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Cruises in India offer a dream come true holiday experience to the travellers through their curated travel packages on the azure blue ocean waters. The popular cruise liners are known to offer luxury no less than haven to tourists through their long list of offerings.

Talking about the cruise packages from India, you can choose to sail  through the ocean waters on various routes like Mumbai-Highseas-Goa-Mumbai, Mumbai-Diu-Mumbai, Chennai-Trincomalee- Chennai, Mumbai to  Venice, Mumbai to Male, Mumbai to Athens,  Kolkata to Bangladesh, Mumbai to Singapore and many more. All these cruises pass along the pristine konkan coast praising its picturesque beauties and rich marine life.

The cruises offering tours to these locations are Cordelia cruise liner, which is very much popular among the tourists for its luxury stays and activities, Oberoi Motor Vessel Vrinda Cruise, which is known for its enriching cultural performances and night transnational performances, an M.V Mahabaahu Cruise, which is known for its tribal villages and serene monasteries tours.

These cruises offer some of the best amenities for a memorable stay like  spa, casino, jacuzzi, even a movie theatre, Skydiving simulators and an observational pod, vertigo water slide, thrilling water coaster, and much more.

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Cordelia Cruise | Mumbai To Mumbai
3-4 guests



Instant confirmation
Meals Included
Mobile Voucher
Thrillophilia Safe

29 Ratings


29 Ratings

Starting from

₹ 28,000

₹ 25,794 per Adult

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Cordelia Cruise | Mumbai-Diu-Mumbai
3-4 guests


Daman and Diu

Meals Included
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Thrillophilia Safe
Stay Included

23 Ratings


23 Ratings

Starting from

₹ 41,999

₹ 24,553 per Adult

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Cruise On Hooghly River in Kolkata



Transport Included
Meals Included

37 Ratings


37 Ratings

Starting from

₹ 1,200

₹ 1,100 per Adult

Houseboat Cruise in Guwahati
Very Good

27 Ratings


27 Ratings

Starting from

₹ 16,999

₹ 14,999

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Private Group Yacht Charter in Chennai



Meals Included
Mobile Voucher

36 Ratings


36 Ratings

Starting from

₹ 60,000

₹ 40,000 per Adult

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Cordelia Cruise | Mumbai-Goa-Mumbai
3-4 guests



Meals Included
Mobile Voucher
Thrillophilia Safe
Stay Included

40 Ratings


40 Ratings

Starting from

₹ 51,000

₹ 31,561 per Adult

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Cordelia Cruise | Mumbai-Goa-Lakshadweep-Mumbai
3-4 guests



Meals Included
Mobile Voucher
Thrillophilia Safe
Stay Included

38 Ratings


38 Ratings

Starting from

₹ 99,999

₹ 55,902 per Adult

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Yacht in Chennai



Transport Included
Thrillophilia Safe

123 Ratings


123 Ratings

Starting from

₹ 18,500

₹ 12,599 per Yacht

Party Yacht Experience in Chennai

57 Ratings


57 Ratings

Starting from

₹ 50,000

₹ 45,000

Chennai Motor Yacht Experience

58 Ratings


58 Ratings

Starting from

₹ 31,500

Guwahati Tour
Guwahati Tour




33 Ratings


33 Ratings

Starting from

₹ 1,500

Overnight Cruise in Guwahati
Very Good

31 Ratings


31 Ratings

Starting from

₹ 6,430

People Also Ask About Cruises in India

  1. Which are the best destinations for cruise journeys in and from India?

    1. Mumbai-High Seas-Goa-Mumbai: The Mumbai-High-Seas-Goa-Mumbai adventure trip is one of the most loved routes for luxury cruises in India that travellers love to take. The cruise departs from the Mumbai port and sets its sail in the direction of Goa along the pristine Konkan Coast of India.

    n the course of the journey, you will be able to explore the rich coral diversity and full of life aquatic animals. Taking this cruise route, you will be able to enjoy international shows and listen to live music at a number of bars and lounges. You will surely fall in love with the arrangements made for you in the crusie. On this cruising tour, you will be offered delicious and freshly prepared meals by some of the masterchefs. You will also be offered Day and Late Night snacks on board.

