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Macau Tour Packages

Duration Price
Macau Tour Package From Mumbai 3 Days / 2 Nights ₹ 29999.0
Macau Tour Package From India 3 Days / 2 Nights ₹ 29999.0
Hong Kong Macau Tour Package from Delhi 6 Days / 5 Nights ₹ 35000.0
Macau Holiday Packages- Browse through a wide range of Macau tour packages with exciting offers at Thrillophilia. Book customized Macau trip packages with exciting deals & offers.

Macau, often known as the Las Vegas of the East, is attributed to the beautiful statues, casinos, and the city buzz it offers. The Macau tour packages by Thrillophilia present a well-planned way of exploring the best of the city. Experience the glitz and glamour of the world's one of the largest casino hubs in Macau through affordable packages available on our website. Thrillophilia offers a number of packages that can be customized as per the needs and requirements of travelers. If you have been looking at availing of a customized package as per your interest, then opt for our packages and curate them as per your needs.

Our Macau tours are aimed at making a traveler's travel experience a seamless affair. By comprising airfare, accommodations, other conveyance, and sometimes even food, these serve as one of the best ways for one to set on travel. While traveling abroad can be quite a hassle, we ensure that a guided Macau holiday package is made available for travelers to smoothen their holiday experience even more.

Travelers can easily choose from the myriad of packages available, ranging from a four-night long package to an eight days long one. If you have been planning the perfect holiday to the Monte Carlo of the Orient, you definitely need to explore our packages to help reduce uncertainties and forget about incurring additional costs during the trip. Buy peace of mind by booking a package tour and endeavor on a kind of travel experience with your special ones.

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Macau Tour Package From Mumbai


Hotel pickup
Meals Included

23 Ratings


23 Ratings

₹ 37,499

₹ 29,999 per Adult

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Macau Tour Package From India


Hotel pickup
Meals Included

36 Ratings


36 Ratings

₹ 35,299

₹ 29,999 per Adult

Send Enquiry - Get 15% off!
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Hong Kong Macau Tour Package from Delhi


Hotel pickup
Meals Included

27 Ratings


27 Ratings

₹ 43,750

₹ 35,000 per Adult

People Also Ask About Macau Tours

  1. Which are the best places to visit during Macau tour?

    1. The Ruins of St. Paul's: Considered as the finest Christian building, the remains of St.Paul’s Cathedral is an imposing façade and a landmark of its times. The Macau landmark stands as a popular one that was destroyed by fire and typhoon in 1835, and the remains have witnessed the test of time. This former glory should top your list among the places to visit in Macau.

    Location: Santo Antonio, Macau.

    2. Macau Tower: The significant landmark of Macau, the Macau Tower, is largely known for the exceptional view and the magnificence it offers. The structure, as long as 338m, has been constructed by Gordon Moller and is among the most popular places to visit.

    Offering the best of observation decks, lounge, cinema, revolving deck, and more, Macau Tower is also the most popular adventure hub in Macau. Know about the popular destination by exploring the Macau tour package.

    Location: Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment Center.

    3. Fisherman's Wharf: Fisherman's Wharf is a themed shopping mall and park which resembles the design of a Euramerican fisherman’s wharf. The mall is spread over a sprawling area of 28 acres and has three separate sections to explore, which is definitely a must include in your Macau Holiday Package.

    Location: Av. Dr. Sun Yat Sen. Macau.

    4. Fortaleza de Monte: Located at close proximity to St Paul's Ruins, this historical site offers several barracks, historical cannons, storehouses, cisterns that were popularly used in the historical battle. Also known as a military fort, the place included in Macau Trip Package is largely visited by history buffs around the world.

    Location: Monte Fort, Macau.

    5. A-Ma Temple: Being dated back to 1488, the A-Ma temple is largely devoted to Chinese Goddess Matsu and is also worshipped by fishermen and seafarers. This ancient temple proudly boasts of its exquisite architecture, style, and design that makes it a must explore tourist spot in the city. The temple offers as many as six sections offering distinctive spiritual significance of its own. Indulge in exploring more about Macau Tour to find out the best time to visit Macau.

