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Pelling Packages

Duration Price
Darjeeling Sikkim | FREE Yak Ride8 days & 7 nights
INR 28,999
Honeymoon trip to Sikkim with Ravangla | FREE Meals at lachen lachung8 days & 7 nights
INR 33,999
Pelling Darjeeling | FREE Toy Train Ride5 days & 4 nights
INR 15,000
Explore West Serene Sikkim | FREE Mt Kanchenjunga Excursion7 days & 6 nights
INR 21,500
Sikkim Delights | A Gateway To Paradise7 days & 6 nights
INR 23,850
North East Family Trip | FREE Toy Train Ride8 days & 7 nights
INR 19,750

Pelling packages - Browse through a wide range of Pelling tours in India with exciting offers at Thrillophilia. Book customized Pelling holiday packages with exciting deals & offers.

Book one of Thrillophilia’s Pelling tour packages and experience the rich history, laid-back lifestyle, and breathtaking scenery of this beautiful town in Sikkim. Whether you're a nature lover, a history buff, or a foodie, we customize the best Pelling itinerary for you to accommodate your diverse interests, schedule and preferences.

Pelling is a gorgeous hill station with pleasant weather, hidden waterfalls, and Buddhist monasteries. Our Pelling holiday packages allow you to enjoy many interesting activities such as visiting the famous monasteries, rock climbing, trekking, going on fishing tours, and mountain biking. On your Pelling tours curated by Thrillophilia, you can also explore the picturesque gardens, stroll by the panoramic lakes and enjoy breathtaking views from Kanchenjunga.

As a part of your Sikkim tour packages from Thrillophilia, we meticulously curate your trip to Pelling - from accommodation to meals and preferred sightseeing to transfers, and make sure you have a hassle-free as well as a personalized experience. So, what are you waiting for? Book the Pelling trip packages with us now to have the best outdoor experiences within your preferred budget and as per your travel style.

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Best Time For Pelling Trip:

You can visit Pelling throughout the year as each season offers unique opportunities. So, the best season to visit Pelling will depend on the kind of weather you prefer and the kind of travel experience you want to have.

1. Peak Season: March to May as well as September to November is the peak season in Pelling with temperatures ranging between 7°C to 28°C. During this time the entire city gets covered by lush greenery and blooming flowers and seems like a paradise. This season is best for enjoying adventure sports activities and indulging in sightseeing tours.

2. Shoulder Season: The months of June to August, offers a mix of joyful summers and surreal monsoons in Pelling. The city landscapes turn bright and vibrant in the city, offering you a magical experience. The temperature is moderately perfect, making it ideal for you to enjoy a peaceful holiday.

3. Waning Season: The winter season lasts from December to February with the average temperature ranging between 0°C to -5°C. This is the best time to witness the breathtaking views of the Himalayan range and Mt Kanchenjunga covered in layers of snow. You can witness snowfall in Pelling in the winter and enjoy festivities like Christmas and New Year.

How to Reach Pelling:

1. By Air: Bagdogra is the nearest airport to Pelling and is connected to major Indian cities like Mumbai, Chennai, New Delhi, Bangalore, Guwahati, and Kolkata. Direct flights take 2 to 4 hours to reach Bagdogra from different major cities in India. Major airlines operating to and from Bagdogra include IndiGo, Air India, Akasa Air, Vistara, and SpiceJet.

2. By Road: Pelling has a well-connected road network and good connectivity with cities like Siliguri, Darjeeling, and Gangtok. The road to Pelling from Siliguri is a bit steep and hence you’re advised to hire a private taxi or cab rather than a bus. It takes around 4-5 hours to reach Pelling from Siliguri and Gangtok. You can also take shared jeeps from Geyzing to Pelling which take around thirty minutes to cover the distance. 

3. By Rail: New Jalpaiguri is the closest railway station to Pelling situated at a distance of 135 kilometers from the city. It has good connectivity with major Indian cities like Mumbai, Kolkata and Delhi. From New Jalpaiguri Railway Station, you can hire a cab or shared taxi to reach Pelling in 4.5 hours.

