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Traveller Tales from Ubud


Trilokanath Nayar

22 September 2016

I am spellbound seeing such a type of service at the first place! Well that I am now back from my honeymoon tour to Bali, I have got many things to pen down over here about my experience at Bali. First...


Rageswari Reddy

22 September 2016

Newly married couples! Most romantic honeymoon place! Pick the honeymoon Bali tour and you can be assured that this trip is going to be the best way to start your new life with your spouse! I have just...


Deeptimoyee Nehru

22 September 2016

Romantic Week off Trip to Bali – This was my status till today; I went on my honeymoon to Bali and am back today. Seven days how it passed is like a trance state. I feel this is the perfect honeymoon d...


Aaditya Sethi

22 September 2016

My wife had always complained that I didn’t take her on a honeymoon even though our wedding was nearing a year, and this is when I decided to give her a real treat by taking her to Bali for our first w...


Akshita Khatri

22 September 2016

Bali honeymoon trip was awesome! The drivers and the guides were good and helpful; the arrangements were undoubtedly seamless and fine. This is my first foreign trip and I am glad that I have good memo...


Jaimini Bhat

22 September 2016

Kudos guys for rendering out of moon honeymoon package to Bali, not all travel agents would be able to provide such a type of service, our Bali honeymoon tour was something unique that I rave about. Wh...

What You Should Know More About Honeymoon in Ubud

  • Q. Do we need to carry any documents if we are traveling Ubud for a honeymoon?

    If you have thought of a Ubud honeymoon holiday plan then you have made up the best decision of your life as here you don’t need plenty of documents, all you need is just a passport that's it. Once you reach the airport all you need is to get your visa formalities done which is for 30 days and is further extendable for 30 more days. With an abundance of Ubud Tour packages for couples, most of the work is done.

  • Q. How can I reach Ubud from Bali Airport? What is the distance between them?

    It takes approx 1-2 hour to reach Ubud from Ngurah Rai International Airport (Bali Airport) and is 37 kms away from the airport. There are taxis available outside the airport that will charge you approx $27 or more. You'll be passing through Denpasar. There are local transport into the form of SUVs or minivans that can be hired with a driver for specific trips. Though, you can reach Ubud through taxi from the main Bali city, but you'll hardly find taxis plying in Ubud. There are public buses from Gilimanuk, that passes through Singaraja and Denpasar. There is no direct bus to Ubud.

  • Q. Is Ubud a good honeymoon destination and why?

    Ubud is undeniably a good honeymoon destination as this place lacks nowhere and owns several natural as well as man-made marvels. Here you can enjoy the amazing beach dinner with your beloved or can enjoy water sports like scuba diving, snorkeling, water rafting, and several others.

    Apart from this here you can also go for street shopping and buy souvenirs of your romantic Ubud tour. At this place, you can also try the local delicacies which are unique and are a preparation of Ubud itself.

  • Q. What is the best time to go to Ubud?

    The best time to visit Ubud is June-July-August-September. The weather in July & August (peak season) is sunny and very warm during the day, and generally clear and cool in the evenings. So for a honeymoon couple, this is an ideal time to enjoy water activities in Bali and travel around. April and May have generally nice weather, and things are less crowded. So this can be the best time to explore Ubud.

  • Q. Which is the best time to visit Ubud for a honeymoon?

    Ubud is a very climate favorable destination and can be traveled anytime. The months from July to September are the most favorable months as the charm of the destination is at its peak.

    If you are planning to book one of the Ubud tour packages for couples, make sure the dates are in the month of July to September as this is the time when you can enjoy the water sports to the fullest and after probing into these exciting water activities you can enjoy sunbathing at the alluring beaches.

  • Q. Which is the best mode of travel while in Ubud?

    It is quite challenging to find transportation in Ubud. However, you can still travel around by renting a vehicle or bike.

