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Gold Coast Car Rentals FAQs

Which are the best cars available for rent in Gold Coast?

1. Mazda 2: If you’re looking to rent a premium segment car that comes with great style, interior, and design, Mazda 2 can be your go-to option. It offers some of the best safety features, including dual front airbags, an anti-lock braking system, and emergency brake assist. Mazda 2 is a perfect rental option for your family as it can easily accommodate 5 adults and has a high fuel economy.

Price Per hour:
Rs 1223.52/ 23.13 AUD
Price Per Day: AUD 21.45.00/ Rs 2691.74 per day + 45.0c/km

2. Ford Falcon: 
Ford Falcon has become one of the best options for car hire in Gold Coast as it fulfills all your need for luxury and comfort. Its interior space is massive, and it comes with leather-trimmed seats for maximum comfort. With its undefeatable performance, raging speed, and great mileage, it will make your trip to Gold Coast worth remembering.

Price Per hour:
Rs 978.81/ 18.56 AUD
Price Per Day: $108.26 AUD/ Rs 5709.76 per day + 39.0c/km

3. MG MG3: 
MG MG3 is one of the best road trip vehicles as it comes with enough power and lift for a joyous ride. Its sleek alloy wheels and head-turning body color make it an absolute style statement. The rear seats fold down, making it an excellent vehicle for sleeping in. It also comes with amazing features like LED daytime running headlights, an 8” color touchscreen, and Apple CarPlay.

Price Per hour:
Rs 1277.35/ 24.22 AUD
Price Per Day: $ 69.59AUD/ Rs 3670.56 per day + 53.0c/km

4. Holden Captiva: 
Holden Captiva is a full-size family rental car with a stylish interior and dynamic technology. It can be the best choice for car rentals in Gold Coast as it comes in both seven or five-seat capacity and has excellent mileage. Tinted windows, power mirrors, cruise control, and air conditioning with particle filters make it the perfect companion for your road trips.

Price Per hour:
Rs 1223.52/ 23.19 AUD
Price Per Day: $ 85.06 AUD/ Rs 4486.24 per day + 53.0c/km

5. Honda Odyssey: 
Honda Odyssey dominates the minivan segment and can accommodate your entire family. It comes with excellent cargo capacity ensuring you have tons of room to pack for road trips. Some of the notable features include flexible seating options, adaptive cruise control, road departure mitigation segment, and Honda Sensing.

Price Per hour:
Rs 1223.52/ 23.19 AUD
Price Per Day: 89.30 AUD/ Rs 4709.73 per day + 53.0c/km

6. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter: 
Make your hunt for car rentals in Gold Coast easier with Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, a German-made van with luxurious and functional technology. It is perfect for large families as it has lots of space and headroom. The van also comes with excellent shock absorbers to ensure that you have minimal disruption while traveling. It also has tons of security technologies, including windshield assistance, traction help, abrupt suspension, collision avoidance, and abrupt braking.

Price Per hour:
Rs 1631.36/ 30.93 AUD
Price Per Day: 108.26 AUD/ Rs 5709.76 per day + 53.0c/km

7. Land Rover: 
Land Rover is an excellent off-road tripping companion as it can handle any terrain, conditions, and season. It comes with comfy black leather seats and spacious boots to keep your cargo. This car is also good on fuel as it comes with an economical 4-cylinder 2.2 L turbo diesel engine. It is super easy to drive and comes with dual-zone climate control and parking sensors.

Price Per hour:
Rs 2447.04/ 46.39 AUD
Price Per Day: 231.99AUD/ Rs 12201.45 per day + 53.0c/km

8. Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross: 
Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is a compact SUV that stands out from its contemporaries due to its sporty look and unmatched fuel efficiency. It has a double sunroof, reverse camera, touch screen with app connection, and big boot size. This five-passenger front-wheel 4-door car is perfect for long drives and off-road trips.

Price Per hour:
Rs 1464.17/ 27.83 AUD
Price Per Day: 88.15 AUD/ Rs 4636.55 per day + 45.0c/km

9. Hyundai i30: 
Make car hire in Gold Coast a bliss by renting a Hyundai i30 that falls into the premium hatchback segment. It comes with roomy interiors and a folding rear seat and can tackle country roads well. The fuel consumption, storage space, and driving performance will impress even the most sophisticated drivers!

Price Per hour:
Rs 813.43/ 15.46 AUD
Price Per Day: 54.13 AUD/ Rs 2847.00 per day + 45.0c/km

10. Kia Seltos: 
Stop looking for car hire in Gold Coast with Kia Seltos, which has built a reputation for great aesthetics, a high ride height, and high-end features. From the asphalt of the highway to the rigid bumps of the road, this car will minimize external disruptions and offer you a smooth driving experience.

Price Per hour:
Rs 1090.81/ 20.74 AUD
Price Per Day: 103.67 AUD/ Rs 5452.42 per day + 39.0c/km

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Which are the budget-friendly cars to hire while in Gold Coast?