Places to Visit on Pelling Trip: 

Here are some of the best places to visit in Pelling:

1. Sangachoeling Monastery: As a part of the Pelling tour packages, you get to visit the Sangachoeling Monastery, one of Sikkim’s oldest Buddhist sanctuaries. Built in the 17th century by Lama Lhatsun Chempo, this monastery houses age-old Buddhist scriptures, unique clay structures, statues, and paintings. You can also see statues of Sakyamuni, Vajrasattava, and Padmasambhava, and the walls decked up with images of Buddhist deities. 

2. Darap Village: Darap Village is a quaint locale inhabited by the Limboo Community, Tamangs, Bhutias, Lepchas, Rais, and Chettris. It is situated in the Himalayan foothills and is the best place to learn about rural Sikkimese life. You can enjoy fun activities like processing cheese or churning butter with the villagers, taking a dip in the streams, exploring nature, and visiting the centuries-old Limbo houses.

3. Singshore Bridge: One of the must-visit places in your Pelling tour packages is the Singshore Bridge, Sikkim’s highest and Asia’s second-highest bridge. This suspension bridge is around 240 m in length and over 100 m in height and connects two picturesque villages Uttarey and Dentam. From the bridge, you can have mesmerising views of the cascading waterfalls, lush green hillsides, and pristine valleys.

4. Rimbi Waterfall: Whether you want to spend some time away from the hustle or bustle, or appreciate the magnificence of nature, Rimbi Waterfall can be your ideal choice. The sparkling water falls from a great height crashing into a pool below where you can swim. The waterfall is surrounded by lush green trees and mountains and will transport you into another world.

5. Kanchenjunga Fall: Well-planned Pelling packages give you a chance to visit the Kanchenjunga Falls, a magnificent waterfall that originates from the Mount Kanchenjunga glacier, the world’s third-highest mountain. This perennial waterfall cascades down from a hundred feet height and forms small freshwater pools. If you’re an adventure enthusiast, you can enjoy various adrenaline-pumping activities such as rope sliding, mountaineering, and trekking.

6. Khangchendzonga National Park: Khangchendzonga National Park is a mixed heritage site and a high-altitude national park where you can witness a diverse variety of flora and fauna. Inside this national park, there are many glaciers such as the Zemu glacier which measures around twenty-six kilometres. More than five hundred and fifty species of birds inhabit this region including tragopan pheasant, green pigeon, blood pheasant, Himalayan Griffon, and Tibetan snowcock.

7. Pemayangtse Monastery: Pemayangtse Monastery is the oldest monastery in Sikkim that you will get to visit with our Pelling tour packages. Standing on a hilltop overlooking the Rabdentse ruins, the main prayer hall of the monastery accommodates several windows, statues, and doors adorned with vibrant colors. This monastery also serves as the popular Dzongri trek route’s starting point.

8. Rabdentse Ruins: Plan a visit to Rabdentse as a part of your Pelling tours, which used to be the second capital of Sikkim kingdom from 1670-1814 and was destroyed by the Gorkha army in the eighteenth century. There is a stone throne comprising three standing stones where the king used to give his verdict. The ruins are surrounded by thick deciduous forest and chestnut groves making them ideal for photography. You can have a clear view of the Kanchendzonga mountain ranges from the vantage point of the Rabdentse Ruins.

9. Tashiding Monastery: If you plan to visit, thoughtfully-crafted Pelling packages will take you to the Tashiding Monastery, an important Buddhist pilgrimage site belonging to the Nyingma sect. Beautifully carved stones bearing sacred mantras surround the monastery’s complex. The premises are adorned with forty-one chortens also known as the Chorten of Enlightment. During the Bhumchu Festival, the holy water from the monastery is put on public display.

Things to Do on Pelling Tour:

Here some of the best things to do in Pelling:

1. Find Peace at the Pemayangtse Monastery: Experience solitude and bliss by visiting the Pemayangtse Monastery, one of the oldest Buddhist monasteries built in traditional Buddhist architecture. You can see here a huge collection of Buddhist sculpture and art including the statue of Guru Rinpoche. Soak in the blissful ambiance and watch monks chant soothing hymns and pray with traditional instruments.

