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Myanmar Packages

Duration Price
Vietnam Cambodia Laos Myanmar Tour Package10 days & 9 nights
INR 1,42,550
Unveil the Wonders | Bhutan Nepal & Myanmar10 days & 9 nights
INR 1,50,000

Myanmar Trip Packages: Browse through a wide range of Myanmar packages with exciting offers at Thrillophilia. Book customized Myanmar trip packages with exciting deals & offers.

Myanmar Tour Packages are crafted to offer the tourists with a whole new experience of the country flaunting its heritage sites and history. Taking well curated tour packages, you will be able to marvel at some of the age-old beautiful monasteries as well as some of the divine places of worship. Thrillophilia makes sure that all its tourists get the full advantage of the trip to Myanmar so it offers a wide range of special tours which can be customized as per your taste

Opting for these tour packages, you will be able to get highly personalized services at all places starting from hand picked hotel accommodation and planned sightseeing tours. Thrillophilia also lets its guests take part in various water sporting activities in the remote shores of Myanmar so that they capture the views of the alluring coral ridges. Check out some of the beautiful Myanmar Packages from Thrillophilia and move ahead with the one that most excites you. You will surely be able to enjoy life to the fullest with your loved ones.

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Myanmar Tour faqs

Which are the best places to visit during the Myanmar trip?

1. Mandalay Palace: The famous Mandalay Palace which is located in Mandalay happens to be one of the royal palaces where the two last things of the Burmese Monarchy spent their time. The palace was built between 1857 and 1859 in the time when the ruling king decided to found a new royal capital city of Mandalay. The palace nestles in the middle of alluring natural beauty and heading over to this place on your Myanmar Holiday Packages, you would be able to find a number of past evidence related to the great Burmese Empire.

Location: Palace in Mandalay, Myanmar (Burma)
Entry Fee: 14,032.63 Myanmar Kyat

2. Mingun Temple: The Mingun Pagoda is a massive temple that was constructed at the end of the 18th century. Located on the banks of the Irrawaddy River, the temple has got a highly decorated entrance and inside the temple there is a small shrine with a buddha image that you can visit on your Myanmar Trip. Tourists love to climb to the top of the temple using a stairway to capture the beautiful views of the area as well as the pristine Hsinbyume Pagoda. The pagoda has also been subjected to massive damage in the earthquake that took place in the year 1938.

Location: Min Kun, Myanmar (Burma)
Entry Fee: 4,209.79 Myanmar Kyat

3. Snake Pagoda: Snake Pagoda happens to be a popular Buddhist Pagoda that is home to a massive uncaged python. This place is very old and is considered holy by the locals. Tourists visiting Myanmar should make sure to offer prayer at this place and seek blessings. As per legends, the snake in the temple is considered to be a reincarnation of a revered monk. On the other hand, the snake found in the temple is very old and large which is a must visit during Myanmar Holiday Packages.

Location: Bago, Myanmar (Burma)
Entry Fee: 14,032.63 Myanmar Kyat

4. Thatbyinnyu Temple: Thatbyinnyu Temple in Bagan is a Theravada Buddhist Temple and a UNESCO world heritage site. The construction of the temple was completed in the year 1150 - 1151 during the rule of King SIthu I. Visiting this temple during your Myanmar Holiday Packages, one would be able to capture the glimpses of the innovative architectural and artistic creativity. The pinnacle of the temple is about 66 m which is about 217 feet making it the tallest temple in Bagan.

Location: Old Bagan, Myanmar (Burma)

5. Ananda Temple: Located in Bagan, the Ananda Temple dates back to almost 1105 AD which was constructed during the reign of King Kyansittha of the Pagan Dynasty. The temple gets a unique architectural style with a number of terraces leading to a small pagoda at the top that is covered by hti. The temple has four standing Buddhas facing in all directions. As per the locals, the temple is an architectural wonder and has been titled ‘Westminster Abbey of Burma”.

