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Sri Lanka Cruises Packages

Duration Price
Cordelia Cruise | Colombo-Galle-Trincomalee-Chennai4 days & 3 nights
INR 28,829
Cordelia Cruise | Hambantota-Trincomalee-Jaffna-Chennai4 days & 3 nights
INR 33,632

Sri Lanka Cruises

Sri Lanka Cruise tours are one of the best ways to explore the coastal cities that line the Western Coast of India and Sri Lanka. In fact, you can check out a number of luxury cruises like Cordelia, Azamara, Princess Cruises , etc that depart from the colourful city of Colombo in Sri Lanka and take you to some of the most luxurious holidays destinations in the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean.

Cruises in Sri Lanka not only offers guests that opportunity to sail the seas and explore the coastal cities of India, Malaysia, Africa and Sri Lanka from a unique perspective, but also offers an exceptionally luxurious experience with the many personalized and customized services that you can avail on board.

Some of the most remarkable services you can take advantage of on a cruise ship include an open-air infinity pool, an open bar, several fine dining restaurants with underwater seating arrangements, massage and spa centres, and other decadent services that will keep you pampered and well taken care of during your vacation. Elevate your experience with our luxurious Sri Lanka packages, ensuring an indulgent getaway with exclusive amenities and services on board..

These well-organized Sri Lanka cruise packages are inclusive of your travel, food, stay and local sightseeing tours that are part of your itinerary. When you are booking such tour packages from Thrillophilia, you can avail special deals, discounts and offers on specialized services such as watersports, scuba diving, kayaking, local sightseeing tours, cooking classes onboard and others.

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Sri Lanka Cruises FAQs

Which are the best routes for cruises that depart from Sri Lanka?

1. Sri Lanka to Kuala Lumpur Cruise: A Cruise that takes you from the beautiful country of Sri Lanka to the wonderful city of Kuala Lumpur is the ideal way to spend a vacation on the seas. The journey starts from Colombo and has stops in places like Galle, Trincomalee, Chennai, Phang Nga Bay and Penang. The cruise lasts for a total of 13 days which consist of merry-making on a luxury yacht, fine dining, drinks and entertainment, sightseeing and much more.

While you are on the yacht, you can take advantage of the many services that are provided onboard, including an infinity pool, gala dinners, a welcome cocktail, complimentary water sport activities including scuba diving and other fun activities that you can enjoy with your family.

The cruise also boasts of an underwater lounge, where you can watch the stunning marine life of the Indian Ocean float by as you enjoy a luscious dinner prepared by some of the most renowned chefs in the world. The stunning cruise even has an in-house theatre, luxury rooms, entertainment centres, fitness centres and other facilities for the convenience of the guests during their 13-day Cruise package from Sri Lanka.

2. Sri Lanka to the Maldives Cruise: One of the most sought-after cruise tours from Sri Lanka departs from Colombo and takes you to the tropical paradise that is the Maldives. The 9-day tour is perfect for families and honeymooning couples since you get to stop and check out some of the most beautiful coastal cities in South-East Asia.

The cruise stops at places like Haa Alif Atoll, Baa Atoll, Rasdhu, Mulaku and Male. You can spend your time exploring these places, dining on luxurious dishes and enjoying a multitude of activities as part of your Sri Lanka cruise packages.

In fact, the cruise offers a special service called Marina, where you can enjoy watersports and ocean activities such as kayaking, river boating, swimming, scuba diving and snorkelling amongst some of the world’s most best-preserved corals reefs. You can dine in one of the two restaurants that are on board, which serve some of the best French dishes prepared by experienced chefs.

Other luxury amenities on the cruise include luxury rooms, an infinity pool, 24-hour room service, etc. If you want a complete luxury experience, you can also take advantage of the massage and spa centres that are onboard, along with the well-equipped fitness centre and theatre room.

3. Sri Lanka to Diu Cruise: This 8 to 9-days cruise from Sri Lanka is the perfect way to explore the West coast of India. Also known as the Konkan Coast of India, this cruise will allow you to stop at some of the most remarkable cities on the Western side of the sub-continent, including Trivandrum, Cochin, New Mangalore, Goa and finally, Diu. Each of these cities has something unique to offer in terms of culture and activities, which you can experience as you stop at these places during the course of your journey.

While you take in the views, the backwaters, the slopes of the Western Ghats and the freshwater rivers of the Konkan Coast, you can also spend a luxurious time on your cruise. The cruise itself consists of a luxury yacht that is fitted with a number of luxury amenities such as an infinity pool, suites, a cinema hall, a panoramic yacht, personalized services offering free watersports such as deep-sea diving and snorkelling and an outdoor sun deck and open bar. All these add to the experience of touring the tropical cities during your cruise and is ideal for couples on their honeymoon or a relaxing vacation with your family.

4. Sri Lanka to Mumbai Cruise: A cruise that takes you from one cosmopolitan city to another in two different countries is an experience that you are not likely to forget easily. The route that this cruise from Sri Lanka takes is the perfect means to explore the beautiful Western Ghats in India, and also experience the local culture that is heavily influenced by the rivers and climate that is predominant in this area.

