Mehrauli Archaeological Park Overview

Located in the national capital of India, the Mehrauli Archaeological Park is an important historical site covering over 200 sq km area. The park is most famous for being the only area in Delhi to have 1000 regular years of occupation. Holding one of the highest cultural distinction in Delhi, the park is home to the worn-out tombs of many significant historical figures including Balban, Quli Khan, and Sufi poet Jamali. The archaeological park is also famous for housing the stepwell, 'Rajon ki Baoli'. 

Along with being packed with the most prized relics of the medieval era, the park is home to numerous plants and trees that add to its natural charm. To the delight of bird watchers, several rare aviary creatures also dwell in the branches of the park's trees. In the heart of these trees is a beautiful lake that offers a mesmerizing view of the sunset.

Mehrauli Archaeological Park proves to be an excellent source of recreation for people of all ages. The educational aspect of ancient ravaged monuments entices young minds while the organic beauty of several gardens crowded with thick rose bushes bewitches the adults. Bustling with school expeditions and family picnics on the busiest of days, the park brims with a sense of an inexplicable nostalgia. Regardless of what part you decide to explore, you are met with a wave of history and heritage. A subtle reminder of ancient art and medieval culture, the Mehrauli Archaeological Park is no less than a paradise for every history enthusiast. 

The Architecture of Mehrauli Archaeological Park 

The Mehrauli Archaeological Park located right in front of Qutub Minar is an architectural marvel of the medieval times. Inspired by the Indo-Islamic style of architecture, the monuments of the park combines intricate stonework with elaborate masonry. Nested in the heart of the Aravali mountain range, the Mughal piece of architecture stands as proud as the mountain peaks that surround it. 

Encapsulating the apparent success of architectonics of the bygone era, the heritage shrines of monument closely resonate with the national identity of the time. With a varied range of ornate carvings adorning the earthly walls, the park showcases the heterogeneous nature of the many faces of Indian society. 

Spreading over an expanse of 200 acres, the park is held in high cultural regard as it hosts more than 100 unique ancient relics. Along with being a hub of famous graves and tombs, the park abounds with several mosques, gardens, lakes and other historic structures. 

Hosting several wells, step wells, sulphur wells, barracks and gateways, this archaeological marvel is often referred to as a people's architecture. With functional underground aquifers controlling the water supply, the site was prominently constructed as a village to be inhabited by a civilisation.

How To Reach

By metro:
One of the most economical ways to reach the park from Delhi Airport is via metro. One can reach the park through the Qutub metro station or Transport metro station.

By taxi:
There are many taxi services available in Delhi that one can avail online or through telephone. Taxis are the most convenient way to travel across the city. 

By autorickshaw:
Numerous auto rickshaws are available at the Delhi airport for hire. 

By bus:
Buses are more affordable than cabs. If you are in a money crunch, you can take a service bus heading towards Andheria or Lado Sarai that will drop you near Ahinsa Sthal. From here, a 5-minute walk will take you to the park. 

Best Time To Visit

It is best to visit the Mehrauli Archaeological Park during the months of October and November or February and March as Delhi enjoys the most pleasant weather during this time. The park can be best enjoyed during these months because the weather of Delhi is most bearable and almost pleasant during winters.

The best time to visit the park during the day is early in the morning. This way, you have ample time to fully explore all the monuments in the park before it closes down in the evening. The place is much less crowded in the mornings with a cool breeze flowing.

Other Essential Information

- Location
: The park is located at Anuvrat Marg, opposite Qutub Minar Metro Station at Mehrauli in New Delhi, 110030.

- Fee:
The fee to enter the Mehrauli Archaeological Park is free. 

- Timings:
The park is open to visitors every day of the week from 5:00 AM to 6:30 PM. 