Location: Nyaung-U, Myanmar (Burma)

6. Dhammayangyi Temple: Dhammayangyi Temple is a Buddhist place of worship located in Bagan and is one of the largest places of worship in Bagan. The temple is believed to be constructed during the reign of King Narathu. Narathu went ahead to the throne by killing his father and elder brother. As per beliefs, the temple was constructed to atone for his sins. It is one of the widest temples in Myanmar and is built as per the plan similar to Ananda Temple. The construction of the temple was never complete as the king was assassinated by Sinhalese invaders. You can find the remains of the construction site during your Myanmar Trip

Location: Old Bagan, Myanmar (Burma)

7. Musmeah Yeshua Synagogue: Musmeah Yeshya Synagogue is one of the very last remaining Jewish house of worship that stands tall in between Indian Paint Shops and Muslim traders. This place gets a traditional interior decor and it has been maintained from a considerable time in the past. Located at the city centre, it is one of most sought after places to visit in Yangon. Heading over to this place on your Myanmar Trip, you will be able to capture the views of the wooden ceiling that features the original blue and white star of David Motif.

Location: 26th St, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)

8. Shwezigon Pagoda: The Shwezigon Pagoda happens to be a Buddhist Stupa that is located in Nyaung, Myanmar. This pagoda is considered to be a prototype of the Burnese Stupa. You will find layers of gold on the outer covering of this pagoda as well as diamond encrusted top. The pagoda was built between 1060 - 1102 during the rule of King Kyansittha. The current remains of the pagoda have been refurbished a number of times when natural calamities have damaged the original structure.

Location: Nyaung-U, Myanmar (Burma
Entry Fee: 21,048.94 Myanmar Kyat

9. Sulamani Temple: Located in the village of Minnanthu in Burma, it is one of the most sought after temples to visit in Myanmar. The place of worship was constructed by King Narapatisithu with a design that is very much similar to Thatbyinnyu Temple. Visiting this temple, you will be able to capture a glimpse of the influence from the famous Dhammayangyi Temple. The temple was restored after the earthquake in 1975. The present remains that you will come across is from the rebuild that took place during 1994.

Location: Minnanthu in Burma
Entry Fee: 28,065.26 Myanmar Kyat

10. Htilominlo Temple: Htilominlo Temple is a Buddhist shrine that was built during King Htilominlo’s reign. The temple has got three stories with a height of about 46 meters. The temple was constructed with red brick and it has been very much popular for its elaborate plaster moldings. The temple is home to four Buddhas statues that face every single direction. Visitors will definitely fall in love with the beautiful lush green surroundings of this place.

Location: Nyaung-U, Myanmar (Burma)
Entry Fee: 21,048.94 Myanmar Kyat

What are the best things to do during the Myanmar trip?

1. Visit The Reclining Buddha: The reclining Buddha temple is one of the largest temples in Myanmar that is home to about 65 meters long image of Buddha. The temple of Chauk Htat Gyi is located in a large shed North of Kandawgyi lake. The original image that is present in the temple was completed in the year 1907 however it had been restored a number of times. In the course of the restoration in the year 1966, about 5 meters was added to the image. The image of Buddha is decorated by some of the expressive color schemes like red fingernails, blue eyeshadow, white face, red lips, and golden robe.

Location: Bahan Township, Yangon, Yangon Region, Myanmar.

2. Visit The Royal Palace: The royal palace of Mandalay happens to be the very last palace of the Burmese Dynasty which was constructed in between 1857 and 1859. The palace was completely constructed with teak wood. The citadel is surrounded by four walls each of 2 kilometers long with a total of 48 turrets in them. In 1885, the palace was completely looted and was converted into a fort of the British Army. And during the second world war, the palace was mostly destoryed by bombings. Heading over to this place, one would be able to learn more about the history and heritage of this place. You will also be able to get a glimpse of the architectural designs of the past era and learn more about the culture from the tourist guide. You will also be able to learn more about the royalty of Myanmar and listen to many legends as well

Location: Mandalay, Myanmar
Price: 10,000 Ks per person

3. Take A Burmese Taxi: Taxi services in Myanmar are very much popular to travel from one place to another. While visiting this country with your loved ones, you can take a tour of the various places of interest by booking Burmese Taxis which are not only cost effective but also give you a feel of heritage. You can easily find taxis as per you taste starting from sedans to luxury people movers on your Myanmar Tour Packages.

