15 Places To Visit in Kohima, Tourist Places & Top Attractions

Tourist Places in Kohima

Kohima Botanical Garden, Kohima Museum, Touphema Village, Kohima Zoo, Naga Heritage Village, The Catholic Cathedral, Japfu Peak, Ntangki Wildlife Sanctuary, and many more.

The enchanting places to visit in Kohima not only offer tourists with a perfect blend of serenity and tranquillity but  also offer tourists with all round knowledge about Indian history and information about the wars fought in the past. The Kohima Museum presents tourists with a good collection of age-old relics and traditional artefacts. The Kohima War Cemetery located in Kohima is one of the must visit places that is well-kept with lush foliage, groomed flowers, and lawns. This memorial was created to honour the soldiers of the 2nd British Division of  the Allied Forces who died in the 2nd World War in the year 1944.

Some of the most sought after Kohima tourist places like the famous Kohima Zoo is home to a wide range of flora and fauna like uncommon tragopan bird, wild buffalo, golden langur, and other animals that live on huge swaths of green terrain. The Kohima Botanical Garden which is considered to be an one of a kind attraction allows tourists to go for a walk and spend time in relaxation in the wonderful weather. 

Here are some of the best places to visit in Kohima:

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Kohima Botanical Garden

Image Credit : wikipedia.org
The Kohima Botanical Garden is a one-of-a-kind attraction and one of the top Kohima tourist places. Anyone will be mesmerised by the tremendous beauty of the flower garden. You may clear your thoughts, go for a walk, and revel in the wonderful weather. All of these factors combine to make the garden one of Nagaland's greatest leisure destinations. Due to its captivating surroundings, the entire garden appears to be coloured in green.

It's a great site to learn about the various kinds of herbs and flowers, especially the unique ones that only grow in Kohima. This floral garden draws a considerable number of wildlife photographers. The magnificent surroundings at the Kohima Botanical Garden are popular with visitors. You'll be surprised at how quickly you've spent 2-3 hours appreciating the garden's splendour.

Location: New Minister's hill, Nagaland

Timings: 9am - 4pm

Kohima Museum

Image Credit : wikipedia.org

Nagaland is a true mash-up of numerous ethnicities and one of the must visit Kohima tourist places! The Kohima Museum depicts the customs and culture of the state's diverse tribes. Many unusual artefacts from various tribes in the area can be found at the museum.

You will get to witness a huge collection of traditional apparels, ancient jewellery, ancestral weapons, music instruments, carved gate posts, ceremonial musical instruments, sculptures of birds and animals, and much more. Nagaland is home to 16 tribal groups, all of which are depicted here. The museum displays clan themes, colourful traditional clothing, dialect, activities, and traditions.

Location: M4P3+2W5, Upper Bayavü Hill, Kohima, Nagaland 797121

Timing: 9:30 AM - 3:00 PM


Touphema Village

Touphema Village, which is one of the most attractive Kohima tourist places, allows you to explore and relax in the natural confines of picturesque beauty. The local community, in partnership with the Nagaland Tourism Department, created this village in the Naga style to exhibit Nagaland's rich cultural heritage.

You can reserve a hut in advance and learn about Nagaland's lifestyle and culture. Touphema is perhaps one of the most interesting and beautiful spots to visit in Kohima if you have a sense of adventure.


Kohima Zoo

Kohima Zoo, one of the popular Kohima tourist places, is home to many notable species of flora and animals, is a popular tourist attraction in the Kohima district and attracts a huge number of visitors each year. This zoo is home to the uncommon tragopan bird, wild buffalo, golden langur, and other animals that live on huge swaths of green terrain.

Surprisingly, every animal at this zoo is not confined and roams freely. Bird viewing, wildlife visits, jungle safaris, camping, and trekking are among the activities available to adventure seekers. This zoo, which is situated on the slope of a hill, is also a great picnic spot and one of Kohima's most popular tourist attractions.

Timing: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Location: Unnamed Road, Nagaland 797004


Khonoma Village

Khonoma Village is well-known as the last stronghold of the Naga warriors, who have consistently defied the British Empire. You can also go to the village's highest point, where you'll be greeted by a typical carved gate. Furthermore, 20 different types of paddy are grown on the terraces of the hills here. The population of this centuries-old community is quite low.

If you are a selective visitor, you must visit Khonoma and enjoy its beauty while staying at one of the village's homestays maintained by Angami tribal members. In India, you won't find a village as clean as Khonoma. Also see: Stunning photographs of Khonoma, Nagaland's only hamlet that doesn't cut down forests or hunt!


