25 Places to Visit in Tibet, Tourist Places & Top Attractions
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Lhasa has been a quintessential centre of the Buddhists of Tibet for over a millennium. Lhasa which is literally the Place of the Gods is usually known as the city of wonders. The very first look at the white and red Potala Palace towering above the Holy City is still very capable of raising goose bumps. The alluring white washed old Tibetan quarter still happens to beautifully preserve the essence of the traditional life of Tibet.

Further, in the Jokhang, you can witness a different old world blend of the flickering butter lamps with the wafting incense as well as the reclining pilgrims which surround the Barkhor pilgrim circuit happens to be something that makes most of the tourists fall in love with the beautiful Tibet.  

As of today, the burgeoning boulevards of the modern Chinese city intimidates to defeat the backstreet temples and the winding alleyways of the Tibetan old town however, it is the former that you should be focusing more of your time on. If possible, you can budget a week to acclimate, explore the sights and linger around the breathtaking backstreets before you finally make your way to the majestic overland adventure.  Lhas is definitely a must visit tourist attraction.  

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Other Attractions

Well known for its stupendous mountain tops and the unwaveringness and benevolence of its occupants (the Sherpas), the Everest locale (Khumbu) is a standout amongst the most mainstream destinations for vacationers in Nepal. While huge numbers of the courses through the mountains are challenging, there are abundant spots to rest and appreciate a feast along the way. Besides, don't stress over getting lost. Simply ask a neighborhood the path to the following town on your course, and they will guide you.

: Tibet

: Rs 8,000 to Rs 10,000

Best time to visit
: April to June and September to December

: 5,380 m

Difficulty level
: high

: • Trek to the foot of amazing Everest, the world's most noteworthy mountain. • Set out on testing treks to Kala Pattar (18,192'), Nangkartshang Peak (16,672'). furthermore, Everest Base Camp (17,590'). • Investigate Sherpa towns and the old Thami and Tengboche religious communities. • Visit a school set up by Sir Edmund Hillary in the mountain town of Khumjung.
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The Tibet Everest Advance Base Camp is the most noteworthy trek on the planet! After a shocking flight from Kathmandu to Lhasa, you will burn through three days in this antiquated capital city "Lhasa" acclimatizing and going to the Potala Palace, Sera and Drepung religious communities, Barkor Square and Jokhang Temple. Our overland trip to Base Camp incorporates stops in the boondocks towns of Gyantse and Shigatse before we kill onto the unpleasant 4WD jeep street that prompts the Rongbuk Valley. Lhasa is astonishing destination itself with the lofty Potala Palace, the immense three religious communities of Sera, Ganden and Drepung and additionally the Barkor Square and Jokhang Temple.

: Lhasa(Under Foot hills of Himalaya)

: Rs 6999 to Rs 8999

Best time to visit
: In winter Altitude: 6,340m/20,800ft

Difficulty level
: high

: • Fly from Kathmandu to Lhasa • Sightseeing in Lhasa • Free day in Lhasa for acclimatization • Hike to Everest base camp • Sightseeing & drive to Shigatse
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The Shoton Festival is a standout amongst the most mainstream conventional celebrations in Tibet. It praises eating yogurt, the Tibetan ministers who end their season of reflection, the viewing of Tibetan emotional musical dramas, and Tibetan Buddhism. It is held every year in the month of August, or late in the 6th month or ahead of schedule in the seventh month of the Tibetan date-book.

The Shoton Festival has turned into a far reaching festivity that impacts the way of life of Tibet. It is an incredible event for both Tibetans and voyagers. It has likewise turned into a business sector time, and a period for rivalries, exhibitions and amusement.

: Lhasa

:  Interested in celebrating the Shoton Festival? China Highlights offers you the unique opportunity to celebrate the festival as locals do. China Highlights has a special tour to Tibet each year to coincide with the Shoton Festival.
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Mt. Amnye Machen has for some time been viewed as a holy mountain and a position of the journey. Previously, up to 10,000 Tibetans would make the 120-mile circumambulation of the mountain every year. The principal European adventurers depicted it as one of the colossal geological disclosures of the twentieth century. On your excursion to the heavenly mountain, drive by red dirt mountains, sand hills, and the Yellow River.