    Location: Barra Square, Rua de São Tiago de Barra and Calçada da Barra, Macau.

    6. Macau Ferry Terminal & Heliport: This unconventional and interesting tourist attraction in Macau is also known as Shun Tak Macau terminal, which welcomes flights between Hong Kong and Macau. Explore Macau Travel Package to know more about the heliport.

    Location: Macau Ferry Terminal & Heliport, Macau.

    7. Cheoc Van Beach: Quite similar to the white sand beach located in Cheoc Van Beach in China, the Cheoc Van Beach in Macay is surrounded by exotic palm groves and tropical jungles. The pristine beach is undeniably one of the best escapes from the hustle-bustle of the city life, offering a tranquil experience of its own kind.

    Location: Cheoc Van Beach.

  2. What are the best things to do during Macau tour?

    1. Casino hopping: Casino hopping is undoubtedly among the most favorite things in Macau, and tourists can start with hopping at The Venetian while heading to the Sands Macau and the Grand Lisboa. Offering free drinks, live bands, and great luck, Casino is Macau is a treat to indulge in. Do not forget to explore the Macau Tour Package options available before planning your trip.

    Location: Sands Macau, the Grand Lisboa.

    2. Visit infamous Guia Hill: The Guia Fortress features an ancient military fort, popular Guia Lighthouse, and a chapel. The structure was constructed back in the year 1600s and is largely influenced by Portuguese architectural styles, similar to the other architecture in Macau.

    Location: Estr, do Eng. Trigo, Macau.

    3. Visit Senado Square: Strolling through this popular place in Macau, promises a world to explore. The most recognizable public space offers multiple restaurants, heritage sites, snack corners, souvenir vendors, and more. Check out Macau Holiday Package dropping at the most convenient rates.

    Location: Senado Square, Macao.

    4. Explore the monuments: A variety of parks, places, and monuments make up the Historic realm of Macau. A few of the must-visit places comprise Casa Garden, Dom Pedro V Theatre, Moorish Barracks, St Lawrence’s Church, and about 20 more. A Macau Tour is going to help you indulge in ways more than one.

    Location: Casa Garden, Moorish Barracks, St Lawrence’s Church.

    5. Spend a night at Venetian Macau: Spending a night at the seventh-largest building in the world is indeed an experience to savor upon. This infamous architectural creation is a replica of the popular iconic statues and canals in Venice. Macau Trip Package helps travelers plan their holiday efficiently.

    Location: S/n Estrada da Baia de Nossa Senhora da Esperança, Macao.

    6. Explore adventure at Macau Tower: The beautiful skyscraper offers an unforgettable hypnotic view of the skyline and is also one of Macau's most popular places. This convention and entertainment center can be chosen on your Macau Trip Package that offers a world of adventure sports including skywalk, bungee jumping, and much more.

    Location: Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment Centre.

    7. Visit an ecological park: Ecological parks are not only a valuable site for tourist attractions, but also play a major role in nature conservation. The park comprises several lands and aquatic animals, and the major attraction being a giant panda. The park also served as a great touristic spot for children as well. Explore Macau Tour Package to know more about the affordable tour options for you and your family.

    Location: Estr, de Seac Pai Van, Macao.

    8. Indulge in Photo Walk at night: If you are looking for the ideal shot clicked in a new city, there is no better place than Photo Walk itself. If you are not about casinos and clubs, you must visit the place to witness a beautiful setting. Do not forget to check out the Macau Tour Package available at cost-effective prices.

    Location: The Wynn Hotel, Kun Iam Statue.

  3. What is the best time to visit Macau?

    The best time to visit Macau is from October to December when it experiences pleasant weather. Additionally, it also offers great weather from March to April, when Macau experiences a high tourist influx. Explore the Macau tour package and book your next trip to Macau and experience the beauty.

