Pench National Park: A Detailed Travel Guide
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Best Resorts In Pench

Housed in the Seoni and Chhindwara districts of Madhya Pradesh, Pench National Park owes its name to the river Pench which cuts a path through the forests. It is so vast that it straddles the realm of Madhya Pradesh and the neighbouring state Maharashtra. The beauty of Pench National Park is so enchanting that it has sparked one of the best creations of Rudyard Kipling- The Jungle Book.

Laden with rocky trails, wooded hills, glassy rivers, and gushing streams, the park lures in large herds of visitors every year, and is a nature lover’s wildest dream! The beautiful, lush woods foster over 300 varied species of flora and fauna, something no other place in India can boast of! There are also flocks of resident and migratory birds that live here.

The park also shelters the iconic Royal Bengal Tiger and is India’s finest sanctuary, Pench Tiger Reserve. It offers splendid opportunities for tiger spotting, especially in the summers.

The swaying trees and gurgling streams are a melodious combination, lulling the senses of all those who come here. With no dearth of luxury resorts, cottages and lodges that line the interiors of the park, a perfect balance of comfort and wilderness enhances your trip. There are countless stimulating activities that you can lust after at this national park.

The Pench National Park Safari is the best of its kind in the entire country. Besides that, activities like nature trails, elephant safaris, boating, bonfires, bird watching, wildlife spotting, and cycling rides add magic and excitement to your stay.

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Types of Safaris in Pench National Park


Jeep Safari


Night Safari

Daytime safaris and walks are pretty great, but nothing compared to the splendor and thrill of exploring the forest after dusk, especially at night! Wolf Sanctuary Zone is the only area where night safaris take place.

It surprises you with sightings of rare nocturnal creatures in all their glory. The temperature becomes cool and pleasant, making your ride more enjoyable. The first few minutes may seem a tad intimidating, owing to the darkness, but the soothing caress of mother nature quickly pales your fear. If you’re lucky, you may even spot beautiful tigers in the night!

Safari Zones: Wolf Sanctuary Zone

Types of Flora and Fauna in Pench National Park



Receiving heavy rainfall, Pench National Park is lined with beautiful Sal trees throughout. The leaves of Sal are good quality fodder, while the fruits are heavy on the nutritional value. Besides Sal, the park is home to the rare Crocodile Bark, also known as Saja or Ain.
Terminalia Arjun can also be found here in large numbers near water sources and is distinguished by the thick girth. Numerous other species like Terminalia Chibula, Billerica, and Axle Wood or Dhaoda are also shaded within the bounds of the park.
Find stunning, vibrant flowers like Amaltas and Flame of The Forest (Butea frondosa), while the trees of Baja, Haldu, and Jamun (Black plum) stand guard.


The park is home to a large variety of fascinating animals like Bison, Cheetal, Sambar, Nilgai, Wild Dog, and Wild Pig. Other animals that the park shelters are predators like Leopard and Wolf, while species like Barking Deer, Chinkara, Hyena, Porcupine, Jungle Cat, Palm Civet, Fox and countless more can be spotted here.
If that sounds impressive, have a look at the species of various birds that grace the interiors of the park- Malabar Pied Hornbill, White-eyed Buzzard, Grey-headed Fishing Eagle, and Indian Pitta. It is a true paradise for bird watchers and nature lovers alike.
Migratory birds like the Brahmini Duck, Coots, and Bar-headed Geese, and endangered species of vultures greet you. There are more than 50 species of fishes, 30 reptiles, numerous kinds of butterflies, moths and amphibians in the park.

Buffer Zones in Pench National Park


Turia Zone

The most elegant zone in Pench National Park, the Turia gate is located just 1.5 km away from Village Machaan Resort. The entry gate sits adjoining a wildlife museum, which holds information of the various flora and fauna in the park.
Turia zone is open from October to June. You can book Turia safaris online, for an advance booking is required to enter the gate.

Karmajhiri Zone

Another premium entry gate of Pench National Park, Karmajhiri shares part of Turia zone, including water bodies like Bodanala, and Sitaghat.
Karmajhiri zone is located about 45 km from Village Machaan Resort and is open from October to June. It is advisable to have advance bookings for entry through this gate.

