Best Cycling Tours in Ubud - 2020

Indonesia is known for its beautiful destinations, and Bali, being the centre of tourism and home to Mount Agung, is a place most visited by tourists all over the world. The island of Bali is home to the cliffside religious site of Uluwatu Temple, Tanah Lot, Garuda Wisnu Kencana etc. Embark on the best cycling tours in Ubud where the roads are smooth and beautiful, the geography is pretty much easy to cope with and if you have a map, you are all set to go. Most of the tours that involve you cycling last a few hours to a day or two. You can choose where you want to go cycling, whether in the city, the beach or the countryside. Bali is a safe place for a solo biker, so you can go around the place without fear.


You can take a few hours of cycling tour in Ubud to see Tanah Lot, Uluwatu, take a Sunset Tour, explore ubud, Denpasar and Kuta on your bicycle and see the local people’s way of life. Mountain cycling and elephant safari in Ubud can be complete in five hours and can be one of the most enriching experiences you will have while in Indonesia. You can go for an afternoon safari and cycling tour in Ubud. You can explore some of the best sights here and see the traditional villages, you can also see Mount Batur, Bali’s famous volcanic mountain.

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The bike was in good condition, My guide was a gem and the lunch was also good. I feel cycling is the best way to explore a city like Ubud
Bali is indeed a great vacation destination! I went over here along with my husband on our honeymoon, initially I was bit afraid to take up a cycling tour as you need lot of energy to cycle in and around Bali, but the organizers gave us lot of rest time so that we could refresh. Well speaking about the trip – great and fabulous. Cycling to the terraced rice fields and visiting the adjacent landmarks and villages were more than memorable. Jatiluwih is known for its famous rice paddies and I am happy that I saw that for real, well speaking about the real fun – the water rides, the sporting activities and the bonfire were charming. Food was good and we were offered plenty of activities to indulge in. The guides were supportive and had good communication skill. Suggestions – Carry comfy footwear, sunglasses and a good camera (Guys you have loads to capture at Bali). It was an amazing and pleasant stay at the Pacung mountain resort (nice resort experience – I ll write about this a review separately) Well guys if you are planning to take this trip I advise you to take few days of stretching exercise in prior so that you can enjoy to the core!
Well that now I am back from my Bali 6D/5N cycling tour, I have only two words to say – enchantment incarnate! Even though this trip can be a great trip for couples or friends, I feel it is ideal for family vacation too. I took up this trip with my wife and we got that full-to-full enjoyment. The itinerary and the procedures were explained to us well in advance to us by our team and so it was easy for us to stick to it. The whole way cycling to Volcano at Batur and then cycling to Pacung - Mengwi – Ubud was a bit tiresome (but if you have stamina you can very well manage it). Still the night halt at the hotels and the resorts gave us the needed break and took off the tiredness’. My wife loved the cycling to the rice fields and the nearby village. The folk dancers danced well to the local music and we should admit that we got an exhilarating experience, well all that being said, the trip was above average with prices being at par with the services. Lastly I would like to wind this review by saying that I recommend this trip for sure.
What matters from any trip is not only the enjoyment that we get throughout the trip, but upon the aftermath of the trip and yes our trip to Bali for six days and five nights was indeed a memorable one. I wanted a trip that will not start and finish in hurry-burry, and I am glad this one trip was not one such, I was relaxed whole way and enjoyed each minute relaxingly, we went over here last month as a gang of eight friends, we had planned and booked the trip online from our travel agents and everything was as perfect as it ought to be. As said before it was a 6D/5N trip and the day one as soon as we landed in the airport we headed off to our hotel at Kuta, we were given ample time to relax, swim and explore the adjacent places. Our actual enjoyment started when we were given the bicycles to ride till the Volcano Batur which was around 35 kms, we were allowed to stop then and there for refreshment ( though I managed to use this time to take lot of selfies of the nearby places like the rice fields, Uluwatu temple, tropical plantations and so on). The itinerary covered almost many places including the rustic Balinese villages, Mengwi, Pacung, Jatiluwih, Kitmani and more. One of my friends was curious to know more about the culture and history of Bali and so we headed on the last day to some of the historical monuments and temples, this bit was amazing as we were lucky enough to witness the dance performance of the Balinese. And even though we were eight in number the accommodation sharing was only two in a room and this was even more comforting for us. Overall a great experience!

