Tughlaqabad Fort Delhi Overview

Tughlaqabad Fort is also named as the Ruined Fort and is considered to be a symbol of strength for Tughlaq dynasty. Built in 1321-1325 AD by Ghiyasu'd-Din Tughlaq, this fort is said to be his dream even before he was the ruler. He wanted to build a city where his people could live in harmony and feel protected by the presence of the fort. Tughlaqabad Fort is most beautiful specimens of pure islamic architecture and has a touch of  the Sultana's.

From the walls to domes and carvings everything was on point and It can be witnessed on the 13 entry gates of this fort, each one of them have amazing designs. Tughlaqabad Fort was famous for its greatness but still it got abandoned not long after it was built. There are many stories which claim that the place is cursed and is haunted.

Legends says that a Sufi saint cursed the place and it led to the downfall of Tuglaq dynasty. Today this place has become home to many other stories which adds to its existence. It is cursed or not, but this place will not fail to amuse you as you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the capital from the top of the fort and can capture the scenic beauty this place offer in your frame.

How To Reach

The Tughlaqabad Fort is 20kms away from the Delhi airport and 25kms away from the Delhi Railway station. Delhi is a well- connected place you won't find any problem in reaching the fort. You can choose the bus, auto-rickshaw or cabs anything according to your preference. You can also reach the fort with the help of the Delhi metro, Govindpuri is the nearest metro station from the Tughlaqabad fort.

Best Time To Visit

Best time to visit the Tughlaqabad Fort is during February to  April and September to November. If you live in Delhi then you can visit this place any time round the year according to your preference but if you are planning for Delhi you should avoid the main summer months which are May-June and main winter months that is December-January. Delhi has extreme weather conditions in either of the season.

For Tughlaqabad fort people also avoid the rainy season, which is July and August. If you want to know the best time during the day to visit this place you should try the morning hours as you can also enjoy clicking good pictures here during this hour.

Other Essential Information

Tughlaqabad Fort can be reached from the Delhi airport which is 20 kms away and is 25 km from Delhi railway station.

-Timings: You can visit this place between 7 am to 5 pm.

-Price: The Indian adults need to pay the entrance fee of Rs.5 and foreigners need to pay Rs.100. Children below 15 years are allowed for free.

History of Tughlaqabad Fort

Tughlaqabad Fort was established during 1321-1325 AD by the first ruler of the Tughlaq dynasty named Ghiyasu' d-Din Tughlaq. It is believed that in 1321 Ad Ghazi Malik defeated Khalis and changed his name to Ghiyasu' d-Din Tughlaq and then he started the Tughlaq Empire. He promptly began to build his described city, which he used to dream, and along with the city an obscure and a beautiful fort which will stand high and protect the city.

After Tughlaq came in power, his primary concern was to build a capital which was strong enough to defend the Mongol attacks and provided security to citizens. So, Tughlaqabad Fort was constructed in a short period of four years due to which  the Sufi fakir known as Saint Nizamuddin Auliya, got angry on the Ghiyasu' d-Din Tughlaq for engaging all the workers in the construction of the Fort. The saint cursed the fort and it is said that the curse led to the downfall of Tuglaq dynasty. 

Architecture of Tughlaqabad Fort

Although the fort has been ruined but still the remains depict about its beauty. The Military style of architecture can be seen here as the Fort was built to serve the purpose of protection of the city. You can see the beautiful blend of Islamic and Hindu designs. Thick walls were built using enormous blocks of stones. The fort is standing on a high outcrop of rock and has a defensive function which are high enough to stand strongly against any attack.

Rubble masonry along with huge sandstone blocks were used to make the shape of the structure. Tughlaqabad was built by dividing it into three sections: a palace section, a citadel and, the residential city and all the sections were built with different beauty. The entire structure was made to provide proper security to the citizens.

The most interesting and creative feature of this Fort is the underground passage which also has chambers built alongside and was connected to the palace section. The fort has  pointy barbicans which encloses the tomb complex and has a circular bastion with defensive barbicans like barrier. 

Haunted at Tughlaqabad Fort

The Tughlaqabad Fort is mentioned in the list of top haunted places in Delhi. There are many stories among the locals that point towards the fact that the Tughlaqabad Fort is haunted. History says that a Sufi saint Nizamuddin Auliya cursed the place and his words were “either
lived inhabited or will live Gujjars”. The saint was very angry on the ruler for engaging all the workers for the Fort construction due to which some work of his father got delayed.

This clash between the royal and the saint became a legend in India and this clash was responsible for the down fall of the Tughlaq dynasty. People nowadays claim that the ghost of emperor haunts the place. Many have heard unpleasant voices from the place which horrified them.

This is the reason you won’t find stalls of food or any other thing near the fort as people are scared of spending more time at this place. The government also has asked not to visit the place after the mentioned time limit for safety purpose. Many news channels tried to cover the facts about the reality but all we know is the story of curse and people's beliefs.

Tips For Visiting Tughlaqabad Fort

Tips which can be useful for you while you visit the Tughlaqabad Fort are:

1. You should wear comfortable clothes and footwear so that you can enjoy and explore the fort without any kind of difficulties as the floors are uneven.

2. You can visit this place during the morning hour if you wish to click impressive photos.

3. There are no eateries around this place so it will be good for you if you make sure to eat before you arrive here.
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Tughlaqabad Fort Delhi FAQs

Who built Tughlaqabad fort?

Ghiyas-ud-din Tughlaq who also was the founder of the Tughlaq dynasty of the Delhi sultanate built the Tughlaqabad fort in 1321. Ghiyas-ud-din was the first ruler of Tughlaq dynasty and wanted to built a strong fort and a well-planned city which could stand against the Mongol attacks and could be seen as a symbol of strength.

The fort was built in a very short period of time but was complete in every sense.

How do I get to Tughlaqabad fort?

Delhi is a well-connected, you can choose any mode of transportation according to your convenience. You can reach this place with the help of public or private transport both are easily available.

If you reach Delhi from mode of air transport with the help of railways both the airport and the stations are well connected to the public and private transport which will help you to reach this majestic fort.

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