Jamtara Zone

Jamtara zone is a lovely expanse, famous for sightings of Sloth Bears. It Falls in the Chhindwara district of MP.  You can avail online booking to the park from this zone.
It is located at a distance of 65 km from Village Machaan Resort.

Rukhad Zone

Alternatively known as Bison retreat, Rukhad zone is situated at a distance of 35 km from Village Machaan Resort. The zone houses beautiful dense trees and is a wild whispering to nature lovers who flock here in search of beauty, respite, and solitude.
The zone carries various species of flowers and trees and is open to visitors from October to June. No online bookings are available, which means tickets must be booked directly at the booking window.

Wolf Sanctuary

Wolf Sanctuary is famous for its rugged, rocky terrain, and is home to Blue Bulls, Wolves, and Leopards. Night Safari is allowed particularly for this zone, and numerous nocturnal species can be sighted here.
The park remains open for every season, though no online bookings are available.

Sillari Zone

Sillari zone invites entries throughout the year but is shut on Wednesdays. The zone is replete with trees of Garari, Teak, and Bamboo.
Sillari is shaded in the Maharashtra part of Pench National Park and is located 35 km away from Village Machaan Resort. Online bookings are available.

Khursapar Zone

Another zone sheltered in the Maharashtra part of Pench National Park, Khursapar is seated 9 km away from Village Machaan Resort. It harbors various natural water bodies, which draw many species of birds and wild animals to it.
This zone is closed on Tuesdays, and online bookings are available.

Places to Stay near Pench National Park


Pench Jungle Camp

Nestled amidst the verdant beauty of Pench National Park, the camp provides accommodations in canvas tents that are rustic as well as comfortable. The tents are large enough to accommodate an extra bed, and feature an attached bathroom where running hot and cold water is available!

Amenities: The basic amenities at the camp include-

-Massive dining hall
-Indian, Continental and Chinese cuisine
-Open bar
-Resident naturalists that make your stay memorable and knowledgeable.
-A rich, extensive library
-Recreation room for presentations and discussions

Activities: These stimulating activities add thrill to your stay-

-Evening Barbeque with a bonfire
-Nature Trails
-Night Safari
-Golfing Net
-Bird watching walks

Price: -Deluxe Safari Tents (Single or Double) cost INR 9,500 per night.

-Deluxe Cottages or Premium Rooms (Single or Double) cost INR 7,500 per night.

-The tariff is inclusive of 3 meals.

Location: Pench Jungle Camp, Tehsil - Kurai, District Seoni, Avarghani, Madhya Pradesh

Distance from Pench National Park: The camp sits at a distance of almost 6.3 km from Pench National Park.

From luxury resorts located in the middle of lush green wildlife sanctuaries of Madhya Pradesh to heritage resorts reenacting the atmosphere of the glorious past, the variety of resorts in Madhya Pradesh is huge and great.

Tiger Corridor Resort

Placed within the care of Pench National Park, the resort offers unmatched levels of comfort and luxury, posing as a rich contrast to the surrounding wilderness. It is a branch of the Tuli Group, which means you can rest assured of being pampered by their uber posh facilities that give the likes of Kanha a match.

The resort houses a small lake, which merges with the river Banjar a little farther ahead.

Amenities: The main amenities include-

-King-sized beds
-Attached mini bar
-Attached designer bathroom
-Luxury dining hall
-Lounge cum library
-Indian, Continental and Chinese cuisines
-Bar lounge

Activities: The resort leaves you ample scope to explore the neighbouring bounties of nature, while the in-house library acts as a perfect respite for when you seek some quiet. Go on short hikes, and discover something new every day!

Price: -Single or Double Cottages cost INR 10,000 per night.

-Single or Double Luxury Tents cost INR 20,000 per night.

Location: Pench National Park Village-Avarghani, Post-Turia, Seoni, Kohka, Madhya Pradesh

Distance from Pench National Park: The resort is located right inside Pench National Park.

 Waterfalls in Madhya Pradesh are located in the middle of verdant landscapes and are easily capable of surpassing your imagination with the wonderful sights they offer.

Baghvan Wildlife Resort

One of the most opulent resorts in Madhya Pradesh, the name of Baghvan takes after India’s iconic Bengal tiger. The resort enjoys some of the most baffling views of the jungle, coupled with breathtaking sunsets that color the skies with a soothing hue of orange and pink. Housing 12 massive retro suites, Baghvan is a traveler’s wildest dream come true.