    Cruises that operates on this route-
    Cordelia Cruises: Karnika: Karnika from Cordelia cruises has it all that one would expect from a five star hotel on land. The name of the cruise means king of the ocean and it can be literally considered the king.

    You will come across luxury in every single thing that will provide you with an ultimate experience on board. The cruise offers wonderful accommodation for all, full of life recreational activities, delicious food, casinos to try your luck, open decks to soak in all the flavours of the ocean.

    - Angriya Cruise: If you wish to have an mesmerizing experience on board then you can choose to go for the famous Angriya Cruise that provides a wonderful experience on the Arabian sea with its long list of amenities and facilities. The cruise offers comfortable and luxurious accommodation, multi cuisine restaurants, wide spread open decks, swimming pools and lots more to make your experience memorable.

    2. Mumbai-Diu-Mumbai: Mumbai-Diu-Mumbai is yet another wonderful cruising route that you can take from the Mumbai port along with your loved ones in one fine afternoon. Once you board, you will be offered a welcome drink. You can settle down and spend time around the Pool Deck observing the ship setting to sail in the azure blue waters of Arabian Sea.

    As soon as the evening approaches, the vibe on board will just turn magical as it allows you to watch one of the Broadway shows or have dinner at any of the multi cuisine restaurants offering a wide range of Indian as well as International menu. You can also choose to wander with your accompaniments and check in to the piano bar or else try your fortune at the casino or even you can head into any of the bars to have your favorite drink and then dance to the tunes of the loud music played by the DJs.

    Cruises that operate on this route-
    - Cordelia Cruise: Cordelia Cruise liner happens to be one of the most sought after cruise liners on the Arabian Sea because of its long list of offerings that are curated to offer a perfect vacationing experience along with your loved ones.

    The time you will be spending on board the Cordelia Cruises from India is surely going to be cherishable all through your life as the moments spent with your loved ones is just priceless in the backdrop of the alluring natural beauty of the azure blue waters of Arabian sea. The cruise has got all sorts of modern amenities like multi cuisine restaurants, bars, open decks, swimming pools, board rooms, piano bars, casinos, cafes and lots more.

    3. Mumbai-High Seas-Lakshadweep: Mumbai high Seas Lakshadweep Cruises from India tour is considered to be one of the most loved experiences that tourists as well as travellers love to relish.

    Taking this cruise trip from India, you will be visiting some of the islands of Lakshadweep like Kavaratti, which is home to a number of heritage sites and historic landmarks. You can visit these landmarks or choose to spend time at the shore along with your loved ones.

    Cruises that operate on this route-
    Cordelia Cruise: Boarding the Cordelia Cruise Liner, you will get to spend some time watching the Broadway show, checking into some of the bars, casinos, and piano bars along with your loved ones to enjoy in the wonderful vibe. You can also choose to take part in some of the on board activities like dance classes, deck and pool, and cooking classes from the master chefs.

    If you are a fitness freak, then you can also walk to the gyms to take part in some fitness lessons. If you are not at all interested in any of the things, you can just lay by the side of the pool or inside the indoor Jacuzzi to unwind yourself taking a relaxing steam and sauna bath. You will surely be able to relish international standard hospitality in the middle of awe inspiring interior decor.

    - Angriya Cruise: Widely famous for its luxury stays, this cruise liner on the Arabian sea takes travellers close to their dreams and presents an amazing atmosphere to enjoy the holiday vacation. The cruise is very renowned for its wellness massages and therapeutic treatments that not only re-energize your body but also your mind.

    4. Chennai - Trincomalee - Chennai: You will board this cruise from Chennai and then head out to visit Trincomalee before coming back to Chennai again. The cruise trip from India will take you to Trincomalee on the second day.

    It happens to be a port city on the northeast coast of Srilanka. You will get a chance to marvel at some of the historic as well as iconic landmarks like the grand Koneswaram Temple stands on Swami Rock cliff, Gokarna Temple, and many others as well. You will get to see a wide range of panoramic views of the city and capture some wonderful sights of the beautiful nature.

