Best Paragliding Tours in Delhi - 2020

Paragliding in Delhi is one of those exuberant experiences that can make someone transcend from the hustle-bustle of the city for a moment of time. Who doesn’t want to experience flying just like a bird? So the capital city, besides being the heart of the country and home for every kind of activity, also provides paragliding to those who wish to fly high.

Aerial view of lush farms and city, the experience of weightlessness amidst the cloud is one worth a try. For all those adventure enthusiasts, no bucket list is complete without experiencing this adrenaline rush. If you are done with land and water then the sky becomes the limit. 
For all of you who are thinking, you have to take leaves from your hectic work schedule work some 2-3 days, then Delhi solves this problem of yours too.

You can fly high and touch the sky around to some of the extents without having to ask for leaves and planning days before visiting. 
Planning for paragliding in Delhi is as simple as planning for a picnic for a day and around. In the moment between, we will help you to experience gliding in the jam-packed city of the Gurugram that gives a lifetime experience. A small-foot launched aircraft take you high up-above everything where you can feel the wind passing by while looking at the tiny houses beneath you and clicking pictures.

This adventure in Delhi takes you up above for 15 mins. Not just in Delhi, if you wish to escape to some nearby scenic place, you can easily plan it on weekends and experience gliding.

There are various spots around Delhi that can help you to escape the fuss and heat of the city along with experiencing this sport with some picturesque views. One of them being the most sort-after Bir –billing center of paragliding along with Kullu Manali and Rishikesh. Paragliding is suitable not only for solo but also for couple and group. In Gurugram it is motorized while in Bir and other places around, it is all about jumping from a cliff into the unknown.

It is about conquering the fear and the leap of faith will bounce you into the Skylands. Pre-booking is required for paragliding in Delhi as well as for other places as the tourists visit the place quite often. Also depending upon the wind and weather conditions of the day, paragliding can happen which in some case of cancellation refunds the money. In other places around Delhi that organizes paragliding offers beautiful views in the quaint place full of nature all around.

The prices for gliding is reasonable. Flying happens under the supervision of trained gliders. As Delhi is surrounded by a number of hill-stations there is a number of opportunities to plan the weekend for adventure sports.No prior training is required to enjoy paragliding as you will be always accompanied by a professional. 
So take that leap of faith and the enthralling experience of flying high in the sky.

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Amazing experience! kudos to the team!
10 October 2015
this was a different and exciting activity to get into. We had a really fun and awesome time. The most important thing was, the safety gears and measurements were top class.It was a smooth experience and enjoyable one.
22 February 2020
I loved the experience that I have gotten while doing this activity. This activity is going to challenge you on various levels and after this activity is completed you will have some best memories of life. I highly recommend this activity.
The landscape of Gurgaon may not be that appealing like of the mountains but power paragliding gave me some good views of the grasslands and farmlands. A pretty nice ride for the Delhites.
Paragliding in Gurgaon is truly a luxury, so aptly priced. The safety protocols were good and stringent. But if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly experience, better save up and go to Bir-Billing. Otherwise, great adventure. Thank you Thrillophilia.
12 March 2020
This activity is value for money and if you are in Manali I highly recommend it. I got my tickets at a discounted price from Thrillophilia and they gave us an itinerary that was very helpful. I loved the whole experience. The experience that you will have you can forget throughout life. The views from above were breathtaking. I loved my experience there.
17 February 2020
The height for jumping at this place is around 5000-7000 which is pretty great compared to any other place in India. The Time duration was also decent. The paragliding experience was really amazing. I had booked my tickets from Thrillophilia with the help of Sandeep, He was great and very helpful. Thank you for providing us with a great experience. Much Appreciated.
21 February 2020
Manali is an awesome place to enjoy paragliding as you will get to see the scenic beauty of these valleys while doing so. I thoroughly enjoyed the paragliding experience there. My pilot was great and very fun. Also, the local people treated us very greatly. The staff was very supportive as well. If you are in Manali I highly recommend you opt for this activity.
06 January 2020
I booked this activity from thrillophilia and have gotten a great deal from them. They also helped us by providing a detailed itinerary for this activity. It helped us very thoroughly. I cannot recommend it enough to help you make memories.
09 January 2020
The high Adrenaline rush, the fear, the thrill all combined in one activity that is paragliding. It was a wonderful experience and I cannot recommend it enough. I was provided with safety gears by the staff and it was a great experience.

