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Duration Price
Guwahati to Shillong Taxi Book Now4 hours
INR 3,600
Car Rental In Darjeeling4 hours
INR 3,500
Car Rentals In Hyderabad With Driver8 hours
INR 1,949
Guwahati City Tour8 hours
INR 2,500

Whether it be the deserts of Rajasthan or the hills of the North East, Thrillophilia’s car rental in India will equip you with the perfect ride for every terrain. Leased out in perfect conditions, these cars promise to make your sightseeing around the country as hassle free and comfortable as possible.

Our car rental services in India offer a wide range of models on rent, and one can choose their perfect ride depending on the size of their group. While small groups and families can opt for comfortable and compact 5-seater hatchbacks, larger groups can easily opt for a sedan or SUV. The car rentals offer air conditioned as well as non air conditioned cars, and renters can choose one according to their need.

There are two ways to rent a car in India- with or without a driver- and with Thrillophilia’s best car rentals in India you can opt for both the services. Hiring a car is a great way to explore the rugged roads of the country, which promise to take you everywhere from the mountains to the sea. The leased rides can be availed for any desired duration, making them ideal for shorter sightseeing trips as well as road trips across towns.

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India Car Rentals FAQs

Which are the best cars available for rent in India?

1.Hyundai i1o: A 5 seater hatchback, the Hyundai i10 promises a comfortable road trip for all. The small but spacious car is well known for its comfort value and interior space. The boot space of the Hyundai i10 is quite wide as well.

2.Swift Dzire:
With its comfortable seating and commendable interior space, the Swift Dzire is a perfect choice for short drives and weekend getaways alike. Most of the best car rental services in India offer air conditioned Swift Dzires for hire. The car can accommodate up to 4 riders along with a driver.

3.Tata Indica:
Tata Indica is a small but comfortable ride. One of the first models introduced in India , Indica is still popular for its ease and comfort. Easily available in all car rentals in India, the car is perfect for small groups and families. The 5 seater hatchback model is also known for its fuel economy and leg space.

4.Suzuki Swift:
The modern designs of the Suzuki Swift make it different from an average hatchback ride. The 5-seater family car is reliable in its mileage and fuel use. Albeit small, this 4-seater can serve as a perfect for family getaways.

5.Toyota Etios:
One of the smoothest sedans in India, the Toyota Etios is perfect for small groups looking for a luxury experience. Designed smartly, the interiors offer enough leg space and room for relaxation. The flat floors of the car add to its comfort.

6.Honda Amaze:
A fairly new model, the value of Honda Amaze can be detected in its noiseless ride, its cabin space and its sleek designs. The luxury car can accommodate up to five people, including the driver, and is perfectly suitable for long as well as short journeys.

7.Ford EcoSport:
Known for its great mileage and speed, Ford EcoSport is a regular offering by several best car rentals in India. The 5-seater sedan features plush leather seating and navigable cabin space. While riding an Eco Sport can be quite the treat, driving one can be twice as enjoyable.

8.Mahindra Scorpio:
Among the most sought-after large cars offered by car rental services in India, Mahindra Scorpio makes sure that no one in the group is deprived of a comfortable journey. The car’s tough build makes sure that it’s suited for mountain terrain as well, making it the perfect choice for road trips in hilly areas.

9.Toyota Innova:
A luxury sedan car, Toyota Innova is commendable for its mileage and interior space. The car is perfectly suited for large and medium groups, accommodating up to 7 people at a time. Every car rental in India leases out air conditioned Innova on rent.

10.Maruti Suzuki Ertiga:
Despite its compact size, the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga is a spacious vehicle with seating for seven. The high seats of an Ertiga offers great visibility, making it easy to navigate and park. The car is also known for its excellent mileage.

What are the general terms & conditions for renting a car in India?

-One should have their driver’s license in place before leasing a self-driven vehicle from any car rental in India
-Every car rental requires necessary proof of identity before leasing out a car, and renters must furnish the same while making the booking
-All cars should be returned without damage, at the exact location it was hired from
-All cars should be returned within the time duration for which it was rented
-A nominal deposit fee is charged against each car as insurance

What are the documents required to rent a car in India?

