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Gold Coast Kayaking FAQs

Which are the best spots for kayaking in the Gold Coast ?

1. Tallebudgera CreekIn Tallebudgera Creek, you can paddle upstream towards the Schuster Park where you will find many playgrounds, barbeques and picnic shelters. You will be greeted with beautiful mangroves on your way up there. You can also paddle towards the river mouth along the creek and catch the scenic Burleigh Headland from there Kayaking in Tallebudgera Creek will cost you around 30 AUD or 1800 INR. It is located at 58 Tallebudgera Creek Rd, Tallebudgera QLD 4228, Australia.

2. Elanora Wetlands Reserve: The Elanora Wetlands Reserve is instrumental in supporting the flora and fauna and it includes sugar gliders, common tree snakes and over 60 species of birds. The reserve covers an area of 20 hectares and is a part of the Burleigh to Springbrook wildlife corridor. This is one of the best Gold Coast Kayaking spots and kayaking here will cost around 50 AUD or 2556 INR. It is located next to the Tallebudgera Creek.

3. The Broadwater: The Broadwater is one of the most visited Gold Coast Kayaking spots and you can expect to find crowd here. You can explore the whole of South Stradbroke Island from here or witness the Wavebreak Island. It is located at Southport and the charges for kayaking here starts from 50 AUD or 2556 INR.

4. Currumbin Creek: From Currumbin Creek you can paddle upstream to the Coastal Meadows Park in Currumbin Valley. Or you can paddle downstream to Tarrabora Reserve and Currumbin Parklands. Located at Palm Beach, this is one of the most popular and crowded Gold Coast Kayaking spots. The charges here start from 20 AUD or around 1100 INR.

5. Colman Road Reserve: The Colman Road Reserve is one of the easiest Gold Coast Kayaking spots as it is a natural conservation area. You can explore several places from here like Jumpinpin Point, McCoy’s Creek and Pimpana River. You can also have an encounter with the koalas here in the eucalyptus forests. It is located at East Coomera and the cost of kayaking here is around 50 AUD or 2556 INR.

6. Cudgen Creek: If you want a peaceful experience of kayaking in Gold Coast, head over to the Cudgen Creek which is known for its river rays and birdlife. You can also spot dolphins here if you are lucky. Cudgen Creek is located at Kingscliff and it will cost you 25 AUD or around 1330 INR for kayaking here.

7. Jabiru Island: One of the most scenic spots for kayaking in Gold Coast is the Jabiru Island where you can find Osprey birds, Brahminy Kites and Eastern Curlews at Coombabah Creek. You can also head over to the Coomera River by paddling along Saltwater Creek and turn southwards to Paradise Point for enjoying a swim. It is located at Paradise Point and kayaking here will cost around 50 AUD or 2556 INR.

8. Simpsons Creek: If you are a nature lover, Simpsons Creek is the best spot for kayaking in Gold Coast as you will find Eastern water dragons and large monitors moving along the shore. Head over to Byron Bay where you will find Tea Tree forests lining the bank. Located at Brunswick Head, kayaking here will cost around 50 AUD or 2556 INR.

9. Nerang River:The Nerang River is the largest spot for Kayaking in Gold Coast. You can reach to the Coral Sea from the river mouth. You can also paddle towards the north and explore the South Stradbroke Island. You can also explore several other places from here like Girung Island, Macintosh Island Park, Hinze Dam and Advancetown Lake. Kayaking here will cost around 95 AUD or 5000 INR.

10. Wave Break Island: If you wish to combine a snorkelling experience with kayaking, Wave Break Island is your best option for kayaking in Gold Coast. You can explore from the Biggera Waters to the northern point of Wave Break Island here. It is located around 30 mins to the north of Central Gold Coast and the charges for kayaking here is around 25 AUD or around 1330 INR.

11. Southern Moreton Bay Islands: The Southern Moreton Bay Islands National Park is a heaven for nature lovers. This area is protected because of its significance to the local environment. You can find a rich biodiversity here which includes various types of birds, fish, turtles, shellfish and dugongs. The charges of kayaking here will be around 50 AUD or 2556 INR.

12. Emerald Lakes: If you want a more central location for kayaking in Gold Coast, head over to the Emerald Lakes. You can enjoy some gentle paddling as you witness the scenic cityscape from here. It is located at the Emerald Lakes Parklands which is a short walk from the French Quarters. The cost of kayaking here is around 35 AUD or 1900 INR.