Price: K1,500-K2,000

4. Go Motorbiking On The Road From Mandalay: Motorbiking on the road from Mandalay is one of the best adventure activities that a tourist can indulge in during his visit. Mandalay is a truly beautiful place that is packed with zillions of beautiful natural elements all over. You can rent bikes from Zack Benoe to cover all the remote places on a self guided tour. Zack Benoe is the founder of the bike rental and floats a number of bike trips in Myanmar.

Location: Mandalay, Myanmar

5. Explore the towering Dat Taw Gyaint fall Waterfalls: If you wish to spend time close to some of the pristine waterfalls, then heading out to Pyin Oo Lwin can be considered as one of the best things to do. The towering water popularly known as Dat Taw Gyaint Fall is considered to be a perfect place to visit by romantic couples for swimming. The crystal clear water of this place will surely entice you to indulge in some activities with your loved ones. If you wish to make the most of your Myanmar Tour Packages at one of the summer getaways for British, then it would be wise to book a resort close to it and have a picnic with a beautiful backdrop.

Location: Anesakhan, Myanmar (Burma)

6. Ride A Hot Air Balloon: Riding a hot air balloon is surely one of the most loved activities that you can indulge in. If you wish not to miss out on the wonderful panoramic views of the cityscape, then do make sure you plan a trip over the alluring landscapes of Myanmar with your loved ones. . Going up into the air on a hot air balloon along with your loved ones, you will be able to fly over the popular pagodas and other places of tourist interest. You will get to know more about the cultures of the place from the guide accompanying you during Myanmar Tour Packages.

Location: Balloons Over Bagan Sales Office Near Hotel Zfreeti, Thiripyitsaya Block No. (5, Nyaung-U, Myanmar (Burma)
Price: 4,20,978.90 Myanmar Kyat - 5,61,305.20 Myanmar Kyat

7. Stay At A Boutique Winery: Myanmar has been a home to some of the exotic local brews and some scenic vineyards. Heading over to some of them during your visit, you will not only be able to spend time in the midst of alluring natural beauty but also get a chance to learn more about the process of wine manufacture. The wineries have also got a boutique accommodation where you can spend some days of your trip with your loved ones. During your stay on your Myanmar Tour Packages, you will be able to get a chance to capture the alluring vistas from your balconies.

Location: Htone Bo, Taunggyi 11181, Myanmar (Burma)
Price: 7,058.72 Myanmar Kyat

8. Discover Burmese Schools: Burmese Schools can be considered as one of the best places that you will be visiting during your trip. This is because of the fact that you will get to learn a lot about the culture and tradition of the country. Apart from all these, most of the schools are located in remote places that are very much popular for their alluring natural beauty. So taking a trip to some of these schools on your Myanmar Tour Packages, you will be able to enjoy the scenic pristine beauty of nature.

Location: Bagan, Myanmar

9. Explore Hidden Temples Of Bagan: Exploring the hidden temples of Bagan is one of the most sought after things to do for any tourist heading over to Myanmar. The temples are just shadowed by the alluring green forest covers in such a manner that you won't have a perception that there are temples surrounding you. In order to find the temples, you would need to trek through the windy paths. While you will be taking the rugged routes, you will also be able to capture the views of some of the local artworks being sold by the native artists. You can purchase some of them and take home as a souvenir while on your Myanmar Tour Packages. Heading over to this temple, you will come across traditional and historical architectural designs. There are about 13000 temples, pagodas, and religious structures spread over an area of 26 square miles built between 11th and 13th century.

Location: Mandalay Region, Myanmar

10. Explore Shwedagon Pagoda: Shwedagon Pagoda is known to be one of the important buddhist places of worship. The temple is said to be preserving four important relics related to the reincarnation of Buddha. It is also believed to be sacred for the Theravada Tradition for the people of Myanmar. The pagoda is also known as the Grand Dragon Pagoda or the Golden Pagoda because of the fact that it is covered with layers of gold plates and adorned with diamonds as well.
Location: Shwedagon east gate Yangon, 11201, Myanmar (Burma)

Price: 11,293.95 Myanmar Kyat

What's Myanmar famous for?

