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North Terrace

Located at the centre of Adelaide, the North Terrace gives the insight about the culture, history and architecture of the city. There are a number of buildings and structures like War Memorial, museums, art gallery, Casino, restaurants, hotels among others. There is a lot to do in and around North Terrace. After exploring the area, you can take refuge under one of the shady trees over the bench and enjoy your lunch while watching the world around you.

Highlights: Take a tour through the cultural boulevard of the North Terrace which includes galleries, museums, university and library. Visit the Art Gallery of South Australia and the South Australian Museum. Enjoy your meal and drink at any of the several restaurants and bars in the area.

Location: North Terrace is 20 minutes drive away from Adelaide Airport. It is a few minutes’ walk away from Rundle Mall.

Timing: N/A

Price: N/A 

Semaphore Beach

Bounded by a thick border of sand dunes, the popular Semaphore Beach is a place for all those who love to explore the historical side of Adelaide and know more about the rich culture of the city. Semaphore Beach is wide long beach beautifies with expansive foreshore and boulevard which remains effortlessly adorned by Art Deco buildings. Almost a replica of the grandeur of the Palais, this is undoubtedly a fascinating location to spend quality and experience classic gourmet coupled with best in class wine collection.

Other attractions nearby includes Semaphore’s iconic Time Ball Tower, historic buildings, ferry wheel, awe some boutiques and historic pubs. So go ahead and visit the destination for good time spend. Accommodation in the nearby location remains available for the interested visitors.  

State Library of South Australia

The State Library of South Australia is the largest public research library of the state. It has materials related to the information of South Australia. It consists of a number of materials and documents of the history of the region before and after the European settlement. The Mortlock Wing is not only a public library but also an art gallery and museum. It has the rich architecture with French roof. There are collections of some of the rare books along with general and heritage books.

Highlights: Book a guided weekday tour to the library where you can browse through the extraordinary exhibitions and appreciate the spectacular architecture of the Mortlock Wing. The informative tour will enlighten you about the history and important events of South Australia.

Location: The library is located in the North Terrace.

Timing: The weekday tour starts from 11 AM and 2 PM.

Price: N/A 

Port Adelaide

Port Adelaide has a number of attractions that one cannot miss while on a trip to Adelaide. Port Adelaide has a marine setting with a number of seafaring ships and grand buildings. The place has numerous accommodation sites including hotels and self contained apartments. There are also a number of cafes, eateries and restaurants to enjoy a hearty meal. With a range of entertainment options like theatres, events and cinemas, and museums and galleries, the Port Adelaide is an intriguing place to visit.

Highlights: Port Adelaide has the largest railway museum of Australia, The National Railway Museum with over hundred exhibitions. There are South Australian Aviation Museum and South Australian Maritime Museum which are the major highlights of the suburb. There are also several pubs and wine cellars across the suburb.

Location: Port Adelaide lies fourteen kilometers away from Adelaide in the northwest.

Timing: N/A

Price: N/A 

Seacliff Beach

Situated in the City of Holdfast Bay, Seacliff Beach is a suburb of Adelaide City and this suburb is adjacent to Brighton, Kingston Park, and Seacliff Park, Mario. Being South Australia’s most popular stretch of beach, seacliff allows the tourists to experience the most amazing beach holiday ever. It is backed by a park in the south direction, two club houses, and a caravan park, accompanied by boat ramp and a car parking area. It comprises of fronting rock flats as well as a high tide sand section, with a shallow sand bar taking the rocks to the north. Offering a good and easy access and a wide range of facilities and utilities, it provides a safe swimming experience with a very gentle surf. The visitors will not be able resist such an enjoyable place where there are water sports as well.

 Highlights: swimming, surfing, fishing, sailing club, life saving club.

kangaroo Island

Australia, the queen of all islands is particularly marked for its beautiful and lavish islands surrounding the continent. Kangaroo Island is the third largest island of Australia, surrounded by water and located in the farthest southern state. Australian aboriginals were first to start a civilization on Kangaroo island, but with the tremendous rise of water level, the place, today, is more a tourist spot than a habitat area.

Situated on the southerly corner of Australia, Kangaroo Island serves as an authentic tourist spot for travelers. With an exclusive range of lobster and seafood, Kangaroo Island has gone forth as one of the most populated tourist destinations in Australia. This destination is not just renowned for its tourist attraction, but is likewise known as the wine lover's vacation spot. Kangaroo Island has got as many as 30 wineries across its 150km long area, offering tourists an authentic range of sweet wine.

Location:  Kangaroo Island is located at the southwest of Adelaide, in the southernmost part of the continent.

Price: Entry to the Kangaroo Island is free of monetary value.


Adelaide Botanic Garden

Based in North Terrace, The Adelaide Botanical Garden is a great choice considering afternoon stroll or a leisure picnic. Situated over a spread of 125 hectares, this beautiful garden was opened in 1857. The best part of the garden is the Palm House which is a Victorian glass house built in 1877. Designed artistically with stained glass this is a beautiful creation. The Bicentennial Conservatory, being the largest in the southern hemisphere is also another prominent attraction here.

