Celuk Village, Ubud: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips
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About Celuk Village

The Celuk village, based in Ubud Town, is popularly known as the Silver Village and is a prominent commercial hub for traditional crafts and arts in Bali. Celuk village is known far and wide for its immense dealings in gold and silver at reasonable costs and it is one of best places to see in Kuta. If you are a jewellery lover and wish to explore great 'art pieces' at cheap rates, Celuk village is the best option to opt for.

On visiting the location, you can't stop yourself from getting amazed at the splendid array of jewellery designs, curated by local merchants out of gold and silver. Ranging from different types of souvenirs and jewellery, to medals and artistic symbols, you are entitled to find any desirable art piece in the market. 

The location offers great possibilities for the food lovers to satisfy their food cravings and hunger by feasting on wide varieties of continental delicacies. The spot constitutes a part of the Balinese village series that marks the entry gate of Gianyar regency.

The village is perfectly composed of a blend of lush greenery as well as finely allocated houses, which is worth exploring. The assortment of traditional shops, arranged in a line that deals with traditional jewellery items make the ambience of the location more winning. 

How to Reach Celuk Village

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Celuk village is based under the jurisdiction of Ubud town in Bali, Indonesia. To be more precise, the location is established at a distance of 4km southwest of the Sukawati District. You can avail the facility of mini busses that are available in the location called ‘Bemo’ or opt for a private means of transportation from the airport to reach Celuk Village.

Best Time to Visit Celuk Village

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If you are looking forward to visiting the spot and exploring the potential of the Celuk village, the months of April to August would be the best time to visit Celuk village. The climate as well as the natural ambience of the location flourishes during these particular months and you can make the best out of your trip.

It is also worth mentioning that the markets are open from 8 am till 4 pm (Monday to Friday), and as such you are required to visit the Ubud Celuk market spots during those hours only. 

What Not to Miss at Celuk Village

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Here are the list of best places that must not miss at the time of Ubud,Bali Tour:

1. Puseh Batuan Temple
The prime location that you can visit when in Celuk Village is the Puseh Batuan Temple. The ambience of the temple is composed of absolute serene and divine atmosphere that attracts devotees as well as travel enthusiasts from across the world. The temple is located at Batuan village, maintained and controlled by the local inhabitants.

This Balinese Hindu temple imparts a strong belief amongst the people and people come to visit the location in order to get their wishes fulfilled and worship the Almighty. The temple consists of 3 more temples within, where the three mighty temples are considered to be homes of Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Lord Shiva.

You can witness the traditional composition of the spot and the cultural inheritance of the village by visiting the temple and enjoying soothing moments worshipping the Almighty.
2. Satria Coffee Plantation
Fill your taste buds with the aroma and taste delight of the supreme coffee, as produced in Celuk village. Sip a cup of coffee amidst the dense coffee plantations of Ubud and relax your mind and soul, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Experience a perfect getaway with your loved ones that would be marked with the different flavours and kinds of coffee. 
3. Big Garden Corner
Witness the bountiful beauty of idols that were built in earlier times by the skilled craftsmen, which constitute the pride and glory of Celuk village in Big Garden Corner. The Big Garden Corner imparts the scenic view of planned gardens with perfectly placed idols that are worth beheld. 

You shall be able to recognise the perfection of the traditional methods of crafting and their sense of creativity. The peaceful ambience around the scene also adds another star to the entire virtue of the tourist spot. Relax and calm down your mind and body with immense peace and the views of man-made gardens.
4. Pura Dalem Bentuyung Temple
Visit the Pura Dalem Bentuyung Temple which is another most admirable spot in the entire region. Don't miss beholding the dance performance in the temple, which is well-known amongst the local people with the title of Kecak.

The temple holds a sense of immense divinity and pride for the local inhabitants of the spot, who are devoted to proper maintenance and worshipping within the temple premises.

Other Essential Information About Celuk Village

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Celuk village is based at a distance of 8 kilometres from Denpasar, exactly located by the side of Batubulan village. The Celuk village is based in one of the prominent holiday destinations of Bali, namely Ubud town.

You are advised to visit Celuk village during April, May, June, and July to August, the time when the location flourishes, and as such you can gather utmost joy during the specified months.

The Shopping Experience at Celuk Village 

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You can enjoy witnessing the hustle and bustle of the blazing markets, that constitutes both busy vendors and customers, during the day time. The cheerful ambience of the spot is a must to experience if you are looking forward to grasping the local habitation pattern of the village people. 

Besides, you get the opportunity of picking up a beautifully made jewellery piece that you can adorn on your skin with delight. Not just exceptional designs, the local merchants are equipped to render utmost reliability and genuineness. But you must take keen care of the authenticity of the commodity before purchasing from any vendor in order to ensure best purchase with secured mode of payments. 

Along with great designs and trust factor, you can ensure a pocket-friendly purchase in Celuk village. The local vendors make sure that they present their products at the lowest possible prices. Avail the opportunity of fetching the choicest designs at a factory price, which is almost unimaginable in any other place.

Tips for Visiting Celuk Village

1. Before you visit Celuk village, you must possess the motto of exploring the fabulous craft shops and witness the rich hold of the location in the sphere of arts and jewellery making. You cannot find a similar glorified version of artwork in terms of 'metal making' in any part of the world.

In the Celuk village markets, the vendors are habituated to delivering jewellery pieces at reasonable prices and as such you are recommended not to over-burden yourself and them with excess bargaining. You can create a balance of payments by settling the deal on a 20-25 % discount. 

3. Talking about the mode of verbal communication, you can take the aid of the English language for having a proper flow of communication in the location. 
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