    Cruises that operate on this route-
    Cordelia Cruise: Boarding the Cordelia cruise trip from India, you will be offered a refreshing welcome drink which you can sip spending time around the pool deck. In the evening hours, you can choose to watch the Broadway show, have dinner at any of the restaurants, try out your luck in any of the casinos, and even choose to step out to dance to the tunes of live Djs. You can also choose to opt for taking some therapeutic massage and treatments at the wellness hub onboard the cruise to rejuvenate your body and mind.

    5. Mumbai-Dubai-Mumbai: Mumbai Dubai Mumbai cruise is one of the most loved cruising tours from India that travellers love to be a part of. The cruise tour takes you through the Arabian Peninsula in the Persian Gulf where you can enjoy an amazing blend of ancient tradition and modern fascinations.

    Arriving at Dubai, you will be welcomed by high rise buildings, modern and impressive architectural designs, pristine coastline, and much more. The city has got anything and everything for you to enjoy to the fullest along with your loved ones.

    Cruise that operates on this route-
    Cordelia Cruise: The Cordelia cruise package from India takes you to one of the shinny, sparkling, and modern cities in the world that is not only fast paced but also full of luxury, glamour and glitz. Visiting Dubai is surely a dream for many travellers and travelling by luxury Silversea, Celebrity Cruises are some of the other options you can look for.

    - Silver Spirit: Taking part in this cruising tour, you will be able to create amazing memories in the complete entertainment hub which you can cherish all through your life. Most of the travellers taking part in this cruising tour love to spend time at the cozy cafes, multi cuisine restaurants, and entertainment hubs, and chic shopping complexes.

    6. Mumbai - Goa- Mangalore- Cochin-Trivandrum-Colombo-Male: This is one of the most sought after as well as the best curated cruising experience for travellers sailing from the coast of Mumbai. The overall cruising package is so well put together that you will just fall in love with the experience you will be getting.

    The tour combines a journey through the rich cultural heritage of India, amazing heritage sites of enchanting Sri Lanka, and stunning natural beauty of Maldives. Embarking on this luxury cruising experience, you will be able to explore the famous Elephanta Island and also take a complete city tour of Mumbai.

    Cruises that operate on these route-
    Cordelia Cruise: The Cordelia cruise packages from India will sail across the beachfront cities of India like Cochin, Mangalore, Goa, and Trivandrum before reaching Maldives and Srilanka. Visiting sri lanka, you will be able to visit some of the lush green highlands and buddhist temples.

    You will also get a chance to explore the beautiful islands and spend time snorkelling around the atolls and coral reefs. This is surely going to be a once in a lifetime experience where you can marvel along with your loved ones in the middle of the best of nature.

    - Costa Cruise Lines: Costa cruise lines can be considered as a ship where elegance reigns supreme. The ship is designed by architect and designer Pierluigi Cerri with a motive to welcome guests in a mood that is relaxed and at the same time sophisticated.

    The ship combines amazing symmetrical forms with spectacular construction work and understated furnishings. If you wish to seduced the by Arabian sea, then there is no better option to board from Mumbai to Male via Colombo.

    7. Chennai - Trincomalee-Colombo-Kochi-Goa-Mumbai: Taking these cruise packages from India to two fascinating countries will surely be grand as you would be able to spend time amid loads of different people. The tour offers you an optional excursion to places like Saint Thomas Cathedral, impressive kapaleeshwarar temple before boarding the Cruises in India.

    You can head out to visit Sanctums, forts, various archaeological sites of Mahabalipuram in the course of the heritage tour. In the course of your stay at Trincomalee, you can discover the city, visit Koneswaram temple, and stroll in the local market. When you reach Colombo, you can marvel at a number of heritage sites and enjoy the panoramic views of the cities. You will surely be impressed by the age-old architectural designs of the cityscape.

    Cruises that operate on this route-
    Cordelia Cruise: The Cordelia Cruise Liner tour and Costa Cruise India will take you close to a number of historic as well as heritage sites, discover various trading posts of Tamil Nadu, backwaters of Kerala, party capital of Goa and vibrant city of Mumbai. The cruise offers excellent stays in the super comfortable as well as cozy cabins that offer wonderful views of the azure blue ocean waters.

  2. Which are the luxury cruises in India?

    1. Cordelia luxury cruise liner: Cordelia cruise liners are premium cruises that offer a world class experience to the visitors. This luxury cruise is equipped with all sorts of modern amenities to make sure that you have a comfortable as well as memorable stay.

