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  • When you are in Sri Lanka one of the most exciting Sri Lankan adventure which any traveller would love to undertake is a dip in the oceans, snorkelling, scuba diving and much more. However, if you are hydrophobic then it is best to seek some adventure on land. How about a thrilling safari?

    Well, Sri Lanka also loves to boasts of its biological endemism. Some of the adventure spots will truly give you goose bumps such as rock climbing with the experience of crumbling rocks beneath your feet. Or else you can take a tour to the skies with the beautiful hot air balloon experience.

    Some adventures in Sri Lanka that you should visit:

  • 01Go for Wildlife Safari

    Image Credit : Michael Jansen - Flickr

    Sri Lanka might just seem like a small droplet in the world map but it encompasses some of the world’s spectacular biodiversity hotspots. Sri Lankan Asian Elephants, Leopards, Sambar and Purple-faced Langur are something which is easy to spot here. Sri Lanka has housed some of the best National Parks. You can check out the Yala West National Park which allows you to see some fairly bold leopards. The best time to visit Yala National Park would be from December to March. If you are an ardent elephant watcher then Minneriya National Park has housed approximately five hundred elephants in the park.

    Price: Approximate price for a full day would be 75 USD and for half day it would be 40 USD.

    Safari to Udawalave National Park

    Safari to Udawalave National Park


    h5 Hoursh30 MinuteslUdawalawe

    Starting from


  • 02Mountain Biking

    Image Credit : Amila Tennakoon
    An exceptional way to experience the scenic beauty and exquisite cultural heritages of Sri Lanka is to ride a mountain bike through the off road trails, gravel paths and dirt roads. Whether it is the easy terrain of the plains or the more challenging Central Highlands, feeling the tea scented wind and drinking in the natural scenic beauty with cascading waterfall is a rewarding experience.

    The diverse landscapes of Sri Lanka provide a perfect opportunity to explore the myriad beauty, cultural diversity and beautiful sleepy villages of the island.

    Image Credits : Amila Tennakoon

    Location: There are four major cycling trails in Sri Lanka: Southern Coast, North Central Plains, Central Highlands and past Central Higland. Beyond Central Highland are systematic tea plantations and sleepy hamlets, where wind seems to be infused with the aroma of the tea.

    Price: The average rate per person for mountain biking is LKR 7,000 for 12 Km uphill and downhill.
  • 03Lagoon & Village Cycling

    The best way to get away from the monotonous life in the city is to cycle through the quaint village of Galle. Lagoon and Village cycling in Galle is a perfect way to spend your weekends. Ride at your own pace and you will be able to cover 12 km easily. The cycling routes in Galle are usually the less travelled ones into the gravelled paths, through the mangroves, paddy fields, grasslands, local villages and their shopping stalls and sparse jungles. 

    Highlights: Three to four hours of utmost pleasure. The cycling expedition takes you by the local industries, lagoons and mangroves. Also, in the local village, you can learn to make coconut ropes or catch crabs from the villagers.

    Timings: The activity starts at 8:30 AM and ends at 2 PM

    Price: Approximate price ranges from 16 USD to 50 USD

    Family Cycling Tour in Galle

    Family Cycling Tour in Galle


    h6 HourslGalle

    19% Off


    Starting from


  • 04White Water Rafting in Kitugala

    Image Credit : Anuradha Ratnaweera - Flickr

    If you have always dreamt of living like Robinson Crusoe, a plunge into the White Water Rafting in Kitugala is worth a shot. You will experience rafting in one of the wettest place in the country – Kitugala. This place is located 90 km from Colombo on the banks of the river Kelani River It offers grade three rapids making it an adventurous experience for both the beginners and intermediate rafters.The overall rafting experience will leave you completely thrilled.

    Best Time: April to November is the best time to opt for this activity.

    Prices: Approximate price ranges from 1500 LKR. 

    White Water Rafting Adventure in Kithulgala, Sri Lanka

    White Water Rafting Adventure in Kithulgala, Sri Lanka


    h5 HourslKitulgala

    5% Off


    Starting from


  • 05Rainforest Camping in Kitugala Forest Reserve

    Image Credit : Joseph - Flickr

    Wake up with the melodious chirping of birds all around at the Rainforest Camping in the Kitugala Forest Reserve. The camping in the forest reserve of Kitugala is an experience in itself and will let you have a blend of both adventure and leisure at the same time. Be close to the trails of nature and try out the all the adventure activities such as Jungle walks, Adventurous stream jumps, Mountain Biking and River Trips.All the meals are served to you at your comfort and a barbeque dinner is not to be missed.