People Also Ask About Cycling in Ubud

  1. Is Ubud an adventurous location for a cycle trip?

    Ubud is more than a vacation and is an experience. From trekking to forest cycling there are many adventurous things one can enjoy. One of the best things is to do Bamboo Forest Cycling. Through this tour, one can enjoy:
    • Rice Terrace Tegalalang visit where you'll find a wide range of woodcarvings in the form of colorful flowers and animals carvings.
    • Batur Mountain: Starting with Kintamani Mountain, you can enjoy the spectacular view of Lake Batur and also the active volcano of Mt. Batur.
    • Passing through Coffee Plantation: The tour then excels to coffee plantation, where you able to sample local blends.
    • Passing through countryside village: You will pass through the village here very quiet far away from a noisy motor sound.
  2. What is the most suitable time for a cycling holiday to Ubud?

    The best time to do cycling in Ubud is during dry season that is July and October. This is the time when you can experience the beautiful countryside of Ubud, as well as rural Balinese village life from up close. One can cross across ancient temples, plantations and beautiful villages across Ubud.
  3. How much will it cost around to do a cycling tour of Ubud?

    The cost of the cycling tour in Ubud depends on the packages offered and cycle booked. If booked Giant ATX Hardtail or Giant Trance Full Suspension, then it may cost you around $60 to $99. Different cycling tours offer different packages.
  4. How can I reach Ubud from Bali?

    It takes approx 1-2 hour to reach Ubud from Ngurah Rai International Airport. There are taxis available outside the airport that will charge you approx $27 or more. You'll be passing through Denpasar. Roadway is the best transportation option to reach Ubud.
  5. How much time will it take to explore Ubud on a cycle trip?

    Well, it depends on the cycling tour service you opted for. There are half-day electric bike cycling tour and even 2-3 days of cycling tour to different locations of Ubud. There are specific locations in Ubud where you’ll be visiting, also having lunch and other activities throughout the tour.
  6. Is a cycling tour of Ubud safe?

    It is less dangerous to cycle in Ubud, however, one needs to be very careful while riding in roads. Bali is known for less road restriction. Moreover, many roads are in poor condition with potholes. Ubud Village itself is overall fairly flat, the surrounding villages are quite hilly and very curvy.

    The best thing is to stay in group while cycling and keep your eyes vigilant, especially while on traffic roads.
  7. Will I be assisted by a travel guide or a manager for my Ubud cycle trip?

    Yes, if you’re in a cycle tour group, you’ll be guided with tour guide throughout the journey.The tour guide will help in providing complete details about the places touring around. Every cycling tour is managed by the expert tour manager.
  8. What are the various medical facilities one can get for an emergency? Are there hospitals available at regular distances?

    Yes, during the cycling tour, cyclers will be offered with required medical emergencies. First aid kid will be availbale with the tour guide and manager. Also in extreme case, there are some good medical centers. Toya Medika Clinic, Jalan Raya Pengosekan, and other local clinics.
  9. I am a single woman traveller. Is it safe for me to try a cycling trip of Ubud?

    Yes, you can be safe in cycling trip in Ubud. You can join the cycling group and tour round. There will be other women cyclers too in the trip whom you can join and have safe tour.
  10. What kind of terrains will I face during my cycling trip of Ubud?

    There are different terrains in Ubud which can be enjoyed during cycling tour. Campuhan Ridge is one such terrain to be enjoyed. One can cycle around the village and coffee plantation which are close to terrains.
  11. What is the climate in Ubud like?

    The weather in Ubud is both wet and dry. It can get a bit hot at mid-day but there is often a nice breeze and being a bit above sea level keeps the temperature somewhat in check. During the winter the temperature can drop below 20 degrees at night and will usually remain below 30 degrees in the daytime.

    Dry season is generally from July to October and the wet season from November to April should be avoided. The rain is extremely heavy and can last for hours.
  12. What clothing should be carried keeping a cycling tour in mind?

    If you are cycling for the first time in Ubud, then there are certain clothing tips to follow.
    • Decent padded shorts that can fit in your bag and is light in weight
    • Cycling helmet to avoid any collision effect
    • Decent pair of gloves and knee pads, if you are planning for mountain cycling
    • Sports glasses to keep eyes protected from sun rays
    • Half or full sleeve t-shirt that can suit your body and climate
  13. What sort of fitness is expected from the people attempting a cycle tour of Ubud?