Places to eat near Mehrauli Archaeological Park

1. Thai High: 
This casual dining restaurant situated at a distance of 850 m from the Mehrauli Park is a fantastic place to spend your evening. Known for its delicious and rare dumpling treats, the restaurant offers one of the most diverse ranges of food varieties in their lengthy menu. This vegetarian-friendly restaurant with alluring interiors, delightful staff and super-fast are perfect for any and every self-proclaimed connoisseur.

2. Bo Tai: 
The Bo Tai restaurant located at Mehrauli is an exquisite, high-end Thai restaurant. Famous for its posh service and gold-tinted interiors, this elite food joint offers an opulent experience wrapped in delicious meals, soothing drinks and mildly upbeat music. With exemplary service and quality, the restaurant bestows a luxurious escape to all its visitors. 

3. Dramz: 
Stationed against a mesmerizing European style setting, this casual dining lounge situated at Mehrauli is an excellent place to dine in with your family. The top floor of the restaurant offers a splendid view of the Qutub Minar as one is served the best delicacies with the most attentive care. 

4. The Grammar Room: 
This cute little cafe based in Mehrauli is simplicity in its most glorious form. Best known for its Chinese dishes and fresh juices, the restaurant is exceptionally vegan-friendly with rare beverages like vegan cocoa iced latte and vegan affogato in its menu. With its speedy service and skilful staff, The Grammar Room is the perfect place for a quick weekend brunch. 

5. Lavaash by Saby: 
With its distinct menu filled with dishes of Armenian and Bengali cuisines, Lavaash by Saby is a unique casual dining bar and restaurant at Mehrauli. Famous for its alluring assortment of food available in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, the food joint offers balcony seating that overlooks the beautiful, bustling city of Delhi.

6. Qla: 
At a distance of only 2 km from the Mehrauli Archaeological Park, Qla is a fine dine, vegetarian-friendly restaurant that offers European, Italian and Spanish cuisine. Serving the finest and most authentic of dishes, this food hub is graced with live music and bright interiors. The ambience of this restaurant has romantic undertones which makes it a perfect destination for dates and romantic getaways. 

7. Pa Pa Ya: 
This fine-dining restaurant located in the sprightly complex of select Citywalk is a beautifully decorated restaurant offering a plethora of seafood varieties. Boasting of Asian, Chinese, Thai and Japanese cuisines in its menu, the restaurant serves the most lip-smacking meals and refreshing beverages. The service provided in this food place is efficient, and the staff is incredibly courteous. 

Tips for visiting Mehrauli Archaeological Park

Wear full skin-covering and light clothes:
If there is one thing that Delhi is notorious for, it's heat and severe weather. Make sure you wear clothes that can protect your body against the sun without making you feel hot and flustered. Cotton is always an excellent fabric choice for extreme expeditions in Delhi.

2. Do not litter:
It is essential to maintain the sanctity of monuments and cultures and hence littering around and dirtying the place is highly inadvisable. 

3. Wear comfortable footwear:
There is a lot to be seen and explored inside the Mehrauli Archaeological Park. Hence, it is advisable to wear soft, comfortable shoes to facilitate long-distance walks.
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Mehrauli Archaeological Park FAQs

Who built Mehrauli Archaeological Park?

Mehrauli, being one of the seven ancient cities of India, was established, refurbished and remodelled over time by several builders, rulers and governments. The 100 structures at the park reflect different timelines with most of them dating to the era of the Delhi Sultanate.

What is the meaning of Mehrauli?

Derived from two Sanskrit words 'Mihira' and 'Awali,' Mehrauli means from 'home of Mihir. ' Varaha Mihira was a celebrated astronomer in the court of Vikramaditya. The region where Mehrauli is at present was his hometown.

How do I get to Mehrauli?

There are several modes of communication through which one can reach Mehrauli. Once you enter Delhi Airport, a number of cab services and auto rickshaws will be available at your call.

The comprehensive public transport system of Delhi, including city buses and the multiplex network, will facilitate easy travel within the city. If you arrive at Delhi through train, a number of public transport service vehicles are also available at the railway stations. Cab services, as well as Metro, are also accessible on the railway stations.

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