2. Experience Sikkimese Hospitality at Darap Cherny Village: Get an insight into the life of the Limboo community and experience Sikkimese hospitality at Darap Cherny Village. It has beautiful homestays where you have a relaxing stay appreciating the gorgeous sceneries. You can enjoy various interesting activities such as birdwatching, nature exploration, hiking, handicraft making, and authentic cuisine tours.

3. Know History at the Rabdentse Ruins: Learn about Sikkim’s rich history by visiting the Rabdentse Ruins which served as the second capital of Sikkim. The Gurkha army destroyed this ancient monument in the eighteenth century, leaving only the ruins and chortens behind. With the Pelling packages, you can wander through the ruins to see the crumbling walls and weathered arches that narrate stories about Sikkim’s vibrant history.

4. Trek to the Kanchenjunga National Park: One of the interesting activities included in the Pelling tour packages is a challenging trek to the Kanchenjunga National Park. As you undertake the trek you will be rewarded with East Nepal’s impressive landscapes. You can taste local food, see the spectacular mountain views, and learn about the culture of the Limboo community.

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5. Go for a Picnic at the Sewaro Rock Garden: Gather your picnic essentials and set out for a leisurely exploration of the Sewaro Rock Garden, a beautiful garden covered with layers of stones. Choose a serene spot amidst the lush greenery and have a picnic with your friends and family. There is a cafeteria where you can enjoy tasty snacks and refreshing beverages.

6. Admire Human Ingenuity at Singshore Bridge: Witness the human engineering brilliance as you head to the Singshore Bridge, Sikkim’s highest suspension bridge which is around 240 m long and over 100 m tall. The bridge connects Uttarey and Dentam villages and has a deep gorge underneath. Walk through the bridge to enjoy breathtaking views of the hills spread below and lush green valleys.

7. Walk on Pelling Skywalk: Have a spine-chilling experience as you walk through the Pelling Skywalk, a transparent bridge made out of glass and suspended in the air. The skywalk is situated next to the 137-foot-tall statue of Chenrezig, a Buddhist deity. With the Pelling tour packages, you can walk through the bridge and enjoy splendid views of the Kanchenjunga peak, forests, and monasteries surrounding it.

8. Savour Authentic Sikkim Food at Pelling: Relish the authentic Sikkim meal influenced by Nepali and Tibetan cuisines at the cozy restaurants, food stalls, and cafes. You can try many lip-smacking dishes like Momo, Churpi, Thukpa, Thenthuk, Sel Roti, Gundruk, and Kinema. Don’t forget to relish local spirits such as Rhododendron wine and Chang.

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Pelling Tour faqs

What is special about Pelling?

Your Pelling tour packages give you a chance to immerse into the picturesque landscape and the splendid architecture of Pelling that truly define this town. From waterfalls to high altitude bridges, lush green forests and picturesque views of the Himalayas, everything over here is truly splendid.

It is also flanked with homestays and hotels that ensure an ideal stay for tourists making Pelling a perfect and memorable holiday getaway.

Are 2 days enough for a Pelling tour?

2 days are enough for a Pelling tour if you have a shortage of time. You can cover the main attractions in the hill station like Pemayangtse Monastery, the Khecheopalri Lake, Rabdentse Ruins and enjoy your other preferred activities by booking the 2-day Pelling tour packages with us.

Is Pelling safe at night?

Pelling in Sikkim is one of the ideal places to enjoy the nightlife as the crime rate in this part of the country is extremely low. Thus, wandering around at this beautiful place in Sikkim, especially at night would not cause any harm to the travellers in every literal sense.

How much Pelling trip cost?

The Pelling trip will cost you around Rs 10,000 to Rs 25,000 depending on the type of accommodation you select, the activities you undertake, and your mode of transport. The duration of your trip and the season in which you’re visiting Pelling will also affect the tour prices.

How many days are enough for the Pelling trip?

You require at least 2-3 days for a Pelling trip as despite being a small town it is packed with scenic attractions and enthralling activities. Also, it's best to have optimum time at hand if you want to deeply explore the town, enjoy adventurous activities, and witness its popular as well as unexplored attractions.

How far is Cherrapunji from Pelling?

Cherrapunji is around 677 km away and takes around 18 hours to reach Pelling. There are no flights between the two destinations and the only way to reach Cherrapunji is by taking a bus, private vehicle, taxi, or a train to reach Pelling.