Shilloi Lake, Kohima

This beautiful lake, located in the heart of the Patkai range, provides visitors with spectacular views. The foot-shaped Shilloi Lake is 4 metres deep and is surrounded on all sides by a lush valley. The people of Latsum village regard this lake as sacred and significant; it is said that the spirit of a holy child resides at the lake's bottom.

As a result, no fishing is done here, and the water isn't used for cultivation or consumption. Don't miss out on the chance to see the grandeur of Nagaland's largest natural lake.

Location:  Phek District, Nagaland


Kohima War Cemetery

All history buffs should not miss the opportunity to visit the Kohima war cemetery, which was created in April 1944. Kohima War Cemetery is one of the must visit places to visit in kohima, which is well-kept with lush foliage, groomed flowers, and lawns, is dedicated to the 10,000 Allied soldiers who died during the Japanese invasion during World War II.

Trekking to this location is much more adventurous and entertaining, making it one of the most popular spots to visit in Kohima Nagaland. The cemetery has two significant crosses - the first is in the state of Pennsylvania, while the second is in the state of New York. Here, near the Deputy Commissioner's tennis court, lie those who fought in the battle of Kohima, in which they and their colleagues ultimately put an end to Japan's invasion of India in April.

: M493+39V, Midland Colony, Kohima, Nagaland 797005

Timings: 8 am – 4 pm


Kohima Cathedral

The city of Kohima has a brutal history, and it is now working to make amends. This church, like the others in the city, stands out as a light of hope and peace. Following the Battle of Kohima, the Japanese contributed to the construction of this church in order to offer prayers in memory of their dear ones.

This is Asia's largest cathedral, as well as an incredibly stunning piece of architecture.

Location: M433+2R7, Aradurah Hill, Kohima, Nagaland 797005

Timing: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Naga Heritage Village

Naga Heritage Community in Kisama is a village on the outskirts of Kohima dedicated to preserving and promoting Naga culture and traditions. Kisama is a fusion of two Naga settlements, Kigwema (KI) and Phesama (SA) and MA, respectively (Village). The village was built by the government to resemble traditional Naga communities and tribal lifestyles and beliefs. During the Hornbill Festival in December, the town is available to the public for a week.

The town resembles an open-air museum dedicated to Naga culture and traditions. The Nagaland government is making a deliberate effort to revitalise and protect the Naga people's ancient tribal culture, which has existed on these grounds for millennia.

Location: J487+M88, Nagaland 797005

Timing: 8:30 AM - 2:30 M



Image Credit : wikipedia.org

After Dimapur and Kohima, Mokokchung is Nagaland's most important metropolitan centre, the home of Ao Naga, and one of the best places to visit in Kohima. The District Museum, the Town main park (placed directly above the Town Center), Unman village (the oldest and largest), and Ao village are all prominent tourist attractions in the area.

Visitors may also be interested in visiting areas within the district such as Langpangkong, Longkhum, Mopungchukit, and Chuchuyimlang. Because agriculture is the primary source of income in the area, festivals held throughout the sowing and harvesting seasons are guaranteed to add to the tourist experience.


Ntangki Wildlife Sanctuary

Ntangki Wildlife Sanctuary, one of the most sought after places to visit in kohima is located 35 kilometres from Dimapur, is claimed to be home to a wide range of animals, including wild buffalos, elephants, sloth bear, the rare Hoolok gibbon, black storks, barking deer, and more! The National Park is proud of its natural, yet protected, habitat, which spans 200 kilometres.

This park gained notoriety after a spat with PETA, which claimed that the animals' housing circumstances were deplorable. Since that occurrence, the park has been meticulously maintained and is now a wonderful family destination.

Location: GGXC+V68, Peren, Nagaland 797110

Timings: 9 am - 5 pm


Pulie Badze

The Pulie Badze is one of the beautiful places to visit in kohima which is a nature sanctuary in the major catchment region in Kohima, including the Japfu Peak and Dzukou Valley as its two most notable features. Blyth's Tragopan and Dark Rumped Swift are two uncommon and endangered species that call this place home.

The valley is home to some of Nagaland's most stunning flowering flora, which add to the overall charm of one of the state's most scenic wildlife sanctuaries.

