts from Yuksom and the road can be accessed through motorbikes. The road ends with an altitude of approximately 1770 m. The trek on the initial days proceeds through the dense cover of forest and then ends in the rocky terrain.

    Altitude: 4940 m
    Duration- 7.5 days
    Best season- Month of May

    10 Days/9 Nights Goecha La Trekking in Sikkim , 2017

    10 Days/9 Nights Goecha La Trekking in Sikkim , 2017

    NNNNN30 Reviews

    d10 Daysn9 NightslYuksom

    Starting from


  • 03Dzongri Trek

    Image Credit : Damien Roué - Flickr

    The Dzongri trek stretches from Yuksom till Dzongri and even leads to Goecha La. This trekking route provides an opportunity to take a breathtaking view of the Mt. Pandim and Kanchenjunga. Once the trail of this trekking route reaches Phedang, it drops down steeply in the Thangsing River.

    This Sikkim trekking route is considered as the traditional one which passes through the breathtaking mountains, wonderful landscapes and lush green cover of greenery. The Dzongri trek is often tagged as the paradise of trekkers. Being easy in terms of trekking, this trek offers the true joy of trekking in limited time duration.

    Altitude: 4020 m
    Duration: 9 days
    Best season: From March till June and From August till November

  • 04Lhaba Tarum Tsachu Trek

    The Lhaba Tarum Tsachu trek is celebrated for being among the best high altitude treks located in the region of Sikkim. The trek provides the tourists with a lush green wilderness, a great quantumm of thrill and enticement. The Lhabha Tarum Tsachu trek is perfect if one desires of exploring a place which is blend of pleasure, adventure, wildlife, romance and spiritualism.

    The amazing peak of Kanchendzonga is just 16 km away when one treks through this route. The joy of enjoying the mountains is just brilliant when one treks through this route. This trek is also called a paradise of forested slopes of mountains.

    Altitude: 2650 m
    Duration: 6 days
    Best season: March - May

  • 05Green Lake Trek

    The Green lake trek is considered as the perfect blend of the pristine beauty and breathtaking views of the peaks which are high in altitude. The trail of this trek passes through a thick cover of forests, varieties of the rhododendrons, flowers which fill the trail with various colors, waterfalls and various species of birds.

    The Green Lake is considered as a restricted area, so not many individuals are allowed to explore the region. One needs to take a prior permission in case one desires of exploring the region beyond Green Lake. The most amazing aspect of the Green Lake trekking route is that the view of the various nearby peaks seems to be crystal clear when viewed from here.

    Altitude: 4935 m
    Duration: 11 days
    Best season: Months of November till March

  • 06North Sikkim High Altitude Trek

    Image Credit : Alankar Joshi - Flickr

    The peaks which are located towards the northern region of Sikkim offer a great opportunity in terms of trekking. The mountaineers experience their adrenaline flying high when they undertake the North Sikkim high altitude trek.

    A large number of scenic sights and a bunch of hamlets can be easily seen on this trekking route. However, each of these places is not open to the visitors; therefore prior to the start of trekking, one is required to take the permission from the Indian Government.

    Altitude: 4340 m
    Duration: 15 days
    Best season: May - October

  • 07Versay Trek

    The Versay trek is also called as the soft trek and is located near the border of India and Nepal. This route is often considered as an abode to rhododendron. While trekking in Sikkim through the Versay trek one can indulge in the joy of bird watching and discovering the various aspects of the wilderness.

    The facility of camping is also available at this trekking route. On the trekking route there is the presence of a number of monasteries which can add a charm to the trekking experience. The beautiful orchids are definitely the striking feature of this trek.

    Altitude: 3060 m
    Duration: 9 nights and 10 days
    Best season: Month of December till the middle of March

  • 08Sikkim Dzongri Trek

    Image Credit : Damien Roué - Flickr

    This trek was opened for trekkers by the Indian Government in 2000. One can enjoy the thrill of upland trekking in Sikkim.  The trek starts from the region of Yuksom. The gains which take place in the altitudes of this trek at various points are gradual; thus provide enough time for acclimatizing. The trek leads to the bewitching beauty of the wilderness which is located here.