    Route: Mumbai to Goa, Mumbai-Diu-Mumbai, Mumbai-High Seas-Mumbai, Mumbai-High Seas-Lakshadweep (Kadmat)-Goa-Mumbai, Chennai - High Seas - Chennai, Chennai Trincomalee-Chennai, Mumbai-High Seas-Mormugao (Goa)-Mumbai, Chennai-High Seas-Galle-Trincomalee-Chennai.

    2. Angriya Cruise Liner: Boarding the Angriya cruise, you will literally say hello to some of the magical days. This luxury cruise liner has it all starting from well curated accommodation, restaurants, bars, open decks, and loads of fun filled activities to keep you busy and indulged.

    The route through which the cruise sails on the Arabian Sea lets you explore the rich coral diversity as well as lets you enjoy some of the pristine views of the azure blue ocean waters.

    Routes: Mumbai to Goa.

    3. Sunderbans Luxury Cruise: Sunderbans luxury cruise is one of the royal cruises that takes you close to the world’s largest royal bengal tiger reserve and a UNESCO world heritage site. Taking this cruise, you will be sailing through the mangrove ecosystems and also visiting some of the nearby local villages where you can watch enriching folk performances by the locals.

    Route: Kolkata to Sundarban.

    4. The Oberoi Motor Vessel Vrinda Cruise: The Oberoi Motor Vessel Vrinda Cruise in India will take through the longest water stretch in Kerala passing through the Vembanad Lake and the pristine waters of Alleppey.

    Taking part in this cruise tour, you will be able to enjoy enriching performances in the course of the luxury onboard journey. In the course of the trip, you will be served delicious cuisines prepared by some of the acclaimed master chefs of the nation.

    Route: Vembanad Lake to Alleppey.

    5. River Ganges Heritage Cruise: River Ganges Heritage cruise happens to be one of the best Cruises in India that offers excellent views of the religious pilgrimage sites and surrounding lush greenery all around.

    This luxury Cruise in India has got about 32 spacious rooms and a spacious terrace dining area which can accommodate about 80 guests on board. The luxury cruise has also got a live kitchen that offers a wide range of Indian as well as international cuisines. Taking this cruise tour, you will be able to pass through a number of top sightseeing places.

    Route: Kolkata - Murshidabad.

    6. M.V Mahabaahu Cruise: The M.V. Mahabaahu cruise starts from Kolkata to north eastern states like Assam and Tezpur passing through a number of tribal villages, serene monasteries, ancient destinations and tea plantations.

    The Cruise in India offers all sorts of modern amenities for the guests on board starting from a swimming pool, jacuzzi, and a health spa. Sailing on this cruise, you will be able to attend cooking sessions, watch cultural performances, and many wild animals species.

    Route: Kolkata to Assam.

  3. Which luxury cruise sets sail from India?

    1. Jalesh cruise liner: Jalesh cruise liner is one of the most sought after luxury cruises that sets its sail from the business capital of India to a number of foreign locations like Dubai, Maldives, and many more. The cruise offers curated accommodation and loads of activities to take part.

    Route: Mumbai to Goa, Maldives, Dubai.

    2. Samudram Lakshadweep Cruise: Samudram Lakshadweep Cruise takes guests through an adventurous trip down to the islands of Lakhadweep exploring serene views of the sea, white sandy beaches, and enchanting aquatic life.

    This happens to be a five day cruise through Kavaratti, Kalpeni, and Minicoy Islands. In the course of this Cruises in India tour, you can enjoy swimming, snorkelling, turtle walking, coral reef walking, scuba diving, and bird watching.

    Route: Kochi to Lakshadweep atoll and back.

    3. Costa Neo Classica Cruise: Costa NeoClassica happens to be a luxury cruise that has got a lot to offer to the travellers. The cruise sets its sail from the coast of Mumbai and heads in the direction of Maldives.

    The cruise has about 654 cabins and out of which there are 428 cabins which offer lovely sea views. All the cabins are equipped with a private balcony. Apart from all the luxury fixtures, the cruise offers wellness centre, gym, jacuzzis, ballroom, shopping malls, swimming pool, and library.