Amenities: The resort includes the following amenities:

-Luxury bathroom with antique hand Bains
-Indoor and outdoor shower
-A shaded rooftop called Machan
-Tempting Indian cuisines

Activities: The vast and rich accommodations ensure that your stay is comfortable and luxurious. Spend beautiful nights on the rooftop with your partner for a romantic experience, or indulge in the richness of culinary dishes at dinner while admiring the stunning sunset. Take short hikes or nature walks within the boundaries of the park!

Price: -Single or Double Luxury tents cost INR 42,900.

-Price is inclusive of 3 meals, and 2 Pench National Park Safaris by jeep per day.

Location: Baghvan, Pench National Park, Village Awargani, Post Duria, Tehsil Kurai, Dist. Seoni, Senoi

Distance from Pench National Park: Baghvan is placed at a distance of 6.2 km from Pench National Park.

If you are the kind of traveller who likes to stay in a homely environment instead of staying at hotels, there is a wide variety of homestays in Madhya Pradesh with 
a homely atmosphere and also offers the merit of being light on the pockets without compromising a memorable experience.

Mahua Vann Resort

Image Credit :

Shaded within the bounds of Pench National Park, Mahua Vann Resort sits beside a great river that passes by. The ambient tranquility and the scenic beauty of the resort promise to leave you spellbound. The resort has been designed and constructed in an eco-friendly manner, which means their love for nature precedes all else.

Amenities: Some basic amenities that the resort offers are-

-12 large suites
-Indian Fine Dine
-Well stocked library
-Conference hall
-Swimming pool

Activities: Indulge in-

-Tiger Safari every morning and noon
-Morning bird watching hikes
-Explore Pachdhar village, famous for pottery
-Rest and rejuvenate in the spa
-Take refreshing strolls along the river banks
-Explore the forest on a cycle

Price: -Single or Double A/C Cottages cost an approximate of INR 10,000 per night.

-Tariff is inclusive of 3 meals.

Location: Mahua Vann Resort, Village Kuppitola, Tehsil Kurai, Seoni, Madhya Pradesh

Distance from Pench National Park: The resort is located right inside Pench National Park.

If you love visiting temples on your vacations, there are holy places in Madhya Pradesh known for their ancient designs and architecture, must go in your travel checklist.

Pench Tree Lodge

Image Credit :

The beautiful Peach Tree Lodge offers you an unmatched experience that you just can’t resist. Housed in Sarahiri village, there are 6 luxury tree houses that guests can choose from. Also, environmental protection is their top priority! Realise your childhood dream of living in a tree house here, as the beautiful sunrise and sunset greet you every day.

Amenities: The basic amenities include-

-6 luxury treehouses
-A/C teahouses
-Rich dining  hall
-24 hours’ room service
-Swimming pool
-Doctor on call

Activities: Try a hand in some or all of these refreshing activities-

-Cycling tours
-Nature walks
-Organic farming
-Night treks
-Pench National Park Safaris by jeeps
-Village visits

Price: It cost an approximate of INR 15,000 per night.

Location: Pench Tree Lodge, Pench National Park, Seoni, Kurai, Madhya Pradesh

Distance from Pench National Park: The lodge sits 33 km away from Pench National Park.

You can challenge yourself to climb rocks or you can camp on river banks and in the middle of dense forests, Madhya Pradesh is your ultimate stop to taste the real thrill of adventure 

Pench Jungle Home

A blend of the wilderness and luxury, the beautiful Jungle Home Pench is an eco-friendly resort which harbors 26 deluxe rooms. A soothing touch of the urban lifestyle right in the midst of the soothing forest. It is a place promises you the best of both worlds.

Amenities: The main amenities available are:

-Sauna & spa
-Wildlife library
-Indoor & outdoor gaming facility
-Swimming pool

Activities: Explore the bordering wilderness on daily hikes and cycle rides.

Price: -Single and Double Super Deluxe Rooms cost about INR 9,000 and 10,000 per night respectively.

-Single and Double Suites cost INR 14,000 per night.

-Prices are inclusive of 3 meals.

Location: Jungle Home Pench, Post Avarghani (Turia Gate), Nagpur Jabalpur Highway, Pench National Park, Seoni, Madhya Pradesh

Distance from Pench National Park: It is located at a distance of 5 km from Pench National Park.

