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Russia being the largest nation in the world, no doubt has wide range of options to explore. The highlight of the country would be that the entire country still flourishes in its rich culture and heritage, simultaneously developing in terms of infrastructure, technology and trends. Moreover, as the country borders European as well as Asian countries, it sports a unique culture. When it comes to tourist places in Russia, it happens to be a paradise for history lovers given the various monuments and sites that each have a story to discover. The country also flourishes in ancient art styles, being a treat for artistry tourists. Each region of the country has a historical story and deserves separate attention.


It is very important to note the climate and plan your visit accordingly as many attractions and places are subject to seasonal changes and you might miss out on them. There is a sea of tourist places in Russia, and not to forget it is home to about 23 UNESCO World heritage centres with a few more lined up as a tentative list. The culture and heritage of the country has been a key feature in attracting tourists and the tourism industry has seen a big boom in the recent years. While most of your time will be occupied by visiting the heritage sites, do not miss the local street markets and food that will have you in for surprise.


The food of Russia is definitely unique and will have your taste buds in for s surprise. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that bureaucracy and occasional inconveniences may come in your way, especially in places away from the urban cities and thus it is important to keep in mind certain do’s and don’ts during you visit there. We have compiled a few answers to the most frequently asked questions on travelling to Russia. We hope this list will help you plan your trip well and ensure you have a fun, fulfilling and safe trip.

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People Also Ask About Russia

  1. When is the best time to visit Russia?

    Russia is known to be one of the coldest countries in the world, and thus it goes without saying that the best time to visit the country would be during summer from the months of May to October. These months are the high season for travel and are the best time to tour the country. However, Russia hosts a swamp of travellers during this time making it a very crowded destination making many tourists attractions hard to access. Thus, late spring would be a good time to tour the place with lesser crowds.



    Winter, especially January is the worse time to visit the country given its cold climate.

  2. How to reach Russia?

    There are various flights available to get to Russia from India. The most common routes are flights from Delhi, or via Dubai, Doha or Abu Dhabi.

  3. Do I need a visa for Russia? How does one get a Russia visa?

    Yes, you need a visa to visit Russia. You can obtain the Russian visa from the nearest consulate to your city. Certain documents required for the visa process are passport validation, tickets confirmation, stay confirmation, etc. It will take around 20 days to get your visa and thus it is important that you apply and process your visa well in advance.

    There is no visa on arrival option available. Although you can download the application form online, you will have to reach your nearest Russian Consulate for your interview and further process.

  4. What is the currency of Russia and where can I get my money exchanged?

    The currency used in Russia is called the Russian Ruble and the currency code is RUB. The currency exchange rate from USD to RUB is 1 USD = 57.98 RUB. In terms of Indian currency, RUB 1 = INR 1.13. You can get your money exchanged in banks, hotels or airport exchange bureaus. It is important to remember that unlike some other countries, it is illegal for you to exchange money with the street vendors in Russia. Also, unlike most other countries you cannot trade with US dollars or Euros here, transactions happen only through Russian Rubles.

  5. Which are the major tourist attractions in Russia?

    Russia is not only large in size, it also is rich in its culture and history leaving travellers with numerous points of interest, well known as well as unexplored attractions. Some of the top attractions of the country are:

    • Mount Elbrus – Mountain range
    • Valley of geysers – second largest geyser field in the world
    • St. Sophia Cathedral, Novgorod
    • Suzdal
    • Moscow Kremlin
    • Hermitage Museum – Saint Petersburg
    • Saint Basils Cathedral – Moscow
    • Lake Baikal – deepest and oldest lake on Earth
    • Kizhi Island – popular for its open air museum
  6. What are the things to do in Russia?

    The most popular things to do in Spain are:

    • Ride the Trans-Siberian railway – the longest railway system in the world
    • Trek Mount Elbrus – 5642 metres high
    • Explore the Kizhi Island
    • Visit the Temple of all religions for a sacred pilgrimage
    • Visit star city, cosmonaut training centre – experience weightlessness
  7. What is the local food of Russia? Which are the best places to taste this food?

