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Best Surfing Tours in India

Did you know India is a total surfer’s destination? The country offers some of the most amazing surfing and watersports adventures for you, and in amazing rates too. From Karnataka to Mahabaleshwar,indulge in the best surfing tours in India. Take Chennai’s Covelong for instance. The beach offers a fantastic training ground for pro surfers as well as budding ones. There are several surfing sessions you can be a part of. The classes also teach you about ocean safety and practical surfing techniques, after which you can go surfing on your own. The quaint village of Kodi Bengre in Udupi, Karnataka, is secluded from the rest of the world and proves to be a heaven for the surfers. Tucked away between a serene beach and the quiet backwaters, this quaint beach is the confluence point of the Arabian Sea and the Suvarna River. The winds and the waves are most favourable in this region for some surfing adventures. Mandava, near Mumbai, too is a surfing hotspot.

You can opt for a sailing camp for kids or for families in Mandwa for an authentic sailing experience. And for pro surfers, there is of course Goa, where you can go surfing, swimming, wind breaking, or any water adventure really, because Goa has it all. You can also get surfing tuitions at Ashwem Beach, and opt for a full-fledged learner’s course. The Maharashtrian valley of Mahabaleshwar has a satellite village by the name of Tapola which is a place fit for adventurers and nature lovers! Aptly named as ‘Mini Kashmir’, it is an amazing destination for those who wish to seek a rustic nature experience. For the water adventurer, Tapola is the ideal place to be! From water scooter rides, kayaking or swimming, the 90 km stretch of water will let you explore its vast dimensions to the extreme! Tapola also serves as the base camp for some of the most adventurous treks for those who seek adventure in Maharashtra.
Indulge in the best surfing tours in India for a memorable vacation here.

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    Surfing in Chennai
    d4 Days

    The First Wave surfing classes in Covelong, known for its pristine beaches, offers a wonderful opportunity to water sport enthusiasts to learn the thrilling sport of surfing within a short span of 4-8 days. These 3-hour long classes, conducted on weekends, have two ti...

    Very Good 4
    28 ratings

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    9% OFF



  • l
    d3 Days n2 Nights

    About the Destination: Sun, sand and surfing…does that kindle your passion? The small sleepy village of Kodi Bengre in Udupi, Karnataka, is secluded from the rest of the world and proves to be a heaven for the surfers. Tucked away between a serene beach and the quiet ...

    Good 3.0
    40 ratings

    Starting from


  • l
    h2 Hours

    About the Activity:40 km south of Chennai, en route to Mahabalipuram, is the fishing village of Covelong. It is along its sandy delight that the surfing course is conducted to enable you to experience both surfing and stand-up paddle surfing. This basic surfing and pa...

    Excellent 5.0
    40 ratings

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    14% OFF



  • l
    d3 Days n2 Nights

    About the Activity:Gliding through the waves and manoeuvring the wind has its own charm and makes for an unforgettable memory. This surf camp of three days is especially crafted to offer you the best experience of surfing over the quaint waters in Udupi. Located in a sma...

    Very Good 4.0
    23 ratings

    Starting from

    13% OFF



  • l
    h4 Hours

    About the Activity:Catch the waves at the Maple Beach, Udupi. The surf experts during the 4 hours of this session will get you acquainted with the basics of gliding over the waves. With your arrival at the beach at around 9 am, attend a briefing session about the tips...

    Very Good 4.0
    33 ratings

    Starting from

    6% OFF



  • d2 Days n1 Night

    Camp Kalsi, located around 5km from the stunning Bhimtal Lake is one idyllic place to chill out with friends and family. Providing you with best panoramic views of the distant Himalayan Ranges, enthrall in this delightful camp on the banks of the mountain stream Kalsa...

    Good 3.0
    29 ratings

    Starting from

    9% OFF



  • l
    h1 Hour

    With great weather and a seemingly endless coastline, Ashwem beach, Perlem has the perfect combination of climate and waves to start your surfing journey. This package is designed to put a smile on your face with surfing tuition that teaches you surfing skills in a...

    Very Good 4.0
    25 ratings

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  • l
    d2 Days

    About the activity:Take a break and opt for this exciting surfing class and catch the waves at the Ashwem Beach, Pernem. The surf experts during the 2 hours of this session will get your kids acquainted with the basics of gliding over the waves.The session lasts for 2 ...

    Very Good 4.0
    41 ratings

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  • d4 Days n3 Nights

    Around 25km down the valley of Mahabaleshwar, there is a satellite village by the name of Tapola; a place fit for adventurers and nature lovers! Aptly named as ‘Mini Kashmir’, it is an amazing destination for those who wish to seek a rustic nature experience. For the ...

    Good 3.0
    37 ratings

    Starting from


  • l
    d1 Day

    The Aligadda beach is situated along the Uttar Kannada coastline in Karnataka. Aligadda is one of the few beaches which hasn’t been taken over by the Indian Navy along the Uttar Kannada coastline and is still accessible to the public....

    Good 3.0
    40 ratings

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Traveller Tales from India


Nikita Gupta

24 September 2015

I think Ashwem beach is the best place to learn surfing under the supervision of such experienced and trained guides, yeah the sea conditions are also quite good here. The views of the beach is so eye ...


anuj anuj

19 March 2016

Happened to visit this Surf club last month. Stayed 2 days and surf 3 sessions. Location of the campsite is mind blowing. Like u sleep on an narrow island. Water both sides of it camp. It was fun learn...


Draupadi Varma

22 September 2015

Woooo I was running over the sea, what else can be so crazy than this!!!The fun and excitement of cruising through the waves was just rocking, I wish I could do this every day.


Vishnu Rana

24 May 2016

I must appreciate the arrangements made by the organizers were too good, safe and pleasing. The experts guided us so well that I did not face any difficulty in entire surfing activity. Moreover this is

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  • Img_0029.jpg
  • Img_0030.jpg

Anil Nambeesan

26 January 2016

Wao it was a blast of fun for me!!! Loved the Surfing Guys, I would love to recommend this to everyone,just book your tickets and head towards this awesome chilling and a new experience.

  • Img_0016.jpg
  • Img_0017.jpg
  • Img_0021.jpg
  • Img_0022.jpg

Buddhana Asan

02 December 2015

A beautiful experience for me, and the best place to learn surfing for beginners. Would love to visit the place again....

  • Img_0020.jpg
  • Img_0027.jpg
  • Img_0043.jpg
  • Img_0051.jpg

Kartik Somayaji

09 April 2016

Very good experience lie on the beautiful beaches of Goa. One of them is Surfing. Surfing over the sea was completely new to me, had seen such thing only in movies and finally got to experience this am...

  • Img_0054.jpg
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  • Img_0056.jpg

Gajadhar Gandhi

24 January 2016

I went with my younger brother and cousins to experience this crazy fun and enjoyed a lot in my trip. In the beginning I was a bit afraid for my brothers, but there was a separate arrangements for stud...

  • Img_0010.jpg
  • Img_0015.jpg

Bhaaswar Dwivedi

27 May 2016

The best surf school in India, I had planned to learn surfing long ago but due to my busy schedule I could not visit the place, and it was the month of September when I went there with my friend, it wa...