If you are a wildlife lover national parks in Madhya Pradesh should be on top of your list as the national parks in Madhya Pradesh are famous for their rich biodiversity including the extinct animals.

Pench Village Resort

An embrace of comfort in the untamed wild, the Village Machaan is a resort unlike any other! The cottages are shaded within the open forests and offer unmatched views. The “Machaan” is essentially an open balcony atop each cottage, perfect for evenings and early mornings. The sunset from up there is a mesmerizing sight to behold.

Amenities: The basic amenities include:

-Luxury cottages
-Conference rooms
-Multi-cuisine restaurant
-Indian, Continental and Chinese delicacies

Activities: Indulge in the following to your heart’s content-

-Wellness hub - yoga, massage and meditation
-Pottery workshops
-Indoor and outdoor games
-Open jeep safari
-Tree Walks
-Barbeque with bonfire
-Tribal dance shows

Price: -Single Machaan Rooms cost INR 9,500 per night

-Double Machaan Rooms cost INR 9,500 per night

-Prices are inclusive of 3 meals

Location: Village Machan, Awarghani -Turia Road, Awarghani, Kohka, Madhya Pradesh

Distance from Pench National Park: At a distance of almost 6 km from Pench National Park.

There are a lot of things to do while you are in Madhya Pradesh ranging from visiting wildlife sanctuaries, ancient monuments to doing adventure activities like hiking, river rafting and many more.

Tiger N Wood Resort

Well-aligned with the wildness of the jungle, Tiger N Wood is home to 10 delightful cottages crafted like a tree house! The resort is replete with countless exciting activities and modern amenities to pamper you.

Amenities: The basic amenities include:

-Rooms furnished with modern amenities
-Private suite in each cottage
-Restaurant & Bar
-Indian, Continental and Chinese cuisines

Activities: The resort hosts stimulating activities like -

-Pench National Park Safaris in open jeeps
-Wildlife movies
-Tiger shows
-Elephant rides
-Barbeque with bonfire
-Tribal dance shows
-Nature walks
-Bird watching
-Pottery village visits

Price: -Single cottages cost INR 5,200 per night.

-Double cottages cost INR 6,400 per night.

-The price is inclusive of 3 meals.

Location: Tiger N Wood, Village Awarghani, Pench Tiger Reserve, Turiya, Madhya Pradesh

Distance from Pench National Park: The resort is located 5.5 km away from Pench National Park.

Historical sites in Madhya Pradesh are popular for their impressive architectures and intricate carvings, No matter if you are visiting the state to explore its rich wildlife or to take a plunge into the ocean of divinity here, historical places here are hard to resist and should be a part of your itinerary.

Other Places to Visit near Pench National Park


Pachdhar Potter’s Village

Image Credit :

The quaint little village of Pachdhar is celebrated widely for its pottery. The village is dotted with beautiful teak trees and paddy fields, which are also the home of skilled potters known as ‘Kumhaars’.

Blessed with a unique composition of black soil, the village is favoured by nature, and the pottery items made from such soil remain unmatched. You can pay a short visit to this village, or stay longer to learn pottery from the natives who are eager to share their knowledge and skills.


- Pottery skills of the locals are unmatched.

- The village is blessed with many wondrous bounties of nature.

- The locals are friendly, and more than willing to share their knowledge of pottery

Location: Kurai Tehsil, Seoni, Madhya Pradesh

Distance from Pench National Park: Pachdhar village is seated almost 20 km away from Pench National Park.

When it comes to forts in Madhya Pradeshthe list goes on, the state is home to countless historical marvels from various ages, and each one has something unique to offer


Totlah Doh Dam

It is a scenic dam sitting on the river Pench in Nagpur District of Maharashtra, touching Madhya Pradesh. It generates massive energy, for which a 160 MW hydroelectric plant ‘Pench Hydro Power Station’ is installed by the foot.

It is quite an interesting place, and one of the less crowded tourist places near Pench National Park. Winter, starting from November to March is the best season to visit the dam.


- Behold the splendor of the gushing Pench river on which the dam is constructed.

- A massive hydroelectric plant is the powerhouse of the area.

- The beauty and wilderness of Pench National Park extend to this area too.

- Lots of migratory birds can be seen during the winters.