1. HYUNDAI GETZ: End your search for cheap car rental in Gold Coast with HYUNDAI GETZ, a 5-seater Hatchback with all the modern conveniences. It is fuel-efficient and has excellent interiors and groundbreaking aesthetics. This car is perfect for smaller families, couples, and individuals.

Price Per Day: 30.93 AUD/ Rs 1626.86 per day

2. HYUNDAI ACCENT: Another great option for cheap car rental in Gold Coast is HYUNDAI ACCENT, a compact sedan for people who prioritize value over size. It comes with a 5-inch infotainment screen, automatic transmission, and active safety features. This car also has enough room for luggage and four adults.

Price Per Day: 46.39 AUD/ Rs 2440.29 per day

3. MITSUBISHI 380 LARGE SEDAN CAR: For those looking for a combination of luxury and efficiency, MITSUBISHI 380 LARGE SEDAN CAR can be the best option. It has excellent features like pedestrian detection, automatic emergency braking, and a 7-inch infotainment screen. This car has enough boot space for five adults and multiple suitcases.

Price Per Day: 40.21 AUD/ Rs 2114.91 per day

4. 8 SEATER TARAGO: 8 SEATER TARAGO is a flagship passenger van that can comfortably fit eight passengers and has enough room for luggage. Its sleek interior, excellent fuel economy, powerful engine, and engaging handling make it perfect for your off-road adventures in Gold Coast.

Price Per Day: 85.06 AUD/ Rs 4473.86 per day

5. Auto 4DR Getz: Get ready for an easy breezy ride on the roads of Gold Cost by renting Auto 4DR Getz. It is a perfect family vehicle that offers enough leg room, great fuel efficiency, and excellent safety features. The engaging driver dynamics and comfortable seating make it an ideal off-road tripping companion.

Price Per Day: 37.11 AUD/ Rs 1952.23 per day

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Which are the best cars that can be hired from Gold Coast Airport?

1. Holden Barina: If you’re looking to rent a car in Gold Coast Airport, you won’t find a better option than Holden Barina. It offers excellent interior comfort and will help you stay at ease during long trips. Some of the notable features include a 16-valve engine, traction control, parking sensors, and an anti-lock braking system.

2. Suzuki Swift: Suzuki Swift is a five-seater hatchback car that comes with enough leg room and easy-to-handle clutch pedals. It offers excellent mileage, and the excellent upholstery of the driving seat keeps you comfortable even during long drives. Suzuki Swift drives well around suburbs and main roads, making it the perfect option for getting around the Gold Coast.

3. Kia Picanto: Kia Picanto is a luxurious five-door hatchback that will put you at ease during your long-distance travel. The front seats are adjustable, and the engine is smooth, guaranteeing you a hassle-free ride. Its excellent fuel efficiency and optimum legroom make mile munching enjoyable.

4. Ford Fiesta: Ford Fiesta is an excellent choice for small families looking to soak in the beauty of the Gold Coast. It has brilliant interiors, voice-recognition controls, heated leather seats, excellent efficiency, a powerful engine, and groundbreaking aesthetics. The array of groundbreaking features and controls makes driving this car a breeze on the roads.

5. Kia Rio: Kia Rio is an economy car with spunky handling capabilities, superb steering, and climate control features. It also comes with a standard 7-inch infotainment display and app integration via Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. This car exudes the perfect balance between fuel efficiency and power.

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What are the documents required to rent a car in Gold Coast?

1. Credit card and driving license; in some cases, the rental company may accept debit cards with the Mastercard or Visa logo.

2. You may also need to submit your passport if you are not an Aussie citizen.

3. International driving permit.

What are the important things to remember when renting a car on rent?

1. Before car hire in Gold Coast, check the documents of the company and vehicle to confirm that the company is genuine and the vehicle is insured.

2. Inspect the vehicle for scratches, dents, dirt inside the car, loose parts, etc. You can also click pictures to have proof of the vehicle’s current condition.

3. Before car hire in Gold Coast, familiarize yourself with the vehicle, as every vehicle has different features.

4. Opt for a car rental company that offers zero excess insurance coverage to relieve you of any damage that happens to the car.

How much does it cost to rent a car at Coolangatta Gold Coast Airport?

There are different charges to rent a car in Gold Coast at Coolangatta Airport. For economy cars, you’ll have to pay 1.20 AUD/Rs 62/per day, and for compact cars, you’ll have to pay Rs 5246/101.67 AUD per day. Renting an SUV will cost you around Rs 10,286/ 199.34 AUD per day, and for intermediate cars, you’ll have to pay Rs 6308/122.24 AUD per day.

What are the age requirements to rent a car in Gold Coast?

1. 18 to 21 years (inclusive) can opt for self-drive Gold Coast car rentals, but they will have to pay an age surcharge (POA);

2. 22 to 24 years of age (inclusive) can hire self-drive cars and will have to pay a lesser age surcharge (POA);

3. 25 to 75 years of age (inclusive) can hire self-drive cars and don’t need to pay any age surcharge unless they have a Provisional Drivers Licence.

4. 76 to 79 years (inclusive) can opt for self-drive Gold Coast car rentals, but they will have to pay an age surcharge.

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