What can you see in pelling in 4 days?

During your 4-day Pelling tours, you can explore the popular attractions, see the lush green landscapes, and learn about the local culture. Some of the popular attractions that you can visit by booking our 4-day Pelling tour packages include the Sangachoeling Monastery, Kanchenjunga Fall, Pemayangtse Monastery, Sewaro Rock Garden, and Darap Village.

What are the essential items that one must pack while travelling to Pelling?

Some of the essential items that you must pack while going to Pelling are:

1. Woollen clothes, Jackets, woollen socks and thermals.

2. Important medicines that you might need while travelling at this high altitude region.

3. Boots or comfortable shoes that can help you with travelling easily.

4. A torch and a camera with extra batteries.

5. An umbrella and raincoat, as Pelling can experience heavy downpour at any time.

What are the best ways to commute in and around Pelling?

A cab or taxi is the most preferred option to commute in Pelling. Few jeep and bus services are also available from Sikkim which are used by people to commute to nearby places.

What language is spoken in Pelling?

Pelling is dominated by Buddhists and the locals over here mostly speak Sikkimese language. Few other languages that are spoken over here are English, Nepali and Hindi.

What is the local cuisine that can be found in Pelling?

Pelling in Sikkim is renowned for some of the scrumptious cuisines which are exclusively found in this part of the country. Some of the best mouth-watering prospects in Pelling are: 

1. Momos- This amazing food item is creating a sensation all over the country. The spicy momos are the most preferred ones among the travelers and they are served with crushed red chilli chutney and mayonnaise.

2. Thukpa- These amazing noodles are inspired by Tibetan style of cooking. With noodles dipped in a tasty and aromatic soup of crumpled vegetables, you just can’t get a better dish than this.

Which are the best shopping tours in Pelling?

Pelling is renowned for its extremely vibrant traditions and culture, and this truly reflects in its local shops or Bazaars, which offer an incredible variety of clothing and other articles. Below are some of the most acclaimed places in Pelling, which every shopping enthusiast must visit. 

1. Rural Artisan Marketing centre- This place offers incredible varieties of Handcraft materials made by the skilled artisans from all around Sikkim. Buddhist traditions inspire these handicraft products and their stunning aesthetics, attracting many tourists from all around the country. You would also find some of the best quality of Dry fruits at this place, mainly Walnuts, almonds and cardamom. Women may prefer the iconic scarves and other jewellery articles, which are quite popular here.

2. Lama Tenzing Wangdak’s Place- This stunning market possesses some of the most exquisite jewels for all the shopping maniacs. With the impeccable quality of Souvenirs and a galore of amazing shopping products available, this place proves to be a must-visit for all the travellers in Pelling. 

3. Geyzing Bazar- It is one of the most popular markets in Sikkim, which holds an astonishing 100 years of history. It shares a huge significance among people around the Pemayangtse monastery, which is believed to have played a vital role in the establishment of this market. You will find all the necessary products in the market from eatables to clothing as well.

Which are some of the best restaurants in Pelling?

Pelling is not only renowned for its stunning ambience and vibrant culture, but its scrumptious quality of food also attracts many visitors to this part of the country. Thus, the following are the best restaurants where you can enjoy the best quality of distinct cuisines in Pelling:

1. Melting Point Restaurant- This beautiful restaurant offers incredible varieties of Chinese and local food which surely would leave a taste on your taste-buds for a long time! Not only food, but the breathtaking sights from the restaurant would also leave you spellbound.

2. Bhang Shahar- This stunning restaurant offers an incredible fusion of cuisines like Italian, Chinese, Asian and even contemporary. If you want an amazing quality of Italian food in Pelling, then this is the place to be.

3. Taste of Sikkim- This restaurant is highly acclaimed amongst the visitors due to its incredible quality of food, heart-warming hospitality and lavish decor.

Which are the most adventurous things to do in Pelling?