Location: Ramtek District, Nagpur, Maharashtra

Distance from Pench National Park: The dam sits at a distance of about 55 km from Pench National Park.

If you love doing camping,
 Madhya Pradesh is home to countless waterfalls, rivers, mountain ranges and forest reserves, there is no shortage of camping places in Madhya Pradesh.


Kohka Lake

Image Credit :

One of the lesser known beauties near Pench Tiger Reserve, the mesmerizing Kohka Lake is best enjoyed in the evening, right before the sun is about to set. From the nearby villages of Turia and Kohka, the lake can be reached by jeep, cycle or on feet.

Flanked by beautiful, swaying fields on both sides, many lovely birds can be seen flying around or resting on trees. For a truly peaceful evening, undisturbed by herds of tourists, head straight to Kohka Lake.


- One of the most offbeat tourist destinations, Kokla is perfect for quiet evenings.

- Cycling to the lake makes for an unbeatable experience, especially in cool winters.

- Stay at the opulent Kohka resort, which rests in close proximity to the lake. You can also rent cycles from the resort.

Location: Kohka lake, Village Kohka, Post Turria, MP

Cave exploration in Madhya Pradesh is a surreal experience, and guarantees to render you speechless, while also satiating your thirst for history. 


One of the most stunning hill stations in Madhya Pradesh, Pachmarhi is known as ‘The Queen of Saputara’, and perches at an elevation of 1,067 meters in the Hoshangabad district. Many wondrous waterfalls and streams are draped in its realms, including Apsara Vihar, Bee Falls, and Silver Falls.

Abode of leopards and the Indian Bison, the beautiful Satpura National Park is a must-visit site in Pachmarhi.


- Satpura National Park

- Visit the Pandava Caves, believed to have been built by the Pandava brothers of Mahabharata

- Experience the soothing lullaby of the massive Rajat Prapat Waterfalls

- Explore the terrifyingly deep valleys of Handi Khoh

- Stand atop the Dhupgarh, the highest point (1,352) in the Satpura Ranges, and much more.

Location: Pachmarhi, Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh

Distance from Pench National Park: Pachmarhi sits nearly 200 km away from Pench National Park.

Madhya Pradesh doesn't disappoint when it comes to exploration, There are wildlife sanctuaries, ancient monuments and various adventurous places to explore.

Kanha National Park

Also famous as Kanha Tiger Reserve, the park is one of the most remarkable wildlife zones in the world. It encompasses beautiful meadows and other stunning landscapes that beckon nature lovers from all over the world.

Enhancing the beauty of the park, there are numerous gurgling streams that cut through the forest. Various species of exotic and endangered wildlife call Kanha their home, making it perfect for bird watchers and wildlife enthusiasts.

Highlights: Among the finest wildlife sanctuaries in India-

- Rudyard Kipling crafted one of his masterpieces- The Jungle Book, based on Kanha!

- Home of the mighty tigers and Barasingha, besides many other species.

- Enjoy the sublime beauty of the Sunset Point, the best site in the park.

- Enjoy Pench National Park Safaris in open vehicles.

Location: Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh

Timings: 08:00 AM to 06:00 PM every day.

Distance from Pench National Park: Kanha National Park is 187 km away from Pench National Park.

 if you have a thing for guest houses, there is a long list of Madhya Pradesh Tourism guest houses that are sure to meet your requirements and enhance your overall experience of visiting Madhya Pradesh.

Things to Do in Pench National Park


Jungle Safari

The Pench National Park Jungle Safari surpasses all your expectations, and offers unbeatable excitement! Since Pench National Park is home to countless fascinating species of wildlife, traversing the interiors of the lush forests and being gifted with glimpses of the rarest animals is an unrivaled form of tourism. Spot leopards, tigers, wild boars, nilgai, and a variety of deer.


- Spot the rarest species of wild animals in the shelters of Pench National Park.

- Take an open jeep safari, and experience the thrill of spotting wild beasts the likes of which can be seen nowhere else.

- Indian Bison, Chital, Wild Boars, Sambar, Flying Squirrel, Black Bear, Jackal and Jungle Cat roam the park freely.