While taking your car from any of the car rental in India, you will need to furnish your Driver’s License and identity proof in original. This proof of identity could be anything from a voter’s identity card to one’s Aadhar card, but must be the same as the one used while making the booking. The documents will be verified for validity, and should any discrepancy arise, the booking might be cancelled.

Can foreign national rent a car in India?

Foreign nationals can easily rent a car with a drive in India. Foreign nationals can also lease out vehicles from any self-drive car rental in India, as long as they possess a valid passport and internationally issued driver’s license.

What documents should I ask while renting a car?

-All necessary car papers, such as PUC papers or RC papers
-Any insurance proof of the car hired

What are the important things to remember when taking a car on rent?

-One should make sure that all of the car papers, such as insurance papers or RC documents, are in place before taking the car
-One should thoroughly check the exterior and interiors of the cars for any previous damage
-The fuel gauge should be carefully checked before leaving with the car
-One should thoroughly read the contract issued by the car rental services in India before finally placing the booking

How much does it cost to rent car in India for one day?

The cost of leasing a ride from any of the car rental in India starts from as low as Rs. 400/- per day. However, the cost depends entirely on the model of the car rented and the mileage spent on the car.

Which are the best short road trips in South India by rented cars?

1. Bangalore to Ooty: When one ruminates about South India and the potential places to take a trip to in the landscape, hills are probably the least likely thing to pop up in their mind. Surprisingly and fortunately, this is unfounded, and the Southern scapes to enjoy their fair share of hilly terrain, especially the Nilgiri Mountain range.

Ooty is one of the most beloved places of visit in the region: surrounded by the beautiful hills of Nilgiri, Ooty has forever been a place of quaint attraction with its unassuming demeanor encompassing its tea gardens and slopes with waterfalls. It is always a perfect time to book a four-wheeler from the car rental services in India to go exploring the ambient terrain of Ooty.

Distance: 272 km (via Mysore Road)
Best time: February-June

2. Mangalore to Goa: As far as car rental in India goes, the road trip from Mangalore to Goa is one of the most underrated reasons to seek one’s services. The key attraction of the trip undoubtedly remains the destination of Goa, with its ever-inducing allurement of frolic and festivity, but the trip itself is one definitely worth ditching the relatively more comfortable means that a flight would provide.

The road trip is filled with its own attractions tucked away from the urban spaces, exemplifying the immense natural beauty of flora that Karnataka resides in.

Distance: 365 km (via N.H. 66)
Best time: April-July

3. Kochi to Kanyakumari: Any ride leased from the best car rental in India is bound to make any journey twice as appealing. While choosing one’s getaway for the weekend on their leased car, the road trip from Kochi to Kanyakumari should definitely be considered.

The trip is not constituted of rough roads or twisted terrains, and the delight lies specifically in its laid-back nature of being composed of scenic greenery to accompany the traveller. The road trip is best enjoyed when opted for a chauffeur service from the car rentals in India.

Distance: 289 km (via N.H. 66)
Best time: April-July

4. Hyderabad to Hampi: The trip from Hyderabad to Hampi is yet another addition in the underrated road trips amongst the ones offered by the best car rentals in India. The road trip is in many ways archetypal of the road trips that South India has to offer, but not without its own rural charm.

The trip is tailor-made for sunny trips with friends and family, and poses itself as the perfect preface before the destination of Hampi. After a short stint in the city, the road gives way to the typical beauty of Indian countryside, riddled with lush open fields and quaint villages. A number of diners can be found around the place as well.

Distance: Approximately 400 km (via Mahabubnagar, Raichur and Sindhanur)
Best time: November-January

5. Bangalore to Coorg:  Karnataka is undoubtedly a dreamland when it comes to road trips availing the services of car rental in India, and Coorg is arguably amongst the crown jewels of places that take the pie. Known for its rich and extensive plantations of coffee, Coorg attracts visitors all round the year with its calming charms of serenity.