1. Trekking from Yuksom to Pelling
The low altitude trek starting from Yuskom to Pelling is the most famous and risk-free trek in the entire world. This trekking route  is often used as a basecamp for trekkers aiming to conquer Kanchenjunga Range. This moderate to easy trekking route transverses through Tashiding, Goecha La and Dzongri Peak. It offers every adventurer an opportunity to explore themselves 
mentally and spiritually as they interact with nature on an intimate level.
16250 per person.
6 AM to 6 PM.

Bungee Jumping on Singshore Bridge
Singshore is the highest bridge in Sikkim, and one of the highest bridges in Asia. It is situated at the height of 198 m which makes it ideal for bungee jumping. If jumping from a suspended bridge has been in your bucket list, it is time you come to Pelling and strike this one off. This adrenaline rushing activity at Singshore must be a part of your
Pelling tour packages. The bridge acts as a connection between two lush mountains promising scenic views as you try bungee jumping over here. For beginners, there is a team present too, to make them comfortable and teach them techniques to enjoy the activity. 
Uttarey Village.
500 per person.
6 AM to 6 PM.

3. Swimming in the waterfalls

Kanchenjunga Falls are the highlight of Pelling, Sikkim. They are situated amid the snow-laden peaks of the Himalayas which makes swimming in these waterfalls an adventure of a lifetime. These falls are accessible by road, and you can organize a mini-picnic here as countless tea and Maggi stalls are situated here.

Kanchenjunga Falls.
Rs 5 per person.
8 am to 6 pm.

4. Trek To Dzongri, Pelling

A trek to Dzongri in Pelling is meant for outdoor enthusiasts to explore the wilderness of Sikkim. Dzongri is noted to be a classic trekking region in Sikkim. It is flanked with the most adventurous trails that attract the trekking enthusiasts from all across the globe. This awe-inspiring trek starts from Yuskam and ends at Yuksam in five days. It is considered to be a moderate to easy trekking route that can be transversed both by the experienced as well the novice trekking enthusiasts. The trek offers breathtaking views of Mt.Khangchendzonga that is surrounded by parallel peaks from all sides. From Dzongri, one can further extend their trek to Goecha La. 

5km from Jalpaiguri.
10750 per person.
6 AM to 6 PM.

Which are the most amazing hiking tours in Pelling?

Pelling is an absolute haven for trekking enthusiasts as it is flushed with some of the most amazing trails that every hiker would like to conquer. Here is the list of the best hiking tours in Pelling that should be a part of your Pelling tour packages.

1. Hiking at Kanchenjunga National Park

The most magnificent spot for hiking in the Pelling region is the Kanchenjunga National Park. It is the home to several exotic species of animals like civets, sloth and red panda. Covering a vast expanse of around 849 km sq, you will find the most amazing trails over here. If you wish to try hiking at this phenomenal place, then you’ll have to obtain a permit from the Wildlife Education and Interpretation Centre located at Yuksom.

2. The route to Sangachoeling Monastery

Another splendid hiking spot in Pelling is the route to Sangachoeling Monastery that is covered with lush forests and hilly terrains. Once you reach the monastery, your trekking experience further enriches as the picturesque view of the surrounding areas from Sangachoeling Monastery makes the trek worth a visit. 

3. Khecheopalri Lake

This is one of the most enthralling places to visit for nature lovers and trekkers. Khecheopalri Lake is the most prominent highlight of the famous Yuksom-Pelling trek that transverses through cardamom fields and various hamlets.

Which are the best camping tours in Pelling?

Some of the best camping sites in Pelling that will boost your adrenaline rush are as follows:

1. Tosar Lake

One of the best sites for camping in Pelling is Tosar lake that is located at an altitude of 13,120 ft and is located between Chola Range and Mangan ridge. A large number of tourists visit this place every year to set up camps in its lush green forests and have a splendid stay. Apart from camping, this lake also offers the best trekking opportunities which can further be a treat for the adventure junkies.

2. Darap Village

Located at around 8 km from the beautiful town of Pelling, the picture-perfect Darap Village is a heaven for the people who are looking to have a splendid camping experience. With a laid back environment, this place certainly cuts you off from the fast-paced city life and gives you a chance to bond well with nature by camping in its humble environment. You also get to relish the scrumptious local food over here while you decide to go camping at Darap Village. This place also gives you an opportunity to know more about the culture of Sikkim and interact with its local people.

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