Location: Pench National Park

Price: INR 2,000 to 3,000 per safari

Safari Timings:

Summer: Morning: 6:30 am to 9:30 am

               Evening: 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm

Winter: Morning: 7:30 am to 10:30 am

             Evening: 3:00 pm to 5:30 pm

Safari Cost: - INR 1500 per vehicle (for Indians)

                    - INR 3000 per vehicle (for Foreigners)

If you are in Madhya Pradesh for a jungle adventure, you must complete your vacation fun by undertaking an authentically wild experience at jungle camps in Madhya Pradesh.


Tiger Spotting at Pench Tiger Reserve

Renowned for housing the iconic Royal Bengal Tiger, Pench is your best bet if you want to see tigers in their natural habitat. The best season to visit Pench Tiger Reserve if you want to spot tigers is between the months of November to May when tiger sightings are maximum.


-There are over 40 tigers in the park, besides animals like Chital, Sambar, Gaur, Jackals, and Boars.

-Summers are best for optimum tiger sightings.

Location: Pench Tiger Reserve, Near Turia Gate, Turia Post, Kurai Tehseel, Seoni Dist, Kurai, Madhya Pradesh

Bike trips are fun, especially when you are accompanied by like-minded people who are biking enthusiasts and full of energy. By going on biking tours to the popular tourist places of Madhya Pradesh, you can visit the unexplored places along the route.


Bird Watching

Pench National Park is arguably the largest reserve in India, and the abode of over 300 species of birds, both resident and migratory. Birds like the Indian Pitta, Osprey, White-eyes Buzzard, Brahmini Duck, Coots and Bar-headed Geese form only the tip of the iceberg! Each jeep safari is about 3-4 hours long.

For the best bird watching experience, consider planning your trip between the months of October to March.


-Indian Pitta, Osprey, White-eyed Buzzard, Brahmini Duck and many more birds grace the lush Pench National Park.

-Migratory birds are best spotted in the months of October to March.

-A long jeep safari amidst the dense woods is perfect for bird watching enthusiasts.

Location: Pench National Park, 
Seoni Dist., Kurai, Madhya Pradesh

If you love doing cycling, there are several routes for cycling in Madhya Pradesh offering scenic views and pleasant climate.

Nature Photography


Nature Trail

Jungle walks or Nature trails are ideal for nature lovers and trekking enthusiasts. Walk and explore the forest's trails to acquaint yourself with the various creatures and vibrant tree and plant species that the park is widely celebrated for.

Spot incredible species of butterflies, insects, and beetles perched on a variety of vibrant, aromatic flowers. If you get lucky, you might even catch tigers walking, lazing or hunting on your jungle walks! 


-Ideal for nature lovers and trekkers.

-Catch exotic animals.

-A plethora of insects, plants and trees line your path.

Location: All zones of Pench National Park.

Timings: Nature walks can be done both, in mornings and evenings. Though mornings are the best time as plants and trees are glistening with fresh due, and animals can be spotted much easily.

If you love exploring lesser known places there are lesser known places in Madhya Pradesh that are not too famous among tourists but they are as enticing as the famous ones.



How to Reach Pench National Park

From Bhopal:

-Nearby Airport: Nagpur’s Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport is nearest to Pench National Park, and sits at a distance of about 110 km.
-Nearby Railway Stations: Nagpur is the nearest railway station to Pench. From Nagpur, a 3 hour’s drive will land you at Pench National Park. 
-Buses: The most convenient way to reach Pench National Park is to take an overnight bus from Bhopal to Nagpur, and then a taxi to Pench National Park. Buses to Nagpur start from INR 500 and take nearly 10 hours to get there.
-Distance from Bhopal: Pench National Park sits at a distance of about 423 km from Bhopal.

From Indore:

-Nearby Airport: Nagpur’s Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport is nearest to Pench National Park, and sits at a distance of about 110 km.
-Nearby Railway Stations: Nagpur is the nearest railway station to Pench. From Nagpur, a 3 hour’s drive will land you at Pench National Park. 
Option 1- board a bus from Indore to Seoni, which is about 30 km from Pench National Park, and then take a taxi. The journey from Indore to Seoni takes around 11-12 hours depending on the route.
Option 2- Board a bus from Indore to Nagpur, and then get a taxi to Pench National Park. The journey takes about 9-11 hours. 
-Distance from Indore: Pench National Park sits at a distance of 520 km from Indore.