    Altitude: 5000 m
    Duration: 10 Days
    Best Season: March - October

  • 09Sikkim Khangchendzonga Trek

    Image Credit : Franck Zecchin - Flickr

    This is one of the most thrilling as well as amazing trekking in Sikkim routes. The trail of this trek passes through the luxuriant forests of rhododendrons, spruces, giant magnolias and pines, then merges into the lush green meadows and mystic pastures.

    While trekking through this trek one reaches the western region of Sikkim which is quite close to the border of Nepal. The Khangchendzonga trek is wrapped with Kabru, Rathong and Talung ranges towards its south and Pyramid and Kirat Chuli peak towards its north.

    Altitude: 4940 m
    Duration: 20 days
    Best season: The months of April and May

  • 10Singalila Trek from Utteray Side

    Image Credit : Suplab Debnath - Flickr

    The Singalila trek is the rarest of the spots of the country from where one can view the four summits which include Everest, Makalu, Kangchenjunga and Lhotse.

    One can also take a view at the peaks which are located in the region of Tibet and Bhutan. The rhododendron and oak forests are a common occurrence on this trek. The trails of this trek are not much steep and one can also visit the Singalila National Park.

    Altitude: 3636 m
    Duration: 12 days
    Best Season: June - September

  • 11Everest Singalila Trek

    The Everest Singalila trek starts from the Yambong region and offers a natural walk near the border of India and Nepal. The trek offers a number of stupendous views of both the Kanchendzonga range as well as of the Mt. Everest. The trail of this trek passes through a large number of strenuous passes which test the true trekking skills of the mountaineers.

    Altitude: 4572
    Duration: 12 days
    Best Season: June - October

  • 12Tosar Lake Trek

    The Tosar lake trek is located in the middle of the Chola range and Mangan range. A giant peak of mountain is situated towards the south east direction of this lake. The trek possess cow and yaks in the forest cover. The trek passes through the temperate forest cover which include the trees of Conifer, bamboos, rhododendron and alpine. If one desires of witnessing the pristine floral cover of the northern Sikkim, then the Tosar Lake is the best route for trekking in Sikkim.

    Altitude: 4000 m
    Duration: 16 days
    Best Season: March - June and September - December

  • 13Tholung Trek

    Image Credit : buddhatripper - Flickr

    The Tholung trek is located in the Northern region of Sikkim. The Tholung trek starts from the region of Bagdora and extends till Lingsha. It ascends through the beautiful valley of flora and fauna. The alpine trees and yak can be commonly seen in this region. While one treks through this trek, the Ring Pi Chi River acts as an ally. The majestic hamlets and hills make the visitors feel captivated.

    Altitude: 2438 m
    Duration: 9 days
    Best season: March - May

  • 14Dzongri Goechala Trek in Sikkim

    Dzongri Goechala Trek in Sikkim
    • d13 Daysn12 Nights
    • lDarjeeling
    • NNNNN11 reviews
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    About the Destination:

    Embark upon Dzongri Goechala Trek, which is considered as one of the finest trekking destinations in Sikkim. Positioned in the Himalayan Mountains, this state offers many charms of nature. Abounding in culture, beautiful landscape and biodiversity, it lures several travellers across.

    The Goechala Trek to Dzongri is a delightful one with awe-inspiring snowy summits accompanying you. When here, feast your eyes on a melody of colours from green to gold and blue. A high mountain pass, Goechala's main highlight is the breath-taking view of Kanchenjunga, world's third highest mountain. It also serves as the basecamp for the brazen who want to undertake a trek to this summit.

    Begin the trip with unravelling the several delights of Darjeeling with a sightseeing trip. Also, get to visit Yuksom that once served as the capital of Sikkim.

    Along the journey, enjoy a beautiful trail along Rathong River gorge. Make way amidst forest of oak, pine, rhododendrons and magnolia. Get to set your sights on snowy peaks such as Sinolchu, Kabru, Pandim, Jopuno, Kokthang, Narsing and Talung. Also, catch the breath-taking sunrise at Dzongri and climb up to the vast grassland at Thangsing. Lap up a direct view of the eastern wall of Kanchenjunga along with small summits of Rathong and Kabru. The treats of this experience are plenty!

    Altitude: 4984m

    Goechala Trek Video (Credits: George Thengummoottil): 


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