Chamarel Waterfalls Overview
Witness one of the largest fall of Mauritius namely the Chamarel Waterfalls. The falls look quite beautiful since it is surrounded by the vegetation of Black Rive Gorges.

Highlights: You can also get an opportunity to view the Black River National Park.

Difficulty Level: Medium, if you have reached this fall then you have to walk so it is not considered appropriate or people who can’t walk much. If you are getting a chance to spree around the south-west part of Mauritius then it is worth a visit.

Location: It is approximately 53 km from Louis Port.

Chamarel Waterfall is a 100-meter high jaw-dropping thunder and is acknowledged as Mauritius’ highest waterfall. It is situated within the close proximity of the famous Seven Colored Earth of Chamarel. Dropping from a whopping height of more than 200 feet, the Chamarel Waterfalls are actually the outcome of the St. Denis River, which flows through the island. What makes the waterfall more gorgeous is its covering with dense foliage formed due to the presence of the Black River Gorges.

If you are scared to walk down the slippery portion of the waterfalls, you still can enjoy its magnificence from a distance as the place has got excellent viewpoints. The presence of these viewpoints makes it easier for you to capture some stunning images of the waterfalls from different angles. Unlike many other waterfalls across the planet, the illustration created by these Chamarel Waterfalls explicitly is dependent on the season when you plan your visit here.

During summers, you will see the waterfall bifurcated into two to three distinct trickles. However, the waterfall is a real delight for the eyes of all the nature wanderers in monsoons when it gushes down in the form of a vast stream. Tourists visiting the Chamarel Waterfalls of Mauritius do not miss the opportunity to participate in the abseiling activity here.

How To Reach

By Road – All those travelling in groups should prefer to get transferred by hired cars. 

By Rail – Mauritius lacks well-defined railway connectivity. So, all those who are looking to reach the Chamarel Waterfalls by train or metro will be highly disappointed. 

By Bus – There are many bus facilities available between the Mauritius City Centre and the Chamarel Seven Colored Earth gate. You can either opt for government buses or those which are run by private travel agencies. 

Best Time To Visit

The period between May to December is preferable to plan your visit to the Chamarel Waterfalls as the weather remains pleasant here in Mauritius. This is the wet season in Mauritius, where the waterfall flows into its full force. On the other hand, during the dry season, the waterfalls may appear to split into two different parts, which may mask its beauty. 

Other Essential Information

Timings –
Chamarel Waterfalls of Mauritius are easily accessible between 08:30 am in the morning to 05:00 pm in the evening.

Entry Fee – Your entrance fee to the Chamarel Waterfalls is inclusive in those 200 MUR what you spend while entering the Chamarel Seven Colored Earth.

Location – The Chamarel Waterfalls are located within the Seven Colored Earth in the Chamarel Village of Mauritius.

Height – Chamarel Waterfalls has got a height of around 100 meters.

Places To Stay Near Chamarel Waterfalls

Here’s a quick reference list for you to find your right accommodation near the Chamarel Waterfalls

1. La Vieille Cheminee- The La Vieille Cheminee offers a Creole-style lodging option, which is characterized by both peace and tranquillity. It is built upon a tropical farm and features a good count of both cottages and lodges. Accommodate yourself in any of the rooms here, and you are surely going to wake to the call of some fantastic birds hovering through the Chamarel Valley. Besides, they do offer horse rides to take sufficient care of the fact that not even for a single moment any of their guests feel bored here.

Location – Black River, Chamarel

Distance – 1.7 km from the Chamarel Waterfalls

2. Lakaz Chamarel Exclusive Lodge- This is a beautiful four-star hotel where you can find all the luxury and comfort you need to make your Mauritius stay a happening one for you and your loved ones. What makes your stay more special here is that the entire lodge is built in an eco-friendly setting, Peep out from the window of any room here, and you are surely going to get a picturesque vista of the vastly stretched Chamarel Valley.

Once you return from your Mauritius tour in the evening, you can either opt for a relaxing swimming experience or indulge in some spa activities. Nevertheless, this is rated amongst the best romantic hotels of Mauritius.

Location – Piton Canot 

Distance – 4.1 km from the Chamarel Waterfalls

3. Green Cottage Chamarel- Green Cottage is tucked amidst a tropical forest cover spread along the slopes of the Chamarel Mountains. The cottage has two spacious rooms with en suite bathrooms, lounges with a fireplace, a terrace, and a bathroom. You have both private and a secured parking zone here. For guest security, they do have an alarm system equipped with guest response.

Location –  Seven Colored Earth Road

Distance – 0.4 km from the Chamarel Waterfalls

Features of Chamarel Waterfall Mauritius

If you are visiting Mauritius for the very first time in your life, you are likely to come across a certain set of confusions that why you need to specially visit these Chamarel Waterfalls and not the famous Mauritius beaches? So, here’s the reason why we emphasize you to prefer these waterfalls –

1. They measure around 100 meters in length, and hence they rise as tall as the world’s iconic wonder – the Statue of Liberty.

2. The uniqueness of the Chamarel Waterfalls lies in its pristine natural setting where you have dense foliage and rocky canyons in the backdrop.

3. It is located within the Seven Colored Earth, which is the natural wonder of Mauritius.

4. If you are planning to accommodate yourself either at Tamarin or Port Louis or Souillac or Curepipe, you can easily plan a cheat day at leisure here on your tour across Mauritius.

5. The place is compatible with all - the newlywed couples or families or those who are travelling with their friends. 

Tips for Visiting Chamarel Waterfalls

Here are some useful tips to consider in advance while visiting the Chamarel Waterfalls –

1. Make sure that your backpack contains a good mosquito spray or repellent. As you get near the waterfalls, you might face insect bites. So, it is always better to carry a mosquito repellent or a spray for your safety.

2. As these waterfalls are situated within dense foliage, there are higher possibilities of monkeys wandering here and there. Make sure that you keep a check on all your belongings. If possible, try to carry as little stuff as you can while visiting the Chamarel Waterfalls.

3. If you are going to spend a lot of time near the waterfalls, it is better to carry some food with you. Also, you need to keep a bottle of water to keep yourself hydrated throughout. There are no stalls near the Chamarel Waterfalls.

4. The moment you feel hungry, you can walk a distance away from the waterfalls to have your food. Please do not open any food packets in and around the waterfalls as there are chances that the monkeys there within the dense foliage might snatch away all your foodstuff.

5. Prefer to wear any lightweight footwear so that you can walk comfortably while visiting the Chamarel Waterfalls. Sometimes, the surface might turn out to be slippery, so you need to have a good grip while walking.

6. You can also enjoy the Chamarel Waterfalls by climbing atop a viewpoint located within the 7 colored earth in Chamarel. The waterfalls are best viewed from the uppermost deck of this viewpoint. 
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