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Girls Lets Explore Spiti | DEAL for Women9 days & 8 nights
INR 36,990
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Staying at homestays in Spiti Valley proves to be a great way of experiencing the lifestyle of the region. As most of these homestays are run by local families, they depict the simplicity of a Himalayan home in terms of its architecture, decor, culture, and beliefs. The traditional Spiti Valley homestays are constructed using mud and stones that explains the connection of humans with nature here. Keeping up with the changing time, these homestays offer all basic facilities such as clean sheets and well maintained rooms, attached toilets, running water, internet connectivity, parking space, and food arrangements to attract tourism as a way of making a living. 

Immerse yourself in the enchanting vistas of Spiti Valley with our comprehensive package tailored to fulfill your adventure and cultural desires. Experience the rugged beauty and serenity of the Himalayas with our all-inclusive package for Spiti Valley.

On an average, most of the villages in Spiti Valley house up to three to four homestays. These homestays not only help local residents of Spiti Valley earn money through this alternative nature of a business but also allows them to introduce their culture, lifestyle, habits, and traditions to the world. The majority of the travellers and tourists who have visited this majestic valley recommend others to experience staying at the homestays in all villages here, as there can’t be a better way to witness the rawness of this place otherwise!

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Spiti Valley Homestays FAQs

Which are the best homestays in Spiti valley?

1. Sakya Abode:
Established in the year 1933, hotel Sakya Abode is apparently the first hotel in Spiti Valley. It is built in traditional Himalayan style architecture and maintains the simplicity of mountain houses. It boasts of its comforting, cozy interior settings and homely hospitality services that allow tourists to closely experience the heritage and friendliness of Spiti.

The hotel is spread over two floors and has a total of 12 spacious rooms with ensuite baths. The elegant and charming property also has a dormitory space that suits the requirement of budget and solo travellers. This property is perfect for travellers to meet each other and enjoy their time reading a book or sipping some tea overlooking the mountains in peace.

Location: Kaza, Spiti Valley
Price: Ranges between INR 600 to 2500 per night

2. Spiti Heritage:
Hotel Spiti Heritage is a property that maintains the heritage and vibes of being a mountain hotel while delivering modern facilities. It has an in-house restaurant that serves delicious Indian cuisine and offers vegetarian meals along with an ala carte menu for breakfast.The hotel also offers the facility of free parking space and wifi connectivity to its guests. Moreover, the hotel has laundry services available and has an exclusive category of family rooms.

Location: Kaza, Spiti Valley
Price: Approximately INR 1500 to 2500 per night, differs from season to season

3. Grand Dewachen:
The luxury property of Grand Dewachen beautifully provides the feel of a traditional Himalayan house with the facilities of a contemporary lifestyle. The hotel is eco friendly and conscious of its carbon emissions. It uses local materials such as mud, rammed earth, recycled wood and stones to maintain its regular functioning while offering hundred perfect thermal comfort to the guests.

The property overlooks the barren desert of Rangrik in Spiti Valley and also offers views of the famous Key Monastery. It truly is one of the best Homestays in Spiti Valley for luxury seekers wanting to experience local heritage and culture.

Location: Rangrik, Spiti Valley
Price: Ranges from INR 6000 to 8000 per night. Costs differ from season to season

4. Spiti Valley:
One of the economical homestays in Spiti Valley, this hotel has an in-house restaurant, a shared kitchen space where guests can choose to cook their own food and garden space to relax at. The property also has a terrace with seating space which is perfect for visitors to enjoy the views of the rugged mountains and blue skies.There is free Wifi and free parking space available for guests. The ones who would like to have a private parking space can have it arranged for an additional cost.

Location: Kaza, Spiti Valley
Price: INR 700 to 1500 per night

5. Deyzor:
Next on the list of Spiti Valley homestays is Hotel Deyzor which is a super friendly hotel suitable for all kinds of travellers. The hotel has an in-house restaurant that serves multi cuisines including Indian, Tibetan, and European food, a garden cafe, and a bar.

