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Tibetan New year, otherwise called Losar, is the most imperative celebration in the Tibetan timetable. Tibetan New Year is said to most recent 15 days, however the initial 3 days are generally essential. It is mostly celebrated over a time of 3 days in late The Tibetan date-book comprises of 12 (or 13) lunar months, and Losar starts on the principal day of the Tibetan year. The Tibetan date-book is lunisolar and verging on indistinguishable to the Chinese schedule.

Losar is commended by Tibetan individuals. It is set apart with antiquated functions that speaks to the battle in the middle of good and insidiousness. There is droning and going of flame lights through the group. A specific measure of levity is given by occasions, for example, the move of the deer and the diverting fights between the King and his different pastors. Losar Festival is described particularly by moving, music, and a general soul of fun.
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