: Amnye Machen

: Rs 6999 to Rs 7999

Best time to visit
: In winter

: 8000m

Difficulty level
: Very high

: • Nomads along the Amnye Machen range • Monastery on the north side of the mountain • Prayer flags across a high pass on Amnye Machen • Amnye Machen viewed from near Chuwarna (Xue Shan) • Nomad Tibetans around Amnye Machen • Pilgrims prostrating along the kora of Amnye Machen • Foreigners on an organized trek around Amnye Machen using yaks • Small village near the Amnye Machen glaciers
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Kawa Karpo, one of the holiest snow mountains in Tibet, is said to be the supernatural home of a warrior god. Arranged on the fringe of Dechen County in Yunnan and Chayul County in the Tibet Autonomous Region, Kawa Karpo is viewed as a vital part of the Three Parallel Rivers Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Orderly, Snow Lion Tours will take you profound into the locale of Mt. Kawa Karpo, considered by Buddhists to be sacred, and raved by right on time western guests as a heaven. You'll experience heavenly springs where travelers drink water that has dissolved from hallowed inclines, and crawl through diminishing air to brush statures of 4810 meters on the unbelievable Shola Pass.

: Tibet

: Rs 5999 to Rs 7999

Best time to visit
: In winter

: 3200-4700m

Difficulty level
: Average

: • Trekking Mt. Kawa Karpo • Three Parallel Rivers Park • The Old Town of Lijiang
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Mt. Everest (29,035ft, 8850m), otherwise called Mt. Qomolangma, is never shy of guests. The sacrosanct and elevated rugged reach continues transmitting its powerful appeal to different wayfarers. Because of its unmistakable geological elements, Mt. Everest swarms with untamed valleys, good country ice sheets, towering mountains, uncommon natural life, and so forth. In like manner, Mt. Everest is frequently considered as one of the last heaven that can oblige the necessities of the considerable number of bold personalities.

: Foot hills of Mount Everest

: Rs 5999 to Rs 6999

Best time to visit
: In winter

: 8000m

 Difficulty level
: Very high

: • Arrive in Lhasa by Train or by Flight • Lhasa sightseeing - Potala Palace/Tibet Museum/Jokhang Temple/Barkhor Street • Lhasa Sightseeing - Drepung Monastery/Sera Monastery • Lhasa/Yamdrok-tso lake/Gyantse (3950meters) • Gyangtse/Shigatse/Old Tingri • Trek to Lungthang (4510 m) (5 hours/12km/150m up) • enjoy the road ride from Shigatse to Tingri • Tingri to Chutang Village • Showotso - Shauwula Pass - Orchid Valley
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Tibet is a genuine common gallery of plants, facilitating the qualities of various plant species, which frame a showcase of the whole Asian vegetation. LuLang signifies "Loong King Valley" in Tibetan dialect, or "a spot that will make you overlook your home". It is situated by the Sichuan-Tibet Highway, around 80 km from Nyingchi County. In summer, the blooms will bloom. In Spring, it is of full-chestnut azaleas everywhere throughout the backwoods, which draws in swarms of flying creatures.

 In Summer, you can see brilliant wheat waves with freshing breezes in Lulang Forest. In Autumn, the leaves all turn yellow and afterward red aside from the evergreen pines. In Winter, snow falls on the woods and in addition the on the icy masses.

: Go straight along the Sichuan-Tibet highway, some 80 km from Bayi Town to the east, Nyingchi County, Tibet

: Free

: • Lulang Flower Sea • Lulang Five Villages • Natural Pastureland
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Introduction: Shisha Pangma, referred to in Tibetan as "the divine force of the fields", is the most reduced of the world's fourteen 8000 meter tops. It is likewise the main 8000-meter top found completely in Tibet. Yet it is as extraordinary as any trek in Tibet or even better. Though in downpour shadow zone, the storm cloud figures out how to push over the Jugal Himal, bringing some downpour most evenings from June until right on time September in this district. The overland visit to Lhasa is advanced by various experience with yak and sheepherders, the tranquil blue lakes and the captivating magnificence of the Tibetan plateau.