    Route: Mumbai to Maldives.

    4. Celebrity Cruises: Celebrity cruises are yet another popular cruise operator that operate luxury cruises from India to various International locations. All the cruises are adorned with all sorts of modern and state of the art facilities to make sure that you don’t find anything incomplete.

    Route: Mumbai to Dubai.

  4. Which are the famous cruise vacations in India?

    1. The Golden Triangle Cruise: The Golden Triangle Cruise is one of the most loved 12 night cruise tours in India that no one should miss out on. The trip would start the capital Delhi and end at Kolkata travelling along a number of heritage sites into the sacred Ganges.

    You will be provided accommodation by Oberoi Hotels at New Delhi, Jaipur, and Agra. This is surely going to be once in a lifetime experience in India that you will just fall in love with.

    2. Andaman Islands Glass Bottom Cruise: Andaman Islands Glass Bottom Cruise is surely going to be a haven for all the beach lovers and divers. The cruise is surely one of the best things that you should not miss out on any occasion.

    The Andaman Islands Glass Bottom Cruise tour lets you sail on the boats to offer spectacular views of the exquisite colorful corals. You will get to visit the famous Jolly Buoy and Neil Islands where you can pamper along with your loved ones.

    3. Chilika Lake Cruise: Chilika lake cruise is considered one of the most loved picturesque destinations for a soothing cruise vacation in India. It is about 60 km from Puri and is a very popular destination for bird lovers and nature lovers.

    Taking part in this cruise you will be able to glide through the azure blue waters to sight some of the migratory birds like falcons, spot billed pelicans, herons and many others. You will also stop over at Rajahamsa beach where you can spot dolphins.

    4. Kochi Cruise: Kochi Cruise lets you sail along the glinting waves of the sea heading out in the direction of Kochi. It happens to be one of the loved popular beach cruise destinations in India because of its alluring natural surroundings.

    Taking this cruise tour, you will be able to relish a wide range of Indian as well as International dishes prepared by some of the master chefs. It is just perfect for anyone who loves to spend time in relaxation overlooking the beautiful views all around.

    5. Goa Cruise: Goa is considered to be the party capital of India and cruising on the waters will offer you a plethora of choices when it comes to cruises in Goa. With a wide range of activities to take part like cultural entertainment, beer, and buffet cruise you will get a chance to enjoy the scenic views of the luminous waters.

    6. Dibru Saikhowa River Cruise: Dibru Saikhowa River has been a bustling home to the rare and endemic species of nature. You will get a chance to sight white winged wood duck, slow loris, and bright colored horses. This destination is a picture perfect place for nature lovers who would love to marvel along with their loved ones.

  5. Which are the affordable cruise trips to take in and from India?

    1. Costa Neo Classica Cruise: Costa Neo Classica Cruise offers you a truly luxurious experience at sea in its 654 cabins, 10 luxury suites, and 400 cabins with sweeping views of the sea. The suites have got private balconies to offer you the smell of salty and saline water. The cruise has got a wellness hub, gym, four jacuzzis, ballroom, shops, and swimming pools.

    2. The Vivada Cruise M.V. Paramhamsa: Vivada Cruise MV Paramhamsa offers you close encounters with alluring mangrove ecosystems and is a must do adventure trip for tiger sightings. The cruise takes the guests through the tree lined delta as well as offers stopovers in between to take part in some safaris in the Sunderban Tiger Reserve.

    3. Angriya Voyage of Wows: Angriya Voyage of Wows takes you close to the vast coastline, royal onboard experiences, and coral diversity. The cruise has its own sustainable and green practices to maintain an ecological balance at sea.

    The cruise has got luxurious and spacious family rooms as well as pod accommodation. Tourists love to spend time in the wellness spas, exploring culinary options, huge infinity pool, and dance floor.

    4. Sawfish Luxury Cruise: Taking a cruise trip through Sawfish Luxury Cruise, you will be able to experience a luxurious lifestyle travelling through the backwaters of Kerala.

    This cruise offers a beautiful lounge area, rooftop viewing deck, intimate dining deck, and ample open space to soak in beautiful sights. You will also be able to take short trips to Valiya Kadamakudy, Moolampilly, Pizhala, Kothad, and Kandanad.

