Trekking in Delhi

Delhi Trekking Packages

Duration Price
Kasol Trip and Trek to Kheerganga from Delhi3 days & 2 nights
INR 2,190
Nag Tibba Trek, Uttarakhand2 days & 1 night
INR 2,299
Chandrashila Trek With Chopta and Tungnath in Uttarakhand5 days & 4 nights
INR 7,669
Chopta Chandrashila Trek from Delhi3 days & 2 nights
INR 3,499
Kasol Trip with Trek to Kheerganga and Tosh Valley from Delhi6 days & 5 nights
INR 6,490
Trek to Mcleodganj and Triund from Delhi5 days & 4 nights
INR 6,999
Kheerganga Trek(Tranfers from Delhi)4 days & 3 nights
INR 4,390

Delhi is an attraction for people belonging to a completely different lifestyle, which seldom includes trekking. But, the lesser known fact is that some of the most challenging, adventurous and enthralling trekking destinations are spread around Delhi. Almost all the trekkers, amateurs as well as professional, who trek the mountains of Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Jammu & Kashmir consider Delhi their base camp. One would say that Delhi isn’t a conventional place to trek in India. However, with the best trekking tours in Delhi and around, people rarely leave out Delhi from their plans. The Nag Tibba Trek situated in the hills of Uttarakhand is quite famous. To begin the Nag Tibba Trek, you need to travel from Delhi to Dehradun and then further till Devalsari via Mussoorie. The highest altitude of this trek is 10,000 feet, while the difficulty level assigned is EA. Most of the amateurs trek Nag Tibba before proceeding towards higher difficulty treks. Adventure enthusiasts seeking relief from the heat in Delhi summer often take refuge by trekking here for a few days. Another trek that takes you into the mountain ranges of Uttarakhand is climbing to the peak of Kedarkantha. Similar to the Nag Tibba Trek, you need to travel from Delhi to Dehradun in the first leg.

The second leg consists of a jeep/car ride from Dehradun to Sankri Village which is the actual base of the trek. Even though you climb to an altitude of about 12,500 feet on this trek, it is considered EASY. Another interesting trekking destination around Delhi is The Beas Kund Trek, located in Himachal Pradesh which traverses the Solang Valley. One must complete a 12-hour challenging and rather gruesome bus/car journey to reach the town of Manali, then proceed to Solang Nala to commence the trek. A trekker climbs as high as 12,000 feet on the Beas Kund trek. It’s a quick getaway from Delhi. Though it is quite far away from Delhi by road, The Chadar Trek, is one of the most challenging treks in India can be considered as option for treks around Delhi. You trek on a sheet of ice formed over the winter on the Zanskar River. As this trek is only possible in the months of January, February and sometimes March, it requires you to travel to Leh which is accessible only through air at that time of the year. A 2-2.5 hour flight from Delhi to Leh and a short ride from Leh city to the Zanskar River, and you begin towards an unforgettable experience of the Chadar trek. So set on the best trekking tours in Delhi and cherish the experience of a lifetime.

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Delhi Trekking FAQs

Which are some famous treks near Delhi city?

Delhi is not only famous for its buildings and historical sites but there are also some amazing trekking trails near Delhi for a perfect adventur outing. 

  • Nag Tibba Trek – 10,000ft above sea level, easy level of trek.
  • Chopta Chandrashila Trek – 13,415 ft, easy level.
  • Lansdowne – 245 km from Delhi, easy trek.
  • Benog Tibba Trek – 300 km from Delhi, moderate level of trek.
  • Roopkund Trek – 305 km from Delhi, moderate to difficult level of trek.

Which are some of the famous Himalayan treks near Delhi?

If you’re a trekker at heart then the Himalayas is your dream come true. With lofty and picturesque mountain ranges, there are multiple routes for trekking in the Himalayas. It truly is a breathtaking and challenging experience that will last you a lifetime.

  • Chadar Trek –lasts for 9 days and is very challenging
  • Nag Tibba trek – Easy trek at the highest peak of the lesser Himalayan region.
  • Roopkund trek – moderate level of difficulty. Takes about a week.
  • Hampta pass – easy trek level for 4-5 days.
  • Parashar Lake Trek – Easy trek level for 2 days.
  • Khar Myundari Trek – 2 day short and easy trek
  • Triund Trek – Easy trek that lasts for only 2 days
  • Chopta Tungnath Trek – Easy trek that lasts for 3 days

Which are some good weekend destinations for trekking near Delhi?

Here is a small list of places you could visit for a trek during your weekend from Delhi:

  • Rishikesh – 242 km away, some popular treks are Kuari Pass Trek, valley of flowers trek, Deoria Chandrashila Trek.
  • Mussoorie – 275 km away, Popular treks here are Nag Tibba Trek, Hathi Paon night trek.
  • Nainital – 296 km away, Garhwal Trek, Kumaon Trek.
  • Uttarakhand – 373 km away, Popular treks of this region are Gangotri glacier trek and Deorital and Chandrashila Trek.
  • Himachal Pradesh – 343.7 km away, famous treks here are the Bijli Mahadev Trek and Parashar Lake Trek.

