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Ganden to Samye Tibet trekking course is viewed as one of the best climbs on the planet. It is a satisfying and wonderful journey trip with much to offer, a diagram of Tibetan Buddhism and religious society, blue blessed lakes, high frigid passes and mountains, rich snow capped glades, sporadic herders' camp, peaceful Tibetan towns, time-respected consecrated locales, at long last coming full circle at the infertile, desert-like environment close to the Samye Monastery. On the off chance that you go to Tibet, we exceedingly prescribe you to attempt this trek, which will make your Tibet visit additionally intriguing. This is additionally an all around utilized journey course for Tibetans for it is helpful to join a visit to Ganden with a sensibly immediate yet hard stroll to Samye.

: Tibet  

: Rs 8,000 to Rs 10,000

Best time to visit
: April to June and September to December

Altitude: 4180m

Difficulty level
: Moderate

: • Ganden Monastery • Samye Monastery • Traditional Tibetan Villages • Interesting outside experience
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