The luxury cruise starts from the city of Colombo and goes to Trivandrum, Cochin, New Mangalore and Goa before heading to its final stop, which is Mumbai. You can spend a day in each of these places, tasting the local cuisine that is characterized by strong flavours and fresh seafood. You can also do a little bit of sightseeing before going back to the sea.

As for the cruise itself, it is a complete and wholesome luxury experience that can be enjoyed by families and individuals and couples. The luxury yacht boasts of an infinity pool, an in-house theatre, rooms with balconies that look out into the ocean, multiple restaurants serving French cuisine and many other luxury amenities that make the experience truly memorable. You can also avail their free watersports service, where you can go kayaking or scuba diving as part of the Sri Lanka cruise packages.

5. Sri Lanka to Mauritius Cruise: A 14-day cruise from Colombo to the idyllic Mauritius islands is one of the best ways to spend your next holiday. The cruise starts at Colombo and sails through the stunning blue waters of the Arabian Sea, till it reaches the Maldives Islands. From there, you head to Praslin and La Digue, from where the cruise travels to Mahe (Seychelles), Port Reunion and then to its final destination, which is Port Louis in Mauritius.

Activities on this luxurious cruise from Sri Lanka includes a cooking class which you can take and try your hand at French culinary arts. The cruise also has a cinema, a club, a luxury spa and massage centre, a fitness centre, an entertainment centre for concerts and an open bar.

They also have a wine reserve consisting of some of the best wines in the world, to elevate your luxury experience to new heights. You can relax in their large pool on deck, spend your evenings in the Piano Club or Jazz Club or dine in one of their many luxurious restaurants.

Which luxury cruises set sail to Sri Lanka?

1. Cordelia Cruise: One of the most luxurious cruises in Sri Lanka is Cordelia cruise that takes you to some of the most beautiful islands and cities in the Indian Ocean. The cruise provides a number of luxury services including suites and private decks, multiple restaurants, a swimming pool on board, entertainment centres and much more.

2. Azamara: Azamara is another wonderful cruise line that provides guests with the ultimate luxurious experience. The cruise departs from Dubai and travels to Colomo via Mumbai in India. The final stop of the cruise is in Singapore, which gives you a wonderful tour of the Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean.

3. Princess Cruises: Princess Cruises, just like Cordelia Cruises, has a number of luxurious cruise ships that take you to Colombo in Sri Lanka from countries like India, Canada, Saudi Arabia and others. This is one of the most sought-after cruise liners, where you can avail exclusive services, personalized facilities and a comfortable stay during your journey.

4. Silver Spirit: Another interesting cruise to Sri Lanka is the Silver Spirit, which departs from Mumbai and takes you to most of the interesting cities along the West Coast of India, the Andaman Islands, Sri Lanka and even some islands in South East Asian countries like Malaysia and Thailand.

5. Grand Spice Route Quest Cruise: Travelling through the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans on a luxury cruise is an experience that you are not likely to forget anytime soon. Grand Spice Route Quest Cruises travel from Australia, Indonesia and other countries in the Southern Hemisphere and take you to Colombo via the most beautiful oceanic route.

Which are the popular ports in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is an island country that is home to a number of international ports that host international cruise liners and ships that travel to and from all over the world.

While one of the busiest ports can be found in the capital city of Colombo, there are several other ports from where you can avail luxury cruise liners to take you to your holiday destination. Some of the other popular ports in Sri Lanka are:

- Hambantota
- Trincomalee
- Galle.

Which luxury cruise sets sail from Sri Lanka?

1. Ponant Cruises: The luxury cruises organized by Ponant cruises are unanimously thought to be some of the best. With Ponant, you can avail an extremely luxurious cruise from Sri Lanka to places like the Maldives, Mauritius, Mumbai, Kuala Lumpur, etc.

2. Oceania Cruises: Another luxury cruise that sets sail from Sri Lanka is the cruises organized by Oceania Cruises, which include destinations such as Northern Europe, North America, Asia, Africa and the Panama Canal.

3. Costa Cruises: You can book Sri Lanka cruise packages with Costa Cruises where you can travel to places like Dubai, the Mediterranean countries, Northern Europe, South America and tour the Indian Ocean. These too are mega-luxury yachts that have several high-end amenities and services being provided on board.

4. Seabourn: Seabourn is one of the largest cruise liners in Sri Lanka with cruises travelling to places like Alaska, Europe, the Mediterranean countries, Dubai, Greece, Africa, British Isles and other such exotic holiday destinations.

What travel documents do I need for a cruise trip to Sri Lanka?

When you are travelling on a cruise, you need the same documents you need when you are travelling via any other means to a different country. You need a passport from your country of origin.

You also have to make sure your passport is not expiring before 6 months from your date of return from your cruise. Apart from this, you also need a valid visa for the country you are travelling to. Each country has its own specific visa requirements and validity so make sure you have all these documents in place before you travel.

What are the different types of accommodation available onboard?

You can choose from the following accommodation types when you are booking a Sri Lanka cruise:

- Cabin type: Cabins can accommodate 2-3 people and have a washroom, a small desk and a wardrobe in the room.

