Quai Du Mont Blanc Overview

Quai du Mont Blanc is a mesmerising promenade by the northern bank of Lake Geneva, adorned with numerous statues, art expos, flowers. It extends towards the upper east side, opening up to stellar views of Mont Blanc and the Alps, especially around dawn and dusk.

Include this picturesque experience in your Switzerland tour packages from India to immerse yourself in the scenic beauty and cultural richness that Quai du Mont Blanc gracefully offers. Capture the essence of Swiss charm with every step along this captivating lakeside promenade.


If you’re feeling bogged down by the mainstream touristy places of Geneva, Quai du Mont Blanc comes as a pleasant surprise. Travelling is the only time when you can choose to do nothing all day and not feel guilty about it.

And what better way to spend a relaxed morning or evening by taking a leisurely stroll along the banks of Lake Geneva and basking in the magnificent views of the Alps? No other attractions in Geneva can promise you this view.

Location: 1201 Genève

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