    • Rent a Scooter: A scooter or motorcycle with around 125 cc machine, works best for a town with narrow streets like Ubud. You can find some rental services that would charge $3 to $5 for a day.
    • Rent a Car: Another best option to explore in Ubud is by renting a car. The rental fees are around $3 to $5.
    • Taxi: There are meter taxi services that are always up for grabs. There are several taxi services and one such is Bluebird who are known for using the meter.
    • Perama Bus: It is an established company including intercity bus and boats in Bali. They have routes in Ubud and rate is around $3

  • Q. Can we rent a bike,car etc. to travel within Ubud?

    There are some good bike and car renting companies in the city that you can opt to travel across Ubud. One such is Bali4Ride that offers scooter and car rental. Using this rental service you can experience the hidden virgin beaches around the island. Moreover, it will allow you to get up-close and personal to the many significant destinations. The approx rate for car and bike rent for a day is around $4- $5.

  • Q. What are the costs of Ubud Honeymoon tour Packages?

    The Ubud honeymoon tour packages cost is variable and begins from 14,000 per person which have various inclusions. Be it the lip-smacking food, comfortable stays, adventure activities, and several other things are a part of the packages. Also one can choose for a luxury package which has almost everything and all you need to do is just relax and soak in all of Ubud, but those are a little costlier but worth trying.

  • Q. What are some famous tourist attractions in Ubud for honeymooners?

    There are several tourist attractions in Ubud like the Tegalalang rice fields which extend picture perfect displays, Campuhan ridge walk which is just splendid and amazing for the ones looking for refreshing environs.

    Here you can also mark your footprints at the beautiful beaches like the Bias Tugel beach, Blue Lagoon beach, and several others and enjoy an amazing dining experience at the restaurants overlooking the sunset. If you are a shopaholic then you can also wander in the streets of Ubud Art market and pick up amazing things.

  • Q. What are the essential things to carry to Ubud?

    When it comes to packing for Ubud trip, pack comfortably with loose cotton clothing. Make sure you wear sandals and carry cosmetics along with sunscreen lotions. While vacationing on an island certainly encourages skimpy beach attire. However, make sure you wear clothes covering knees especially when visiting sacred sites such as the Elephant Cave, or when exploring small villages.

    Flip-flops are easier to slide on and off than sandals with straps. Do carry first aid kits, especially if planning for trekking. Carry two copies of passport, travel insurance papers, receipts for any traveler's cheques.

  • Q. What are the best activities which we can do in Ubud while honeymooning?

    If you are selecting a good Ubud honeymoon package then most of the activities will already be a part of your trip. Everything is available in Ubud, for all types of travelers and honeymooners.

    If you are an adventure junkie and love exploring the exciting sports then you can hike up the Mount Batur or can enjoy white water rafting at the Ayung River, but if you wish to spend quality time rediscovering your bond then you enjoy a walk at the beaches or can savor a delicious dinner clubbed with sunset.

  • Q. How many days are required to explore Ubud?

    If you’re visiting Bali and other amazing places in Ubud, then at least book yourself for 10-15 days. In these days, you can accommodate a plan for visting in Ubud and explore the places. Get a holiday package booked that would include Ubud trip and explore different places, stay in a villa, do activities and enjoy the trip.

  • Q. Is Ubud a good honeymoon destination and why?

    Yes, Ubud is a great destination for honeymoon couples. From beaches to luxury villas in Bali, there are many options to explore. Moreover, resorts and guest houses comprising of luxury amenities are worth enjoying. From relaxing in the beach and villa to exploring the villages of Ubud, there are many offbeat things that can charm couples. Check out the honeymoon packages for Ubud comprising of accommodation, travel and amenities.

    Some of the places honeymoon couples can enjoy are:

    • Visit Pura Taman Saraswati
    • Take a walk in Monkey Forest
    • Museum Puri Lukisan
    • Watch Herons at Petulu Return Home
    • Visit Agung Rai Museum
    • Stay in private villa in Ubud
    • Dive into Tegenungan Waterfall
    • Take an eco-tour to The Green Village

  • Q. Which adventure activities can be enjoyed by couples in Ubud?