The opening timings of the garden varies in winter and summer months however the usual time is from 7 am to 7pm. The entry in the garden is absolutely free. Information on the garden can be collected from the centre at Schomburgk Pavilion which is open from 10am to 4pm everyday. Apart from having leisure strolls one can also enjoy Australian cuisine at the Botanical gardens Restaurant along with some of the best wines. It’s indeed a good destination to spend few hours. 

Glenelg Beach

Glenelg Beach is the most popular and sought after metropolitan beach of Adelaide city. With easy access the beach is only a 20 minutes drive from city centre or for all those who love ethnicity can ride the vintage tram in North terrace and land at Moseley Square to take a small turn and reach the wonderful location. Sandy beaches, brilliant views, rippling gush of waters, buzzing of shopping strip at Jetty road, beach sports like volleyball, nice eateries, great nightlife, the location is a jam packed entertainment package for all visitors.

Apart from all the thriving and buzzing, one can get some good ocean adventures here too which includes snorkelling and scuba diving. Dolphin sailing tours are also quite popular here. For all the enthusiastic hearts the overnight adventure on a fishing carter is truly alluring. Some of the best restaurants are present on the beach side serving a host of cuisines for all to savour. 

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Most Popular Places Around South Australia

What You Should Know More About South Australia

  • Q. Travel Advice

    • Keep touts at bay.

    • Do not entertain the beggars.

    • Keep a mosquito repellant handy at all times.

    • Do not let anyone mislead you. It is a good idea to attain sufficient information before traveling to a new destination or place.

    • Make sure you do not pass a racist comment on anyone.

    • Do not get into a physical or verbal spat with anyone.

    • Make sure you negotiate the fare before traveling.

    • Do not flaunt your cash or valuables in the public place.

    • Do not go with cash more than required to any public place.

    • Do not try and get over friendly with the hotel staff or someone you barely know.

    • Do not travel alone at night.

    • Girls please note that you do not wear clothes that are revealing or way too skimpy.

    • Do not get involved in drugs of any form.

    • Do not let anyone mislead you.

    • Drink only as much as you can handle.

    • Carry with you all the necessary documents that you may need during the travel.

    • Make sure you carry a photocopy of the documents.

    • Do not leave your important documents in the hotel room.

    • Stay in a hotel that is rated well.

    • Ask for a room safe in the hotel.

  • Q. Drinking Law

    The legal age for drinking in South Australia is 18 years.

  • Q. Our Recommendations: What you can't afford to miss?

    Kangaroo Island

    Situated off the Fleurieu Peninsula, Kangaroo Island is the third biggest island of Australia. It is also one of top natural jewels of the country. Pristine beaches, caves, close-up encounters with charismatic wildlife, sparkling cerulean seas, fascinating rock formations and rugged coastal scenery are few of the many attractions here. Apart from the namesake marsupial, visitors can also explore the sea lions, sea koalas, penguins, and a vast variety of birds taking a free flight in the natural habitat. Scuba divers who come here to enjoy water sports can spot sea dragons in the crystal clear waters. The island is also known for its abundant fresh produce that includes Ligurian honey, fresh-shucked oysters, free-range eggs and rock lobsters. Those who come here for sightseeing can directly fly to the island from Adelaide. You can also take a ferry ride from Cape Jervis.


    Adelaide is the capital of the South Australia. It is the 5th largest city and indeed one of the most welcoming. Gardens and parks punctuate the city and grand buildings of the 19th century stand tall amidst the developing skyscrapers in the city center. Some of the prominent tourist attractions here include the precinct of the North Terrace along with its galleries, well preserved historic gems and galleries; a shopping institution; Adelaide Festival Centre and Adelaide Central Market.  

    Barossa Valley

    Barossa Valley is an hour drive from Adelaide. It is a favourite day trip for the tourists who visit the capital. The valley is endowed with fertile soils making it visually appealing. This plush valley is one of the oldest grape-growing regions of Australia. It is a haven for the foodies who swamp here for the top grade artisan foods along with the superior quality fresh produce. English and German immigrants originally inhabited the valley. Their culture and history is very well evident today in the heritage trails, historic buildings, European style cuisine and museums. In addition to these historic attractions, the region also boasts of a number of other diversions.  Tourists visiting Barossa Valley can also do some shopping here at the prominent farmer’s market. Other things to do here include feasting at the top rated restaurants, attending one of the cookery schools, relaxing at the day spas or browsing through the abundant galleries and the gift shops of the region.

    Clare Valley

    Another esteemed Australian grape growing region is the Clare Valley. The valley is located some 136 kilometres north of Adelaide. It offers a picturesque scenery that is ideal for your romantic weekend retreat. The region is also popularly known for its epicurean food scene.  Irish, Polish and English immigrants originally settled around the valley and customs and the culture of these immigrants is still present in the historic bluestone buildings and the charming heritage towns. The main town, Clare which is named after Ireland’s County Clare, is the place where the tourists can explore the history of the region in its museums.  