    While cycling in a place like Ubud, you need a good health condition. This is because there are certain difficult terrains and roads which can take your extra energy out of you.
    • Be Consistent: Ride daily for certain miles to keep your body active. This can be included with workouts.
    • Build up the Training: Schedule your training right. Weekly train your body for 7-8 hours by riding consistently.
    • Ride on Hills: Ubud is a hilly region and requires enough stamina to ride across. Practice the ride in hilly areas to get your body acquainted with the region
    • Fuel your body: Fueling your body with right amount of nutrition and food is important to prepare your body for cycling in rough climate
  14. What are the various places from where I can hire cycles?

    There are various bicycle rentals in Ubud. These rental services offers services for around $3 or more, depending for how many hours or days you will be getting the cycle for tour. These rentals offer all type of bikes for kids and adult. From electronics to gear cycles are available. Bali Bike Hire Bali Eco Cycling Ubud Scooter Rental
  15. Do I need to book for a group cycling tour or can I ride alone?

    You can opt for both the options. There are different cycling tour companies that conduct regular cycling in and around Ubud. Bali Eco Cycling, Banyan tree Bike Tours, Bali Bike, and Bali Bintang are the famous tour companies. You need to book prior for the cycling tour. If you want to ride alone, then you still do that, however, you need to plan the locations and know the safety things.
  16. Are there any special cycling tours available for families?

    Yes, there are cycling tour companies that offer family bike tour. The family will be offered with tour guide and visit all those places worth exploring via bicycle. You can enjoy the family cycling tour packages offered by the touring company. From transportation, pick up to drop off, families will be offered all the services for comfortable cycling tour.
  17. Is it advisable for kids to do cycling tour in Ubud?

    Yes, kids can enjoy the half day cycling tour. You can allow your kid to seat on the back of the bikes allowing them to explore the village. There are bikes having a good back seat for comfortable seating for kids. The reputed cycle tour company also offer children bikes that can be used by kids for half day tour. For inexperienced and kids, the company provide support and instruction.
  18. What things must be kept in mind while planning a cycling trip of Ubud?

    While planning a cycling trip to Ubud, there are certain things to consider:

    • Check out for the cycling tour happening in Ubud. If yes, you can join the group to explore places in Ubud
    • There are no such traffic rules in Ubud, so one has to carry all the safety equipment and the right clothing for cycling
    • There are cycle rentals in Ubud like the Greenbike that conducts cycle tours. You can book your name in advance for the same.
    • Check out the best places in Ubud where you can enjoy cycling, including the mountains and villages.
  19. What essential items must be packed for a trip to Ubud?

    It depends on the season you are visiting Ubud. Some of the packing items to Ubud are:

    • Carry full sleeve t-shirts and tops and the same for pants to keep your body protected from mosquitoes.
    • Carry light and cotton clothes that suit perfectly as per the climatic condition.
    • Panama hat to keep the sun off from your face.
    • Pairs of modest shorts, especially for cycling in Ubud.
    • If planning for cycling, then can your equipment and respective wearable items.Pair of Yoga pants to perform the activity while travelling in Ubud
    • 1 pair of running shoes for hiking or trekking
    • Passport and Identification documents
    • Enough cash and cards
  20. Will I get accommodation facilities while travelling through Ubud?

    Yes, few well-known cycling tour companies offer accomodation service under discount price. The accommodation includes breakfast and meal. Generally, 10%-20% discount is offered. The Samara Hotel Anulekha Ubud Resort and Villa These are two best accommodation available for cycle tourists.
  21. What all sightseeing spots can I cover while travelling around Ubud?

    There are different places one can explore during the cycle excursion.
    • Kintamani Volcano
    • UNESCO listed Tegalalang Rice Terraces
    • Goa Gajah
    • Ubud Monkey Forest
    • Rice Fields and Terraces
    • Petulu White Heron Park
  22. What are the places of interest while on a cycling trip of Ubud?

    During the cycling tour in Ubud, you will zoom across some great attractions around. One can enjoy the fragrance of Ubud’s natural countryside, the sound of birds and other things. Bali Eco Cycling, Banyan Tree Bike Tours, Bali Bike, and Bali Bintang, are some bike companies that conduct cycling tours. Some of the interesting places you'll explore in Ubud during the tour are:
    • Goa Gajah
    • Ubud Monkey Forest
    • Rice Fields and Terraces
    • Petulu White Heron Park