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    Trek Right Up Hills And Forts

    Kalakho is situated in the midst of fields opposite to the backdrop of the hills. Being a tourist, you can discover many amazing places around Kalakho and enjoy the thrills of adventurous activities like camel cart or safari. The experience of having desert safari is simply breathtaking and unforgettable. Whether it comes to rejuvenating or relaxing retreat or fun-filled camel rides, Kalakho has everything to offer what a tourist looks for.




    Definite Location: 

    Kalakho is very close to the golden tourist triangle in Agra, Jaipur and Delhi

    How to reach:

    By Air:

    Airways are excellently connected to the leading cities like Jodhpur, Calcutta, Mumbai and Delhi.

    By Bus:

    Rajasthan roadways redefine comfort and luxury. You can catch fully air conditioned deluxe buses from Bikaner House or India gate in Delhi to Jaipur. You can complete the journey in approximately 5-6 hours. You can even commute by Taxis.

    By Train:

    Shatabdhi express (Morning) and Intercity express(Evening) trains run on a daily basis from Delhi at different timings. Rajasthan is very well connected to all the major cities of India.

    Nearest City: 



    You can reach Kalakho from Delhi (259 km) or Mumbai (1202 km) via Jaipur. Kalakho is 298 kilometers away from Delhi.

    Favorable time for visiting: 


    Other Info 

    You can take a taxi like an Ambassador or Indica in order to visit Fort Madhopur, Bhangarh or Bhandarej from Jaipur through Dausa town. This would cost you approximately Rs 2000. However, the prices of the taxis may rise during the favorable season. 

    Some of the striking attractions of Kalakho include ancestral forts, Lengthy deserts, monsoon lakes, hilly terrains and the golden fields. 

    Suggestions/ Facts about Kalakho (Counseling) 

    • Potential visitors to this town should check with the trek organizers in order to get the details of alternative Itinerary.
    • It is always advisable to keep as much change with you as possible because rarely any people will have change particularly in rural areas.
    • It is recommended to travel by buses which are operated by Rajasthan tourism Development Corporation. Other modes of transportation include un-metered cycle rickshaws or Auto rickshaws. If you want your journey to be comfortable and money is not a barrier, then you can hire a taxi.

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