Rouelbeau Castle Overview

Despite its ruined and desolate state, Rouelbeau Castle stands as one of the most intriguing places to visit in Geneva. As one of the last remaining medieval castles in the Geneva countryside, this fortress, initially slated to become a historical monument in 1921, faced abandonment in its rebuilding efforts.

Today, Rouelbeau Castle has gained recognition as an exploration spot for travellers. Explore the historical remnants and captivating atmosphere with guided tours, a unique addition to your Switzerland tour packages. Uncover the secrets of this medieval relic, creating an unforgettable experience amidst the picturesque Geneva landscape.


Dating back to 1318, this castle has long held the attention of several travellers, especially history patrons. A recently discovered text dating back to 1339 provides an astonishing description of the original castle, which was built out of wood.

12 long years of excavation have revealed tons of interesting facts about the structure and design of the precedent wooden castle. Surrounded by the rich beauty of the Seymaz nature reserve, this castle is a must-visit for those seeking offbeat trails.

Timings: Open 24 hours, every day

Entry Fee: No entry fee

Location: Chemin de Rouelbeau, 1252 Meinier

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