Pura Puseh Overview

Pura Puseh is a sacred temple renowned for its historical significance and intricate architecture. Dedicated to the ancestral spirits, it houses ancient stone carvings, ornate sculptures, and religious artifacts. A spiritual haven, it reflects Bali's rich cultural heritage and draws visitors seeking tranquility and cultural immersion.

When you are in Ubud you will find a lot of temples with their beautiful architecture and their laid back setting. One such temple, included in our Bali trip package from India, which is a must see attraction for you is the Pura Puseh. Pura Puseh is an ancient structure dated to the eleventh century, adorned with complex stone carvings.

It is situated in the northern piece of the town and is 200 meters (660 ft) from the main road. The temple additionally has an engraving that vouches for the date of establishing of Batuan in 1022 AD. This temple was renovated in the year 1992. It is a five-layered portal tower, obviously affected by Indian religious engineering. All the symbols and the decorations are made in Balinese style. 

 Highlights: Some of the notable features here are the Bhoma head overlooking the main gateway, the god Wisnu on the back of a bull, great elephants on the main stairway balustrade, and Siwa remaining among skulls. The top of the temple is made of the fiber of chromatic dark palm tree.

 Location: Pura Puseh is located on the main road from Denpasar to Ubud

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