The trip from Bangalore to Coorg makes for one of the most sought-after opportunities to opt for car rental services in India. The trip is chastened by the undulating swathes of greenery, interspersed by the hilly terrains that Karnataka is so widely renowned for. With a journey that is perfectly reflective of its destination, this is one trip that you would definitely want to check out.

Distance: 275 km (via N.H. 75)
Best time: October-May

6. Vizag to Araku: When visiting the city of Visakhapatnam, colloquially known as Vizag, there is one outing in particular that travellers are always mindful of and always look forward to. Indeed, the trip being talked about is the road trip from Vizag to Araku Valley.

Arguably the most famous road-trip in South India, it would not be erroneous to state that the road trip almost trumps the destination of Araku itself. The trip encompasses the best of the hilly region of the area, with the road passing through the majestic crests and troughs of the mountainous terrain. The weather during most of the year remains dampened with a characteristically hilly chill, so it might be wise to pack raincoats and overalls for your trip.

Distance: 48 km (via Visakhapatnam Road)
Best time: September-March

7. Chikmagalur to Kudremukh: The trip from Chikmagalur to Kudremukh is one of the most underrated road trips in South India, probably owing to the popularity of Kudremukh itself.

Adorned with accompanying slopes of majestic proportions and the greenery that is typical of the region, Kudremukh (which literally translates to “horse’s mouth”) is named so because of its shape, and is a region that is extremely popular due to the trekking opportunities that it facilitates. The road trip itself is a fitting pretext for the destination, and becomes increasingly reflective of the wild scenery of its destination as it nears it.

Distance: 107 km (Chikmagalur-Balehonnur Road)
Best time: February-June

8. Chennai to Yelagiri: As anyone from the city of Chennai would tell you, a journey to the Yelagiri Hills makes for a perfect weekend outing, solo as well as accompanied. Road trips to the Yelagiri peaks are a go-to jaunt for the people from Chennai, and is recommended to every traveller visiting the capital city of Tamil Nadu, as a trip that is sure to take one’s mind off the humdrum and claustrophobia of the city.

The hills themselves are adorned with lush greenery, and more than its fair share of waterfalls are seen jutting out occasionally. The trip itself is an extensive one, but with a few stops along the way to recharge and marvel at the scenery, it promises to be a memorable one.

Distance: 226 km (via N.H. 48)
Best time: November to February

Which are the best places for weekend getaways in North India by rented car?

1. Delhi to Rishikesh: Rishikesh is almost famous amidst the road-tripping circles of India- North India specifically- and for good reason. The hilly terrains and astonishing gorges of Rishikesh constitute one of the best locations for rafting and all sorts of water-based activities, consequently making it the ideal destination for a weekend trip.

The journey that culminates into Rishikesh is one that is a perfect blend of adventure and serenity, and is best experienced with company. The route is interspersed with changing sceneries of the region, and is best enjoyed when passed through with occasional stops to soak in the scenery or enjoy the local cuisines.

Distance: 243 km (via N.H. 44)
Best time: February- April

2. Amritsar to Dharamshala: The road trip from Amritsar to Dharamshala is one of the most beautiful journeys by road in North India, and constitutes the stuff of dreams for every traveller seeking to explore the North-Western belt of the country.

The journey begins from the Punjab city, characteristically with its open highways and expansive plains of golden plantations of wheat. As one progresses near Dharamshala, the weather conditions change as does the scenery, with lush green peaks accompanied by chilly winds that swirl through the Himalayan deodars. An eclectic mix perfect for anyone, the trip is best enjoyed on the weekend while availing services from any of the best car rentals in India.

Distance: 200 km (via N.H. 54 and N.H. 154)
Best time: March-June

3. Chandigarh to Kasol: North Indian road trips are nothing without the polarity of plains and hills, and the trip from Chandigarh to Kasol is sure to infuse you with the best of both realms. The trip expectedly begins in the exclusively extensive fields of greenery and gold, as is typical of Punjab, but escalates- both literally and figuratively- to the hilly scapes that are so alluringly exemplary of Kasol.