  4. How to reach Macau?

    - Macau can be reached from the Ferry Terminal located at Sheung Wan and also operates every 15-30 minutes that takes a ferry ride of 60- minutes.
    - Alternatively, it can also be reached by resorting to bus over Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge from the port in Macau.
    - The Macau International Airport further offers all-day flights interconnected throughout the world. Book from Thrillophilia’s Macau Holiday Package and leave the transfers to us.

  5. How much does a Macau trip cost?

    An average of 6 days and five nights in Macau would cost around INR, 70,000-80,000. Explore the Macau holiday package and find out the best rates for your trip.

    The package offered enables individuals to opt for any package and budget as per their preferences.

  6. Is passport required for Macau?

    Visitors in Macau need to hold a passport to visit Macau, which holds a validity of at least six months along with a valid travel document.

    Feel free to check out the Macau Tour Package and how you can make most of your trip to the beautiful city.

  7. How many days are enough for Macau?

    An estimated 4-5 days is enough to explore Macau and its eminent tourist spots. These days you can cover all the major attractions and enjoy activities making your macau trip fully satisfying.

  8. How much does it cost to go to Macau from India?

    It takes around 6,000-19000 INR for each person to reach Macau by air from India. The Macau Tour package helps to minimize the cost by incorporating the entire trip in a budget that includes airfare, accommodation, and other conveyance.

  9. Which are the best places to visit in South Korea with your family?

    Seoul: Your South Korea holiday package will be incomplete without a visit to its glittering capital city, Seoul. The city has something on offer for everyone and will enchant you with its blend of dazzling promenades, beautiful parks, modern architecture, party vibes and of course, the pop culture.

    Jeju Island: The amazing Jeju island is full of volcanic craters and lava caves and has white sandy beaches in the midst of pine forests. Spend some time with family on the beaches and explore the island’s peak attractions which includes beaches, waterfalls, national parks and more.

    Busan: Vist the second largest city of South Korea, the port city Busan, as a part of your  South Korea travel package. Visit the city which is a real treat for a family holiday with  the skyscrapers in the city blend with the glorious beaches and magnificent mountains, creating a  spectacular view.

    Gyeongju: If you want to witness the Korea of the ancient times, you must visit the coastal town, Gyeongju. Once the capital of the ancient Silla kingdom, the town with its ruins will narrate the history of the bygone era and its rich cultural heritage.
  10. How do I get around Macau?

    You can get around in Macau by bus as buses are usually the primary transportation for travelers and locals in Macau. You can also hire taxis but that will cost a little more than buses giving your more privacy.

  11. Is Macau a good destination to take children?

    Yes, Macau is certainly a great destination to take your children onto as it offers varied spots catering to the interest of children. Macau offers a number of tourist spots to be loved by your little ones.

  12. What is the currency used in Macau?

    The official currency used in Macau is Macau Pataca, and make sure you convert your currency to make most of your Macau Tour. Know more about how you can convert your currency and other currencies accepted in Macau by browsing the Macau tour package.

  13. Which are the best casinos to visit in Macau?

    1. The Wynn Place: A considerably new property in Macau, Wynn Place has opened its doors in 2016 and is under the five-star status. It offers 350 gaming tables, 1706 rooms, villas, and suites, along with Macau's largest spa.

    2. The poser: Parisian Macau: Opening doors in 2016, the Parisian-themed resort offers a 134, 000 square feet casino hosting 400 tables along with 2,500 gaming machines. Hosting around 3000 guestrooms, the casino is indeed a must visit.

    3. The Venetian: Created with the reference of Venetian Resort Hotel Casino in Las Vegas, the Venetian is the largest casino floor of the world and the biggest in Macau. Offering around 376 000 square feet of space, the casino is a stunning place.