- Deluxe Stateroom:
The Deluxe Stateroom has a luxurious ocean-view balcony, beds that can accommodate 2-4 people and a fully equipped en-suite bathroom.

- Prestige Stateroom:
The Prestige Stateroom has a private balcony that offers panoramic views of the ocean, along with personalized air conditioning, king-sized beds, French decor, etc.

- Deluxe Suite:
Deluxe Suites have a 65 square foot balcony with its own deck chairs. You can also avail a 2 full-sized closet that comes with their own dressing area.

- Prestige Suite:
2 Prestige Staterooms come together to make a Prestige Suite. One of the rooms acts as a seating area. There are 2 entrances to the suite and each room comes with a massive balcony.

- Privilege Suite:
Occupying the area of 2 suites is the Privilege Suite, where you can avail a beautiful balcony, a seating area, a dressing area, wardrobes and much more.

What are the don’t on a cruise in Sri Lanka?

Like any other means you might use for long-distance travel, a cruise has its own set of rules and regulations that you need to follow in order to execute a seamless trip and have fun on a trouble-free holiday. Some of the things that you should not do on a cruise in Sri Lanka include:

- Don’t choose the wrong cabin. If you are travelling on a cruise for the first time, the wrong cabin can make you feel nauseous, cause sea-sickness and claustrophobia or even make you overspend.

- Don’t be disrespectful of the crew. A cruise has a very strict hierarchy and the crew is extremely disciplined, which is why misbehaviour and rudeness are not tolerated.

- Don’t lose track of your things. While a cruise has a number of spaces and rooms that you can freely explore, it is important to keep track of your belongings and not take them with you everywhere you go.

- Don’t overeat. Overeating on a cruise is one of the biggest mistakes since the sailing sensation can cause nausea if you overeaten.

Which cruise line sets sail from India to Sri Lanka?

1. Cordelia Cruise: One of the best cruise liners you can book in order to travel to Sri Lanka from India is Cordelia cruise. The liner has several cruises which depart from places like Mumbai and Diu, which take you to Sri Lanka via the Western Coast of India. The cruise includes stops in places like Kochin, Trivandrum and New Mangalore, before making its way to the beautiful city of Colombo.

2. ROL Cruise: Another gorgeous cruise liner is the ROL Cruise, which leaves from Mumbai and takes you through some of the most beautiful places in the Indian Ocean. You can even book special cruises that stop in places like Andaman and Nicobar Islands, for you to enjoy a true blue tropical vacation.

3. Costa Cruises: Considered one of the most luxurious cruise liners in the world, you can book a Costa cruise that leaves from Mumbai and takes you to various ports in Sri Lanka. These cruises travel from Africa and other places and go all the way till Australia and the South-East Asian countries, via India and Sri Lanka.

4. Silversea Cruises: Silversea Cruises provides the ultimate luxurious experience for you and your family if you want to get the true cruise experience. You can choose from luxurious rooms and take advantage of their many sports and entertainment centres while you cruise from India to Sri Lanka.

Is food included in the cruises?

Yes, food is a very important inclusion in your luxury cruise. While the main meals that are served onboard are served in posh restaurants, you can also dine at their outdoor deck, coffee lounges, open bars, open-air and underwater restaurants and other such dining options, all of which have their own specialized menus and master chefs manning the kitchens.

How much does a cruise ship cost from Sri Lanka?

The average cost for an 8-9 days cruise from Sri Lanka to places like India or Kuala Lumpur starts from 3,180 Euros or 2,75,000 INR approximately.

The cost of these cruises also heavily depends on the number of days you spend onboard, the kind of rooms you book and the number and nature of services you avail during the course of your cruise.

Is there WiFi onboard?

Yes, all cruise ships that depart from Sri Lanka come with high-speed WiFi connections. In fact, you can avail free WiFi services in your room exclusively, and you can also avail specialized WiFi services in different parts of the ship as you are moving around inside.

Is smoking allowed in Sri Lanka cruises?

Yes, you can smoke during your Sri Lanka cruises. However, you have to be aware of the rules and regulations that are in place for smoking.

For example, while you might be able to smoke in your room, you might not be able to smoke in an open-air or public place. You can also look for designated smoking rooms that are available onboard.

What is the best time for cruising from Sri Lanka?

The best time to go on a cruise from Sri Lanka is between the months of December and March. This is the winter season in the area, but due to the proximity of Southeast Asian countries to the equator, the winters are cool and pleasant and ideal for sunbathing on the deck without getting sunburnt.

Where do cruises dock in Sri Lanka?

The cruises in Sri Lanka dock at a place called Queen Elizabeth Pier. This is in Colombo. You can take a taxi to and from the pier in order to access the cruise and the city.

Do I need a visa to visit Sri Lanka on a cruise ship?

Yes, you need a tourist visa in order to visit Sri Lanka on a cruise ship. This visa can be obtained easily online. This visa is valid for 30 days.

However, you can also avail a transit visa which is free of cost and valid for 2 days, if that is the maximum duration of time that you are going to spend in Sri Lanka.

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