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Neka Art Museum, Ubud

  • For the museum lovers there are a lot of places to explore in Bali. Another such museum which is a must visit for you in Bali is the Neka Art Museum. Neka Art Museum is an art gallery and museum built up by Balinese art lover Wayan Suteja Neka. The exhibition hall was worked in 1976 and introduced by then Ministry of Culture and Education in 1982. Inside Neka Art Museum are collection of paintings  and sculptures in six distinct structures in a Balinese-style plant compound.

     Highlights: The creation of Suteja Neka, a private authority and merchant in Balinese craftsmanship, Neka Art Museum has a fantastic and different gathering. It's a decent place to find out about the improvement of painting in Bali. You can get a review of the horde nearby painting styles in the Balinese Painting Hall.

     Location: The museum is located on Jalan Raya Campuhan, in the village of Kedewatan