Lhasa Great Mosque, Lhasa - 2020 (Photos & Reviews)

About Lhasa Great Mosque

While you are visiting Tibet there is another site which is a must visit for you, Lhasa Great Mosque is another site which is lately becoming a hit among the people around the globe. Also, known as the Hebalin Mosque this mosque is a gathering hub for the Hui ethnic group in Tibet. This mosque was built in Tibetian traditional style with circular arch and steeple. The interior of the mosque is decorated with Islamic decorative style flowers and plants.

Highlights: The Lhasa mosque has three entrances and courtyard with several main buildings, such as the prayer hall, water house, bath house, bunker building etc. The prayer hall has three main parts, including the inner hall, open hall and moon platform. Get amazed by the striking architecture and the exquisitely built interiors with blues as the basic colour.

Location: Lhasa Great Mosque is located at Hebalin, Chengguan District of Lhasa.

Price: The entry to this mosque is free of cost.
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