  6. What are the passport and visa requirements for cruise in India?

    Yes, you would need to carry valid passports and the required visa for taking part in cruises that take you to some other countries. You can easily apply for a tourists visa and get it without any hustle and bustle before the trip.

  7. What are the different types of accommodation available on board?

    On board a cruise you will get a number of accommodation facilities starting from economical dormitories to luxury suites with all bells and whistles for a comfortable stay.

    Most of the cruise liners have got special designed private rooms that offer brilliant views of the ocean.

  8. What can you not do on a cruise?

    Here are certain things that you should not do on a cruise:

    - Throw anything overboard.
    - Avoid talking about being sick to fellow passengers.
    - Be afraid of days at sea.
    - Don't sign up for excursion in the first go.
    - Don’t wait to sign up for spa treatments till the last day of your trip.
    - Neglect the crew.
    - Go too hard on the alcohol.
    - Take packing lightly.
    - Underestimate the power of the buffet.

  9. Which is the cheapest cruise line in India?

    1. Brahmaputra River Cruise: Cruising on the Brahmaputra river is one of the most incredible journeys that lets you discover the enchanting countryside, marvelous bird life. Dolphin spots, rural villages and mesmerizing views of the riverside.

    2. Sunderbans Boat Cruise: Sunderbans cruise takes you through the thick mangrove forests and winding rivers in the largest delta of the world. You will get a chance to sight spectacular views of the breathtaking beauty of the tiger reserve.

    3. Kerala Backwater Cruise: The backwater cruise of Kerala happens to be a popular cruising destination in India that lets travellers sail across the traditional rice cultivation, authentic south indian cuisine and spend some time around the picturesque riversides.

    4. Ganges River Cruise: Taking a cruise on the Ganges in between Kolkata and Farakka will just be amazing as you will be able to go back in time to explore the historically scenic splendour. You will come across various monuments, villages, and townships where you can sight the cultural and historical spell of India.

  10. Is food included on cruises?

    Yes, food is included on the cruises tour in India. Taking a cruise in India, you will be able to enjoy the closest experiences of the sea spending time with your loved ones at the dining room enjoying buffet and casual eastery.

    If you are travelling on board the jalesh cruise, you should make sure that you relish the fine dining option with your loved ones. Various seafood dishes as well as international recipes are prepared by master chefs that are not only tasty but also appealing.

  11. How much does a cruise ship cost in India?

    The cruise ship tour packages in India would cost you around INR 15000 to INR 35000 per person. This package includes your accommodation in the ship as well as the menu options. The cost of cruises mainly depends on the destination and type of accommodation options you choose.

  12. Will I get internet access on board?

    No, you will be able to access the internet on board the cruise ships. It is at all times suggested to complete all the important online tasks before boarding the cruise ships as you might have internet connectivity issues. The King of the sea, Jalesh cruise has got no internet connectivity on board.

  13. What are the smoking policies onboard?

    All the cruise ships have certain smoking policies that are meant to be followed by the traveller. There are designated smoking zones in the outdoor area, nightclubs, cigar lounges, casinos, and cabin balconies. Apart from all these areas, the rest of the ship is strictly a non-smoking zone.

  14. What is the cheapest month to go on a cruise tour in India?

    The cheapest month to go on a cruise would be in the rainy season when there are hurricanes and storms in the ocean.

    You will be able to get bag loads of discounts on the booking prices as well as get access to considerable activities on board the cruise. But these months the sea is harsh and you might feel some disturbances.

