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Bangalore To Gudalur Fundraising Cycling Tour



Gudalur makes a glorious biking expedition as it is famous for its beautiful sceneries, tea plantations, fields and estates. It derives its name from the Tamil words 'koodal oooru', which mean adjoining village. Indeed, Gudalur adjoins Ooty, Gundalpet and Nilambur and is equidistant from Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Embrace the glorious visual beauty as the place is rich in wildlife and both high-altitude and low-altitude flora and crops. The adventure that will take you through all the dynamic landscapes and the urban-rural shifts of a bicycle journey from Karnataka to Tamil Nadu. Paddle your way through the epic ride that will take you cycling 350 km from Bangalore all the way to Gudalur, which is situated in Tamil Nadu and is equidistant from both Kerala and Karnataka.

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32 Ratings

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The instructor was nice and ready to answer all our questions, the cycle was good and the ride was enjoyable
Cycling in Ooty was just like a dream come true!!! the place has abundant of amazing sightseeing and natural sceneries