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Kawa Karpo, one of the holiest snow mountains in Tibet, is said to be the supernatural home of a warrior god. Arranged on the fringe of Dechen County in Yunnan and Chayul County in the Tibet Autonomous Region, Kawa Karpo is viewed as a vital part of the Three Parallel Rivers Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Orderly, Snow Lion Tours will take you profound into the locale of Mt. Kawa Karpo, considered by Buddhists to be sacred, and raved by right on time western guests as a heaven. You'll experience heavenly springs where travelers drink water that has dissolved from hallowed inclines, and crawl through diminishing air to brush statures of 4810 meters on the unbelievable Shola Pass.

: Tibet

: Rs 5999 to Rs 7999

Best time to visit
: In winter

: 3200-4700m

Difficulty level
: Average

: • Trekking Mt. Kawa Karpo • Three Parallel Rivers Park • The Old Town of Lijiang

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