    4. MGM Macau: The casino offers a sprawling 284, 353 gaming space featuring around 1,271 gaming machines in addition to 427 poker and table games. Offering luxurious guest rooms, villas, and a spa, MGM Macau is an unforgettable experience.

  14. Which are the best places to visit during the Macau tour?

    1. Taipa: The best place to visit on a Macau trip is Taipa. The Taipa is a peaceful village located a few steps away from Macau’s famous Casino strip. The Taipa Village reflects the rich culture through its mesmerizing and historical museums, buildings, shops, and galleries.

    All the buildings at Taipa have similar Portuguese styles, and the place remains vibrant all the time with its crowded streets. You can explore the colonial-style villas and ancient temples at the Taipa. The casinos in the north and the Italian and authentic Cantonese delicacies in the south will make you mouth-watering. 

    Location: Guangdong Province, Macao Special Administrative Region, Macau

    2. Coloane Island: Coloane Island is the most remarkable tourist attraction in Macau that displays some of the best historical attractions in the world. Since there is a pool of fishing communities residing in Coloane Island, you will get the best opportunity to grasp the delicious local eateries. The Macau tour Packages also allow you to explore the souvenir shops and ancient temples and lets you buy several ornaments.

    The Chapel of Saint Francis Xavier is an exceptional destination on the island. It will leave your jaws dropping with its beautiful architecture and tranquility. You can either laze off under
    the golden sunlight, roam around the streets, or dive into the natural magnificence of the island.

    Location: Guangdong Province, Macau

    3. Nam Van Lake: Nam Van Lake is the automatic water fountain that leaves the tourists spellbound with its grandeur. It is the largest man made water fountain in Asia. This splendid lake fountain displays a laser show which is the center of attraction for tourists. The 86 spouts of the lake fountain shoot water up to 80 meters high above the sky.

    The 288 bright-colored spotlights look very impressive when illuminated. The entire light show is in coordination with the mechanism that creates mesmerizing effects on the water. Tourists from all over the world visit this place to witness the majestic beauty of the man-made lake.

    Location: Sè Macau, China
  15. What are the best things to do during the Macau tour?

    1. Take a ride in Skycab Cable Car: Exploring the cable car ride at Skycab Macau is one of the best things to do on your Macau trip. It is the famous attraction at Wynn Palace in which a fancy dragon lifts you high up in the sky. On your journey to the top, you will witness the picturesque view of the iconic Performance Lake.

    The dragon then settles you down in a garden where you are given the most pleasant welcome. It is a magical way to enter the beautiful Wynn Palace. The Skycab Cable Car accommodates up to six people at a time so that each of the guests gets a clear view of the surroundings. 

    Location:4HX9+6QP, Macao

    2. Relax at Flora Garden: Located at the base of the Guia Hill, Flora Garden is a European-style flower garden and is one of the largest parks in Macau. You can relax in the garden or explore some of the major attractions of the place, which include an aviary, a mini zoo, and a pedestrian avenue lined up with small waterfalls and a gazebo.

    You can also take a ride at the Guia Cable Car to see the gorgeous views of the Macau Peninsula. The Flora Garden has historically been the ground of the Flora Palace. This old palace has now been transformed into the impressive stone gateway of the garden.

    Location:Av. de Sidónio Pais, Macao
  16. How is the nightlife in Macau?

    1. Cannonball at pool parties: You should include going for pool parties in your list of Macau holiday packages to observe the extravagant nightlife of the city. These pool parties are regularly arranged at hotels like Studio City. If you are the one who doesn’t like dancing at overcrowded clubs, you can opt for chilling pool parties.

    2. Take your chances at the casino:
     Macau is the best place to try your luck at the casinos. There are several casinos located within a walking distance from the Cotai Strip. The Venetian is the largest casino in the world that offers 3400 slot machines and 800 gambling tables.