    Image Credits : Joanne Goldby - Flickr

    Location: The camping base is approximately 2hrs 30 minutes’ drive from Colombo.

    Best Time: Between February to April.

    Price: Approximate price starts from 290 USD for two days and one night.

  • 06Whale Watching

    Image Credit :

    You will find mischievous dolphins playing in the water and will put up a spectacular looking show. If you are lucky enough you can nonchalantly see the mighty blue whale too. Be a part of the exciting whale watching cruise from Galle to Mirissa fishery port. Dondra Point which is close to Mirissa is the main point to see the blue and sperm whales You can witness Blue Whale, Bryde’s Whale, Killer Whale and Pilot Whale.

    Image Credits :

    Best Time: The best time to visit will be during the month of December, February and March. Mornings are the best time to witness dolphins and whales.

     Price: Approximate price for the harbour cruise starts from 175,000 LKR and can go up to 575,000  LKR depending on the size of the cruise.

    Whale Watching Tour in a Private Yatch in Mirissa

    Whale Watching Tour in a Private Yatch in Mirissa


    h7 HourslMirissa

    0% Off


    Starting from


  • 07Hot Air Balloning

    Image Credit :

    Watch the world from a different perspective with our Hot Air Ballooning. It has a perfect amalgamation of both thrilling experiences of flying up in the air with complete serenity. You can capture some of the most beautiful photographic moments. It can be an amazing scenery or a Sri Lankan Leopard resting on the branch of the tree. Colorful Hot air balloons floating in the cloud offers one of the surreal and majestic view.The best part of the Hot Air Ballooning is the take-off time which lets you absorb in the colorful wonders of the world

    Image Credits : dfbphotosm - Flickr

    Location: Kandalama which is approximately 4 hours from Colombo

    Price: Approximate price starts from 13000 LKR per person.

    Hot Air Ballooning at Kandalama Lake in Sri lanka

    Hot Air Ballooning at Kandalama Lake in Sri lanka


    h4 HourslKandalama

    4% Off


    Starting from


  • 08Surfing

    Image Credit : AlGraChe - Flickr

    Peel off the waves with your surfs and let the adventure begin! The thrilling experience of surfing will surely leave you with an unforgettable experience for a lifetime. Although surfing is available in many Sri Lankan beaches but if you want to have a real surfing experience in the warm water you should go for Weligama beach, however, you can also try other beaches like Arugm Bay, Hikkaduwa, Unawatuna and much more to list. No matter whether it is your first time or you are a professional, it is always better to understand the water from a trainer to learn the basics of surfing in safe waters.

    Image Credits : Surfing The Nations - Flickr

    Best Time: It is different for different beaches but ideally one should visit during November and April.

    Prices: Approximate price starts from 8 USD for 3 days.

  • 09Scuba Diving

    Image Credit :

    Bathing in warm Indian Ocean currents is an experience of a lifetime. You will find a wide variety of marine creatures in Sri Lankan waters. From the mighty Blue Whale to the tiny nudibranch, Sri Lanka has it all. The friendly locals of the place well complemented with an amazing food make the experience even better. This reef is located off the coast of Mount Lavinia which will never disappoint you. It is home to some of the most beautiful aquatic creatures such as Lionfish, rays, and nudibranch.


    Image Credits : Offthebeatentrack - Flickr

    Best Time: If you want to dive in the west and south-west coast then October to May is the best time. However, May to October is the ideal time for the northeast coast.

    Price: Approximate price starts from 41 USD

    Two Hours Scuba Diving at Hikkaduwa in Sri Lanka

    Two Hours Scuba Diving at Hikkaduwa in Sri Lanka


    h2 HourslHikkaduwa

    11% Off


    Starting from


  • 10Snorkelling

    If you want to have a good snorkelling tour, it is time for you to test the Sri Lankan waters where you can span for 3 nautical miles in a length. The whole of the south coast of Sri Lanka is filled with such adventurous sports. If you want the adventure to reach its peak, you can try Bar Reef which is considered to be the Sri Lanka’s largest reef.