    Russia’s traditional food mainly consists of veggies and porridges. Overtime, these porridges have been customised and developed into many different varieties using different local ingredients. Apart from the basic, the popular dishes in the Russian cuisine consist of caviar, Borscht, Bliny, Beef stroganoff, Pelmeni and so on. Some of the best places to try these food are:

    • Mari Vanna , Moscow
    • Percorso, St Petersburg
    • Grand Cafe Dr. Jhivago, Moscow
    • Stolovaya No57, Moscow
    • Palkin, St Petersburg
    • Teplo cafe, St Petersburg
  8. What is the best public transport to commute around Russia?

    Russia is very well developed in terms of infrastructure and thus there are plenty of options when it comes to public transport over there. Some of the popular modes of transport to commute around Russia are:

    • Boat – some cities located on rivers, coasts and other water bodies like Moscow and St Petersburg have boat rides which is an unique experience by itself.
    • Metro – all major cities have the metro facility. Bigger cities have a more well structured metro, while smaller cities have smaller metros.
    • Taxis – taxis are in plenty and are available everywhere. However, it is important for you to choose your taxi carefully in terms of safety and fare. Not all run by meter, so negotiate the price before getting into the taxi.
    • Bus, Marshrutky, Trolleybus and Tram
  9. Do I need to have any vaccinations before the trip to Russia?

    Yes, it is advisable to have some vaccines taken before your travel to Russia. Apart from the routine background vaccines such as tetanus, some of the other vaccines recommended are : typhoid, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, rabies, Japanese encephalitis and Tick-borne encephalitis.

  10. What is the local language in Russia and which are the most commonly used greetings?

    The local language used to communicate in Russia is Russian. It can be quite difficult to communicate with the locals without knowing the language. It is advisable to have an English speaking guide with you at all times or if you feel privacy would be invaded that way, carry a Russian dictionary/language book along with you to make it easier. Some common phrases that may be useful to you during your travel are:

    • Hello - Zdravstvuyte
    • Thank you - Spasibo
    • Good morning – dobroye utro
    • What is the price of this?– Kakova tsena etogo?
    • How far is this place? – naskol'ko daleko eto mesto?
    • How are you – Kak dela?
  11. Which are the best shopping places in Russia and what are they famous for?

    Some of the best shopping places in Russia are:

    • GUM mall in Moscow – international brands, retail stores and lot of cultural activities. Also known to be one of the best looking malls in the world.
    • TSUM Mall – departmental store with everything you need from clothes to shoes and bags, a great place to relax and enjoy the Russian architectural structures.
    • Arbart street in Moscow – great street for souvenir shopping.
    • Izmailovo Craft, Flea, Art and Antiquity Market – best for antique shopping from paintings, coins, books, purses, furniture, vessels, etc.
  12. What is so famous about Russia’s nightlife? What are the different options?

    Nightlife in Russian can be way different to what you have experienced in other places. It is not restricted to just DJ nights and dance floors. Russian nightlife offers more entertainment like Operas, concerts and performances on a regular basis. These tickets can be purchased at the street kiosks. Ballet shows are famous among the nightlife performances in Russia, ensure that you dress appropriately for the event to fit in. In case, you still prefer the party scenes at clubs, note that there will be an entry fee at almost all clubs and the drinks inside can be quite expensive.

  13. Which are some best destinations for road tripping in Russia?

    Russia is popular for “The Golden Ring”, a route for a road trip that will take you through some of the best destinations to visit during your visit there. Some top destinations to not be missed during your road trip are:

    • Moscow
    • Vladimir
    • Suzdal
    • Plyos
    • Kostroma
    • Yaroslavl
  14. Which are the most famous heritage sites to visit in Russia?

    There are numerous heritage sites in Russia that travellers can visit. Some of them are also certified UNESCO heritage sites and the top ones are:

    • Moscow Kremlin
    • Red Square
    • Virgin Komi Forests
    • White monuments
    • Solovetsky Islands
    • Kizhi Islands
    • Trinity-St. Sergius Monastery, Sergiev Posad
    • Putorana Plateau
    • Sikhote Alin
    • The Caucasus
  15. Here are the best tips Thrillophilia has to offer for your trip to Russia:

    • Convert your cash to Russian Ruble before getting there and always have the local currency in hand.
    • Don’t carry too much cash in your wallet.
    • Carry a Russian dictionary or book that will help you communicate – or hire a local English speaking guide.
    • Bargain your fares with the taxi driver.

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