    3. Walk along the Cotai Strip: If you want to see the rich nightlife of Macau, you need to walk along the streets of the Cotai Strip. The street is lined up with several well-known resorts, casinos, and luxury hotels. The hotels in the street are aesthetically pleasing, especially Excalibur, Studio City, and The Parisian.

    4. Explore the distinct bars: If you don’t want to enjoy the vibrant nightlife of Macau, bars remain the perfect place for you in Macau. Some of the famous bars in Macau are MGM Grand Lion’s Bar and the Sky 21. 
  17. Which are the best beaches to visit in Macau?

    1. Black Sand Beach: If you have not included visiting beaches in your Macau tour Packages, then you must consider one. Black Sand Beach remains a great option to enjoy the unique color of the sand. It is a great place to escape the bustling life of the city and enjoy the fresh air with your friends and family.

    2. Cheoc Van Beach: Also known as the Bamboo Bay, Cheoc Van Beach is a splendid place to take a stroll in the evenings. The beach is perfect for swimmers as there is a separate area allocated just for swimming. You can also try some delicious Portuguese cuisines around the beach.
  18. Which are the best historical buildings to see in Macau?

    1. A-Ma Temple: You will be surprised to know that the name of the city, Macau is derived from this temple. A-Ma Temple remains the oldest temple in Macau. Locals worship goddess Mazu as she is believed to be the protector of fishermen and seafarers. The Hall of Benevolence, the Memorial Arch, the Prayer Hall, and the Gate Pavilion are some of the beautiful compositions of the temple.

    2. Mandarin’s House: 
    If you are a historical buff, you must include Mandarin’s House in your Macau holiday packages. It is a remarkable historic residential complex that consists of 60 rooms. The house is the residence of an influential author-merchant, Zheng Guanying. The destination also depicts the architectural influences from Western culture.

    3. Dom Pedro V Theatre: Dom Pedro V Theatre is the first theatre of Western influences to open in China. The architecture of the building in green and white reflects Portuguese culture. The theatre serves as a substantial venue for celebrations and public events. However, this place was originally used as a venue for concerts, opera, drama, and many high-society activities. The Crazy Paris Shows are the most famous back in time. Hence, it was listed as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO in July 2005.
Newly Added Macau Experience
19 February 2020
We were a group of 3, and we got our seats together. The attendants were very friendly and served us well. I must say Cotai water jet is a good way of transfer from Macao to HK
19 February 2020
I was on a business trip and I wanted to go from Macau to Hong Kong and the flights were not available. I searched for alternative ways and thank god I found this. The time slots were flexible so I found a ferry at my time. I was very fast, comfortable and cheaper than the flight.
19 February 2020
What a place it was! We were on a honeymoon and I booked this ticket to surprise my partner. Even I was surprised after going there. It was really a paradise for food lovers.
19 February 2020
Gudakesha Bhattathiri Studio City, Macau: Spotlight Buffet
Spotlight buffet in Studio city was the best dining experience I ever had. Studio city was an amazing place. I thought it would be very expensive, but price at Thrillophilia is good.
19 February 2020
Amazing aerobatics! I booked the C reserve tickets and I got a good view of the stage. I was amazed by the performance. Thank you
19 February 2020
I saw Mandarin's House from the bus. It was amazing. the prices are also cheaper than other websites. Great experience.
19 February 2020
Chinmayananda Desai The Venetian Bamboo Buffet, Macao
Thanks thrillophilia for giving us the tickets at this cheap price. I searched many website but your price was the cheapest. My family was very happy after tasting food at the venetian macau.
19 February 2020
the venetian macau was a very good experience. I am a food lover and got to taste a lot of different dishes.
19 February 2020
I didn't know it goes like figure 8. I was surprised! Amazing experience.
19 February 2020
Chandrabhaga Bhattathiri Golden Reel Ferris Wheel Tickets
I heard about the Macau golden reel ferris wheel before and I wanted to ride it. Found the best price at Thrillophilia so I booked it. It was a good experience. The city looked beautiful from the top.

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