    There is an abundance of adventurous activities available in Ubud. If you are a trekker then you can trace the bewildering trails of Mount Batur or you can enjoy the splashes of ice-cold water at the Ayung River while you raft. Not only this, but here you can also witness a bag full of aqua sports with your partner like a refreshing session of snorkeling, scuba diving, and various others. Something which sets apart the adventures of Ubud is their continuity and all time availability.

  • Q. Are there any beaches for a honeymoon in Ubud where we should go?

    Making an escape to the beaches is just never out of question and strolling them with your better half is something which adds up to the experience. You can witness the Bias Tugel beach which showcases breathtaking vistas and is an ultimate destination for solace seekers.

    But if you are looking for an adventurous one then you can enjoy several sports at the Blue Lagoon beach. With various other beaches, this place is a perfect getaway. Here you can also enjoy the spectacular beach parties at the Sanur beach as it is one of the most happening places in Ubud.

  • Q. What are some famous tourist attractions in Ubud for honeymooners?

    Ubud is one of the most beautiful places to explore in Bali. Famously known as Bali’s ultimate cultural hub, Ubud is an amazing mix of old and new with something to offer to everyone. For honeymoon couples, Ubud offers some best place to explore along with engaging in some activities. The town and its outskirts within the Gianyar regency is your holiday destination if you are also into the Balinese culture, arts and crafts.

    Some of the worth visiting places in Ubud are:

    • Goa Gajah
    • 'Elephant Cave'
    • Ubud Monkey Forest
    • Tegallalang Rice Terraces
    • Puri Saren Royal Palace
    • Blanco Renaissance Museum
    • Agung Rai Museum of Art
    • Campuhan Ridge Walk
    • Go on an Eco Walk around Ubud
    • Full Day tour at Kintamani Volcano & Ubud Villages

  • Q. What are the best activities which we can do in Ubud while honeymooning?

    Ubud offers multiple options for couples to enjoy during a honeymoon. From shopping to park visit, one can have a list of options to do in this tourist place. You can pick from a variety of options as per your convenience. You can embrace yourself for nature activity and enjoy dinner experience.

    Some of the best activities you can do Ubud are:

    • Swing a ride over the Ayung River to enjoy panoramic views
    • Enjoy a movie night at the Raw Food Restaurant- Paradiso Ubud
    • Enjoy the Adventure Rafting at Ubud Adventure Centre
    • Dive into the Tegenungan waterfall
    • Enjoy Twilight Dinner
    • Enjoy a romantic spa with your loved one
    • Ubud Eco-Trekking
    • Sunset Cruise
    • Dinner in Ubud Rice Fields
    • Private Couple Cooking Class
    • Dinner at Swept Away

  • Q. Which all places are best to enjoy romantic dinners in Ubud?

    Are you a food lover? This place has a whole lot of places where you can enjoy romantic dinners and exotic cuisines. With restaurants like Bridges Bali restaurant, Ibu Rai, Three monkeys, and several others you can savor mouthwatering dishes with your partners.

    But if you are searching for a perfect place for a date, then visit the Kebun Bistro where you can listen to the soft music, whiff the spellbinding aroma and with such a tranquil setting you can spend quality time with your beloved. Some Ubud honeymoon tour packages include such romantic dinners.

  • Q. Which adventure activities can be enjoyed by couples in Ubud?