Which are some famous treks in Manali?

Manali has got some famous treks which are one of the most desired treks in India. 

  • Hampta Pass Trek- 14, 000 mtrs high, easy to moderate trek, trek is for 5 days.
  • Malana Village Trek – 8500 mtrs high, moderate to difficult level of trek, trek lasts for 1 week.
  • Chandratal Lake Trek – 14,000 ft high, difficult trek and takes about 10 days to complete.
  • Beas Kund Trek – 3620 mtrs high, moderate level of difficulty, takes about 6 days.

What sort of trek is Valley of Flowers? How many days are required to complete this trek?

The Valley of flowers trek is like no other situated in the region of Uttarakhand. You will be trekking between valleys of wild flowers and species of flowers that is hard to see elsewhere.

It is an absolute treat to nature lovers. It takes about 6 days to complete this trek!

Which places are famous for trekking in Uttarakhand?

Uttarakhand, a state crossing the northern Himalayas, has numerous beautiful treks to experience. These are the famous places for trekking in Uttarakhand:

  • Rishikesh
  • Kedarnath
  • Kausani
  • Valley of flowers

Which are some famous treks in Uttarakhand?

This “Land of the Gods” is blessed with the most fascinating and breathtaking hill stations. Mountain trekking in Uttarakhand is one of the best adventure activities to do here. The Uttarakhand trekking trails are peaceful, scenic and a time in the ultimate serenity of mind body and soul.

  • Gangotri Glacier Trek – Most popular trek of about 5 days, largest in Indian Himalayan ranges and the Ganga river.
  • Deorital and Chandrashila Trek – short 4 day trek with fantastic views.
  • Valley of flowers trek – 4 to 5 days, you will experience a plethora of different flowers on your way.

Which places are famous for trekking in Himachal Pradesh?

           Famous places perfect for trekking in Himachal Pradesh are:

  • Manali- popular treks in this region are Beas Kund Trek and Hampta Pass Trek
  • Kangra – some of the common treks taken here are the Dharamshala Laka Trek, McLeodganj-minikiani pass-chamba and Bhim Gasutri Pass.
  • Best treks of the region are Kalka, Jabli and Garkhal.

Which are some famous treks in and around Himachal Pradesh?

Trekking in Himachal through any one of the passes is an amazing experience and you’ll definitely come back to the place every opportunity you get.

  • Indrahar Pass trek – it is not very challenging and lasts for over 5 days.
  • Beas Kund Trek – easy trek level and takes over a week
  • Chandratal Baralacha Trek – Moderate level of difficulty, takes about 11-12 days to complete the trek.
  • Hampta Pass trek - Moderate level of difficulty, takes about 12-15 days to complete the trek.

Where is Hampta Pass trek? Is it a very difficult trek?

The Hampta Pass Trek is a cross over from Manali to Spiti. It is a perfect trek for beginners and adventurous people. It is an easy to moderate level of trek covering 26 km. It takes about 5 days to trek this pass. The highest altitude of this trek would be 14,100 ft.

How difficult is Roopkund trek? What’s so special about this trek?

The Roopkund trek from Uttarakhand is of moderate difficulty level perfect for beginners looking for something challenging. It is 15,750 ft high in altitude and takes 9 days to complete. It is known for the popular Mt.Trishul, which has the highest meadows of the country.

The trail for the trek is well laid out and the trek also offers a complete package, better than all other treks of the region. The trek itself offers magnificent views, the lake in Mt.Trishul shouldn’t be missed.

Can we go for Malana village trek? How far is Malana village from Delhi?

Malana is 576 km from Delhi and takes approximately 11 hours and 40 minutes to reach. This trek is a great way to explore this region with beautiful scenic views. It takes about 6 days to complete this trek.

How expensive is Har Ki Doon trek? Where it is located?

The Har Ki Doon is one of the best treks in the region of Uttarakhand. The Trek costs about INR 10,800 per adult. It lasts for about a week and is perfect for beginners. The trek covers 77 km and the maximum altitude of the trek stands at 11,675 ft.

Which are some famous winter Himalayan treks near Delhi?

The most famous Himalayan Treks to take during the winter season are:

  • Kedarkantha Trek, Uttarakhand – 6 day trek.
  • Kuari Pass Trek, Uttarakhand – 6 day Trek.
  • Har Ki Doon, Uttarakhand – one week trek.
  • Indrahar Pass Trek, Himachal Pradesh – 4 day trek.
  • Chadar Trek, Ladakh – 9 day long trek

Which are some best summer Himalayan treks near Delhi?

The most famous Himalayan treks near Delhi during the summer are:

  • Rupin Pass Trek, Himachal Pradesh – 8 days trek.
  • Pin Parvati Pass, Manali – 11 day trek, difficult trek level.
  • Har Ki Doon, Uttarakhand – one week trek, all year round.
  • Hampta Pass, Manali – Easy trek level, 5 day trek.
  • Goechala Trek, Sikkim – 11 day trek, moderate difficulty level.
  • Bagini glacier Trek, Uttarakhand – 8 day trek, moderate trek level.

