Best Water Sports in Ubud

Ubud Water Sports Packages

Duration Price
Snorkeling in South Kuta2 hours
INR 8,641
Wakeboarding in Bali1 hour
INR 5,135
Kayaking In Bali1 hour
INR 2,042
River Tubing in Bali5 hours - 6 hours
INR 1,370
River Rafting in Ubud3 hours
INR 1,296
Windsurfing in Bali2 hours
INR 3,899
Experience Water Ski in Nusa Dua Beach of Bali15 mins
INR 1,650
Jet Ski In South Kuta, Bali1 hour
INR 3,399
Jet Pack In Kuta, Bali20 mins
INR 4,699
Scuba Diving in Nusa Penida7 hours
INR 11,055
White Water Rafting And Elephant Safari With Mountain Cycling Bali9 hours
INR 5,899
Rafting and Cooking Experience in Ubud7 hours
INR 3,350

The traditional land of Bali is not only about verdant terraced farms and lush green rainforest dotted with world famous Hindu temples and shrines but there is an abundant option for the best water sports tours in Ubud. Ubud is a cultural site of Bali, home to decent restaurants, chic cafes and streets of shops, where you can buy the artifacts and goods handmade and crafted by the region’s artisans. Ubud has a very pleasant temperature which makes it ideal to include in your Bali packages as the nearby beaches serve the best to a watersports enthusiast.

From a sunrise trek to Mt. Batur, to snorkeling, scuba, and rafting activities, Bali has a therapeutic life and sea for the water sports and beautiful rivers which will make you want to jump in, right when you see them. The hot springs are natural wonders and the active lava mountains can actually leave you to think, how beauty and nature bind the life is in Bali but more awesome for the ones who come here to celebrate a part of their traveling experience. Bali honeymoon trip offers a perfect blend of adventure and romance amidst stunning landscapes, making it an unforgettable experience for newlyweds seeking an exotic getaway.

It is also known as Asia’s wellness destination which is made true by the presence of rainforests or the green stretch of the paddies. Away from the crammed night culture of the south Bali, it is located in central Bali which is rightly called as the cultural hearts for you can buy amazing handmade souvenirs to take back home like the dream catcher, Bali bands. Wooden carvings, Paintings, decorative Items, clothes etc, staying the peaceful resorts of Ubud can save you from the humdrum of Bali’s commercial busy life. It is purely a cultural sojourn laced with serenity that offers the best adrenaline pumping watersports tours in Ubud.

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Ubud Water Sports FAQs

Which are the best water sports to do in Ubud?

1. Jet Skiing: Skiing is among the most interesting water sports in Ubud, and it allows you to accelerate across the waves. All you have to do is get on a motorised jet ski and ride it like a bike. You can also try water skiing if you want a more intense version of it.

Get carried about by a motorboat while standing on a ski board. Hold on to the cord while the speedboat drags you across the ocean. If you are tired of holding the chord, let go every now and again and enjoy a refreshing splash in the water.

- Location: Jl. Raya Sanggingan, Kedewatan, Kecamatan Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80561, Indonesia

2. Snorkeling: Enchant yourself with the splendour that lies beneath Ubud's crystal blue waterways. While snorkelling in the seas, visitors can see coral reefs, marine life, and other underwater wonders. Tourists do not need to have a certification to participate in this activity.

This tropical island, which is part of the world ’s finest Coral Triangle, boasts buried coral landscapes with swinging tentacles and some of the world's rarest fish and marine life. So, join one of the incredible water sports in Ubud and witness the breathtaking beauty of this underwater trip for yourself. It's absolutely worth a try and will most likely blow your mind.

- Location: Jl. Sukma Kesuma, Peliatan, Kecamatan Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia

3. Surfing: Regardless of the level of expertise, Ubud is the finest place to ride the waves. Balangan, Dreamland, Bingin, Impossibles, Padang-Padang, and Uluwatu in the west of the Bukit peninsula are world-famous surfing destinations.

If you're a complete newbie, Kuta Beach, where many surf schools have sprung up, is the place to go. Most surf beaches in Bali have the best waves during the dry season, which runs from April to August, when you can enjoy nice easterly breezes and less flotsam.