    Flinders Ranges

    Flinders Ranges christened after the renowned explorer Matthew Flinders, is an absolute delight for the nature lovers, artists and photographers. Amidst the shifting lights of the day, the arid landscapes offer a striking palette of colors with the hue translating from pale pink to gold and then to burnt orange. Despite being one dry area, the area is also a home to the abundant wildlife. The mountains here run from the North to the South passing through the eastern part of the South Australia while sprawling 400 km northward into the scorched Outback.   

    Fleurieu Peninsula

    The scenic Fleurieu Peninsula is a spur of land protruding south west from the Mount Lofty Ranges which is a playground for abundant activities. Some of the most prominent activities that you can enjoy here include swimming, fishing, bush walking, boating, whale watching and surfing. Some of the top tourist attractions here include the fantastic beaches, wildlife reserves and the serene landscape. Gulf St Vincent. Victor Harbor is one of the most alluring beach resorts on the peninsula. Adjoined by a huge causeway, Granite Island keeps it protected from the turbulent Southern Ocean.

    Eyre Peninsula

    Enveloped by the ravishing and the rugged coastline of sheltered beaches and cliff, this triangular shaped peninsula is the least frequented coastal stretches of Australia. Not many know it is also one of the most beautiful places to see in Australia. Nestled east of the Great Australian Bight, the peninsula is a ground for the cage diving and great white sharks. Adventure enthusiasts can definitely pick this spot if interested in having a thrilling experiencing. Tourists can also indulge in other water sports like snorkelling near Whyalla or swimming at the Baird Bay. Another prominent activity here is whale watching especially during the months from May to Oct.  

    Murray River

    Murray River is the longest river in Australia. It flows from the source in the New South Wales Alps to the Southern Ocean. A habit for several birds, the river is an ideal place to experience some bird watching. Once inhabited by the Nganguraku and Ngarrindjeri people, presently the lake irrigates a huge agricultural region and a citrus-growing industry. It also provides a great ground for abundant water based activities such as swimming, water skiing, boating, fishing or paddling a steamer.

  • Q. What you will like there?

    Frolic with the dolphins

    Dolphins are loved by both kids and adults. They are so cute that everyone wants a piece of them.

    Day with the Sharks

    All those brave hearts who come here for the sharks can head to the Port Lincoln which is definitely the most thrilling place to see here.

    Attend the Maslins Beach’s Nude Olympics 

    Just 40 km south of Adelaide, you can attend the Nude Olympics on the Maslins Beach. The Olympics are conducted every summer so, if you make a visit during that time, it can be double the fun. You can also partake in events such as frisbee throwing and three legged race here.

    Sunbathing on the secluded Beaches

    You can head south from the Adelaide and you’ll be lead to the Fleurieu Peninsula. Sunbathing here can be a great thing to do.

    Ride on the Glenelg tram

    The Glenelg tram is the only remaining tram in the state. This piece of history has an additional perk of terminating right by Glenelg Beach. Riding it can be a throwback in the history and a great thing to do.

    Cruise the Murray River

    Take a leisurely cruise on the Mississippi style paddle steamer and soak up in the lax and laid back atmosphere of the Murray river. Cruising and sightseeing together can definitely amplify the fun.  


    Major chunk of the world’s opals is mined around Andamooka and Coober Pedy. These definitely are the best places to shop for the finest bargain gems. If you are one of those lucky few, you can have a quick noodle yourself however you must ensure that it is one of those designated areas.

    Wonderful wines

    The wines of South Australia are arguably the best in the world. Further, there’s absolutely no shortage of wine regions both emerging and established where you can taste these wines. South Australia is regarded as the home to premier wine regions of the world and half of the Australia’s wines comes from South Australia. The state has some of the oldest vines in the world and is also a home to the most proficient producers such as Banrock Station, Hardys, Jacob’s Creek and Penfolds. Virtually, all the wineries welcome the tourists for tastings.

    Some major wine regions include:

    • Barossa Valley 

    • Clare Valley 

    • McLaren Vale 

    • Adelaide Hills 

    • Coonawarra 

    Great food

    Right from bush tucker to gourmet, South Australia presents to you some of the freshest food in the country. Foodies will definitely be spoilt for choice here. The region is vastly known across the country for its lip smacking produce. Do try out some of the Adelaide’s Mod Oz cuisine with dishes involving a lot of crayfish and oysters.  

    Best regions to try local produce:

    • Barossa Valley

    • Adelaide

    • Clare Valley

    Fantastic festivals & events

    South Australia is the ‘Festival State’ of Australia. Its cultural vibe and music and art scene is second to none in Australia. Adelaide indeed is the festival state that hosts a variety of events running towards the end of the summer in the month of March. If you are an art lover, March is the best month to visit the city. A perennial high calibre local and international events attract a number of artists as well as audiences from around the globe. People particularly gather here in large numbers to partake in the Adelaide Fringe, Adelaide Festival of Arts and the WOMADelaide.  

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