15 Beaches Near Glasgow To Visit For A Pleasant Day-Out
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Beaches Around Glasgow

 Helensburgh Beach,  Luss Beach,  Pencil Beach, Boden Boo beach,  Seamill Beach, Wemyss Bay Beach,  Ayr Beach,  Largs Beach, and many more.

Spend some quality time with your friends and family at some of the most beautiful and fascinating beaches near Glasgow. Feel the sea salt in the air, listen to the seabirds chatting over the roaring waves, and witness the vastly spread stretches of pristine sands below your naked feet. The Largs Beach, where you get to witness the ancient structure of Magnus surrounded by lush green palm trees. Or if you're an adventure enthusiast, Luss Beach is a perfect spot for you as there are various water sports to enjoy.

The visitors can also visit Yellowcraig Beach, which is a popular destination for a family vacation, and also witness the lighthouse built in 1885. Glasgow beaches near Scotland, are one of the many stunning locations that are quite popular with both locals and tourists who can take use of the picnic areas and seaside walking.

Here are some of the best beaches near Glasgow:

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Irvine Beach, Ayrshire

  • Irvine Beach is one of the most beautiful yet secluded beaches near Glasgow.
  • It’s a stunning expanse of beautiful beach lying at the entrance of the River Irvine, which lies just over 30 miles southwest of Glasgow.
  • Surrounded by salt flats, Irvine beach is a great location to observe Arran and Ailsa Craig.
  • You can also make a quick trip there in the pleasant weather as the beach is located closer to the town.
  • The town of Irvine has plenty of eateries and cafes for sun-drenched tourists, notably the hospitable Niche Restaurant.
  • The best thing you can do here is to walk around the coastline with your friends and family or with your partner while soaking in the cool breeze the beach has to offer.

Irvine KA12 8FA, United Kingdom

Opening Hours-
Opened 24 hours

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Newton Beach, Millport

  • A tiny sandy beach under Millport Bay's protection, Newton Beach offers breathtaking vistas of Little Cumbrae and the Clyde Estuary.
  • Being one of the best beaches near Glasgow, Newton Beach's enticing white sand and Millport's elegance make it a vacation worth taking for urban folks, even though it necessitates a few boat rides.
  • One of southwest Scotland's best vantage spots, Newton Beach on the Isle of Cumbrae, offers lovely panoramas of the Clyde Estuary.
  • The charming Robertson Museum and Aquarium are both found in Millport, which is a delight in and of itself.

Glasgow Street, Millport, Ayrshire, and Arran, KA28 0DL, Scotland

Opening Hours-
Opened 24 hours

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Boden Boo Beach

  • Boden Boo is located in the shadow of the Erskine Bridge and it is one of the simplest beaches near Glasgow.
  • It’s a maze of forest trails descending to a pitch black beach on the bank of the River Clyde.
  • It's a great place to take active children and dogs because of the extensive trail system and the presence of both forestry and the seashore.
  • A quick drive will take you to Bowling Harbour, the western entrance to the Union Canal, which is an excellent location for picnicking as there are tidal and river beaches at Boden Boo.
  • You splash around in the Clyde whenever the tide is out, and the combination of river and sea occurs when the tide is already in.
  • Although the beach is modest, the sand is good and there are just a few tiny rocks and boulders.

Erskine Ferry Road, Erskine PA8 6AX Scotland

Opening Hours-
Opened 24 hours.

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Pencil Beach

  • This modest, peaceful beach, which gets its name from the imposing memorial honoring the Battle of Largs, is one of the best Glasgow beaches near Scotland, and it is perfect for children.
  • It is the perfect place to instruct young swimmers to swim because of the quietness and depth of the water.
  • The beach is spread out for 300 meters, so you can keep a close eye on your kids too.
  • You can find a few family-friendly eateries abounding in Largs, including the renowned Nardini's ice cream shop.
  • The beach consists of a mixture of pebbles, vegetation, and rock formations.
  • The bay, which smoothly dips into the water, offers views of the Firth of Clyde and, on bright days, provides decent vistas of the islands of Little and Great Cumbrae.

8160 Pencil Lake Rd, Gaylord, Michigan 49735, US

Opening Hours-
Opened 24 hours.

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Luss Beach

  • One of the most popular beaches near Glasgow is Luss Beach, it is undoubtedly the ideal place for the walk as it has many walking trails.
  • The beach offers an enticing sandy shoreline and magnificent views of Ben Lomond.
  • Luss is a charming village that has been inhabited since the Middle Ages.
  • The Village Rest is a great place to get calm and soothing pub food.
  • The beach is a well-liked location for leisure family outings since it offers a variety of pedestrian walkways, nautical excursions, and breathtaking vistas of Ben Lomond.
  • A beach is a great place for outdoor enthusiasts and watersports aficionados in particular.
  • You will be offered a variety of activities like windsurfing, water skiing, and canoeing, to name a few.