    Highlights: For the best experience, you can try snorkelling in Hikkaduw, Weligama and Kirinda.

    Best Time: The best time to indulge in this activity is March, April or May.

    Prices: Approximate price starts from 410 USD

    Snorkeling Tour in Mirissam in Sri Lanka

    Snorkeling Tour in Mirissam in Sri Lanka


    h2 HourslMirissa

    14% Off


    Starting from


  • 11Kite Surfing in Kalpitiya

    Image Credit :

    If you would like to kite in heaven then the Kite surfing experience in Kalpitiya will leave you with an amazing experience. The Kalpitiya Lagoon is the best place for freestylers and beginners. If you want some training then there are several schools where trained professionals can teach you the art of Kite Surfing. You will find several accommodations in the nearby area which makes it easier for everybody to try this adventure sport.


    Image Credits : Neville Nel - Flickr

    Location: Kalpitiya is approximately 3 hours from Colombo.

    Highlights: Afternoon is the best time to try kite surfing as there are strong winds that are blowing.

    Best Time: May to October and December to March.

    Price: Approximate price starts from 45 USD

  • 12Caving

    The caving activity in Sri Lanka will not fail to catch your fascination. This activity is known as speleology by the locals which involve four important things; exploration, surveying, mapping and photography of the caves. The unusual experience of this caving activity will leave an experience which will be cherished thoroughly throughout your life.

    Location: Batatotalena is approximately 98 km from Sri Lanka which will take 2 hours for you to reach there. Make a booking well in advance so that you don’t have to face last moment fuss and commotion.

    Price: Approximate price starts from 350 USD which includes caving and other activities too.

  • 13Trekking

    Image Credit : Dhammika Heenpella - Flickr

    Backpack your bags and go trekking in Sri Lanka where you find endless opportunities that awaits you. You just can’t miss the Knuckles Mountains which offers an amazing view of flora and fauna. For a true traveller, this will be a dream come true experience. You can cherish the local food, sitting on the rocks and getting really close to the trails of nature. Walking by the road you can see the tea plantations even more closely. Trek to the Adam’s Peak which will also be an exciting experience.

    Image Credits :

    Location:: Situated approximately 4 and a half hours from Colombo via Katugastota.

    Best Time:: The time to trek on the Adam’s Peak will be during the month of December.

    Trek to Adam's Peak in Sri Lanka

    Trek to Adam's Peak in Sri Lanka


    h15 HourslNuwara Eliya

    13% Off


    Starting from


  • 14Rock Climbing in Bambarakanda

    Image Credit :

    The experience of crumbling the mighty rocks beneath your feet is truly triumphant. Bambarakanda waterfalls is the highest waterfall in Sri Lanka and as an extra delight you also get a chance to choose from the two climbing paths, two for the beginners and one for the climbers. It is one of the best climb up, where you will get the feeling of conquering the whole world. It will give you the newest experience in mountaineering. It will be both challenging and thrilling experience for both professionals and amateurs.

    Image Credits : Cristian Bortes - Flickr

    Highlights: It is one of the richest biodiversity with forests, grasslands, and thick vegetation, making it ideal for nature lovers.

    Prices: Approximate price starts from 245 USD 

    Rock Climbing at Bambarakanda in Sri Lanka

    Rock Climbing at Bambarakanda in Sri Lanka


    h4 HourslNuwara Eliya

    12% Off


    Starting from


  • 15Sea Plane Ride

    Image Credit :
    Sri Lanka is endowed with splendid scenic beauty and cultural diversity. The golden beaches, exquisite flora, and fauna, diverse topography, a colourful culture which is more than two thousand years old island beautiful heritage architectures are the experiences to cherish for a lifetime. Let the comfortable Sea Plane ride in Sri Lanka gives you the bird’s eye view of this impressive island. Enjoy the lush green land with paddy fields and tea plantation. Take pleasure in the sights of some of the marvelous ancient architectures and experience the natural scenic beauty unfolding before your eyes in innumerable ways. The rides are available for most parts of Sri Lanka.

    Location: The rides are available from Colombo, Bentota, Batticaloa, Dickwella, Kandy, Koggala, Sigiriya, Trincomalee and many other cities.