Which are best Himalayan treks for beginners near Delhi?

Himalayas being a massive range of mountains, offers treks for all levels. Some of the most comfortable and advisable treks for beginners are:

  • Chopta Chandrashila – Moderate level of trek, takes about 4-5 days. It is 3925 ft high.
  • Chopta Tungnath – Easy trek that lasts for 4 days. It is as high as 12073 ft.
  • Dayara Bugyal – It is 12,500 ft high, this trek lasts for a week and is a easy trek.
  • Hampta Pass – easy level of trek, lasts for about 4-5 days.

Which are some offbeat Himalayan treks near Delhi?

Some unconventional offbeat Himalayan treks that you could try are:

  • Kuari Pass Trek – 12, 763 ft , 6 days trek
  • Prashar Lake Trek – from Himachal Pradesh, 8957 ft high and takes 2 days to complete.
  • Har ki doon trek, Sankhari Range – Uttarakhand, 11,675 ft high and takes a span of 7-8 days to trek.
  • Kedarkantha Trek – Uttarakhand, 12,500 ft and takes a week to trek.

Can we do camping as well with Trekking? Which places are famous for camping and trekking?

Yes, there are places where you can do both trekking and camping. Some of the top places for the same are:

  • Camp Mustang – Sohna Road, 50 km from Delhi.
  • Camp Wild Dhauj – 61.5 km from Delhi
  • Damdama Lake – Gurgaon, 62.5 km from Delhi
  • Kangojodi – Sirmaur, 275 km from Delhi

Is it safe for a solo female to go for trekking near Delhi?

It is safe for solo female travelers to go for trekking near Delhi. However, it is always advisable to travel in a group or organized tour in case of any emergency. Moreover, there are several tour and trek packages available to be booked near Delhi. It is always more fun to trek with more people.

Is there a chance of facing wild animals while trekking near Delhi?

Yes, there may be chances of facing wild animals during your trek. However, if precautions are taken, you need not worry.

Apart from basic tips, it is advised to take a local tour guide for your trek as they will know the where and what of the animals.

What should I wear while trekking?

Generally, it is advisable to wear fully covered clothes while trekking and preferably thick ones to avoid wear and tear caused by thorns, plants, rocks, slipping, etc. Most importantly, hiking shoes are a must while trekking to prevent from sliding and to have a firm grip.

However, thin socks underneath are suggested to be able to absorb sweat and not make you uncomfortable in case you get wet.

What things I must carry while trekking?

           These are the things that are a complete necessary to carry along while trekking:

  • Back Pack
  • Rain cover
  • Walking stick
  • Torch
  • Water bottle
  • First – aid kit
  • Windcheaters
  • Cap or head gear
  • Gloves
  • Socks
  • Trekking shoes
  • Basic Toiletries – lip balm, hand sanitizer, cream, tooth paste and brush, small hand towel, etc.

Can we have alcohol and smoke during the trekking tour?

It is advisable to avoid drinking alcohol and smoking cigarette during your trek. While both might help you keep warm, alcohol will make you unstable and may also dehydrate you. Smoking on the other hand might obstruct your breathing patterns at high altitudes, as you breathe twice as much moisture at sea levels

What kind of Food will be provided on the trek? Will I get non veg as well during trek?

During treks, light food that is easy on the stomach (easy to digest) is usually provided. Non-Veg is generally not provided during treks as they are high in protein and very difficult to break down.

Carbohydrate rich food that digest slowly and give you energy are usually given, that in India is usually Dal and Rice. You could also carry dry fruits and nuts with you to snack on every now and then. It is very important to be hydrated during your trek.

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Reviewed: 13 Apr 2023
It was an amazing experience with you guys .Ground team was extremely supportive and friendly .Will cherish the memories life long .
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Reviewed: 12 May 2023
Itinary of meals was different which was said on thrillophilia other than that everything was good
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Reviewed: 08 Dec 2022
A worthy trip experience with Thrillophilia. The trip got amazing with all the assistance provided at the timely manner and every thing including transport , stay and food were the best. This was my first trip and i would now be booking my all trips with Thrillophilia as it is the best.
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Jatin Sharma
Reviewed: 11 Jan 2023
I must say I was delighted with the service you provided - it was just what I wanted. This is the first time I have used your services, and you provided a faultless experience. I will definitely recommend you to others, and will use you myself when I travel again.
Jatin  sharma
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Anushka Sonker
Reviewed: 07 Apr 2023
The guides during the trek were supportive and courteous. Accommodations were satisfactory.My only annoyance is with the food. It could have been better.
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Aman Aman
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It was a great experience with Thrillophilia. Well organised trip. Very beautiful campsite in the forest where we can see the majestic Himalayan ranges such as Chaukhamba and all other Himalayan peaks. A very supportive Guide who leads the group along with him. Giving all the minute details of each ... Read More
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