: Lhasa

: Rs 5999 to Rs 8999

Best time to visit
: In winter

: 8000 metre/26,200ft

Difficulty level
: high

: • Arrive in Kathmandu, transfer to Hotel • Sightseeing tour in Kathmandu • Drive to- Nyalam via Nepal Tibet border • Acclimatisation Day at Nyalam • Trek to Drabochhan
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The 496.3-meter-long Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon has a normal profundity of 5,000 meters, yet drops in spots to 5,382 meters. Subsequent to these figures became visible, world topography reading material have must be changed; Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon is the world's most profound, longest, most astounding and most perilous one. Previously, the 5,133-meter-profound Grand Canyon of the Colorado was thought to be the most profound.

: Tibet

: CNY 85 for entering

: • The Grand Canyon is rich in forest resources. • There are rare and unique plants, and wildlife animals, such as king cobras, leopards, red pandas, musk deer, monkeys, tigers and virgin forests. • All kinds of wildlife exits here, so the Canyon is regarded as "the Gene Pool of Biological Resources", whilst enjoying fameas a "Geological Museum" because of the various geological phenomena. • You can also appreciate some humanistic landscapes: Qujiao Wu Temple, Buddha Palm Sand Dune, Ping Greeting Guests and South Jiabawa Peak.
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Horse Racing Festival in Yushu of Qinghai territory is one of the three most acclaimed steed hustling celebrations in Tibetan region. It begins from 25th, July and more often than not goes on for a week, significantly more. The commonplace celebrations include horse races, yak races, pulls of war, what might as well be called a weight-lifting competition, eating and drinking and also moving and singing exhibitions, showcase of conventional Tibetan outfit, and so on.

: Tibet

: • Tibet travel permit and all other necessary permits to Tibet; • All entrance ticket fees for all tourist sites listed in the itinerary; • Personal knowledgeable English-speaking Tibetan local tour guide; • Personal comfortable, clean and safe vehicle with reliable Tibetan local driver; vehicle ranging from 4WD land cruiser to minibus depending on your group size; • Domestic flight/train tickets listed in the itinerary; • One shared big Oxygen tank in the car; • Tourist accident/casualty insurance; • First aid kit;
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Manasarovar is the most revered of all Tibets numerous hallowed lakes. It is particularly holy to Hindus, who have been strolling round it for drawing nearer 2,000 years. Buddhists relate the lake with Maya, Buddhas mother. Lake Manasarovar is the holiest of Tibet's lakes. It is what might as well be called Mt. Kailash. That being said, the Kora (a custom circumambulation of a blessed spot, for example, a religious community, place of worship, mountain or lake) of Manasarovar is no place close as well known as the circumnavigation of Kailash. At 4560mt, Manasarovar is the most noteworthy freshwater lake on the planet. As a result, the waters are a touch on the nippy side.

: Tibet

Best time to visit
: Summer months between May to September

: 4675m

Difficulty level
: Moderate

: • Trekking • Hiking • Cultural and Historical Tours • Multiple Activities • Lhasa sightseeing tour • Lhasa Gyantse • Shigatse-Latse • Latse Saga • Saga Paryang • Paryang to Holy Mansarovar lake
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It is trusted that Tibetans get from Qiang People, the wanderers in old China. It is the intermarriage between Qiang People and neighborhood tribes that prompts the presence of Tibetans. Because of the serious environment, compelling height and badly designed transportation, and so on.

Tibetans have since a long time ago depended on pastoralism for survival. Accordingly, customarily Tibetans are understood for being strong travelers, an ethnic gathering that live one next to the other with domesticated animals and nature. In spite of the fact that nobody can tell the accurate number of existent migrants in Tibet, an expected around 2 million including travelers and semi-wanderers couldn't turn out badly.

: Tibet

: • Harsh Environment and Tibetan Nomads • Tibetan Nomad Mastiff • Lake Manasarovar Kora • Visit a Tibetan Nomad Tent • Tibetan Nomad Life and Livestock • Tibetan Nomads Tour - Meet nomads on the Trekking Path
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Tsurphu to Yangpachen trek is a rough walk starting at Tsurphu Monastery and intersection a few high valleys like Leten valley and Bartso valley before rising into the expansive and windswept Yangpachen Valley. This trek is a pleasantly adjusted blend of social and wild exercises, with high tundra, mountain scenes, old religious communities and a remote abbey. Tsurphu to Yangpachen trek visit is an incredible 4 days trek for the individuals who need to get a nearby contact with the wanderers and become acquainted with about their way of life. Notwithstanding their lasting winter homes, they spend a significant part of the year outdoors with their creatures.