    : The ride can last from 10 minutes to an hour.

    : Approximate price ranges anywhere from LKR 25,000 to LKR 40,000.

  • 16Catamaran Cruise Trip

    Let your dream come true with a trip on Catamaran cruise which will let you collect some fond memories of Sri Lanka. Take a morning trip with our cruise which will allow you to soak yourself completely in the warm sun rays and relax. You can also get a chance to have a delicious barbeque on board of catamaran.Once on the cruise you can sit back and enjoy the beaches while listening to some good music. Don’t forget to carry a hat and sunglasses on your trip.

    Highlights: You can take a ride on Polonnaruwa Parakrama Sea which is one of Sri Lanka’s man-made lake or can also try water sport activities like snorkelling, swimming and other water sports.

    Best Time: April to September and October to March.

    Price: Approximate price starts from 65 USD


    Catamaran Trip at Topaz in Sri Lanka

    Catamaran Trip at Topaz in Sri Lanka


    h3 HourslTrincomalee

    10% Off


    Starting from


  • 17Boat Trip in Madu River

    Image Credit :

    The sight of Kingfisher waiting for its prey and monkeys nibbling fruits happily while sitting on the branches of the tree is not to be missed. Madu Ganga is the only pristine mangrove forest in Sri Lanka after Bentota. A boat trip to this wonderful place will let you see different variety of plants and animals. You will spot 64 island in total in the river and the lagoon. Meanwhile you can also relish the food cooked on cinnamon woods. The boat trip will take you to an island which has housed a Buddhist monastery Kothduwa where the young monks will show you a 150 year old book made of palm leaves.

    Best Time: Sometime late in the afternoon when it is not so hot is the best time to opt for the activity.

    Price: Approximate price starts from 2300 LKR. 

  • 18Duck Paddle Boats Beira Lake

    Image Credit : President Mahinda Rajapaksa
    Paddle boat ride on Beira Lake is a must-do thing when you visit Colombo. Various duck paddle boats are available on rent on this lake, for you to enjoy the beauty of the waters. The sheer thrill that you get by paddling your way along these boats as you encounter some real ducks or swans on the waters is sure to evoke the child within you.

    Image Credits : Indi Samarajiva

    Highlights: One of the major highlights of the lake is the Simamalakha Shrine, located right in the middle of the lake in an island.

    Location: The Beira Lake is situated very close to the famous Gangaramaya temple.

    Timings: Boat rides are available all through the day, but evenings are better, because you get an excellent view of the illuminated Gangaramaya temple at the background.

    Price: Boating charges are around 100 Sri Lankan Rupees for 30 minutes in a two-seater boat. 
  • 19Golf at The Royal Colombo Golf Club

    Ever dreamt of playing golf at one of the world’s finest and high-profile golf clubs? Royal Colombo Golf Club is just what you are looking for!

    Highlights: Constructed 130 years ago, this is the second oldest golf club in the world. Tourists coming to this club can try their hand at the 96-acre golf court by submitting proper identity documents and paying the relevant fees as per their requirement.

    Location: The club is located at the purely residential area of Model Farm Road in Colombo.

    Timings: The club is open from 6AM to 11PM on all days of the week.

    Green Fees per day basis on week-days and public holidays/weekends costs LKR10000 and LKR12200 respectively.
    One week Green Fees charges come up to LKR40000.
    Caddy Fees comes up to LKR800, single club hire charge comes up to LKR500 and full club hire charge comes up to LKR4000.
  • 20Windsurfing

    One of the most thrilling water sports is windsurfing. The golden beaches of Sri Lanka and the sultry tone of the atmosphere makes it one of the most desired location for windsurfing. The sport requires a certain mix of balance and strength. There are camps in Sri Lanka where you can easily enroll for a course in windsurfing if you are a beginner. The thrilling moments of surfing over the magnificent waves gives a feeling of elation and a bagful of memories to take back.

    Location: Bentota and The Colombo Sailing club located on Bologoda Lake are the places to go. The west coast offers more challenging conditions which are preferred by experienced windsurfers.

    Best Time: Ideal time is December to March. Other months are July, September, November and April.

    Price: Approximate price starts from 1000 LKR for an hour.