Myanmar is very much famous for its surreal coastlines of Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea as well as because of being home to some of the ancient Buddhist monasteries that have got deeper connection with religion. Heading out on a Myanmar Tour Packages to this place, you can not only get to seek blessings from the almighty at the monasteries but you can also indulge in some adventure at the coast.

What is the best time to visit Myanmar?

The best time to visit Myanmar would be in between the month of November and the month of February. This is the peak tourist season as the climatic condition remains moderate and you will have great outdoor time with your loved ones. If you have got to marvel at the scenic beauty of Bagan and Mandalay during your Myanmar Tour Packages then you can think of planning your trip in the monsoon season.

What is unique in Myanmar?

Myanmar is a country that is packed with never ending heritage and natural beauty. Spending some time at this place, you will be able to know more about the history of the Buddhist monasteries as well as majestic kingdoms of the past. Apart from all these, Myanmar is also home to some of the beautiful coral ridges near the coast of Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea. You can enjoy snorkelling as well as diving to explore the exceptional underwater beauty during your Myanmar Tour Packages.

How to reach Myanmar from India?

By Flight: In order to Myanmar from India, you can take direct flights to Bagan and Mandalay from some of the major international airports.

By Road: You can also reach Myanmar by road from Imphal which is the capital city of Manipur. You can hire a local taxi to the connecting villages of Moresh and Tamu. The taxi will drop you at the last point and then you can cross Tamu by walking to begin your Myanmar Tour Packages.

Is Myanmar expensive to visit?

No Myanmar is not as expensive as many other upscale countries around the world. You can spend a holiday vacation with your loved ones on a considerable budget without compromising on anything. You will easily get value for money options wherever you go during your Myanmar Packages. The tour packages for Myanmar are in the range of 3,84,286.66 Myanmar Kyat - 9,60,716.72 Myanmar Kyat which includes your accommodation, food, and local transfers. You will need to spend at least 49,297.50 Myanmar Kyat per day for your food and transportation. 

Why are tourists attracted to Myanmar?

Tourists on their Myanmar trip love to visit this heritage country in order to enjoy its beautiful and colorful country, relish delicious food and gorgeous natural sights, and learn more about the rich cultural traditions and Buddhist heritage.

Which are the famous monasteries to visit in Myanmar?

1. Lawkaoushaung Temple: Shwesandaw Pagoda is very much popular for offering a beautiful view of the sunrise. If you wish to have an unforgettable experience during your Myanmar Packages, then this is the place in Myanmar where you can capture brilliant natural beauty.

2. Shwezigon Pagoda: Shwezigon Pagoda is one of the most sought after monasteries in Myanmar because of its incredible architectural design, Buddhist images, and intricate stone carvings. The best part of this pagoda is its gold plated dome that glitters in the sun.

3. Sulamani Temple: The famous Sulamani Temple is popularly known as the crowning jewel and happens to store some of the well preserved paintings and murals that describe some of the beautiful Buddhist scenes.

4. Botataung Pagoda: Botataung Pagoda happens to enshrine sacred hair of Lord Buddha overlooking the pristine Yangon River. The design of the pagoda is very much similar to the famous Shwedagon.

Which are the best adventure things to do in Myanmar?

1. Trek Through The Splendid Views Of Kalaw: Trekking through the Kalaw region is one of the best experiences in Myanmar Packages where you will be welcomed by the breezy atmosphere as well as hospitable natives. You can also relish some home cooked meals during your trek.

2. Dive Into The Serene Waters Of Mergui Archipelago: Diving is one of the most popular water sports that adventure enthusiasts can enjoy in Myanmar. Taking part in this activity, you will be able to explore a wide range of marine life underwater. You can indulge in snorkelling, diving, and relaxing on the shores during your Myanmar Packages.

3. Traverse The Remarkable Saddan Cave: Located close to the Inle Lake, it is one of the most visited caves in Myanmar Packages because of its pagodas, Buddha images, sculptures, and drawings. You can take a boat ride to capture the phenomenal views of this place.

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