People Also Ask About Paragliding in Delhi

  1. Where can I do paragliding in and around Delhi?

    Paragliding in Delhi can be done in Gurugram at Flyboy air safari Sohna and fly India adventure. Around Delhi, it can be experienced in Bir-Billing, Kullu Manali, Indrunag(Dharamshala), Kunjapuri(Rishikesh), Garhwal(Uttrakhand). Gurugram offers paramotoring in which motor is attached to harness and propeller which controls the paraglide instrument.

    While at other places you will be standing at the height of 3500m above the ground level and jumping from the cliff with attached cords will take you through a completely different experience. It will be better if one goes with a pre-booking and according to weather conditions for enjoying the experience without any fuss.

  2. What are the charges in paragliding in Delhi?

    The cost of paragliding in Delhi depends upon the duration of the flight which is approximately around 2500/- for 15-20 mins. Bir billing offers 2500/- for 30 minutes. The agencies provide various offers during various time of the year where you can avail the offer and can be done on lower costs during that time.

    For those who want to take pictures and with weight more than 90-115 kg, an extra 500/- will be charged. The charges will include an experienced paragliding pilot.

  3. Is there tandem paragliding or solo paragliding in Delhi?

    Solo paragliding cannot be done until and unless one is a trained glider. You will have to take training from an academy with a certificate only then you will be allowed to do the solo paragliding. Mostly, the places in and around Delhi is Tandem paragliding.

    It is the gliding in which two people can fly together where one is trained paraglider who manages the whole flight and the other one has to just enjoy the whole experience.

  4. What are the various adventure activities I can do in Delhi?

    Various activities including go-karting is a sport loved by all age groups, Mountaineering which includes various levels depending upon the level of the performer. Other activities include wall climbing, jumaring, obstacle course, Burma bridge.

    If you are visiting with kids, these activities can keep them engage while you enjoy. Activities such as zip-lining, shooting etc can keep you engage. Hence if you are looking for a quick weekend fix, the city offers a number of options to consider.

  5. Which is the best time to do paragliding in Delhi?

    Paragliding is possible throughout the year except in monsoons which makes it a bit risky due to winds. So July to late September is unfavorable for paragliding in Delhi.
    Best time to paraglide is from October to June.

    Also more precisely for long flights, October-November and March-June are the best ones. Paragliding around Delhi can be best experienced during December as the snow clad mountains make the experience more profound and you can witness the nature at its best.

  6. Is there any age limit to go paragliding?

    As such, there is no age limit to do paragliding. But the only condition that the instructors keep is they must be able to run properly so that take off can be done in a proper way.

    It can still be done by foretelling them if the age is below 18 years and above 60 years. For those having issues, there are various options available such as low fly, medium and high flight. One can choose from them at any age group.

  7. What type of clothes should I wear while doing paragliding?

    One should consider various options in winter as well as in summers. It can include jackets due to colder winds, long trousers, long sleeve top, athletic shoes, sunglasses, a camera strap. It is very necessary to wear comfortable to be able to experience paragliding without any hurdle.

    Shoes play an important role in the whole of the activity as it is very necessary to wear shoes having proper grip so that they do not slip away or do not slide in any way for appropriate take off and landing.

  8. Is it safe to do paragliding in Delhi?

    Paragliding is a thrilling experience. Fear is obvious if you are trying for the first time but pilots are experienced here with all sorts of technical knowledge and know all the flying zones here. The pilots have knowledge of the airspeed, wind pressure, temperature.

    You just have to enjoy the flight and have to be calm and mentally prepared. It is not advisable to attempt flight without the experience and instead attempt tandem flights.

  9. What should I keep in mind before doing paragliding?

    1. One must keep track of weather conditions before going for paragliding as it is one of the key factors before any flight.

    2. If going for a solo flight, one must check safety gears properly without any negligence.

    3. Weight should be according to norms. If the weight is above 115 kgs then it must be informed prior to the agency or to the instructor.

    4. Age should be considered and anyone below the age of 18 and above 60 should also be informed.

    5. Proper wearing gear should be taken along without any negligence as it can be one of the important reasons that can keep you comfortable so that you can fully enjoy your ride.

    6. Choose a proper paragliding team so that they follow all safety norms and are certified instructors for tandem parasailing.

    So what are you waiting for? Fulfill your long dream of flying high and witness the beauty of the surroundings like never before.