- Location: Jl. Raya Andong, Petulu, Kecamatan Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia

4. Water Skiing: Glide on a ski board through the azure water while being towed by a motor boat, surrounded by lovely white sand beaches. It's one of the exciting water sports in Ubud in which the rider is towed through the waves while holding onto a tow rope; feeling the adrenaline rush makes it a must-do.

This water activity in Bali is one of the most thrilling and is likely to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience! This adventure will put your skills to the test, requiring you to complete a difficult task in order to create an unforgettable experience. Make your island vacation even more exciting by participating in the unique Water Ski.

- Location: Jl. Raya Sayan No.70, Sayan, Kecamatan Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia

5. Fly Fishing: This is one of the latest watersports in Bali, and it is a must-try. Ride in a flat rubber boat that is being towed by another speed boat through the air. Go ahead and try the flying fish in Tanjung Benoa.

After you've put on the safety jacket, grip the handles on the left and right sides of the float tightly. The float will gradually rise and “fly” as the speed boat accelerates. Make use of your time in the air and take in the sights. It's definitely worth a shot!

- Location: Jl. Cok Gede Rai, Peliatan, Kecamatan Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia

6. Parasailing: Parasailing is among the most thrilling water sports in Ubud. Fly in the sky above the ocean while attached to a parachute. Feel the cool ocean breeze as you travel over the water, towed by a speedboat. Enjoy the view from above with a 15-minute parachute ride around the beach.

The parasailing experience is designed to be played by two people at the same time, therefore it would be more enjoyable if you both played it. Parasailing adventure instructors that are kind and experienced can make you feel more at ease while enjoying this popular sport on the island of Ubud.

- Location: Pandan sari watersport, Jln Pratama,Tanjung Benoa, Nusa Dua, Kec. Kuta Sel., Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia”

7. Scuba Diving: Some of the world's leading dive locations may be found deep under Bali's seas. The island's temperate waters are teeming with coral reefs and marine life, as it is part of a string of islands in the bio-diverse Indonesian archipelago. Drop-off walls and shipwrecks are among the many undersea scenes.

Bali is also an excellent spot to acquire how to dive and get licensed if you're new to the game, as there are multiple dive schools in the main resort districts. Nusa Lembongan, Sanur Reef, Amed and Tulamben in the isolated eastern beaches, and Menjangan Island in the north, are all great dive spots to find and conquer.

- Location: Jl. Raya Andong, Peliatan, Kecamatan Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia

8. Sea Walking: Walk on the ocean floor encircled by corals while a school of fish swims around you to get a sense of the undersea world. With a specially developed underwater helmet, this activity allows you to walk on the seafloor. Near Bali, there are various sea walker companies, one of which being the well-known Bali Seawalker in Sanur.

You dive to a depth of 20-25 metres, using a helmet that allows you to breathe underwater, to explore the ocean's natural beauties. You can freely engage with the fish seven metres down, while scuba guides keep an eye on you and hand you fish feed to attract schools of triggerfish, angelfish, regal tangs, and other species. You can also throw some food to attract the tadpoles.

- Location: Kelusa, Payangan, Jl. Raya Campuhan, Sayan, Kecamatan Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia

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Which are the best places for water sports in Ubud?

1. Nusa Lembongan: Water sports in Ubud including diving, snorkeling, swimming, stand-up paddling, and other water sports are becoming increasingly popular on this little island of Nusa Lembongan. It is an alternative to busy popular beaches on the mainland.

2. Tanjung Benoa: Tanjung Benoa's main beaches are along its 3 km eastern shore, which is easily accessible from the Nusa Dua center. The sea wave at Tanjung Benoa beach is peaceful and safe for water sports games, which is why it is a popular water sports center in Bali.

3. Kuta Beach: With a plethora of surfing schools catering to all skill levels, you can visit Kuta Beach and give it a go even if you've never surfed before. This makes it perfect for young travelers looking for a pleasant beach vacation where they may try out some water sports.