Pier Rd, Luss, Alexandria G83 8NY, United Kingdom

Opening Hours-
Opened 24 hours

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Helensburgh Beach

  • Helensburgh Beach is well-known for being one of the most picturesque and most-visited beaches near Glasgow.
  • Nestled on the Western coastline of Scotland, Helensburgh beach is a wonderful way to relax in the sun and enjoy the day with your friends and family.
  • The beach is clean, and well-kept, and has dazzling waters and a sandy shoreline. 
  • A wide boardwalk extends into the water and makes for lovely strolls in the evening.
  • The coastal town, which is only 45 minutes from Glasgow, has a ton of interesting places to see, such as the well-known Hill House or the Scottish Submarine Centre.
  • While still being able to see the beach, take a trip down the Helensburgh Esplanade and discover antique stores, fantastic restaurants, and heritage landmarks.

Helensburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom.

Opening Hours-
Opened 24 hours

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Seamill Beach

  • Seamill is among the most picturesque Glasgow beaches near the central spot with lovely grasslands encompassing the coastlines.
  • These shores offer excellent picnic spots for enthusiasts of a fairly quiet day out.
  • Seamill is a calm and beautiful beach that is well-known for its "healing waters" and has traditionally been utilized as a retreat to restore the spirit.
  • The upscale Seamill Hydro restaurant and spa provides couples with a tranquil, loving quick escape.
  • You can even avail several amenities needed for a long walk where you can observe adorable seals playing in the waves.
  • These facilities are readily available across the seafront closer to the coast route.
  • This dog-friendly coastline is about 50 minutes from Glasgow and provides wide-ranging views, reputable gourmet restaurants, as well as smaller outlets serving snacks.

Seamill beach is nestled on the Ayrshire coast closer to the towns of Seamill and West Kilbride, which is 5 miles north of Ardrossan. 

Opening Hours-
24 hours

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Wemyss Bay Beach

  • The rugged topography of Wemyss Bay Beach offers all the untamed grandeur and splendor of nature that you may desire.
  • If you are seeking anything fresh in your beach scene, then this is the perfect spot for you.
  • This tranquil, undeveloped beach is a jewel and one of the best beaches near Glasgow, located 50 minutes from the city.
  • Take a boat around the bay or see the arriving ferries as they come closer to the Isle of Bute.
  • You can pay a visit to the War Memorial Site and grab a bite to eat at the Station cafe.
  • You may also take a boat journey across the Bute in Wemyss Bay, which comes with a rustic feeling with historic traditions.
  • There are places where you may unwind if all you wish to do is wander or sunbathe.

Wemyss Bay Rd, Wemyss Bay PA18 6AD, UK

Opening Hours-
Open 24 hours

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Ayr Beach

  • Ayr Beach is among the most offbeat beaches near Glasgow.
  • On the beach, there are a lot of great places to get fish & chips along with rather expansive white dunes, scrumptious dessert cafes, and so forth.
  • One of the most well-liked day outings in west Scotland is Ayr Beach, which is popular for a variety of factors.
  • Some of these factors include the Pirate Pete’s Family Entertainment Center where children could unwind and savor indoor soft play, laser games, and mini golf.
  • You can also grab a bite at their cafe and unwind a little after your memorable time at the beach.
  • Ayr Beach is the kind of place that can be explored on a bike as well.
  • You can also indulge yourself in leisure activities like fishing, boat ride, and birdwatching.
  • Now, closer to this beach is the Ailsa Craig, a little island located just offshore.
  • On a good day, you may be able to see as far as the isle of Arran and even Ireland sometimes.
  • Just remember to bring your shovel and bucket so that you can create your sand castles on the beach. 

Ayr (South) Beach, Strathclyde, United Kingdom

Opening Hours-
Open 24 hours

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Largs Beach

  • A picture that you relaxing on a Scottish beach with huge palm trees bordering the bay.
  • If this allures you, then visit Largs beach, which is one of the most stunning beaches near Glasgow.
  • It is located at a distance of only one hour from Glasgow.
  • Largs Beach is a lively destination to explore with loved ones and friends since it is bursting with energy that stretches all the way along to the shoreline and has ancient structures and views.
  • An ancient structure of “Magnus”, who used to be a Viking soldier, is nestled on the seashore.
  • This is an enormous brass figure which attracts tourists from all around the world.
  • Every year, Largs hosts a Viking celebration with fireworks and lots of events with a Viking theme.
  • Largs Beach is bustling with commotion and heritage while still keeping its attractiveness, with 34 restaurants and a variety of other attractions.