The rooms have study books about Spiti and its surrounding regions for travellers to learn more about the mysterious valley. Other facilities available at the homestay include vehicle rental for convenient commuting, taxi service, laundry, regular change of linen sheets, treks and trip packages to nearby regions and power backup with a generator.

Location: Kaza, Spiti Valley
Price: Ranges between INR 2500 to 3000 per night

6. Kunphen:
One of the popular Spiti Valley homestays, Hotel Kunphen is often chosen by guests for its location. The property is located in the same compound area as Sakya Monastery which is referred to as the ‘Jewel of Kaza’. The front rooms of the hotel offer views of some iconic stupas of Kaza while other rooms face the monastery itself.

The prayers sung at the monastery happen to be a soothing wakeup call for guests staying here. It surely proves to be a calming, glorious morning and a positive start to the day ahead. Here, guests can pre book meditationand inner wellness retreats for additional costs.

Location: Kaza, Sakya Monastery Compound, Spiti Valley
Price: Ranges between INR 2000 to 25000 per night

7. Snow Lion:
Out of all Spiti Valley homestays, hotel Snow Lion can be a choice for budget travellers. The homestay has all basic amenities like attached washrooms, hot running water supply, in house restaurant, wifi, and parking space. The property has a total of 14 air conditioned as well as non air conditioned rooms that are well maintained with enough luggage storage space. The hotel also has a book shop.

Location: Kaza, Spiti Valley
Price: INR 800 to 1500 per night

8. Winter White house:
Situated centrally, at a distance of just a kilometer from Sakya Monastery, Hotel Winter White is one of the old Spiti Valley homestays. The property comprises of 8 air conditioned, spacious rooms that are backed up with generators for electricity supply. The rooms have private balconies, attached toilets, and hot water supply available. All in all, this hotel is a decent pick for tourists who would like to stay close to the market area in Kaza.

Location: 1 kilometer from Sakya Monastery, Kaza, Spiti Valley
Price: Approximately INR 1000 to 1500 per night

9. Zostel Kibber:
Located in Kibber, a very popular tourist destination and a must visit village in Spiti Valley, Zostel Homestay has now become one of the most recommended homestays in Spiti Valley. The property famous amongst backpackers, solo and budget travellers overlooks the tiny mud houses of the hamlet and offers breathtaking views of the mountains tucked against Kibber monastery.

Location: Kibber, Spiti Valley
Price: INR 500 to 900 per head, per bed

10. Nyingma House:
Spacious and well maintained rooms, Nyingma house is run by the locals of Spiti. The hosts are super friendly, warm and welcoming and offer guests with all the facilities and services required for a happy stay. The property has an in-house Asian restaurant and a terrace space from where guests can marvel at the views of Kaza.

In the mornings, guests can see the shadow of the sun running over the mountain ranges of Kaza from here. The property offers free WiFi and parking space and is also pet friendly. Nyingma House certainly can be counted as one of the best homestays in Spiti Valley.

Location: Kaza, Spiti Valley
Price: Ranges between INR 2500 to 3000 per night

Which are the best homestays in Kibber?

Kibber is a tiny village in Spiti Valley which does not have may homestays. However, some of the best ones here are-

- Norling Homestay
- Deshek Homestay
- Cherring’s Homestay
- The White Lady Homestay
- Redfox Homestay
- Zostel Homes

Which are the best homestays in Nako?

In the recent years, Nako has gained popularity as a convenient pit stop destination for an overnight stay. The beauty of this medieval feel village made of mud and stones only adds positives to break the journey for some rest. Most locals in Nako run a homestay or a restaurant and earn a living from tourism. Thus, choosing the best homestays in this lot can be a tedious job for tourists alien to the village. Some of the best homestays in Nako are

- Ripka Homestay
- Tashi Homestay
- Lake View Hotel
- Amar Homestay
- Nehru Homestay
- Hotel Reo Purguil
- Namsa Homestay

What is the Lowest & Highest Price Homestays in Spiti valley?

The lowest and highest price of homestays in Spiti Valley differ from village to village and from season to season. On average, the lowest price is INR 500 per night for a decently sized homestay with all basic facilities to INR 2500 per night for a bigger, well equipped stay.

