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Duration Price
Private Group Yacht Charter in Chennai3 hours
INR 40,000

The coastal India is a large chunk of the country that is known for its laid-back atmosphere, places like Goa, Mumbai, Kerala, Kolkata, Chennai, Daman and Diu and the Andaman and Nicobar islands are some of the best places to experience a sailing tour on the Indian Ocean, the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal. Between the border of Karnataka and Maharashtra lies the hippies’ town of Goa, beautiful as a painting and mad as the sea. The party capital of Goa is best known for its beaches and the umpteen numbers of sailing tours in India are increasing day by day. As stunning as the beaches are in Goa, the ocean’s azure water makes the best sailing experience for you and your partner or friends. The party cruises are the limelight of this little paradise where people unwind and enjoy in a unique setting on the sea.


The Mumbai crowd gets an array of options, from luxury sail cruise to corporate cruise, from Valentine’s Day special cruise to leisure cruise, the economic capital of the country will never let you run out of options. Sail past some of the oldest lighthouse on the Andaman islands of India and the Daman and Diu Territories’, take a cruise ride into the farthest of the sea and relax in the playful waves, the gentle breezes of the sea, and the seascape of a setting sun that reflect in the glass-clear water. A sailing tour followed with a candlelight dinner on a private cruise is a great way to ignite more romance and love in your life. Chennai on the Eastern Coast is major port that conducts various sailing tours in India. Barrackpore in West Bengal is an interesting option for sail lovers, a sailing tour on a houseboat in Kerala and Odisha are some of the rarest way to sail the Indian Water.

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