Largs Bay Beach, Scotland, United Kingdom

Opening Hours-
24 hours

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Troon Beach

  • Troon Beach, one of the best beaches near Glasgow, is turned into a lagoon.
  • It is a broad, lengthy expanse of sand featuring a good promenade.
  • Tourists frequently visit Troon Beach because of its breathtaking vistas of the Isle of Arran.
  • The beach itself is simple to get to, and the bustling promenade sells fish & chips and ice cream.
  • Adjacent to Troon, Yacht Haven offers top-notch amenities for touring yachtsmen.
  • There is a kid-friendly playground, lovely Italian landscapes, a variety of top-notch restaurants, and many fine local stores, making it lie among the finest beaches near Glasgow.
  • Dogs are not permitted on the beach from May to September, and both windsurfers and kiteboarders frequent the beachfront.

St Medians, Troon, United Kingdom.

Opening hours-
24 hours

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St Andrews Beach

  • The beautiful St. Andrews beach is one of the many Glasgow beaches near the eastern coast of the Kingdom of Fife.
  • It is well-known for the introductory sequences of the movie Chariots of Fire.
  • It consists of over 2 miles of unbroken sand surrounded by bluffs and a notable golf course.
  • It takes roughly 15 minutes to stroll from the center of town to West Sands.
  • There is ample parking, a wealth of information, and regulation of the beach to separate sand sailboats from families.
  • Along with swimming, it is very well-liked for strolling and jogging.
  • The British Golf Museum, the surrounding castle, and the cathedral are just a few wet conditions options for the neighboring stores and restaurants.

Eastern Coastline of the Kingdom of Fife, Scotland, United Kingdom

Opening Hours-
24 Hours

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Turnberry Bay Beach

  • Turnberry, which is a broad stretch of sand located in a rural neighborhood, is one of the most pristine Glasgow beaches near the renowned Ailsa Golf Course, which frequently hosts the Open Championships.
  • It faces out onto the Firth of Clyde, with glimpses beyond to the hilly Isle of Arran.
  • There are broadly separated sand dunes that surround the beach.
  • The Ayrshire Coastal Path runs right along the coastline, making it a great location for golf aficionados as well as avid hikers.
  • You can take a light walk to Turnberry Lighthouse, which is now a part of the opulent Trump Turnberry Hotel.
  • This hotel is connected to the local golf courses, located in the northern part of the beach.  

Close to Ailsa Golf Course, Scotland, United Kingdom

Opening Hours-
24 hours

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Milarrochy Beach

  • Milarrochy Bay is one of the most frequently visited Glasgow beaches near the city center.
  • The eastern borders of Loch Lomond contain a freshwater bay.
  • It is a popular location for residents who travel here with modest yachts and canoes because of the beach-like qualities of the terrain and waterways in this portion of the lake.
  • From the extremes, the bay is sheltered, so you don't have to worry about climate change.
  • Milarrochy Beach is particularly favored by ornithologists and people who are interested in observing various wild creatures.
  • When the weather cooperates, this circuit is among the most scenic around Loch Lomond and the ecological reserve of the Trossachs. 

Balmaha, Loch Lomond, Scotland United Kingdom

Opening Hours-
24 hours

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Yellowcraig Beach

  • A pristine beachfront with views of the lighthouse, built in 1885 on Fidra Island.
  • It served as the basis for Robert Louis Stevenson's well-known story Treasure Island, which can be visited at Yellowcraig.
  • It is one of the well-visited and well-loved beaches near Glasgow.
  • It’s a popular beach for a family vacation as there are several pathways wedged between groves and wide-open grasslands.
  • You can walk on these trails and even take some time out for a relaxing barbeque area.
  • The beach is suitable for horseback riding and there is a dog trail nearby with dog waste bins.
  • There are some fantastic and reputable bars and eateries where you can unwind with your friends and family.
  • Furthermore, make sure you visit the nearby castle that is run by Historic Scotland Community.
  • The castle is beautifully landscaped with royal orchids that are home to the greatest herbaceous flower bed in the world.

East Lothian, south-east Scotland, United Kingdom

Opening Hours-
24 hours

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People Also Ask About Glasgow

  1. What are the best beaches to visit near Glasgow?

     1. Pencil Beach- One of those lovely beaches near Glasgow where you would want to spend a leisurely but comfortable day is Pencil Beach. It's a perennial family favorite for simply relaxing and taking in the sunshine while listening to children playing and the rhythm of the ocean lapping against the coast.