    Ubud is well known as a place to relax, unwind and engage in adventure activities. Discover the adventure side of the beautiful place hidden. Ubud offers some of the best adventure activities like:

    • River Rafting at Ayung River- The infamous river Ayung River provides the best white-water rafting experience in Bali. The rafting trip starts from the north of Ubud and ends near the west.
    • Wild Volcano Climbing Day: Get relaxed and pampered at Volcano Batur and Volcano Agung.Volcano Batur is 1717m above sea level while Volcano Agung goes up to 3142m, and are great adventurous place in Ubud.
    • Canyon Tubing- Get into the aqua-based adrenaline rush, head up into the hills and hidden canyons of Kerta Village Payangan. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the canyon while drifting on this semi-wild clear stream for forty kilometres in a single inflatable tube.
    • Cycling in Ubud: This will give you the opportunity to savour the Balinese countryside and to cruise through untouched rice paddies
    • Flying Fox: Advance yourself with this challenging yet extremely amusing activity, flying down the canyon passing splendid views of the Siap River and Payangan forest.
    • Ride across Rice Field and Coffee Plantation Testing Day: Drive across the UNESCO world heritage site Jatiuwih Rice Fields which is treuly marvelous. On the way to the rice fields, you will pass by some coffee plantation fields. You can check the most expensive coffee beans Kopi Luwak is produced here.

  • Q. Where we can do shopping in Ubud?

    If you are a shopaholic or like buying memories for your trip, then you can explore the markets of Ubud. By any chance, you should not miss out on the Ubud Art market as this place has a lot to offer, with handcrafted bags and various other artistic articles this place is a shoppers paradise.

    With several other markets like the Guwang art market, Sukawati market, Celuk village, and several others, where you can buy a lot of stuff for yourself and for your friends & family. At the Celuk village, you can find amazing gold and silver jewelry as this place is jam-packed with it.

  • Q. What all romantic things we can do in Ubud?

    For couples, Ubud offers some amazing thing for couples to do. From romantic dinner at the beach to relaxing at the exclusive villa. You can enjoy the romantic dinner overlooking the rice paddies.

    • Photoshoot in Balinese Wedding Outfit- Payas Agung- Feel like a prince and princess, then dress up in traditional wedding outfits. You will be given special Payas Agung salon and boutique to choose range of outfits for colours and styles.
    • Romantic Candlelight Dinner Overlooking Rice Paddies: Create a romantic moment for two overlooking the rice paddies in luxurious resort in Ubud. Whether you're celebrating anniversary or birthday, then this is the best option to go for.
    • Learn to cook at Ubud's Top Restaurant: Create your own stunning dishes at an elegant, modern facility tucked into the garden of restaurant. Romantic Gourmet Picnic at the Ubud Valley: Visit the beautiful village called Keliki to enjoy the perfect view of the village. Take a talk at the lush greenery surrounded with gourmet treats and home-made goodies.
    • Enjoy the romantic candlelight dinner at All- Bamboo Gazebo: The bamboo gazebo is located at the luxurious privately owned property 30 minutes from Ubud. You can choose the best drinks, wines and desserts.

  • Q. What is the ideal duration for a honeymoon in Ubud?

    Minimum 4-5 days is enough for honeymoon couples to explore Ubud. In these days you can visit- Monkey Forest, night Temple Dances, Ubud Palace, white-water rafting, Campuhan Walk, art museums, etc. You can enjoy the best time in Ubud after taking up holiday package for Bali.

    The package includes the accommodation, flight and food. Plan your honeymoon trip as per the days you have.

  • Q. What are the best resorts for honeymoon in Ubud?

    For honeymoon couples, there are various resort options in Ubud. From budget to high-end, one can choose according to the requirement. Moreover, these resorts are located in strategic locations and close to tourists area.

    Some of the options are:

    • Alam Indah $310
    • Jukung Hostel $10
    • Saren Indah Hotel $101
    • Ubud Sari Health Resort $97
    • The Kayon Resort Kamandalu Resort- $278.92
    • Chapung Se Bali Resort and Spa- $232.43
    • Alaya Resort Ubud- $154.95
    • Ashoka Tree Resort Ubud- $108.47

  • Q. Are there any private villas available for couples in Ubud?

