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What You Should Know More About China

  • Travel Advice

    • Avoid carrying too much cash in your pockets.

    • Never flash your jewelry or valuables in a crowded place.

    • If possible stay in a hotel that offers a room safe. Place all your valuables and jewelry in the room safe.

    • Carry with you a first aid box with medicines that may be needed during the trip.

    • Toilet tissue is rarely found in public restrooms in China. Carry your own supplies.

    • Learn some of the common words of language prevalent here or use language apps to communicate with the local people.  

    • Always greet the locals with a smile.

    • Keep a copy of license or an ID proof with you always.

    • Avoid the touts.

    • When eating at street stalls, check for the quality.

    • Dress appropriately and maintain the decorum of the place.

    • Nudity is not an option here.

    • Never get involved in any form of fights or verbal spats with the tourists.

    • Keep a medicine to relieve you from motion sickness.

    • Don't indulge in any form of drugs.

  • Drinking Law

    The legal age for drinking in China is 18 years.

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    Great Wall Of China

    Going by the popular saying – Nobody can be a real hero unless of course he has been to the Great wall of China. The magnificent attraction is locally known as the Changcheng or the Long Wall. It is stretched over an area of 6,000 kilometers from the Shanhaiguan fortress from the east and Jiayuguan in the west. The wall also passes through the Beijing where you can check out the best preserved section of the wall – Gansu, Ningxia and Mongolia. Rising 16 meters in height, the Great wall of China has an average height of six to eight meters. The wall boasts of innumerable watchtowers and battlements going back to as far as the 7th Century BC. Its best known areas were however added around the 210 BC when several sections joined in.    

    Forbidden City and Imperial Palace, Beijing

    One of the largest and definitely the most important building in China is the Forbidden City. Located in the heart of the city, it is also known as the Imperial Palace. One of the most important place to see in China, it is spread over an area of 720,000 square meters and is shielded by a huge 10 meter wall with wide moat and watch towers. Commenced during the period spanning from the 1271-1368, major chunk of the complex as seen today was built only during the period between 1406 and 1420.      

    The Terracotta Army

    In the year 1970, on the outskirts of Xi'an while the farmers were digging the wells, they stumbled across something that is undoubtedly the most pivotal archeological find of China which is the Terracotta Army. It was built to guard the First Emperor's tomb. Distributed over three massive underground pits, this is indeed one of the key sightseeing attraction of china.

    The Summer Palace

    Imperial Summer Palace is an easy 15 km commute from Beijing. Nestled over 700 acres of the beautiful parkland, it is indeed the most attractive tourist attraction in China. Built in the year 1153, the lake of the palace was only added in the 14th century to accentuate the beauty of the Imperial Gardens. Some notable attractions of the place include the the beautiful Great Theatre which was built in the year 1891 and Hall of Well-being and Longevity with a throne, Great Theatre is a private three-story structure which was built to satiate the love of opera of the royal family residing here.  

    Li River

    In the north east corner of the Guangxi, lies the town of Guilin. It boasts of some of most magnificent countryside and is largely known for its crystal clear waters that meanders all across the town and its ring of mountains. This fascinating scenery has attracted different artists and poets over the years. It has always been the subject of several legends and fairy tales. The lake is majorly inundated with tourists from across the globe. People come here to see this natural splendor from up and close. The best way to explore the La River is by going on a boat ride. So cruising the Li River is definitely one of the most important things to do in China.     

    Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding

    Your visit to China will be incomplete without having at least one panda experience. Though the top zoo of the country boasts of several fine specimens of the fascinating creatures, the best place to see the pandas in their natural habitat is the Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in Chengdu that lies in the province of Sichuan. Here you’ll have a chance to view as many as 80 pandas performing their daily routines here. English language tours are available here. So, those who wish to learn further about this breeding center can avail one of these tours.  

    The Yangtze River and Three Gorges

    The Yangtze River is known as Chang Jiang meaning Long River in China. This beautiful river extends over an area of 6000 km which makes it the most prominent river of China. Further, it is also the third largest river in the world only after Amazon and Nile. The river passes from the Tibet in the west to Shanghai in the east and also through eight other provinces. Been in the existence for over 2000 years, it is key transportation route on China. Some 2700 km from the river are navigable. Accredited to its vast catchment area joined by the 700 tributaries, the river covers approximately one fifth of the area of the country. Given its length, you can reach the river from several points in China. By far the most favorite and popular points are its three gorges – Xiling, Wu and Qutang.    

  • What you will like there?

    The Vast and Diverse Landscape

    From villages to cities, cruising rivers to hiking mountains, trekking or just exploring the beauty of the surroundings, the vast and diverse landscape of China has something for everyone. The rural plains that you see in the Southern Province area are a delightful contrast to the boisterous cities of Shanghai and Beijing. For the adventure seekers, there are a number of mountain ranges such as Wu Tai Shan, Wudang Shan, Emei Shan and Mian Shan. You can take a stroll through the city walls in the ancient city walls of X’ian and Pingyao.  

    The Food

    There is nothing like the authentic Chinese food. It is way more varied and delicious. Whether you eat at the local restaurant or sample the street food, every province of the China assures a unique set of dishes. Right from the hot and spicy dishes of the Hunan province, famous Szechuan pepper dishes to the Beijing’s established (Peking) duck dishes, the variety is huge and indeed yummilicious. The best thing about the Chinese food is that it is inexpensive so you’ll not mind hogging on the tasty Chinese food here

    You Will Become a Hardened Traveler

    Undoubtedly, China is one of the hardest places to travel in. When you enter the city, you must encounter the biggest cultural shocks of your life. It may be unsurprising, if you spend the first few days in complete bewilderment here. One, the language is going to be a barrier here and two the trails are tough so you are sure to become a hardened traveler in just few of your days in China. Take note you’ll need extra patience here so be prepared.   

    Traditional Chinese Medicine & Massage

    In China, massage is not just a special treat rather it is more like a way of life. There are several different kinds of traditional massage therapies in Chinese medicine that will relax and rejuvenate you. The Chinese spas and massage parlors offer authentic massages at a very reasonable price.


    Shopping in China can be double the fun. Right from the scarves to the traditional suits, tea to the curios, fake branded handbags to the latest real pearls, shopping in China can be really addictive.


    Love pandas? Enough said, it is time you plan a visit to China and go on exploring the fluffy pandas here.

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