The trip, due to its altitudinal and meteorological trajectory, is a favourite when it comes to the demographic of Chandigarh and Punjab in general, when seeking a respite from the torrid banalities of daily life. All in all, a road trip to Kasol will surely exceed your expectations while scouring the region.

Distance: 275 km (via N.H. 154)
Best time: February-June

4. Jammu to Srinagar: Mountains and hilly regions seem to constitute the key element in any ideal road trip, and are the one thing whose presence is almost guaranteed in North India. The lands of Kashmir are, with their wistful mysticism and ethereal beauty, made to be enamoured of.

While Srinagar is undoubtedly the crown jewel of a tour in the region, a road trip to the place from Jammu may be equally fulfilling, and serves as a perfect prefix for the destination. The trip provides a beautiful insight into the mountainous roadways of the region, and serves to acquaint its travellers with the culture and cuisine of the locales it encompasses.

Distance: 264 km (via N.H. 44)
Best time: October-March

5. Delhi to Lansdowne: Lansdowne is one of those places whose charm lies in their very inconspicuity; a relatively lesser-known destination, it is a small hill station located in Uttarakhand. Nevertheless, a trip to this little hamlet is sure to rejuvenate your soul after a long week of strain.

Having taken their ride from any of the best car rental in India, one can set off on their journey to this slice of heaven. The journey commences in the plains with the landscape sustaining for quite a while, until the quaint town makes its proximity felt with an abrupt rise in altitude. The closing shades of the trip are constituted of an uphill climb that finally culminates into the town of Lansdowne, whose beauty is a healing balm on the urbanity that precedes it.

Distance: 250 km (via Kotdwar)
Best time: February-June

6. Chandigarh to Dalhousie:  Being one of the most famous hill stations in North India, it is no surprise that a road trip to Dalhousie is included in the most recommended trips by the best car rentals in India. The trip follows a characteristic trajectory of plains to hills, but nevertheless provides for an enjoyable excursion coming up to Dalhousie.

The trip takes off from Chandigarh, and immediately opens up to roads accompanied by expansive and golden fields of wheat plantations that are characteristic of Punjab. The road itself is extremely well-maintained and provides for a pleasant drive.

Distance: 320 km (via N.H. 44)
Best time: October-March

7. Dehradun to Mana: Mana is a place that despite not hogging the headlines as much as places like Dalhousie or Rishikesh, possesses its own quaint charm. Surrounded by the majestic peaks of the Himalayas that need no introduction, the village is located near the Indo-Tibet/China border in the Himalayas and imbued with a heavenly aura that is bound to ensnare the most veteran travellers.

When it comes to reaching the village, a road trip from Dehradun is considered amongst the most feasible options. The road trip is perfect for an adventurous journey into a land that is relatively untouched by the redundant overflows of tourists, and is sure to remain a memorable outing well beyond its actualisation.

Distance: 362 km (via N.H. 7)
Best time: March-June

8. Jaipur to Ranthambore: In a landscape dominated by road trips that involve mountains in preponderance, the trip from Jaipur to Ranthambore tends to be perceived as almost a welcome change. Away from the snowy caps of the Himalayas, the trip to Ranthambore is characterised by the rugged and dusty terrains of the Aravallis. Ranthambore is known mostly for its wildlife reserve, and the trip to the place can be tweaked so as to encompass a passage to the famous forests that adorn it. If you are a lover of wildlife or naturally possess even a passing fondness, this road trip is sure to become an experience of a lifetime.

Distance: 179 km (via Jaipur-Kota Road)
Best time: February-April

Which are the famous road trips in India by rented cars?

1.Delhi to Leh Via Manali: The Delhi to Leh Ladakh road trip is one of the most coveted trips that can be taken in India. Having leased your ride from any car rental in India, take to the road and prepare for your upward climb towards Leh via Manali.