From Delhi:

-Nearby Airport: Nagpur’s Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport is nearest to Pench National Park, and sits at a distance of about 110 km.
-Nearby Railway Stations: Nagpur is the nearest railway station to Pench. From Nagpur, a 3 hour’s drive will land you at Pench National Park.
-Buses: Board a bus from Delhi to Nagpur, and then take a taxi to Pench National Park. The journey takes about 20 hours.
-Distance from Delhi: Pench National Park sits at a distance of about 970 km from Delhi.

From Nagpur:

-Nearby Railway Stations: There is only one train from Nagpur to Seoni, and the journey is about 10 hours long. Traveling to Pench National Park by road is more convenient.
-Buses: Take a 3-hour long journey from Nagpur to Pench National Park by bus.
-Distance from Nagpur: Pench National Park sits at a distance of about 102 km from Nagpur.

Best Time to Visit Pench National Park

The massive Pench National Park is a splendid beauty all year long, though it can be best experienced between the months of November and June when sightings of various animals and birds are frequent.

The months of April-May-June are more favorable since animals move out in search of water more often, and if you’re in for the wildlife part of it, summers are your best bet.

 The weather is pleasantly cool, but the nights may get slightly colder in the months of January and February. Some zones of the park are open to visitors only from October to June.

Essential Things to Keep in Mind

- Visiting Pench National Park during monsoons might turn out to be completely disastrous. Besides, parts of the park are shut post the month of June.

- Nagpur is the nearest town to Pench National Park, and it is more convenient to travel the park from there.

- Instead of evenings, take the morning Safari. It increases your chances to spot more species of wildlife.

- It is advisable to avoid wearing deodorant or perfume, as it may scare the animals.

- Mobile reception in the forest is tricky, so internet connectivity may be weak.

- Elephant rides in Pench Tiger Reserve are more suitable if you want to spot tigers.

- Prefer to wear light, simple clothing instead of flashy, bright ones to ensure you do not catch the animals’ attention.

Newly Added Pench National Park Experience

Pench National Park Travel Guides

Gudakesa Prajapat Tiger N Woods Resort
I came here with my family. Tiger N woods is perfect if you are a nature lover & if you want to experience the wilderness. The good thing is services and food quality is really good. Premises are clean. Highly recommendable. Very friendly and well-behaved staff. Had a Happy stay will surely plan again to visit.
saw Wide range of animals in pench national park great chance of deeing tiger and leopards amazing experience
Pench National Park forest that side is amazing . Saw jackals , gaur , sambar , hornbill,owl,spotted deer.… It was a wonderful time to see the tigers, leopards and other wild animals in their natural habitat.
Chandra Acharya Pench Tiger Home Resort
Nice place to stay. Precious rooms.clean rooms. Clean toilets. Adjacent to turia can actually see see turia gate from this place's entrance. Hardly 100 mts. Food quality is excellent. Hospitality is good. This place is always booked so make sure you book well in advance. Incase there are no rooms available here they do provide accomodations in other neatby hotels at discounted prices. They have around 10 rooms. Parking space is available.
Quite and serene place. Very near to the new gate. Rooms were superb, clean and well maintained. Food was simple and delicious. The staff were very humble and always ready to serve. This is a great unobtrusive place to stay. Best of all ask for the Arpit and Dr Umesh to share their experiences and you will discover a lot more of this place than you could have thought off.
15 March 2019
Drona Nayar Tuli Tiger Corridor
The ambience of the hotel is excellent, with extensive grounds and smiling staff. Our room was at the end of the site, about 5 min walk away from the central area, and was very quiet. The furnishings in the room had a sort of colonial feel, and the beds wee very co for table.
17 March 2019
Chandani Mishra Tuli Tiger Corridor
Very comfortable. Superb guides and so much wildlife apart from, the impressive tigers. The accommodation was lovely and the guides incredible.
Best resort for Pench visitors having full facility stay food etc.
Balamani Mishra Go Flamingo Resort Pench
We often go there & it's an amazing place & their rooms & even all their services are just fantastic & we had an excellent experience staying over here.
Lakshminath Iyer Tiger N Woods Resort
Serene & well-maintained place in Turiya/Pench. Just a few minutes away from the entry of the Pench Tiger Reserve. The place is well equipped to handle small to medium size groups. The place gives a feeling as if we are in the middle of a jungle.

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