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Chamarel Waterfalls, Rivière Noire

  • Witness one of the largest fall of Mauritius namely the Chamarel Waterfalls. The falls look quite beautiful since it is surrounded by the vegetation of Black Rive Gorges.

    Highlights: You can also get an opportunity to view the Black River National Park.

    Difficulty Level: Medium, if you have reached this fall then you have to walk so it is not considered appropriate or people who can’t walk much. If you are getting a chance to spree around the south-west part of Mauritius then it is worth a visit.

    Location: It is approximately 53 km from Louis Port.



Chamarel Coloured Earth

You will be completely left jaw dropped at the sight of Chamarel Coloured Earth. It is a special tourist attraction since it comprises of sand of seven different colors. Your trip to Mauritius will be simply incomplete without seeing Chamarel Coloured Earth. Due to the tropical weather which is prevalent in Mauritius the colors has of the sand dunes have faded away and you will see reddish, black, cyan and purple.

 Highlights: If you mix the colored earth together, they will eventually settle in different colors.

Best time to visit: Sunrise is considered to be best time to visit the colored earth by the geologists.

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