The road towards Manali is fairly steady until one reaches Ghanauli, from whereon begins the steep. One crosses a number of fantastic views while travelling from Delhi-Manali-Leh: Rohtang La, one of the most adventurous passes in the country; Keylong, a natural paradise; Jispa, a popular camping spot; Baralacha La, one of the highest passes in the Himalaya.

Distance: About 1011 kilometers
Best time: April- June

2.Delhi to Spiti Valley:
Spiti, the cold desert mountain valley in the Himalayas, is a popular destination for weekend trips. Starting from Delhi, the road to Spiti is riddled with a host of fantastic sites, making for a scenic journey: from mountain hamlets, to panoramic views of the Himalayan ranges.

One could always make the trip twice as memorable by choosing any of the self drive car rental services in India. There are two ways to reach Spiti Valley from Delhi- via Shimla and via Manali. The former route is mostly preferred due to better roads.

Distance: Approximately 762 kilometers
Best time: March to June

3.Guwahati to Tawang: One of India’s least trodden routes, the trip from Guwahati to Tawang is a must-have for those looking to explore the primitive charm of country roads. The journey starts from Guwahati in Assam, and travels to Tawang via Tezpur, Bhalukpong, Bomdila and Dirang.

Cutting through narrow roads, the journey takes you across some of the most fantastic natural sites in the North East- the Wildlife Sanctuary of Bomdila and the blooming yellow fields of Bhalukpong are only some of them. The journey being a fairly long one, cannot be covered at a stretch, and several rest stops are needed to cover it.

Distance: 515 kilometers
Best time: March to August

4.Chennai to Pondicherry: Travelling along the exceptionally beautiful East Coast Road, the journey from Chennai to Pondicherry promises to take your breath away. Having booked a ride from any car rentals India, one can easily spend a day travelling to Pondicherry.

The journey being a fairly short one, doesn't take a lot of time to complete, allowing one to take several leisure stops in between. Several scenic attractions dot the road between Chennai and Pondicherry- the Crocodile bank is a must visit for every animal lover, while the Cholamandal Artist village is bound to please any traveller.

Distance: Approximately 160 kilometers
Best time: January to March

5.Jaipur to Jaisalmer: Jaisalmer is one of the greatest places to drive to from Jaipur. Having secured their vehicle from any of the car rental services in India, one can make their way to the Golden City.

This road trip is a fantastic one, crossing sand dunes, ancient forts and temples, long stretches of desert and much more. Although the journey itself takes nine hours to complete, one could always choose to elongate their experience by making several stops on their way. The Desert National Park is an attraction that one could definitely stop to explore on the way.

Distance: Approximately 560 kilometers
Best time: March to November

6.Mumbai to Goa: Riddled with paddy fields, coconut plantations and views to the coast, Mumbai to Goa road trip is a popular journey taken by younger people in the city. The road takes around 10-12 hours to complete, depending on the route taken: one can take the route via the Mumbai Pune expressway, or the road via Belgaum which is slightly longer.

One can make several stops as they go by: at Belgaum Fort, Chiplun or even the Karnala Bird Sanctuary. However, this one day trip can be completed without any stops as well.

Distance: About 550 kilometers
Best time: February to June

7.Kolkata to Digha: For those looking to escape to the sea, the road trip from Kolkata to Digha might be an ideal choice. This short road trip takes the NH16 Highway route, and requires about 4-5 hours to complete.

Although there are several buses travelling between Kolkata and Digha, leasing a ride from any of the car rental services in India might be the best way to enjoy one’s trip. Starting with an aerial view of the river Ganga, the road takes to the rural countryside before reaching the quaint little coastal town.

Distance: Approximately 185 kilometers
Best time: September to April

Which are the best short road trips in North East India by rented cars?

1.Shillong to Cherrapunji: One of the shortest road trips in the country, the journey from Shillong to Cherrapunji is quite the allure. The journey across Meghalaya is not only scenic, but also full of adventure.