4. Nusa Dua: Nusa Dua is sometimes referred to as an "All Inclusive'' beach since it offers everything a visitor might want. The pure white beach and turquoise waters provide an awe-inspiring sight, and the extra water sports facilities make this a perfect spot for those wishing to try their hand at surfing. Softboard rental costs INR 476 per day. April through October is the best time to visit.

Which are the best places for snorkeling in Ubud?

1. Nusa Lembongan: Nusa Lembongan is home to diverse island Ubud water sports such as diving, snorkelling, swimming, stand-up paddling, and other water sports are becoming increasingly popular on this little island of Nusa Lembongan. Snorkeling in Ubud's beautiful blue seas will fascinate you with its coral reefs, abundant marine life, and even a shipwreck.

2. Sanur Beach: Sanur Beach is one of Ubud's oldest beaches, located east of Denpasar popular for Ubud water sports. The region has been turned into a little village with a variety of activities, including snorkelling, to experience. Sanur's calm water is excellent for families with little children.

3. Menjangan Island: Menjangan Island is one of the most popular places for indulging in Ubud water sports. There are several boats and guided cruises that stop here. The seabed is magnificent here with dense shoals of green chromis and sergeant majors swimming around the coral beds, while parrotfish, butterflyfish, and spinefoot come and go on the reef drop-off, their colours dazzling.

4. Blue Lagoon: Blue Lagoon is a location that is a well-known snorkelling and diving Ubud water sports hub, featuring a wide variety of colourful fish, coral reefs, and excellent underwater macro photography opportunities. Because the seas are exceptionally quiet in normal weather, it is an excellent spot for snorkelling, an easy enjoyable dive, and a fantastic site for families with children and novices.

How to reach Ubud?

By Road: Ubud is located in the heart of Bali. This little yet gorgeous island is a 40 kms trip from the airport. Tourist vans easily rent cars or motorbikes at the airport to reach the destination. For a more cost-effective ride, tourists can take buses too.

What is Ubud famous for?

Ubud located in the heart of Bali is one of the most sought-after tourists’ destinations including long green stretches of rice paddies, museum with collections of arts and sculptures by renowned artists and the most popular attraction the Bali swing.

Apart from this Ubud is home to extravagant beaches, monkey forests and more. Ubud is a beach town, and therefore tourists can relax in seafront luxury resorts or can participate in yoga and spa sessions held here.

What is the best time to visit Ubud?

The best time to visit Ubud is in the peak seasons of August to December. With occasional rain showers, cold and breezy climates and less humidity, it makes the perfect tourist season. Tourists can participate in a number of beach activities without having to worry about the weather.

Ubud Water Sports Reviews

Janani RL
Reviewed: 07 Mar 2022
This was a new activity that I had found out on Thrillophilia that could be done in Bali. It was a lot of fun simply floating on the waters of the Ayung River for almost an hour, just sitting on a tube floater. The cool winds and villages and forests that we passed by also became a highlight for thi... Read More
Rajesh Kumar
Reviewed: 18 Dec 2020
A seamless booking process, affordable costs, a great and experienced team, and rafting in the Ayung River, everything about this experience was phenomenal for me. Thrillophilia also included a delicious lunch right by the river, which was quite nice of them to do.
Irene Susan
Reviewed: 12 Nov 2020
My friends and I were in Bali for the summer and we booked the rafting package from Thrillophilia. We were picked up from our hotel and brought to the rafting spot. All equipment was provided for by the package so we didn't have to buy or carry anything with us
Nakul Nakul
Reviewed: 12 May 2020
We had never heard of River tubing before Thrillophilia. Such a wonderful and unique activity to enjoy with friends. We got to click some outstanding pictures for the gram and the natural scenery was breathtaking.
Dharmesh Sharma
Reviewed: 02 Oct 2019
It wasn't my first time rafting, but still I was excited like a child. The landscapes of Bali are breathtaking and I even got to treat myself with flavorsome Indonesian buffet and traditional Tangkup Luwak Coffee. All thanks to team Thrillophilia!
Prateek Sah
Reviewed: 10 Mar 2019
I went on the tubing adventure with a couple of friends, and it was really unique and fun! It's kind of like rafting, but on floating tubes. There’s not much to learn and we got a hold of it pretty soon. I’d highly recommend it to anyone looking for a fun time!

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