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Tower Of Fame (Kirti Stambh), chittorgarh Rana Kumbha Palace, chittorgarh Bala Quila Fort, alwar Sariska Wildlife Santuary, alwar Siliserh Lake Palace, alwar Vijay Stambha (Victory Tower), chittorgarh Om Beach, gokarna Hill Fort Kesroli, alwar Padmini's Palace, chittorgarh Kudle Beach, gokarna Mahabaleshwara Temple, gokarna Neelkant Mahdev Temple, alwar Half Moon Beach, gokarna Fateh Prakash Palace, chittorgarh Sariska Palace, alwar Kalika Mata Temple, chittorgarh Paradise Beach, gokarna Sanwariaji Temple, chittorgarh Lohagarh Fort, bharatpur City Palace Alwar Shinde Wadi Hills, kamshet Namaste Café, gokarna Bedse Caves, kamshet Bankey Bihari Temple, bharatpur Vijay Mandir Palce, alwar Sathis Deori Temple, chittorgarh Kondeshwar Temple, kamshet Bhairi Caves, kamshet Uksan Lake, kamshet Moosi Maharani Ki Chhatri, alwar Mirjan Fort, gokarna Bharatpur Palace And Museum Ratan Singh Palace, chittorgarh The Palace Museum, alwar Zoji La, sonamarg Samadhisvara Temple, chittorgarh Koti Tirtha, gokarna Company Bagh, alwar St. Angelo Fort, kannur Nirvana Beach, gokarna Zero Point, sonamarg Ganga Mandir, bharatpur Gulmarg Gondola Karni Mata Temple, alwar Fateh Jung Gumbad, alwar Sarafa Bazaar, alwar Biodiversity Park, alwar Ganpatipule Beach Darjeeling Himalayan Railway Meera Temple, chittorgarh Churi Market, alwar Lal Tibba, mussoorie Muzhappilangad Beach, kannur Palakkayam Thattu, kannur Kannur Lighthouse Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve Thajiwas Glacier, sonamarg Strawberry Valley, gulmarg Chopta Tungnath Trek, dehradun Swayambhu Ganpati Temple, ganpatipule Bhadrakali Temple, gokarna Gaumukh Reservoir, chittorgarh Laxman Mandir, bharatpur Purjan Vihar, alwar Puri Beach Baltal Valley, sonamarg Nag Tibba, garhwal Har Ki Doon, garhwal Seven Springs, gulmarg Gulmarg Golf Course Krishankar Lake, sonamarg Kedarkantha Trek, garhwal Khilanmarg, gulmarg Gadsar Lake, sonamarg Jaigad Fort, ratnagiri Lal Bagh Botanical Garden, bangalore Swargadwar Beach, puri Government Museum Bharatpur Shyam Temple, chittorgarh Pandu Pol, alwar Brigade Road, bangalore Bangalore Palace Shrine of Baba Reshi, gulmarg Bannerghatta National Park, bangalore Wonderla, bangalore Gangabal Lake, sonamarg Vidhana Soudha, bangalore Nandi Hills, bangalore Skandagiri, bangalore Toit, bangalore Snow City, bangalore Baada Beach, gokarna Jaigad Lighthouse, ganpatipule Neemrana Fort, alwar Maharani Temple, gulmarg Innovative Film City, bangalore Vv Puram Food Street, bangalore
An unforgettable experience for me. For the first time got a chance to get into snorkeling and see the marine life. Thanks alot guys for an amazing experience.
06 December 2019
Goa is famous for its beaches and its parties but amid all the chaos of Goa, this is one soul-soothing experience. This a must-do activity and should be part of any goa itinerary. A 01-hour long cruise journey will give you immense memories.
It was so fun going for so many fun activities with family. Really enjoyed a lot. Specially the snorkeling part of the trip was a very nice experience.
"great trip.. had a very good time..!!"
03 January 2020
Good and memorable trip, if you are in Goa you must try this.
"very smooth transaction and amazing followups"
It was an extremely wonderful and relaxing vacation. The SPORTS staff were very courteous and ensured their best to have a wonderful trip for the tourists.There are quite a few water sports and the staff over there are very helpful when we requested them to guide us, since we did not know swimming. Perfect location to unwind from our routine lives and spend some time in this little paradise!
I recently took Mumbai To Goa cruise. It was a good experience overall. The whole experience was worth every penny spent. The cruise that we got onto was pretty well maintained.
20 February 2020
I was an amazing experience on the cruise, we booked 8 tickets from Thrillophilia. This place is really thrilling with all the music and dancing. the staff here is helpful and had a positive approach. You should definitely try this when you come to goa. Totally worth it, Highly recommended.
12 March 2020
This place is very beautiful and the view was amazing, we take the late evening shift. The welcome was good and the food they served is very tasty perfect for the location, the whole atmosphere was very enjoyable. Our whole trip went excellent due to this. Thanks, Thrillophilia for arranging this for us.

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