There are several fantastic natural attractions that riddle the way through Cherrapunji : the horseshoe shaped Ward’s Lake is a charming stop, while the Elephant Falls and the Wah Kaba waterfalls promise to enchant all. There are several little diners and cafes along the way as well, for those that choose to stop for a bit of snacking.

Approximately 54 kilometers
Best time: October to February

2.Gangtok to Nathula Pass via Lake Tsomgo:
Nathula Pass requires a full day’s journey from Gangtok. Owing to its proximity to the country border, one needs to rent a vehicle from the car rental services in India located in Gangtok for rides that are equipped with necessary permits.

The high-altitude road is a tricky one to navigate, and requires an experienced driver. One of the biggest attractions that the route crosses is the Tsomgo Lake, a stunning glacial lake located 40 kilometers outside Gangtok. From Tsomgo, the road travels to Nathula by the Baba Harbajan Singh Temple.

Approximately 53 kilometers
Best time: May to October

3.Guwahati to Tawang:
Traversing through some of North India’s most blessed landscapes, the journey between Guwahati and Tawang is a mesmerizing one. Although there are several buses making the journey every day, the road is especially enchanting when travelling on one’s own ride leased from any car rental in India.

The short journey takes no more than 10 hours to complete when done without stops. However, to add to the trip, one could easily stop at any of the attractions that fall in the way, Bhalukpong and Dirang Valley being two such prominent landmarks.

515 kilometers
Best time: March to August

4.Kalimpong to Zuluk:
From one picturesque town to another, the route from Kalimpong to Zuluk promises to be a beautiful one. The route here traverses across several mountain villages, before moving to Zuluk via the scenic Sillery Gaon. The road crosses the 100-feet waterfall Que Khola, which is worth a stop.

The road to Zuluk from Kalimpong can take around 3 to 4 hours. However, only Sikkim-based vehicles are allowed to traverse the route, and one must make sure to issue a ride from any car rental in India based in Sikkim.

58 kilometers
Best time: March to June

5.Darjeeling to Pelling:
Occasionally unpaved, the road from Darjeeling to Pelling promises a journey of a lifetime. There are several ways to travel between the two places, although driving on one’s ride leased from car rental services in India might be the best choice.

The road to Pelling is riddled with fantastic views of the surrounding peaks, along with the occasional traditional eatery where one might stop for a quick bite and rest.

Around 72 kilometers
Best time: March to October

India Car Rentals Reviews

Indra Mahajan
Reviewed: 17 Feb 2020
Guwahati has many famous places like Kamakhya Devi temple, science museum, and many more. It would be quite difficult to change the cab from one stop to the other. But we are glad that we found this package through Thrillophilia and we are able to visit all the main spots with hassle-free and in a v... Read More
Gopi Ahluwalia
Reviewed: 17 Feb 2020
Booked this for 4-hours, a smooth process by the voucher, our driver was helpful and patient to us. Took us to all the listed places we wanted to explore and finally because of the driver effort we are able to cover all the spots and even stop on the way in which we tried the famous street foods. Ve... Read More
Chandini Desai
Reviewed: 26 Feb 2020
The road to Shillong is good, we enjoyed it very much, By the way, the transport and driver also good.
Smriti Bandopadhyay
Reviewed: 26 Feb 2020
Great deal booking this from Thrillophilia, very satisfied service and we had a great time exploring Darjeeling by this car-rental.
Bhargava Acharya
Reviewed: 07 Feb 2020
We felt lucky to get with the best renting car company along with a good and kind driver. Thrillophilia is the best booking platform. We have no planned itinerary but our driver helps us with the planned itinerary and really it was a good one, The place we visit was simply lovely, We stop on the way... Read More
Shresthi Bandopadhyay
Reviewed: 15 Feb 2020
We start our journey to Shillong by hiring the taxi from Thrillophilia, the road is fascinating and the journey was awesome so thrill by the curvy road and at the same time fun. What an excellent feeling on this journey.

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