Location: J3XF+36Q, Kohima, Nagaland 797002

Timing: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Japfu Peak

The top places to visit in Kohima include the Japfu mountain and Dzukou valley, which are part of the beauty that has earned Nagaland the nickname "Switzerland of the East." The Japfu mountain, at 3048 metres, is Nagaland's second highest peak, offering magnificent vistas and a challenging trek for adventure lovers.

The 109-foot Rhododendron tree, the world's tallest, adds to the allure of this mountain (as per the Guinness Book of Records). The Japfu, which is interconnected with neighbouring cities and villages, resembles an emerald canvas with the extra bonus of subtropical greenery and chattering hill birds. Climbers can appreciate the splendour of the Dzukou Valley – sometimes known as the Dzukou Alps – from this top.


The Catholic Cathedral

The Catholic Church is one of the popular places to visit in kohima is a city-wide architectural marvel. It is noted for its architectural splendour and for being the spiritual heart of Nagaland's Catholic Church. Because it is the seat of the Diocese, it has considerable religious significance for the people of Nagaland. One side of Armature Hill is occupied by the semicircular structure.

The semicircular gallery of pews, which has capacity for 3000 people, is well-known for its beauty. A standing capacity of 1500 people is available. There are also separate areas for baptism, confession, adoration, and other religious practices. The church is particularly noted for its crucifix, which measures 16 feet tall and is thought to be Asia's highest.

Location: M433+2R7, Aradurah Hill, Kohima, Nagaland 797005

Timing: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

People Also Ask About Kohima

  1. What are the best things to do in Kohima?

    1. Travel to India's First Green Village: The Angami Nagas, a warrior tribe who live on top of a hill, call Khonoma home. The hamlet is separated into three settlements, each with its own land to protect. The place is named for its own territorial plant, Khuntoria, and logging and hunting are strictly prohibited in the area, which is a significant component of Naga culture and the source of its fame. 

    2. Visit The Kohima War Cemetery And Pay Your Respects: 
    When you visit the Kohima war cemetery, you'll discover 2337 markers and burials that were burned in the garrison hills. "When you go home, tell them about us, and say we gave our today for your tomorrow," reads an inscription near the memorial's entrance.

    3. Mt. Japfu Trek: 
    Mt. Japfu trekking is also one of the most thrilling treks you can do, making it a must-do for all trekkers. The village of Kigwama is the gateway to Mt. Japfu, Nagaland's second highest mountain. To take part in the Mt. Japfu journey, you must be physically fit, as it is a challenging hike, and you must hire a guide. The trail includes some rock climbing and travels through dense rainforest. When you reach the summit of the peak, you'll be rewarded with a breathtaking panoramic view of the dzukou valley, as it's known in the area.
  2. What are the top attractions of Kohima?

    1. Intanki Wildlife Sanctuary: One of the best Kohima tourist places is the Kohima Wildlife Sanctuary, which covers an area of 202.2km square and is home to a variety of wildlife species. The huge equatorial forest is known for semi-tropical vegetation, natural beauty, beautiful valleys, camping areas, and mountains that are a sight to behold. In this reserve, you can view rare hoolock gibbons, sloth bears, monitor lizards, pythons, golden langurs, hornbills, and other animals.

    2. Heritage DC Bungalow: 
    The Heritage DC Bungalow is one of the most sought after places in Kohima, which is noted for its convenient location, is another popular tourist destination in Kohima. Since the British era, it has been the residence of the Deputy Commissioners. This is one of Kohima's oldest buildings, with only three rooms, and is known for its grandeur and pure splendour. 

    3. Nagaland State Museum: 
    The Nagaland State Museum is one of the best places to visit in Kohima, and it's worth visiting to see how Naga culture has evolved. This museum depicts the culture and traditions of Nagaland's 16 ethnic groups and houses numerous unique objects related to them. 
  3. What is Kohima famous for?

    Kohima happens to be Nagaland's most well-known cities, and there is definitely a lot to see and do here. Kohima is famous for its surreal natural beauty for nature lovers, thrilling destinations for adrenaline seekers, religious sites for pilgrims, and historical war memorials for history buffs.
  4. Is Kohima worth visiting?

    Even if you only have one day to spend in Kohima, the capital of Nagaland, it is definitely worth a visit during your journey to India. Kohima is home to some of the beautiful heritage sites, age old monuments, and breathtaking natural beauty. You can visit various famous attractions such as the Nagaland State Museum, Zulekie, the Kohima Cathedral Church, and many other beautiful sights.
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