Buddha Jayanti Park, Delhi: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips

About Buddha Jayanti Park

Buddha Jayanti Park happens to be a truly beautiful and well-maintained park with sprawling lush gardens located in the capital of India, Delhi. Since its inception, the park has managed to gain a lot of popularity amongst the locals as well as tourists. This picturesque park includes multiple paved walkways with mesmerizing landscape and blooming flowers. It also has high trees with clear streams gushing through the terrain, complimenting the sheer elegance of the garden. The park is also privileged to shelter an 8-feet copper statue of Lord Buddha, positioned at one of its corners. 

Buddha Jayanti Park or Buddha Jayanti Smarak Park was established as a token to mark the celebration of Gautam Buddha’s 2500
th birth anniversary. The significance of the park lies in the young sapling of the popular Bodhi tree planted here, which has been brought down from Sri Lanka. The Bodhi tree sapling was planted here in the year 1964 by the ex-Prime Minister of India, Lal Bahadur Shastri in the memory of Buddha’s attainment of Nirvana under the Bodhi tree.

In the year 1933, Buddha Jayanti Park was dedicated affectionately to the fourteenth Dalai Lama. Each year the people of Delhi celebrate Buddha Purnima or Buddha Jayanti in this park in the month of May with great pomp and show. 
Buddha Jayanti Park is mostly visited by nature lovers, photo fanatics, and wanderers. It is also considered to be one of the major hubs for couples. So, if you are visiting Delhi with your loved one, do not forget to pay a brief visit to the famous Buddha Jayanti Park. That being said, the park also invites families and friends.

How to Reach Buddha Jayanti Park

Reaching Buddha Jayanti Park is very easy once you land at the Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi. The park is located at an approximate distance of about 9.1 kilometers from the airport.

After you take a flight and reach Delhi airport, you can easily take a local taxi or hire a cab to reach Buddha Jayanti Park in no more than 15 to 20 minutes. Travelers also prefer taking a bus or the metro to reach the place from the airport in a more cost-effective way.

Best Time to Visit Buddha Jayanti Park

Winters are the best time to witness the park packed with greenery and colorful flowers. The beauty of the park doubles during the winter season and this breathtaking sight comes accompanied with freshness and sweet flowery smell circulating in the air of the spot.

So, if you are planning to pay a visit to Buddha Jayanti Park, plan your trip during the winter months of October to February. That being said, you can also visit the park in the month of May, on Buddha Jayanti. It is highly recommended to visit the place during the morning or evening hours.

What Not to Miss at Buddha Jayanti Park

Attractions near Buddha Jayanti Park 

1. Nehru Park, Delhi- Located at a short distance of around 4 kilometers from Buddha Jayanti Park, Nehru Park happens to be a beautiful garden sprawling over an 85-acre wide area. Named after Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the country’s first Prime Minister, this famous park was found in the year 1969. 

Nehru Park is open for visiting from 5 AM to 9 PM throughout the week.  

2. Lodhi Garden- 
Located at a distance of about 9.3 kilometers from Buddha Jayanti Park, Lodhi Garden happens to be a lush garden, which is home to the mausoleum of Sikandar Lodhi and Mohammad Shah. The architecture of the place manifests an amalgam of engineering work by the Lodhis and the Sayyids. At present, the site is under the protection of the Archaeological Survey of India. 

Lodhi Garden is open for visiting from 6 AM to 7.30 PM. 

3. India Gate- 
Situated at a distance of around 7.2 kilometers from Buddha Jayanti Park, India Gate is one of the major attractions in Delhi and needs no introduction. This awe-inspiring structure of 42 meters is counted among the country’s biggest war memorials. Constructed in the loving memory of 82,000 Indian as well as British soldiers who lost their lives in the Third Anglo-Afghan War and the First World War, the body of the monument is inscribed with the glorious names of the country’s 13,300 servicemen. 

India Gate is open 24/7 for visiting.

4. Rashtrapati Bhavan- 
Situated at a distance of about 5.2 kilometers from Buddha Jayanti Park, Rashtrapati Bhavan happens to be the official residing quarter of India’s President. Constructed over a 5-acre area on a 330-acre estate, the structure is counted among the biggest residing places of any state’s head across the globe. Manifesting a marvelous architecture, the structure has a total of 340 rooms inside the primary building.

Rashtrapati Bhavan is open for visiting from 9 AM to 4 PM, from Friday to Sunday. 

5. Talkatora Garden- 
Located at a short distance of around 3.3 kilometers from Buddha Jayanti Park, Talkatora Garden is a very pleasing garden in Delhi. The garden houses an indoor stadium as well as the historical area where the Marathas and Mughals fought a battle in the year 1738. 

Talkatora Garden is open for visiting from 3 PM to 6 PM, throughout the week.

6. Agrasen ki Baoli- 
Located at a distance of about 6.9 kilometers from Buddha Jayanti Park, Agrasen ki Baoli happens to be an old water reservoir, manifesting an assortment of various rocks and stones. As per mythological belief, this impressive and serene structure was constructed during the Mahabharata period.

Agrasen ki Baoli is open for visiting from 7 AM to 6 PM, throughout the week. 

Other Essential Information About Buddha Jayanti Park

- Location: Buddha Jayanti Park is located on Ridge Road, in close vicinity to Dhaula Kaun, in South Delhi. 

- Address: Vandemataram Marg, Central Ridge Reserve Forest, New Delhi, Delhi 110021

- Timings:
Buddha Jayanti Park is open for visiting from 6 AM to 8.30 PM throughout the week, except on Sundays. 

- Price:
There is no entry fee to visit Buddha Jayanti Park. Both Indian and foreign nationals, as well as kids and adults, can enter the park absolutely free of cost. You can also take both video and still camera into the park to take pictures and shoot videos without any charge.  

Tips for Visiting Buddha Jayanti Park 

Buddha Jayanti Park is a public property. Hence, it is the responsibility of every visitor to keep the park clean. So, make it a point not to litter the park and use the dustbins provided.

2. Do not indulge in plucking flowers inside the park as doing this affects the beauty of the place.

3. Do not urinate or spit tobacco inside the premises of the park.

4. Be aware of street dogs.

5. Do not carry food materials inside the park.

6. If you are visiting the park during noontime, do not forget to carry your sunscreen lotion and sunglasses.
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