Things to Do in Kohima

Perched in the foothills of the Japfu mountain range in Nagaland, sits its pretty capital, Kohima. Shrouded in the peace and serenity of the mountains, and yet buzzing with activity, the best things to do in Kohima fills visitors with wonder from the very first moment. The north-eastern city is home to the Angami Naga tribe- a major ethnic Naga group, and is full of artefacts that educate tourists about the Naga culture. The Nagaland State Museum is the best place to gain an insight into a culture that belongs to India but is still not known to many, and the Kisama Heritage Village gives you a live glimpse into the world of the Naga community. Kohima War Cemetery adds another layer to the complex history of Nagaland. The best attraction of Nagaland is its primitive, untouched beauty. Mountains covered in majestic greenery spread out as far as eye can see, and a diverse range of animals and birds roam upon the rugged slopes. Nagaland is already a paradisiacal state, but when the snow covers the mountains and Christmas comes to town, Kohima turns into something out of a fairytale.

One of the best things to do in Kohima is its many interesting treks through the Japfu ranges. The slopes all around Kohima are rich in vantage points that reveal awe-inspiring and panoramic views. Trekking to places like Khonoma, Dzuleke, Touphema, Tseminyu is also a rewarding experience. The silence that covers the land and the harmony that hangs over this natural bounty revive the mind and body, and the purity of the region soothes the soul. The Hornbill festival is a major festival that takes place in Kohima, so if you want to see the culture and tradition of Nagaland come alive with festivity, you can plan your visit so that it coincides with the festival. This takes place around the first week of December, and the festivities include lots of dancing, singing, drinking and eating apart from ritual celebrations.

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