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What to wear while kayaking on the Gold Coast ?

For Kayaking in Gold Coast, your dress has to provide you with comfort, flexibility and durability. You have to wear dresses which are quick to dry and suitable for the water surfaces. This includes swimming costumes made of nylon, polyester or any other synthetic fabric. Make sure you dress up in layers and avoid anything made of cotton as it soaks in water and stays wet for a very long time. Your clothes should not have any zipper or fasteners made of metal as salt water corrodes metal. Your dress should protect you from the sun as kayaking involves spending long hours in the sun so clothes made of UPF rated fabric will be a good choice. Make sure that you wear a Personal Floatation Device (PFD) and you never take it off while you are on the water.

What safety precautions should we take while kayaking on the Gold Coast ?

1. Make sure that you invest in good clothing and wear the appropriate attire for kayaking in Gold Coast.

2. You should always wear your Personal Floatation Device. The Coast Guard Regulations makes it necessary for all kayaks to have a life jacket. The life jackets will keep your body warm in cold water by providing insulation and it will help you keep you head above the water at all times.

3. Stay aware of the weather conditions and the temperature of the water. Be well prepared for the weather changes and the chances of facing a capsize.

4. Stay aware of the off shore winds which will make returning to the shore a difficulty.

5. Do not consume drugs or alcohol before going on kayaking.

6. Make sure that you are aware of all the rules and regulations of the place where you are boating and you adhere to them.

7. Ensure that you tell someone about your paddle plan and stick to the plan. This includes where you are going, how many people you will be accompanied by and for how long you will be gone.

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What are the other things to do in Gold Coast?

1. Visit the Majestic Mount Tamborine: Mount Tamborine is a small scenic hill surrounded by lakes and waterfalls. It is located at Tamborine National Park which is the oldest National Park of Queensland. It is an offbeat place where you can find several good restaurants and cafe. It is a 40 minutes’ drive from Main Gold Coast and the prices are 20 AUD or 1100 INR for adults and 10 AUD or 550 INR for children.

2. Take the Brewery Tour: The Burleigh Brewery Co. is one of the most famous Brewery in Queensland. You can try some of their best drinks like Burleigh Blonde, Burleigh Twisted Palm, Burleigh Big Head and many more. The price of tasting here starts from 50 AUD or 2700 INR.

3. Visit Lamington National Park: For bird lovers, Lamington National Park is one of the best places to visit in Gold Coast. You can find various Australian birds here and get to know more about the native birds and animals of Australia.

4. Go for Whale Watching Cruise: The Whale Watching Cruises are the most popular and fun activities in the Gold Coast. You can find even the rarest Orca whales and humpback whales here. You will also find sharks, turtles, dolphins, and flying fish on the cruise. The cost of the cruises starts from 65 AUD or 3500 INR.

5. Jet Boat Ride: The Jet Boat Ride at Surfers Paradise in Gold Coast will be an extreme and thrillimg experience. Glide through the waves at a mind numbing speed and enjoy an adrenaline rush with the Jet Ski Ride. The prices range around 170 AUD or 9000 INR for Adults and 130 AUD or 7000 INR for Children.

6. Explore the Jellurgal Aboriginal Cultural Center: Learn more about the history and culture of the Gold Coast at the Jellurgal Aboriginal Cultural Centre. Experience the lifestyle of the ancient Yugambeh people of Queensland by exploring through the rainforest cover and lush bushes at the centre. Hear various facts and true stories about this indigenous tribe by hiring a local guide. The prices are around 50 AUD or 2700 INR for Adults and around 15 AUD or 800 INR for Children.

7. Climb at Q1: Climb one of the tallest buildings on the planet at Q1 which stands at a height of 322 metres above the ground. You will be guided and tied with a safety harness after you reach the top. Soak in the panoramic views of the Gold Coast from above and admire the sunset meeting the ocean in the horizon. The prices are around 30 AUD or 1600 INR for Adults and 19 AUD or 1000 INR for Children.

8. Surfing: Surfing is one of the most popular activities in the Gold Coast. Glide through the clear blue waters of the Pacific Ocean and experience the thrill of a lifetime. You will get various surfing schools where you can get enrolled for a surfing lesson and be provided with the surfing gears.

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