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Camping in Kodaikanal With Multi Adventure Activities SPECIAL OFFERS
Camping in Kodaikanal With Multi Adventure Activities



If adventure is your thing and you are looking to do something adrenaline spiking, then this campsite is the best place to find your fit of the description of 'Adventurous'.The Campsite is surrounded by hilly terrains, forests of Shola trees and in the proximity of 2 waterfalls.Located at a height of more than 2100 m above sea level, the campsite provides around 35 activities to choose from. With the concept of 'back to nature' in their approach, the campsite ensures that all the adventure activities happening here are safe, encouraging growth, self-discovery, confidence building, self-reliance, and cooperative teamwork, and are fun at their best.On the course of a couple of days, you can enjoy more than 30 activities, 1 night of camping at that height, and 3 meals.How to Reach?You will find this place on the Kodaikanal-Mannavanur highway some 38 km from Kodaikanal and you can reach here by public or private transport.The Activities on the campsite are divided into 3 categories as follows:Rope Courses:1) Rope Net, 2) Clip shape Bridge, 3) U shape Bridge, 4) Angel's Hand, 5) Lungful Spile, 6) Lifting Bridge, 7) V-Shaped Bridge, 8) Zip Line Tyre, 9) Tyre Swing, 10) Burma Bridge,11) Crossfire, 12) Hand Gliding, 13) Zip Line, 14) Rock Climbing, 15) Abseiling.Assault Courses:01) Wood logs crossing, 02) Snake Logs, 03) Wood ramp walk, 04) Rock jump, 05) Low & High Obstacle, 06) UP & Down Wood Logs, 07) Rope Climb, 08) Jacobs Ladder, 09) Tree Climb, 10) Bores Net, 11) Net Climb 12) Spider net 13) Wall Jump.Team building:01) Waterfall Visits 02) Tree Climbing, 03) Team Building Activities, 04) Camping, 05) Nature Walk (hiking tour), 06) Farmer Interactions, 07) Local Sightseeing.*Note- This package is for 2 days and 1 night. Also available for this campsite is a package for 3 days and 2 nights. For information on the same, you can drop in an inquiry and we will get in touch with you shortly.Min number of people required to book:- 4

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109 Ratings

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