: Tibet

: Rs 6999 to Rs 9999

Best time to visit
: In winter

: 3650m

Difficulty level
: average

Highlights: • Famous sites of Lhasa • Classic, natural beauty of the Tibetan plateau • Tea with nomads and nuns • Jokhang Temple and the Barkhor Circuit • Potala Palace • Sera Monastery • Trek from Tsurphu Monastery-Leten
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The celebration of Saga Dawa marks the edification of Sakyamuni, and happens on the full moon day of the fourth Tibetan month. The celebration is required to most recent a month, amid which a sizable number of travelers will end up staging so as to celebrate it different religious occasions, the most alluring of which is the hovering around Mt. Kailash for love. Around then, not just would you be able to see grave Buddhist exercises like droning, moving and playing religious instruments, and love, and so forth. Voyagers might have an opportunity to watch the Kailash Kora (hovering around religious locales ) and join Tibetans to supplicate, offer tips to poor people, and visit cloisters, and so on. All cabin recorded in the schedule; it's your choice about the settlement class: extravagance 5-star global inn, agreeable 4-star lodging, monetary 3-star inn or spending plan inn, guesthouse or tent.

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Mount Kailash trekking visit is a standout amongst the most requesting and testing of treks for travelers on the planet. This trek course in Tibet is broadly known as the kora around the Mt. Kailash which is sacrosanct to four religions and a profoundly numinous spot. Pioneers throng to the mountain Tibetans, as well as Hindus and Buddhists from India to Japan, joined by Western and Chinese voyagers who go to Tibet to visit this heavenly mountain and the close-by consecrated Lake Manasarovar. The Mt. Kailash kora begins at the appeal free town of Darchen, opens up unending extends of infertile area, rich green valleys, snow topped crests and immaculate blue lakes, twisting past mani dividers and avoiding the base of the Kailash massif.

: Mount Kailash

: Rs 10,000 to Rs 20,000

Best time to visit
: April to June and September to December

: Medium to difficult

: • Mt. Kailash • Lake Manasarovar • Traditional Tibetan Villages • Five temples around Kailash
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Tashilhunpo Monastery is one of the Six Big Monasteries of Gelugpa (or Yellow Hat Sect) in Tibet. Likewise called the Heap of Glory, it is situated at the foot of Drolmari (Tara's Mountain), Shigatse. Established by the First Dailai Lama in 1447, the religious community's structure was extended by the Fourth and progressive Panchen Lamas. Covering a range of about 300,000 square meters (3,229,279 sq. ft.), the primary structures found here are The Maitreya Chapel, The Panchen Lama's Palace and The Kelsang Temple. Remaining on the passage of Tashilhunpo, guests can see the great structures with brilliant rooftops and white dividers.

: Foot of Drolmari (Tara's Mountain), Shigatse.

: CNY 80 (May 1-Oct.31); CNY 40 (Nov. 1-Apr. 30)

Best time to visit
: 09:00 to 17:00

: • Jamba Chyenmu (The Maitreya Temple) • Sunning of the Buddha Festival • Largest Maitreya statue in China • Thangka Sunning Festival in summer
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In spite of the fact that everybody is enthusiastic to have a decent perspective of the lofty Mount Everest, not all individuals can accomplish their fantasy, not to mention trek to visit the Everest. Tingri to Everest Base Camp (EBC) is prestigious as a world-class trekking course. You will achieve 70 km in 4 entire days by walking; the course of trekking is in a high-height area with elevations going somewhere around 4400m and 5300m, while in transit to Everest Base Camp you will have enough time to investigate the valleys and icy masses beneath the monstrous north-face of Mt. Everest and perspective the most heavenly world's most noteworthy mountain landscape.

: Tingri

: Rs 6999 to Rs 7999

Best time to visit
: In winter

: 3900 m

Difficulty level
: Moderately high

: • Drive to Border, cross border and drive to Nyalam • Drive to Tingri • Trek to Lung Thang • Trek to Zommug • Exploration at Rongbuk Glacier • Sightseeing in Lhasa
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