Snorkeling in Sri Lanka

Snorkeling in Sri Lanka

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In addition to its pristine beaches, Sri Lanka has recently become a hotspot for snorkeling, an enjoyable activity that happens underwater. A good snorkeling experience depends on the fact that you choose the best place to snorkel in Sri Lanka, where you will find the right facilities and scenic view in addition to a diverse marine life. Snorkeling in Sri Lanka is a unique escapade, very popular in the southern region as it has many clear water beaches that provide a smooth and stunning experience watching marine life up close underwater.

Hikkaduwa Beach is a great spot, owing to its white sand beach and clear waters that give the perfect view of the coral reefs and species of fishes in its depths. If you are visiting the Northern Province, Pigeon Island near the Trincomalee coast is one of the best snorkeling places in Sri Lanka. Enjoy a clear sight of sea turtles and vibrant coral reefs in the water surrounding the island. For beginners the Hikkaduwa and Mirissa are two great spots for snorkeling under the surveillance of PADI Instructors. These beaches also provide crash course facilities for novice snorkelers so they can enjoy the view underwater, surrounded by turtles, blue whales and other marine life.

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Sri Lanka Snorkeling FAQs

Which are the best spots to try Snorkeling In Sri Lanka?

1. Hikkaduwa: The best place to snorkel in Sri Lanka, Hikkaduwa is a cultural beach and is famous amongst tourists and locals for the snorkeling experience it offers. The beach is very close to Colombo, and offers a wide range of fish species. Owing to its plethora of marine creatures and vibrant coral reefs, the spot offers a spectacular view to snorkelers and visitors.

Hikkaduwa Beach is great for both experienced snorkelers and even beginners, as the shallow waters are perfect for lessons and getting them comfortable with snorkeling.  There are guides and experts round the clock on standby to give crash courses and take rescue missions if necessary. The beach also provides amazing facilities right near the coast that make it easy for first timers or people who haven't booked with a tour company to enjoy this fun activity. The beach is open for Snorkeling from 9 to 11 in the morning. 

2. Pasikudah: One of the best snorkeling places in Sri Lanka, the Pasikudah is a popular spot on the east coast. The place is well known for having less crowded beaches and the longest stretch of shallow reef on its coastlines. This means that tourists and visitors can observe marine life while simply taking a walk at the coast and enjoy the beauty of it's natural landscapes.

Tourists can enjoy snorkeling and admire the stunning reefs. The Pasikudah has a wide range of marine life that includes Bengali snappers, Yellow Striped Goldfish, Stingrays, Coral Rock Cods among many others. Observe these amazing species while you take a dive underwater. You will also find 50 different species of coral reefs in the waters of Pasikudah. 

3. Kirinda: Kirinda is a picturesque village with an amazing backdrop that offers the perfect experience for a coastal vacation. The village has a beautiful and mesmerizing beach and a wonderful Buddhist temple at the cliffs nearby. The elegant landscape of the beach is an addition to its little and great basses wreck that give it a rustic muddy charm.

The best time to visit this spot is March and April, when the water is great for a decent dive. However for the rest of the year, the waters are comparatively choppy and might not be the perfect spot to enjoy Snorkeling. The beach itself doesn't have a snorkeling facility but tours are taken to the beach for water sport activities in the peak months from nearby spots and facilities. 

4. Mirissa: Mirissa is popular for its whale watching tours and safaris, and even attracts tourists regularly for snorkeling. The spot became popular recently, but has now become one the best places to snorkel in Sri Lanka. Since the place is a popular spot, you will find facilities available for enjoying the experience and PAD Instructors situated on the coast to ensure your safety. 

Mirissa is popular amongst snorkelers of all stages, experienced and beginners alike. Snorkelers enjoy their experience even better here, as they will be snorkeling amidst blue whales, turtles, and many other amazing marine creatures.

There are around 5 amazing diving and snorkeling spots at this coast and beginners can find themselves training centres to help in their first snorkeling experience. Enjoy snorkeling and whale watching at the mesmerizing southeast coast with your friends, family or solo. 

5. The Pigeon Island: The Pigeon Island is a few metres away from the Trincomalee coast. A natural park, the island is colonised by Pigeons and many other bird species. Those staying near the Island, should definitely take a trip to enjoy snorkeling on this amazing and beautiful island.

The island has a number of stunning coral reefs, sharks and turtles in its waters. Those who seek for more thrill and adventure in the activity, actually find Pigeon Island to be one of the best snorkeling places in Sri Lanka. The side of the island with coral reef also has clear waters, which is perfect for enjoying snorkeling. 

6. Nilaveli: The Nilaveli city is situated in the Trincomalee district and the coastline is lined up with popular spots for snorkeling. The beautiful white beaches offer a relaxing vibe and the sandy warmth of these spots is what makes it the best place to snorkel in Sri Lanka. The city also is popular amidst marine enthusiasts who come to the coast to explore it's clear waters in search of coral reefs. The best time to visit this coast is between the months of April to September.

Which is the best time to do snorkeling in Sri Lanka?

The best time to visit these beautiful spots for Snorkeling in Sri Lanka is between the months of November to April. These months are best for Snorkeling in the west and south coast of Sri Lanka, while if you wish to snorkel in the east coast you can plan your trip in April or September. 

Is there any age limit or restrictions to do Snorkeling in Sri Lanka?

There isn't any fixed age limit for kids to do Snorkeling in Sri Lanka. However, depending on who you book the activity with, age limits can vary from 4 year olds to 7/8 year olds. Snorkeling is a relatively safe water sport activity and therefore even small children can take part in this while visiting the best snorkeling places in Sri Lanka. 

Does snorkeling need swimming?

Snorkeling in Sri Lanka may be tagged as an adventure activity, but it is relatively safer and easier for even beginners and amateurs. It is not necessary to know swimming before you try Snorkeling, as you will be given a lesson first in shallow waters. Even in deep ocean waters, the tourists who try snorkeling are well equipped with safety gears. 

Is there any equipment that I need to carry to snorkel in Sri Lanka?

You don't need to carry any equipment with you as you will be provided all the necessary equipment by the tour company or adventure company you book with. While looking for the best place to snorkel in Sri Lanka, you will find many spots.

What things should be avoided before Snorkeling?

While snorkeling is a safe water sport activity, there are a few things you should avoid before you go underwater.

  • Try to eat at least 2 hours before the activity. 
  • Stop drinking water at least 1 hour before the activity begins. 
  • Do not eat any acidic, oily foods, or anything that is hard to digest. 
  • Don't rent the cheapest equipment to save a few bucks. 
  • Don't get scared or anxious before the activity, keep yourself calm and collected. 
  • Do not indulge in any exhausting activities right before the snorkeling dives.

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