During the winter months of November to March, the price of homestays in Spiti Valley is at the peak, as even basic facilities like water and wet toilets are difficult to be arranged.

What kind of amenities do Spiti valley homestays provide?

Most Spiti Valley homestays certainly provide all basic facilities like clean sheets and well maintained rooms, attached toilets, running water, internet connectivity, parking space, and food arrangements. Better equipped homestays in Spiti Valley offer greater amenities like television sets, air conditioners, geysers, laundry services.

What is Spiti valley famous for?

Spiti valley is famous for its endless natural beauty, star gazing worthy skies, vast rugged mountains, rich heritage, wildlife, outstanding murals, and warm hospitality. The valley is also famous for its Tibetan influence in the region which marks the existence of some of the most ancient monasteries and stupas.

Can I make my own food in Homestays at Spiti valley?

Yes, many homestays in Spiti Valley allow guests to cook their own food. However, most of these homestays have a common or shared kitchen and not a private one attached to the room.

Which is the best time to visit Spiti valley?

The best time to visit Spiti Valley is during the months of June to September. During these months, the weather conditions in Spiti remain pleasant calm. The region is not very cold and the colours of nature bloom in all their glory. Moreover, these months also don’t witness a lot of snowfall in the region; which means that areas like Chandratal, Kumzum pass are accessible.

However, one should avoid visiting in the monsoon that is in August. Although Spiti is a rain shadow desert area which doesn’t receive much rainfall but the routes on the Himalayas become slippery and prone to landslides due to heavy downpour. The months of October to March in Spiti are referred to as ‘winter Spiti’ months.

During this season, the entire valley is white, covered in snow of a few feet. The water bodies are frozen and the oxygen level is low. However, for tourists who can handle cold, winter Spiti is a different worldly experience altogether. It is also the time for wildlife adventures like spotting snow leopards.

What happens if I need some extra assistance?

Locals in Spiti are extremely warm and helpful. More often than not, extra assistance like the arrangement of transportation, local doctor or other facilities can be taken care of with their help.

How many days are enough to visit Spiti valley?

An ideal trip duration for Spiti valley is nothing less than 8 to 10 days. The valley is vast and leaves immense scope for explorations and discovery of new hamlets. Thus, a minimum of 8 to 10 days is recommended.

Which are the best places to experience the local cuisine in Spiti valley?

The local cuisine of Spiti valley includes a mix of Pahadi food, Buddhist taste, and Tibetan dishes. Here, locals consume a lot of meat to keep themselves warm; therefore, meat is available at most restaurants. Regular Pahadi dishes include Siddu, Babru, Bhey, Tudkiya bhaat and much more.

Whereas, Tibetan dishes include Thukpa, Kyu, Tsampa, Churpe, steamed dumplings, Thentuk, Momos, Chiltas and much more. Vegetarians don’t have to worry about having to starve as the everyday vegetarian menu here consists of an abundance of potatoes, leafy veggies, radish, green peas, tomatoes, and many other vegetables.

The best way to experience the local cuisine is to try out these dishes at the homestays in Spiti Valley. The food cooked by a local can’t get any more authentic in terms of its taste!

Spiti Valley Homestays Reviews

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Dr Ammu Ramakrishnan
Reviewed: 14 Mar 2023
Hats off to team THRILLOPHILIA and our guide. I cannot expect a more safe journey than this for solo lady travellers. Thankyou for making my trip ever memorable. 
Dr Ammu  Ramakrishnan
Dr Ammu  Ramakrishnan
Dr Ammu  Ramakrishnan
Dr Ammu  Ramakrishnan
Dr Ammu  Ramakrishnan
Dr Ammu  Ramakrishnan
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Sanjana Bose
Reviewed: 14 Mar 2023
The trip was extremely fulfilling for me. The scenery, the warmth of the homestays, the friendships that I made make these 9 days etched in my memory forever 🥰
Sanjana bose
Sanjana bose
Sanjana bose
Sanjana bose
Sanjana bose
Sanjana bose

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