    Yes, there are some villas in Ubud finely constructed to meet the need of honeymoon couples. From budget to high-end, couples can choose according to the need. These villas are equipped with modern amenities, spa treatment and spectacular site.

    Listed below are villas in Ubud for couples:

    • Furama Villas & Spa Ubud- $402.88
    • Pertiwi Bisma 2- $41.84
    • Ubud Padi Villas- $ 418.38
    • Onje Resort and Villas- $77.48
    • Buana Tirta Ubud Villa - Motama Villa - $108.47
    • Tanadewa Luxury Villas & Spa- $522
    • D Chandrasti Bali Villas- $146
    • Ini Vie Villa- $123
    • Berry Amour Romantic Villas- $195
    • Kamuel Villas and Suites Sanur- $150
    • Legian Kriyamaha Villa- $133
    • Sun Island Suites- $111

  • Q. Are there any beaches for honeymoon in Ubud where we should go?

    There are not many beaches in Ubud. But the one which available are quite good to explore for couples: Head to north to Lovina having black and brown beach to enjoy. You can enjoy decent snorkelling spot 0.5km offshore. And there's the early morning dolphin watching boat trips. Visit south Kuta/Sanur beaches to enjoy in Bali having fun with waves.

    However, you won't be able to enjoy the best snorkelling. Then there is Padang Bai having white sand beaches and mellow vibe. The beach is quite good and enjoy the best snorkelling. Apart from the above mentioned beaches, there are Legian Beach, Tanjung Benoa Beach and few others.

  • Q. What kind of nightlife we can experience in Ubud?

    Ubud offers some good options of bars and lounges for couples to enjoy some time. Though none of the venues may parallel the bars and nightclubs in Bali, a few cater to night owls with a more easygoing scene and casual gatherings. Puri Saren Royal Palace is a great place to enjoy cultural night performances with its traditional dances, modern nightlife.

    Some other hotspots in Ubud for nightlife are:

    • Ubud Royal Palace
    • Laughing Buddha Bar
    • XL Shisha Lounge
    • Lake Leke Garden Restaurant
    • CP Lounge

  • Q. What all restaurants we should visit? What cuisine we must try?How expensive meals are in Ubud?

    Restaurants in Bali in general and Ubud, in particular, offer both veg and non-veg food options. These restaurants are located in prime location of Ubud. These restaurants are not only known for foods, but also the ambience and the location. Ubud offers from traditional village roadside stalls selling local fare to modern fine dining restaurants. Spectacular scenery and delectable cuisine can be enjoyed outside the main Ubud hub.

    Some of the restaurants are:

    • Locavore
    • Bridges Bali
    • Mozaic Restaurant Gastronomique
    • CasCades at the Viceroy Bali
    • Melting Wok
    • Sage
    • The Elephant
    • Swept Away
    • CasCades Restaurant
    • Ke-Pi-Tu

    Some of the cuisine that you must try in Ubud are:
    • Nasi Campur – A staple of the diet here, this is the Balinese thali, a plate of rice, and various small vegetable, tempeh, and tofu dishes, and a dollop of spicy sambal.
    • Gado Gado – Cold vegetables with peanut sauce.
    • Jukut Arab – A Balinese salad of lightly blanched vegetables (typically bean sprouts and green beans) and grated coconut.
    • Tempeh Satay – Tempeh skewers with peanut sauce.

  • Q. Which all places are best to enjoy romantic dinners in Ubud? What all facilities they can provide?

    There are different romantic restaurants in Ubud, offering multi-cuisine food and romantic ambience. These restaurants not only European cuisine with French and Italian influences, but also traditional Balinese dishes like Rondji Duck. Some restaurants also have musuems, cruise style experience, theme restaurants and others.

    Some of the options are-

    • Rondji Restaurant
    • Pirate Cruise
    • Wana Restaurant
    • Swept Away
    • CasCades Restaurant
    • Terracotta
    • The Sayan House
    • Rouge Lounge & Sushi Bar

  • Q. Which are the best place available for candle light dinner in Ubud?

