Main Beach Overview

Located on the northern end of the Gold Coast is one of the city’s most-visited attractions, the Main Beach. Known primarily as the surfing point to reach Southport, Main Beach attracts tourists from around the world with its unique blend of calm and adventure, and the new and the old. From the iconic Pavilion 34 café to thrilling adventure activities like parasailing and surfing, Main Beach has something to offer to visitors from all age groups.

The alluring Main beach is located at the Northern end of the Gold Coast and has become one of the most-visited beaches there. It is known as the Main beach because it was considered the main beach for surfing to the town of Southport. The beach is a treasure trove of a blend of new ideas and old elements which makes this place a beautiful hang-out for enthusiastic travelers.

One of the major highlights of the beach is the presence of Pavillion 34 which is a casual beach cafe replete with a lot of delicacies like pineapple fritters, fish and chips and a lot more. You will find a lot of vintage memories and photographs which will help you understand what the Main beach was in the olden times.

The bathing pavilion is located adjacent to the Southport Surf club which was established in 1936. In the peak season, the Main beach becomes extremely popular among surfers as it has an open shore break. The Main beach provides a great experience for those who want to sit here with peace and also for adventure lovers.

It also has a large strip of land devoted to cafes, bars, and pubs with classy restaurants to fire up your night. If you want to fill your shopping bags, then you can wander towards the Southport Spit and discover some cool items you can own. To explore and delve into the niceties of Modern and traditional Gold Coast and its adjoining towns, this beach sure presents a golden opportunity for travel-lovers and influencers.

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•  Renowned as the central beach for surfing to Southport, Main Beach entertains visitors of all age groups with its past-meets-present aesthetic.
• Embark on a stunning parasailing experience at Main Beach, where difficulty levels cater to amateurs as well as professionals.
•  Indulge in the vibrant Polynesian culture as you explore authentic food, beverages, and fun entertainment activities.
•  Savour the taste of fresh seafood available at great prices at the Fisherman’s Cooperative of Main Beach.
• Learn the exciting skill of surfing, designed for both kids and adults, with professional trainers at Main Beach.
• Explore the classic bathing pavilions of Main Beach at Pavilion 34, one of the most iconic attractions at the Gold Coast location.
• Visit the Macintosh Island Park, and explore other prominent highlights like Sea World, Wet and Wild, SkyPoint Observation Deck, Harbour Town Outlet Shopping Centre, and the Infinity Attraction. 

How To Reach

The Main beach from Gold Coast can be reached by different transports as listed below:

By Bus: It takes 27 minutes to reach Main Beach by bus that takes off directly from the airport. You will have to get off at the Broadbeach South station which is closest from there.

There are buses every 20 minutes which makes it a cost-effective option to reach. From the beach station, you will have to take a tram to the Main beach station that takes another 10 minutes. This is considered the best way to reach. 

By Airport Shuttle: You can also take the airport shuttle which will take 25 minutes but you will reach there directly. 

By Road: There is no dearth of taxis and cab which will take you to the destination. The airport terminal has several booking counters from where you can book a cab driver to your favorite beach. 

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Best Time To Visit

Gold Coast enjoys bright sunshine for almost 300 days a year. But for the beach visit, we recommend you to visit here between May and October. The warm weather is perfect for beach tours because all the activities come high and live during this period. We do not advise you to visit here in January and February mainly because humidity during this period is at its peak and beach visit can get extremely annoying.

There also will be heavy rainfall during this time, hence visiting the beach will be a futile experience.In the winter months from June and August, it is very sunny with temperatures dropping close to 12 degrees. The sub-tropical nature of the location makes this zone free from extremities of the climate. But, summers are still regarded best for a beach visit. 

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Other Essential Information

Restaurants at Main Beach

If you are a foodie and an avid bar hopper then this list will do a world of good to you. Here we list the top places for you to have a good time, even when you are lonely. 

1. Glass Dining and Lounge bar: The glossy interiors with beguiling views is what defines this award-winning bar cum dining wonder. For those who crave for signature drinks and ales, this place provides a sigh of relief thanks to its elaborate drinks menu. Your meals will be appetizing as the menu has some careful hand-picked items you will savor. 

2. Vie Bar and restaurant: At Vie, you will vie for its luxury aura and food that has won a thousand hearts. The diamond-tiled marble hallway and lavish furnishings of the shiny Palazzo Versace hotel is a dream come true. Enjoy the views of the bay and the yachts of the cosmopolitan Gold coast. 

3. Fishermen’s Wharf Tavern: This place is something that every sports enthusiast and gaming buff will appreciate. The lounge bar is a relaxing casual hangout for the hippie generation with a wide selection of tapas and gourmet pizzas. With an impressive line-up of cocktails and their signature dish fishbowl sing along with the DJ specials and enjoy a cool and comfortable time here. 

4. Chill on Tedder: This place is a no-brainer. It has a dedicated meal service with some yummy menu sixers with a huge list of cocktails, mocktails and neat refreshments at your disposal. For a huge group of visitors, this restaurant is a blessing in disguise. The menu star performers are pomegranate mandarin martini and the chocolate negroni.

Traveler’s Tips Before Visiting Main Beach

1. Do not forget to carry a small backpack so that all beach essentials are present with you when you need them the most

2. Avoid wearing flashy clothes. Stick to cotton clothes and comfortable ones at that.

3. Choose a comfortable place to sunbathe.

4. Carry a reliable sunscreen to protect your skin from the wrath of sharp sun’s rays.

5. Be sure to carry UV special sunglasses to protect your eyes.

6. Carry a first-aid box for emergency mishaps

7. Keep your mobile phone charged fully because the trip is so engrossing that it may take an entire day.

8. Carry essentials like a hat, beach towels and lots of water to keep you from getting dehydrated.

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