    2. Troon Beach-
    A beautiful day will find its silky sands dotted with upbeat sun seekers as the long, arching beach is a favorite day trip for both tourists and Glaswegians. Take your own surfboard or rent one from Try Kite Surfing on the seashore while pounding the waves; it's also a well-liked windsurfing location. Take the ScotRail rail to Ayr and get off at Troon Beach; it takes around 40 minutes to get there.

    3. Helensburgh Beach-
    Located near the entrance of Gare Loch, the beautiful Helensburgh Beach offers views of the Upper Firth of Clyde. It is surrounded by a boardwalk from which you can see the steep Rosneath Island overlooking the bay. Helensburgh beach is regarded to be one of the best beaches near Glasgow. There are restaurants and stores on the road that runs parallel to the beach. Parking is available at the ferry dock, which is located in the southernmost part of the beach.

    4. Newton Beach, Millport-
    Newton Beach's enticing white sand and Millport's elegance make it a vacation worthwhile for suburbanites. One of southwestern Scotland's best vantage spots, Newton Beach on the Isle of Cumbrae, offers beautiful vistas of the Clyde Estuary. The charming Robertson Museum and Aquarium are both found in Millport, which is a sheer delight to visit.

    5. Boden Boo-
    Boden Boo comes as a maze of forest tracks that end on a beach with dark sand beside the River Clyde. It's one of the very few beaches near Glasgow where you can take your kids and dogs because of the beautiful labyrinth of pathways and a blend of woodland and coastlines. You can also head to the Bowling Harbor, nestled to the western entrance to the Union Canal, where you can stay for a fantastic picnic.

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  2. What are the best things to do in Glasgow with Family?

    1. Glasgow Science Center- One of the best things you can do with your family in this city is to pay a visit to the famous Glasgow Science Center. You can engage in a variety of dynamic displays, workshops, and several exciting activities here. It includes a scientific museum, planetarium, rotating tower, IMAX theater, and two cafés, making it one of the biggest entertainment complexes in the city for a family vacation. The younger visitors can take part in a range of activities, such as discovering the living organism at the Bodyworks exhibition and viewing the Milky Way in the Planetarium.

    2. Tandem Rides-
    In Glasgow, the cycling center Free Wheel North, which is a nonprofit, rents out a selection of bicycles, tandems, and go-carts. There is an outdoor track where you can enjoy cycling with your family. Hardtails and family mopeds can hold four to six people at once, allowing it a fairly well-liked weekend pastime. You can also take guided tours if you want to roam around the city with your family.

    3. Scottish Mask and Puppet Center-
    The Scottish Mask and Puppet Center is one of the most amusing attractions to visit in Glasgow for families. Families can participate in the ongoing classes, puppetry displays, and stage shows that are featured here. Old masks and puppets from many parts of Europe and Asia are shown in the museum's outstanding assortment. They can construct a pole puppet that you can take home and practice magic tricks with a professional magician.

    4. Glasgow Climbing Center-
    Climbing is one of the most prominent activities amongst families as it allows one to connect with nature as well as with family. If you are fond of climbing, then head straight to the Glasgow Climbing Center where climbing aficionados of all skill levels have access to the indoor gym. It is split into areas for scrambling, automatic abseiling, free climbing, and bottom hooking and is situated along Paisley Road. A trial workshop or introduction lesson, which lasts between 1 and 3 hours according to the method, is an option for novices.

    4. Toy Shopping-
    Contemporary shopping center St Enoch Center is nestled in the heart of the city along Argyle Street. Throughout yearly holidays like Christmas, you may discover a number of family-friendly shops like The Disney Store on the first floor and Hamleys on the second, in addition to interactive events and programs. If you have your whole family vacationing at the Enoch Center, then you must check out the mall's huge selection of fast food restaurants and cafés, which includes Starbucks, McDonald's, and Burger King, if you feel like grabbing a bite. 

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  3. What is the best time to visit Glasgow?

    Glasgow is most enjoyable in the summer as the weather is erratic, and it may shower at whichever hour of the day. Consequently, summertime is the finest season to travel because one may take advantage of the long days and warm evenings.
  4. How many days do you need in Glasgow?

    Visit for at least 2-3 days in Glasgow is highly suggested if you want to see some of the city's amazing museums and gardens and venture off the tourist trail. It is impossible to explore all of Glasgow in a single day; there is still so much to learn and discover.
  5. How to Reach Glasgow?

    1. By Train- Glasgow has two major train stations that provide access to the entire United Kingdom i.e. Glasgow Central Station and Glasgow Queen Street Station. These stations are well connected with other stations.

    2. By Ferry-
    The Northern Ireland ports of Belfast and Larne serve as significant ferry ports for trips to Scotland. It takes two and a half hours to reach the destination by Ferry. 

    3. By Road-
    Roads M74, M80, M8, and M77 are the roads that are well connected with Glasgow.

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