    You can enjoy candle light dinner in Ubud in almost every romantic restaurants. These restaurants are located in prim the location giving a good view of villages. From amazing delicacies to appealing ambience, you can enjoy the best experience. You can share an unforgettable evening with your beloved with this amorous dinner under the star.

    Some of the restaurants are-

    • The Samaya
    • Swept Away
    • Hotel Kamandalu
    • CasCades Restaurant

  • Q. Where can we do Yoga in Ubud?

    There are some amazing yoga and meditation places in Ubud which couples can enjoy during the visit. By visiting to some historic or peaceful locations and engaging in meditation is the best thing you can do. Ubud is yogic heaven. Despite its small size, there are dozens of classes to choose from every day. The class pass can cost you around $8.60. All the yoga studios provide free mats, props, and water.

    Some of the best options are:
    • The Yoga Barn 
    • Radiantly Alive
    • Ubud Yoga House
    • Taksu Yoga
    • Intuitive Flow

  • Q. What are the best watersports available for couples in Ubud?

    For couples, Ubud offers some best water sports which can be enjoyed. From water tubing to river rafting there are many options:

    Some of the best water sports are:

    • Water Tubing
    • White River Rafting
    • Rafting in Telaga Waja
    • Also there are some water parks, but not exactly in Ubud but nearby that shouldn't be missed: The best water parks are:
    • Waterbom Bali- Kuta
    • Splash Waterpark Bali (Canggu)
    • Circus Waterpark (Tuban)
    • Surf & Turf Beach Club (Nusa Dua)
    • Armada Flow House Bali (Kali)

  • Q. What are the best spas available for couples in Ubud?

    If you and your partner want to enjoy some rejuvenating experience then you can visit spas in Ubud. These spas are equipped with modern amenities and professional therapists.

    Some of the best spas are:

    • Furama Villas & Spa
    • Bliss Ubud Spa
    • Sedona Spa
    • Venesia Spa
    • Maya Spa
    • Bali Botanica

    These spas offer special couple packages that can help in saving your money.

  • Q. What packages are available for couples for river rafting in Ubud?What packages are available for couples for river rafting in Ubud?

    Ayung river is the best river rafting spot in Ubud. There are special packages offered by different companies in Ubud. These packages are according to the total hours enjoyed. Generally, for adults the price is $25 per person. If going for private river rafting the price is- $40 per person. This price includes-

    • AC transport vv ( except ayung rafting own transport )
    • Hot buffet lunch
    • Indonesian food
    • Rafting standard safety equipment
    • Using towel
    • Changing room and shower
    • Government tax

  • Q. Where we can do shopping in Ubud?

    Ubud is a haven for arts and crafts, and you will get one of the best shopping experience of Bali here. One can stroll in the market and discover a wealth of paintings, carvings, traditional garments and unique knick-knacks. From the main street to the Monkey Forest in Padangtegal, and from Sanggingan to Pengosekan, you’ll discover a great mix of unique items.

    These markets are open daily. From beautiful silk scarves, lightweight shirts, handmade woven bags, baskets or hats one can shop for multiple things around. Some of the shopping options are:

    • Ubud Art Market
    • Sukawati Art Market
    • Guwang Art Market
    • Celuk Gold and Silversmiths
    • Tegallalang Handicrafts Centre

  • Q. Which are the best places where couples can go for cycling?

    Ubud offers some great location for cycling couples can enjoy. From trekking in Ubud to forest cycling there are many adventurous things one can enjoy. Places where couples can enjoy are:

    • Rice Terrace Tegalalang visit where you'll find wide range of woodcarvings in the form of colorful flowers and animals carvings.
    • Batur Mountain
    • Passing through Coffee Plantation: You will also pass to coffee plantation, where you able to sample local blends.
    • Passing through countryside village: Couples can also enjoy cycling by passing through countryside village.